ANWG History Study Group

Interested in preserving history? Curious about those old samples you have found in a dusty box in the guild’s library? Looking for new sources of inspiration? Join ANWG’s History Study Group. 

The group focuses on exploring the weaving history of the Pacific Northwest.  We aim to connect with the weavers who preceded us; save from the dump the old drafts, samples and books collecting dust in our guild libraries; explore the treasures in our local museums and archives; and innovate while drawing inspiration from the past.

Activities are determined by group consensus and may include:

  • Designing textiles inspired by historical drafts
  • Research into the lives of past great weavers from the Northwest 
  • Inventory and study of old drafts or samples
  • Study of books collecting dust in our guild libraries
  • Sample exchanges

How to Join

The group is conducted online at Members communicate, collaborate, and share in this online forum.  The group is private, so those interested in participating will request to join. 

Joining the group is simple.

  • Contact the ANWG Education Chair and request an invitation to join the online forum, at
  • Follow the instructions you receive in the email invitation, which will require you to set up your own username & password in, if you do not already have one.  Invitations are time sensitive, so respond quickly. 
  • Be sure to bookmark the group,, once you join.
  • To send information to all group members, merely send an email to . Add this email address to your address book to prevent emails from getting trapped by spam filters.
  • You may also send a message to the entire group inside the website from the Messages page after you log-in to the group.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon.