Applying for a board position

ANWG is an association of member guilds covering a wide geographical area of the Western US and Canada. The organization supports local guilds with a biennial conference and offers grants to give ANWG’s share of those conference profits back to the member guilds for educational and outreach events. ANWG doesn’t run without the efforts of dedicated board members handling all aspects of running the organization. We would like you to consider contributing your talents to a future ANWG board. Position descriptions are available here and the board position application is here. Please consider volunteering your time to help ANWG grow into the future.

Application for an ANWG Board Position

First Vice-President
Communications Chair
Membership Chair
Education Chair


The President, as principal officer of ANWG, shall:
a. Supervise or oversee all the affairs of ANWG.
b. Preside at all meetings of the membership and of the Executive Board, unless he/she designates another.
c. Act as an ex-officio member of all committees, excepting the Nominating Committee.
d. With the approval of the Board, fill any officer position left vacant between elections due to resignation or removal.
e. Appoint the chairpersons of all Standing Committees, except the Nominating Committee.
f. Appoint the chairperson of any Ad Hoc Committee.
g. Assume the office of Second Vice-President upon completion of his/her term as President, after turning over the Office of President to his/her successor as provided for in these Bylaws.
h. Perform other duties as may be prescribed by these Bylaws, the Standing Rules and by “Robert’s Rules of Order.

First Vice-President

a. Act as the President in the absence of the President, or in the event of the President’s inability to perform.
b. Become President of ANWG if a sitting President resigns or is removed from office.
c. Perform other duties as requested by the President, Executive Board, or as prescribed in the Bylaws and Standing Rules.
d. The First Vice President is normally a commitment to become the President after a 2-3-4 year term served. Staggering new officers is recommended to maintain continuity and may result in some board members serving shorter or longer terms of office.
e. As a member of the Board of Directors, participate in all board meetings and annual membership meetings; reading materials presented, listening to discussions, and voting on matters presented to be of the most benefit to ANWG.


The Secretary shall perform or oversee the performance of the following duties:
a. Record and keep the Minutes of the meetings of the members, the Executive Board and all the committees in one or more books provided for that purpose.
b. Ensure that all notices and proxy forms are duly given in accordance with these Bylaws.*
c. Act as custodian for all organizational and corporate records.
d. Obtain from the Membership Chair, a current list of all ANWG member guilds, including the names and contact information of the presiding officer and the guild Representative.
e. Ensure that all required State and Federal reports are prepared and filed in a timely fashion.
f. Prepare the proposed agenda for the Annual Membership Meeting; prepare the list of registered delegates for the Annual Membership Meeting; certify and keep all completed proxy forms, and give a report of Guilds in attendance in person or by proxy at the Annual Membership Meeting.
g. Perform all duties as may be prescribed by these Bylaws, the Standing Rules and by “Robert’s Rules of Order.


The treasurer shall be responsible for activity relating to the monies and financial records of ANWG. The Treasurer needs to live in WA, OR, or Idaho and have access to a Chase Bank.
The treasurer shall perform and oversee the performance of the following duties:
a. Ensure proper management and control of all funds of ANWG. All funds shall be placed in financial institutions in federally insured accounts. Each account should be reviewed by the treasurer monthly with checking account statements balanced.
b. Keep full records of all income and expenses. Books should be available for review whenever the Board decides it is appropriate.
c. Ensure all bills are paid and that receipts are filed.
d.  Make all deposits or insure that deposits are made by appropriate officer. File all deposit receipts.
e. Prepare a full report for the annual membership meeting.
f. Prepare a full report quarterly for the Executive Board if requested.
g. Prepare and file required financial reports to state and federal agencies.
h. Collect and consolidate information from each board member re: anticipated expenditures and income and prepare an annual budget for consideration by the Executive Board.

Communications Chair

The Communications Chair shall be appointed by the President upon election, and shall serve a minimum two-year (2) term. The chairperson may appoint committee members, with the approval of the President. The duties of this Chair or Committee shall be:
a. Gather the material for, prepare and publish the quarterly ANWG newsletter.
b. Distribute the newsletter to every ANWG member guild rep via email and send the newsletter to the Webmaster for posting on the ANWG web site. The Membership Chair will provide the names and email addresses of these guild reps to the Communications Chair.
c. Include in the newsletter accurate and full summaries of all meetings, as well as dates, times, and location of upcoming meetings.
d. Distribute the newsletter to other organizations approved by the Executive Board.
e. Perform other duties as assigned by the President or Executive Board or as prescribed in the Bylaws and Standing Rules.
f. Review newsletters received from Member Guilds, museums, etc. and forward items of interest to the Webmaster for posting on the ANWG website.
g. As a member of the Board of Directors, participate in all board meetings and annual membership meetings, voting on matters presented.

Membership Chair

The duties of the membership chair are:
a. Collect member guild dues annually, make deposits into ANWG checking account, maintain secure membership records, and provide this information to the board. The Membership Chair needs to reside in WA, OR, or Idaho to have access to a Chase Bank for dues deposits;
b. Voting member of the Board of Directors;
c. Act as a liaison between the Board and member guilds;
d. Answer questions regarding membership;
e. Attend the AMM with updated reports;
f. Communicate with non-member guilds, encouraging membership in ANWG;
g. Offer training to reps in the how-to of being a good ANWG rep.

The qualifications that are suggested for this position:
1. Experience with computer software, Excel (or similar product), PDF files, (production or translation of), MSWord or similar document program;
3. Experience with email processes;
4. Good written and oral communication skills;
5. Good interpersonal relationship skills;
6. Experience with social media sites.

Time allotment for this role is:
1. 10-15 hours per week when first acquiring the position and learning the process;
2. 4-6 hours per week thereafter, with a potential of more time commitment for preparations for the AMM or Conference during those years.

The specific duties of this position include but are not limited to:
1. Distribute membership information to new guild members through their representative, usually through ANWG website-based resources;
2. Maintain records as changes are made to the officers and representatives of the member guilds;
a. Assist in updating Representative list on website and other web-based platforms;
b. Update changes to membership data base;
3. Provide updated member lists to the newsletter editor, webmaster, and other board members as needed;
4. Receive membership renewal forms, verify totals, mark document paid;
5. Receive membership dues ($1.00 USD per member per guild as of June 30 each year). Deposit all dues checks to the ANWG checking account. Email worksheet showing deposit information to the treasurer for account balancing with bank statement;
6. Follow-up with all guilds (send notices) that are late in renewing their membership dues;
7. Provide articles concerning membership to the newsletter editor; including membership reports, notices of renewal dates, and other pertinent information;
8. Submit receipts for expenses incurred in the performance of this job to the treasurer by June 30 of each year;
9. Act on committees as requested by the Board or as appointed by the president.
These definitions are provided to help the membership chair.
Membership – Guilds who have paid the current year dues. Not the individuals that make up the guild.
Membership Information – information that is distributed to new member guilds and available on the ANWG website in the membership information folder. A new guild may be referred to the website to download the following:
1. Current ANWG newsletter;
2. Information on ANWG services, history, and benefits as listed on the ANWG Website;
3. Current membership form.
AMM – Annual Membership Meeting occurs every year sometime during the summer months and at each biennial conference

Education Chair

The Education Chair is responsible for creating opportunities for learning within the ANWG umbrella. Responsibilities include:
a. Manage the Challenge Grant program.
b. Collect and distribute information about fiber art instructors in the Pacific Northwest.
c. Maintain a list of workshops sponsored by the various ANWG guilds.
d. Coordinate study groups as appropriate.


The webmaster is responsible for managing ANWG’s website. Responsibilities include:
a. Generate and revise website content as needed.
b. Respond to inquiries submitted via the website’s contact forms.
c. Ensure the website’s infrastructure is up to date.
d. Ensure the website is functioning properly; troubleshoot issues.
e. Update the visual design as needed to keep the website appearance fresh.

1. Previous content creation/web development experience or willingness to learn
2. Good writing skills