Wanted to Buy or Trade

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Wanted: Weavers Craft Magazines (11/16/2022) - 301-22

I am looking to purchase original issues of Weavers Craft, especially the first 25 issues.  Salem, OR.  Email if interested.

Wanted Loom to Rent, MT (11/15/2022) - 297-22

I am hoping to get into weaving and would like to try my hand and making some wall hangings. I am wondering if there are any large looms that I would be able to rent to try out?  I am located in Kalispell, MT.  Email if interested.

Loom Wanted (11/2/2022) - 279-22

Impatiently searching for a large High Castle Loom, Fireside Cantilever or Glimakra Regina.  Width – 45 inches approximately. (Do not want to go up to 60 inches), Shafts – Two.  Willing to pay cash and handle any transportation cost. La Conchita CA.   Email if interested.

Wanted 45″ 10-Dent Reed (10/27/2022) - 272-22

I am in search of an unloved 45″ 10 dent reed for a reasonable price (free is even better).  I will pay for shipping if pick up isn’t possible. Mild to moderate rust is fine as I will be cutting it in half lengthwise for the project and it will hold Texsolv heddles, not warp material.  I am attempting to make a shaft switching device based on a Swedish weaver’s design.  I’m happy to share progress information and photos with anyone interested in helping me acquire a reed.  Port Angeles, WA. Email if interested.

Wanted: 45-60″ Floor Loom (10/21/2022) - 267-22

I am looking for an upright floor loom/high warp loom, preferably a 45″ or 60″ but I am flexible. Something like the Crisp Ruthie, Fireside, Dryad Upright, Shannock, Leclerc Gobelin, etc. If you have something like this to sell please let me know. Riondel, BC.  Email if interested.