Wanted to Buy or Trade

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Wanted: 8 dent reed (7/28/2020) - 090-20

Interested in buying a 8 dpi, 42″ long. La Grande, OR. Email.

Wanted: LINEN – Handspinning and Weaving book by Patricia Baines (6/22/2020) - 081-20

Wanted: LINEN – Handspinning and Weaving book by Patricia Baines, 1990. I’m looking for this authoritative book (and other similar titles) to expand my exploration of growing flax and making linen. Thanks.Comox, BC. Email if you can help.

Wanted: sectional for Berga Savonia 100cm (6/14/2020) - 077-20

ISO 1 inch sectional to fit my Berga Savonia 100cm in excellent condition. There is likely no Berga sectional so a Glimakra sectional should work well. A longer sectional may be able to be cut though I am not sure about that. Located in British Columbia, Canada. Email.

Wanted: manual for Patrick Green Industrial Cottage Carder (5/13/2020) - 054-20

My husband and I purchased a Patrick Green Industrial Cottage Carder, and we are looking to purchase, or get a copy of a reference manual/ instruction manual for this carder. If anyone has one, that we could get a copy of, we would be happy to pay for copy costs and shipping. We are new to the carding, and our first attempts to card some of our own fleece, washed and picked, was not acceptable. The fleece appeared to have pill throughout, so we are hoping to get some help from a manual. Any help would be welcome. Our carder also has a roving attachment which has worked well in the past. Thank you. Lynden, Wa. Email if you can help.