2020 Creative Challenge Grants

To promote weaving and all related fiber arts and to preserve all the traditions of these arts

To accomplish this goal, ANWG will award grants for activities such as lectures, seminars, workshops, research projects, retreats, etc. Up to 6 US$600 grants will be awarded for use between June 2020 and December 2021. These grants are made possible by the profit from the 2019 ANWG Conference in Prince George, BC and two unfunded grants from the previous round. Our thanks to the Prince George Conference Committee for a successful event.

Grants are available to any guild or study group within a guild that is a member in good standing with ANWG (current in their dues). Each application must be signed by the Guild President and, if appropriate, the Chair of the project/event. Each guild is allowed one application.

Keeping in mind the stated Goal, please complete the application and budget detailing your project/event.
2020 ANWG Application Creative Challenge Grants

The application must be received electronically by April 15, 2020 and include a detailed budget of estimated income and expenses. Email the signed, completed application as a word.doc to president@northwestweavers.org. Applications received after April 15 will not be considered.

Applicants are encouraged to consider alternative methods to achieve our stated goal.
Applications will be numbered as received before being redacted and reviewed by the ANWG Board grant committee. These blind evaluations will be compiled and the final decision made by the grant committee. Grant recipients will be announced at the Annual Membership Meeting in Salem, Oregon June 6, 2020, on the website, and in the July 2020 ANWG newsletter.

The recipient of each grant will provide a project/event report including photos to the ANWG Board within 60 days of completion for publication in the newsletter.