Wanted to Buy or Trade

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Wanted: Blending Board (1/26/2022) - 029-22

I am new to fibre arts and would love to try blending fibre on a blending board, however the sticker shock for a new one is a bit too high. My goals for 2022 are to learn to spin rolags and rovings with a drop spindle, weave with a RH loom, and felt.  North Vancouver, BC Canada.  Please Email me if you know of any blending boards looking for a loving home.

Wanted: Weaving Bench with Drawer Storage (1/22/2022) - 022-22

I am looking for a weaving bench, something similar to the Gilmore with the drawer storage.  Moscow, Idaho.  Email me if you have one.

Wanted: Resources For Raw Wool/Fleece in Idaho (1/22/2022) - 016-22

Just recently moved to Idaho. I am a hand spinner and would love to know of any resources where I can find raw wool/fleece.  Thank you.  Moscow, ID.  Email me if you know of some.


Wanted: Gilmakra 8 Shaft Loom (12/18/2021) - 242-21

I am looking for a Gilmakra standard loom (39″) with 8 shafts and 10 treadles.  Bellingham, WA.  Email me if you have one available.



Wanted: Vertical Loom for Rug and Tapestry Weaving (12/1/2021) - 235-21

Looking for a used upright (vertical loom) for rug and tapestry weaving.  Something like the Leclerc Tissart, Leclerc Gobelin, Ruthie (by Crisp), or perhaps the Fireside Cantilever loom.  Prefer a loom with two shafts and a reed/beater. Maximum width (external) could be up to 58 inches (so about a 36 or 45 inch weaving width).  Depth could be up to 30 inches without bench.  Height under 84 inches.  Northern California (Humboldt county).  Price is negotiable.  Will travel in the northwest USA to view and purchase.  If you have (or know someone who has) such an upright loom you for sale please respond with email information, pictures if available and phone number.  Please email


Wanted Schachts 8H Wolf Pup (11/7/2021) - 212-21

Interested in purchasing an 8 Harness Schachts Wolf Pup.  Email me if you have one available.