Past Study Topics

Here’s the past History Study Group topics:

2023 – Ingrid Boesel

Study the weaves of Ingrid Boesel, a master weaver and educator, and the co-creator of the
Fiberworks PCW software. Many of her drafts are found HERE.
Join the group to view the fabulous projects created by the participants inside

2022 – Margaret Bergman

Study the weaves of Margaret Bergman, who was born in Sweden and immigrated to the US.  She was a prolific weaver offering weaving information in Tacoma and throughout the Pacific Northwest. She also designed and produced looms.

A compilation of the submissions: Margaret Bergman Weaving

2021 – Russell Groff

Choose any draft published by Russell Groff.  References may include Warp & Weft, Drafts & Designs, 200 patterns for Multiple Harness Looms, etc. 

A compilation of the submissions: Russell Groff eBook 

2020 – For the Table  

Each participant will design and weave an item “for the table” inspired by a “historical weaver” with connections to the Pacific Northwest.

A compilation of the submissions: For the Table ebook

2019 – Scarf Challenge 2019

Shawls and scarves (mostly) were woven by the members of the ANWG Wrapped in History group and shown in Prince George June 2019.