Wanted to Buy or Trade

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Wanted: Macomber Loom 32″ Width (5/11/2018) - 104-18

Wanted: Macomber loom 32″ width . Located in Bellingham, WA. Please contact Linda by e-mail.

Wanted: LeClerc Tissart Tapestry Loom 60″ (5/5/2018) - 099-18

Wanted: LeClerc Tissart Tapestry Loom  60 in. Located in Calgary, Alberta. Please contact Wendy by e-mail.



Wanted: Toika Liisa 48″ Weaving Width or Smaller (4/28/2018) - 092-18
 Toika Liisa, 48” weaving width or smaller. I live in the Spokane area, but I’d be willing to drive to pick one up. Please contact me by e-mail.
Broken Kiwi Spinning Wheels (3/16/2018) - 062-18

Looking for any broken Kiwi spinning wheels.  I need the hardware from these wheels. Please contact Jean by e-mail.