The purpose of this list is to assist members seeking local and/or regional workshop leaders and speakers. ANWG provides this as a service but does not warrant or endorse any of these instructors. To be on the list a person must live in the ANWG region. If you would like to be on this list, email the webmaster.


Abshire, Kris Uncommon Elements/Esoteric Cloth
Atkins, Robin Bead Embroidery
Bibby, Terri SAORI weaving instructions
Carlile-Kovács, Flóra Felting classes
Curran, Georgean Spinning, Weaving, Bobbin Lace, Using Fiberworks PCW
Davis, Nanette Shibori, Baskets, Paper, Necklace
Dickerson, Katharine Creating Visual Texture through Color Progressions, Flesberg Bound Weave, Sculptural Double Weave on 4-harness loom, Twining
Duncan, Elaine Weaving, Tapestry, Colour and Natural Dyeing
Emard, Sylvia Teaching rigid heddle weaving – Blog
Evans, Rene Corder Feltmaking, felted chiffons and laminated felts
Garripoli, Amelia Wheel and spindle spinning, fiber preparation, acid dyeing, sock yarns, sock machines, rigid heddle weaving
Hart, Lynne Card weaving
Hendrickson, Linda Tablet weaving, ply-splitting, ply-split baskets
Hewitt, Kathy Japanese Temari
Hoskins, Nancy Arthur Weaving, Historical Research
Irwin, Alison Weave structures, Plain Weave, Inkle Bands, Kumihimo Braids
Johnny, Stella Cedar Bark, Pine Needle, Coast Salish Weaving
Kubik, Linda Wearable Garments with Handwoven Fabric, Surface Design
Lee, Carol Natural Dyeing, Spinning, Fleeceweaving and Needlefelt Painting
Liles, Suzie Linen and Lace workshop, Inkle Weaving, Weaving Structures 4 and 8 shaft
Loeffelmann, Sandra Natural dyes, Surface Design
Malan, Linda Tablet Weaving
Marcus, Sharon Design, Weft-faced Weave Structures
Mayer, Anita Luvera Clothing, Weaving, Embellishments, Knitting, Creativity
Moncrief, Liz Weaving workshops: Crackle, Double Weave
Dyeing: Warp Painting and other fun stuff
Weave Drafting: Beginning and advanced Fiberworks using demo programs
Programs: Loom Rehab, Repair and Maintenance
Paul, Jan Velvet Weaving, Saganishiki (Japanese Gold Brocade), Andean Back Strap Weaving
Plotkin, Erica Weaving, Silk Painting
Quinn, Celia Spinning
Robert, Marilyn Weaving, dyeing, Japanese textile techniques classes. Specialty ikat weaving,botanical dyeing, art textiles.
Sanders , Nadine Weaving and Music
Schneider, Lana Spinning, Weaving
Shannon, Joyce Coiled Baskets
Shelhamer, Linda Classes include dyeing and/or spinning self-striping yarns, punch needle embroidery, kumihimo, and faux-hard knitting.
Sherrodd, Kristie Weaving, business and marketing for textile artists
Spady, Robyn Weaving, Jewelry, marketing, COE-W
Spark, Patricia Felting
Sprenger, Elserine Surface Design
Steffler, Laurie Felting
Sutton, Polly Adams Cedar Bark Baskets
Tarses, Bonnie Ikat, Color, Weaving
Todd-Hooker, Kathe Tapestry
Tritthart, Elizabeth
Historic Weaving
Weave with me is a mobile weaving studio program bringing 4 to 8 shaft looms to provide handweaving experiences to schools, guilds and individuals.
Speaker, Weaving Coach, Loom Mechanic, Weaving Software Instructor. Works with full range of looms inkle, table ,floor, draw and Jacquard looms.
Vallance, Gayle Spinning techniques
Van Horn, Larkin Jean Art Quilts, Beadwork, Wearable Art, Collage, Assemblage, Embellishments
Walker, Barbara J Warp Patterning, Free-form Woven Embellishments, Ply-splitting, Design
White, Sylvia Baskets Using Metal Wire, Gourd Preparation
Willingham, Sue Willingham Weavery conducts classes in beginning and inter-
mediate weaving on Vashon Island.
Winter, Rebecca Color ‘n Weave, Shadow weave
Zugish, Judy Basket weaving