For sale – Miscellaneous Fiber Arts Products

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Batik Supplies (9/15/2019) - 200-19

Batik supplies: Jaunting tools, paraffin and beeswax, small electric pan, silk yardage. Located in Stevensville, Montana. $100. Please contact Marina by email.

Rug Hooking Set (9/15/2019) - 199-19

Rug-Hooking set: Fabric cutter (Harry M. Fraser #3, model 500); Hooks (2 small, 3 large); 2 round wood frames (2’ and 1’); 1 box of wool scarps and yarn cut into strips; 1 large box of wool swatches from B’s Wool Shoppe, MA. Located in Stevensville, Montana. $50 Please  contact Marina by email.