Wanted to Buy or Trade

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Wanted: Spinning Wheel and Rigid Heddle Loom (2/20/2023) - 050-23

ISO a spinning wheel and rigid heddle loom near Missoula if anyone nearby is interested in selling. Very new spinner but very keen on learning. Looking for a wheel that would be good for a beginner to start on. Haven’t done any weaving yet but very interested in learning. Seeing if anyone would be interested in selling before I buy new.  Missoula, MT. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:11pm on Thursday April 20th, 2023

Wanted: 24” 4 Harness Loom to buy or rent (1/29/2023) - 034-23

I am looking for a 4 harness loom, counter balance or jack, 24″ wide.  I would be willing to rent one if you don’t want to sell, from May ’23-September ’23. Reasonable price. Helena, MT. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:22pm on Wednesday March 29th, 2023