2023-2025 Creative Challenge Grants

The ANWG Board is pleased to announce the next group of grants available to ANWG Member Guilds.  Six grants of $600.00 each will be awarded.  

Read the documents below for the process that will be followed in processing Grant Applications.  Remember, only Guilds in good standing within ANWG will be considered for these grants.  (This means you have paid your ANWG dues!) The Challenge Grant Committee is looking forward to reviewing your proposals.   

For the grant process our goal is to promote weaving and all related fiber arts, and to preserve all the traditions of these arts.

Timelines and Important Dates:

  • Deadline for Submission of Creative Challenge Grant Applications is March 1, 2024.  Applications received after this date will not be considered.
  • Application Reviews will take place between March 5 to March 25, 2024.
  • Individual Guilds applying will be notified of results by April 1, 2024.  
  • A listing of Guilds receiving Grants will be published in the April, 2024, ANWG Newsletter.
  • Timeframe for scheduling and completing Grant Awarded Events is May, 2024, through May, 2025.  
  • Deadline for completing your Awarded Event is May 31, 2025.

Download the 2023-2025 Application for Creative Challenge Grants below.

These Grants are offered as a result of the successful completion of the 2023 ANWG Conference.  Many thanks go to the organizing committees and to all who attended.  

The document below details how the Grants will be processed. 

Send Applications to the ANWG Education Chair