For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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4 Shaft Counter Balance Loom (8/4/2021) - 144-21

Counter balance loom, a copy of Glimakra Ideal.  Beautiful hand made maple, with a hand drawing of the plans.  4-shafts, Includes DVD on how to dress the loom – from Vavstuga.  This loom has an over head swing beater, bench and is all beautiful wood.  No metal parts.  Very quiet, and easy to weave on, and warp.  Photos available. 45″ weaving area.  Oliver, British Columbia.   $350.  Email if interested.


Leclerc Aristat 4 Harness Jack Loom (8/3/2021) - 143-21

Leclerc Aristat jack loom. 4 harness, 6 treadle with folding back beam. 36″ weaving width.  Includes three reeds (6, 8, and 12 dent), two lease sticks, extra heddles (texsolv and metal) and hex wrench. Assembled and in good working order — this loom is complete and has been in constant use. Local pick up only.  Bozeman, MT.  $700.  Email if interested.

27″ Raddle (8/3/2021) - 142-21

Raddle, 27 inches. If you warp front to back, place the raddle in the slot on the beater. If you warp back to front, you can attach it to the back beam with C-clamps  which is how I used it.  Photo available on request.  It can be shipped with buyer paying the added shipping cost; it is not heavy.  Seattle, WA.  $30.  Email if interested.

Macomber 48″ 8 shafts (8/2/2021) - 142-21

Macomber 48 inch weaving width, 8 shafts, extra beam, bench, three reeds. Beautiful condition. Am selling from an estate. Price $2000. Location Cody, Wyoming. Email if interested.

8S/14T Gilmore Folding Loom (8/1/2021) - 141-21

8S/14T Gilmore folding loom with a 40 inch weaving width needs a new home.  (A sure 36″ weaving width, but the beater holds a 40″ reed.)

Includes a sectional beam and Texsolv heddles on 4 shafts.  It also comes with the metal heddles I got when I first bought this loom.  I am the second owner.  I ran out of room in the fiber studio, so this one has to find a new home. Asking $1600.  Price is negotiable.  Snohomish County Washington.  $1600.  Email if interested.

Cabin Creek Swedish 10 Shaft Floor Loom (8/1/2021) - 140-21

Cabin Creek Swedish countermarche floor loom with 10 shafts and 10 treadles, 2 back beams, one of which is sectional.  It has split lams and weaves quietly and well.  In very good condition.  Edmonds, WA.  $3000.  Email if interested.

Like New 8 harness Louet Spring Loom (7/28/2021) - 138-21

Like new, one-year-old Louet Spring Loom, 90 cm (35″), 8 harness, 10 treadles. Includes 4 reeds (8, 10, 12 and 15 dent), 2 lease sticks, 16 warping sticks, light under castle, built-in raddle on top, approximately 800 heddles. Made in Holland, very sturdy and quiet. Includes a Tempo Treadle. The back beam folds up so it can fit through doorways.  Woodland, WA.  $4800.  Email if interested.

Macomber Loom with yarn and accessories (7/23/2021) - 0135-21

Loom, yarn collection and accessories:

Macomber Add A Harness Loom B4E2548: 5′-6 dent reed, 8 harness, 10 treadles, double back beam, aprons front and back, folds to 28″ deep x 50″H x 70″ long. Includes 45 cubic feet of exquisite yarn: Harrisville, CUM, Alpaca, Mohair, Ironstone Warehouse, Manos Del Uruguay, Silk, Tahki Soho, Tahki Tweed, Rayon etc. Accessories include carding paddles, drop spindle, skein winders, bobbin winder, shuttles, ball winder, warp threader. Please email me for photos of loom, all yarn and accessories in a PDF.  Seattle WA.  $5800.00 or best offer.  Email if interested.

Schacht low castle 8-harness floor loom (7/19/2021) - 033-21

Schacht low castle 8-harness floor loom. 46″ wide reeds. 10 and 12 dent reeds included. Extra heddles. Sturdy bench 30 inches wide. Loom and bench in blond maple. Excellent condition. Folds for storage or travel.  Folded: 28″ deep, 42″ high, 55″ wide. Extended: 37″ deep.  Pick up in East Wenatchee, WA.  $1500.  Email if interested.

Weaving, Spinning, Knitting and other Crafts (7/19/2021) - 132-21

Entire weaving, spinning, knitting, and other crafts studio.  I’m 76 years old and moving to Australia, so am leaving all my machines and fibers, and all kinds of accessories. Includes 5′ wide, 8  shaft Glimakra counterbalance loom and bench, warping wheel, ball winder, black-faced suffolk sheep wool roving, hand crafted spinning wheel,  qiviut wool from muskoxen, antique chests, books, Weaver magazines, even warped for oophamta double weave pattern, and so much more.  Will deliver everything if in the Missoula area.  Please see craigslist posts and photographs.  Call anytime 340-473-9007, must take entire stock.  A perfect gift for a beginning weaver, spinner, knitter, and all fabric crafts, including antique Singer Treadle sewing machine, and all machine user manuals.  go to   Must leave by August 15.  Missoula, Montana. $10,000 OBO.  Email if interested.

60″ Nilus Laclerc 4 harness loom (7/19/2021) - 131-21

60″ Nilus Laclerc 4 harness 6 treadle loom with original bench.  $500.  Good condition.  Purchased 30 years ago and used for several years, now downsizing.  Woodinville/Duvall area.  Woodinville, WA.  $500.  Email if interested.

1955 Anders Lervad & Son 4 harness loom (7/19/2021) - 130-21

1955 Anders Lervad & Son (Denmark) 90 cm (width) 4 harness loom still in original packing crate. Value at time of purchase 700 Danish krone ($310 USD).  Corvallis, OR.  $1700.  Email if interested.

110 Louet Spring (7/16/2021) - 128-21

I’ve lost a few hundred square feet in the last move and so from now on it is Simple Looms for me. Can someone enjoy a 110 Louet Spring? Do the research and make me a fair offer. Someone must collect it at Cultus Lake, BC. Email if interested.

12 harness LeClerc Dorothy table loom (7/11/2021) - 124-21

12 harness LeClerc Dorothy table loom. 15.75″. Maple. Great for workshops and sampling.
Lake Forest Park WA (just N of Seattle). $700. Email if interested.

46″ Kessenich loom (7/8/2021) - 120-21

Vintage wooden weaving floor loom from the Kessenich Loom Company. Well cared for and stored inside; loom is in excellent condition. Made in USA. $1495
From the Kessenich website:
“Kessenich Loom Company’s standard foot loom is built of Red Oak with a hand rubbed oil finish. It’s reputation has been built on being strong and heavy enough for rug weaving. The loom has easy access to the pin and chain tie-up system. Treadles are hinged at the front and are separated sufficiently to ease treadling actions. Rear hinged treadles are optional. Extra space is allowed for storage of unused heddles in Shaft frame to avoid interference with the full weaving width of the loom. The beater bar is extra heavy and has 3 positions for height adjustment. A steel pin is used to stabilize leg arms. Optional loom shelves attach on each side of the leg arm. All looms are collapsible for storage and moving, even while warped. Sectional warp beams have 2″ wide sections. Each sectional package comes with tension box and counter and guide. The drum is 18″ in circumference and can easily be converted into a plain beam. A Spool rack or creel is recommended for use with a Sectional Beam.”
Standard four shaft foot looms from Kessenich can be repaired and replacement parts are available.
46″ weaving width – Great for large projects (rugs, blankets, etc.) but can also handle small projects.

W – 59″
D – 42.5″
H – 39″
180 lbs.
Loom collapses to approximately 5’x2’x4′ for transport.
Several classic books included for free:
New Key to Weaving by Mary E Black
Weaving Patterns by Malin Selander
Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving by Betty Linn Davenport
And several Handwoven and Weavers magazines from the 1990’s

Boise, ID. Email if interested.

Tapestry Tools (7/3/2021) - 119-21

Brass tipped tapestry bobbins handcrafted by Joy and John Moss of Premium Woodturning Crafts in South Carolina, sold as a set of 3 only: the 9″ a/k/a Susan, the 4.5″ a/k/a Mini-Bob, and the 6″. $50 for the set of 3.

Local pickup in Clinton, Washington on Whidbey Island. email Joanne for more information

Tapestry and tablet weaving books (7/3/2021) - 118-21

3 spiral bound tapestry books by Kathe Todd-Hooker sold as a set: Shaped Tapestry, Tapestry 101 and Line in Tapestry. As new. $75 for the set of 3.

Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance by Nancy Spies. Coveted resource on tablet weaving. I have one soft cover and one spiral bound, both as new. Each copy is $75.

Local pickup in Clinton, Washington on Whidbey Island. email Joanne for more information.

Mirrix looms (7/3/2021) - 117-21

I have two Mirrix Big Sister tapestry/beading looms for sale. I use one for complex tapestry (loom #1) and the other for bead weaving (loom #2), so each loom has been upgraded in different ways. Each one can still be used for both tapestry and bead weaving by removing some of the upgrades. Mirrix has information and instructions for the loom and the upgrades as free downloads on its website.

Mirrix Big Sister tapestry/bead weaving loom #1 (upgraded for weaving): This loom has an added shedding device for a total of two shedding devices, which allows the weaver to choose different weave structures for areas on the tapestry and permits, for example, the use of thicker yarns in some areas and finer yarns in others to distinguish background and subject. Coils include 8, 10 and 12. Two hand wrenches, more than 290 heddles, 2 Allen wrenches, 10 bobbins. (Also included if the buyer wants them are 3 paperback tapestry books by Nancy Harvey: Guide to Successful Tapestry Weaving, Patterns for Tapestry Weaving, and Tapestry Weaving Workshop.) Excellent condition. $300.

Mirrix Big Sister tapestry/beading loom #2 (upgraded for beadwork): This loom has an added bottom spring/coil bar so that the warp is kept at an even sett at the top and bottom. A second warping bar with texsolv cord and plastic arrows, allows for a shorter warp so that expensive beading warp can be conserved. There are matching pairs of coils for the top and the bottom in size 8, 12, 14 and 18. More than 150 mirrix heddles, 10 bobbins, 2 hand wrenches, 1 allen wrench. (Also included if the buyer wants them are 3 paperback beading books: The Art and Elegance of
Beadweaving by Carol Wells, Bead Work by Jules Kliot, and Beautiful Bead Weaving by Ortmeyer and Porter). Excellent condition. $300

Local pickup in Clinton, Washington on Whidbey Island. email Joanne for more information.

Schacht Maple 8-harness Mighty Wolf 36-inch (7/3/2021) - 116-21

Schacht Maple 8-harness Mighty Wolf 36-inch folding loom with Wolf Stroller wheel set for easy storage. Regular height. Single warp beam. Includes Wolf Trap front storage tray and 500 metal inserted-eye heddles. Never used as came from Schacht factory. Current Schacht Website price for this loom with heddles $3900. Coburg, OR. $3400.00. Email if interested.

20” Counterbalance loom (6/26/2021) - 110-20

Counterbalance floor loom used but in good condition. It has four shafts and six treadles in 20” wide weaving width. Included is a 15 dent reed, rattle, and warping board. Pictures available upon request. Asking $150. The Dalles, OR. Email if interested.

37″ Ashford Jack Loom 8 Shafts (6/23/2021) - 111-21

Ashford Jack Loom – First Generation – Cherry wood. 8 shafts, 10 treadles, 37-inch weaving width
10-dent reed
Friction brake; Folding back beam; Castle shelf removes for full access to shafts
Matching raddle with cover
Matching bench with storage
3 extra shaft frames
Lots and lots of texsolv heddles
Deer Park, WA. $1600. Pictures upon request, please mention ANWG ad. Email if interested.

Leclerc Voyageur 24″ 4-shaft Table Loom (6/19/2021) - 108-21

Like-New LeClerc Voyageur 24″ 4-shaft Table Loom. This like-new (used only twice!) 4-shaft Voyageur table loom has the advantage of being smaller and lighter. It is for the beginner or those who just want a 4s, 24″ weaving width. For reference, these sell for over $1,000 new. The 24″ model weighs in at 25 lbs., comes with 600 inserted Eye Heddles, and a Stainless Steel Reed, 2 lease sticks, 2 beam sticks, and the book “Warp & Weave” by Robert LeClerc. It folds for easy transport and is a beautiful maple. I will also include additional reeds and shuttles. Seattle. Will consider shipping at buyer’s expense. $725.00. Email if interested.

Fireside loom, 48″ 4 shafts (6/17/2021) - 107-21

Beautiful solid Koa Fireside, 48 inches wide, 4 harnesses, eight treadles and matching bench. In good condition, a piece of art besides and working loom. North Bend, Oregon. $5,000.00. Email Kim.

4 Harness Loomcraft Floor Loom (6/12/2021) - 103-21

Loomcraft floor loom used but in good condition. 40″ weaving width, 4H, 6T. Includes a 10 and 12 dent reed, miscellaneous shuttles and accessories, and nine bags of Pendleton Mill selvages.  Terrebonne, OR.  $900.  Email if interested.

8 Shaft Floor Loom In Birds-Eye Maple (6/11/2021) - 102-21

8 Shaft floor loom in birds-eye maple.  46″ weaving width.  Has all original paperwork.  In excellent condition.  Comes with a weaving bench, reed 5,6,8,10,12, raddle, and a large warping board.  Also have lots of weaving materials on cones, mostly cotton, wool, hemp, bamboo. Western Montana.  $1500.  Pictures are available.  NO SCAMMERS!  Email if interested.

Kromski Rigid Heddle Loom with Stand (6/10/2021) - 101-21

KROMSKI RIGID HEDDLE LOOM with stand — 32″ weaving width — Like new and has been barely used.  It is made of Alder wood and has a light finish.  It comes with 2 rigid heddles, a 10 dent and an 8 dent, 2 stick shuttles, a pick-up stick, threading hook, clamps & warping peg, warping board pegs (warping board is built-into the loom), and a “warp helper”.  Also included is a loom stand.  All items when purchased new would cost over $600.  Selling for $450.   Willing to deliver within 50 mile radius of my home in southern Oregon.  Shipping extra.  Ashland, OR.  $450.  Email if interested

Leclerc Voyageur 8 Shaft Table Loom (6/9/2021) - 100-21

Leclerc Voyageur 15 3/4″ 8 Shaft Table Loom.  Ideal for workshop weavers. It is small, light-weight, and folds for easy travel.  Includes a 12 dent stainless steel reed, 2 metal lease sticks, a custom carry bag and 400 heddles.  It weighs 20 1/2 pounds.  This loom is like new.  It was purchased less than 2 years ago and only been used a few times.  Medford, OR.  $800.  Email if interested.

40″ Glimakra Aktiv 4H 6T Loom (6/5/2021) - 099-21

40″ Glimakra Aktiv 4H 6T loom, bench, warping board, and assorted equipment (shuttles, sticks, pegs, cord, etc).  Kingston, WA.  $900.  Email if interested.

Schacht Flip 15″ Rigid Heddle Loom (5/30/2021) - 096-21

Schacht Flip 15″ rigid heddle loom.   4 heddles (8, 2 x 10 and 12 dent).  Comes with sley hook, instruction booklet, 2 shuttles, 2 pickup sticks, 2 single and 1 double warping peg.  I also have a foldable TV tray I use as a stand that I will include for local pickup.  Willing to ship at buyer’s expense.  Ferndale WA.  $350.  Email if interested.

4-harness J-made Table Loom (5/23/2021) - 094-21

4 harness J-made table loom in good condition.  Nice little loom for workshops and easy to transport.  21″ weaving width.  Reed could use some TLC. Salem, OR.  $100.  Email if interested.

36” Gilmore 4 shaft X-frame loom (5/23/2021) - 093-21

Gilmore x-frame loom.  This loom has a 36″ weaving width (total width = 44″), 4 shafts and 6 treadles. This loom also comes with a weaving bench, two reeds and shuttle. New texolv for tie-up needed. This is a sturdy loom that folds when not in use. Seattle, WA.  Pick-up only.  $800.  Email if interested.

30″ J Made loom (5/19/2021) - 091-21

30″ J Made loom. Essentially brand new as it’s never been warped. I thought that I would use it for workshops but Eastern Oregon proved to be too far from the action!  This loom has a conversion kit. It can be a table loom, or can be assembled as a floor loom. Eight harness. Lovely, blonde maple hardwood. Comes with a couple of reeds, different dents and the slats to create shed. I have photos to send and I do come to Portland, Salem, Corvallis, and the coast, so it can easily be delivered. La Grande, OR.  $500.  Email if interested.

Le Clerc 4 Harness Counter Balance Loom (5/18/2021) - 088-21

Le Clerc 4 harness , counter balance loom. Mira model. Canadian made of solid maple. Circa 1950’s.  Unfortunately, I have to give up my loom due to my relocation to a smaller home. This loom was originally used in a hospital rehab department for rug making. It is beautiful.  Medford, OR.  $400.  Email if interested.

Maple 45″ 8-harness floor loom (5/16/2021) - 087-21

Maple 45″ floor loom.  This loom has 8 shafts, 10 treadles, and is in excellent condition.  Sale includes 8, 10 and 12 dent stainless steel reeds and a bench with a drawer.  It has a castle, and is used for rugs and throws.  Must be picked up in Horseshoe Bend, ID.   Was $1000 now asking $900. OBO.  Email if interested.

Harrisville Four Harness Loom (5/9/2021) - 086-21

Harrisville Four Harness Loom.  36 inches wide.  Everything works well.  Photos are available.  Portland, OR.  $985.  Email me if interested.