Wanted to Buy or Trade

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Wanted: Dog hair spinner (5/14/2021) - 089-21

Looking for a spinner in the Roseburg, Oregon / Umpqua Valley area who can spin dog hair. This is an urgent request. Email Sally if you can help.

Wanted: AVL warping wheel (5/14/2021) - 088-21

Looking for AVL warping wheel in good condition. British Columbia. Email Isabelle.

Wanted: Horizontal Warping Mill (4/1/2021) - 063-21

I am looking for a horizontal warping mill in good condition.  Yakima, WA. $100-$200 range.  Email if interested.

Wanted: Stand for J-made Table Loom (4/1/2021) - 061-21

Wanted: Stand for a 4 harness J-made table loom.  Salem, OR.  Email if you have one you would like to part with.

Wanted: Used Baby Mac Loom, 8 harness, 20-24″ wide (3/5/2021) - 038-21

Wanted:  Used Baby Mac Loom, 8 harness, 20-24″ width.  Must be in good working condition, with appropriate reeds, leash sticks, raddle, if available. super hooks, and heddles.   Will pick up.  Eugene, Oregon.  Email me if you have one.