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Wanted Rio Grande Walking Loom (3/5/2021) - 039-21

I am interested in a Rio Grande Walking Loom.  I am in Moscow, Idaho.  Please Email me.

Wanted: Used Baby Mac Loom, 8 harness, 20-24″ wide (3/5/2021) - 038-21

Wanted:  Used Baby Mac Loom, 8 harness, 20-24″ width.  Must be in good working condition, with appropriate reeds, leash sticks, raddle, if available. super hooks, and heddles.   Will pick up.  Eugene, Oregon.  Email me if you have one.



60″Glimakra Gobelin tapestry loom (2/25/2021) - 027-21

WANTED- a 60” Glimakra Gobelin tapestry loom. I have looked earnestly for one of these looms and cannot locate one for purchase in my area of Montana. Please email me if you have one and are willing to sell it.

Wanted: Macomber loom 48″- 60″ (1/22/2021) - 009-21

I am looking for a used Macomber loom. Weaving width 48″- 60″, 4-12 harnesses. Bench if possible. Portland, OR. Please contact me via email.