For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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Free: Handwoven and FiberArts magazines (6/14/2021) - 106-21

100 older Handwoven and FiberArts magazines. Free to a good home. Located in Mission, BC. Email for more info.

8 shaft floor loom in birds-eye maple (6/14/2021) - 105-21

8 Shaft floor loom in birds-eye maple. 46″ weaving width. Has all original paperwork. In excellent condition. Comes with a weaving bench, reed 5,6,8,10,12, raddle, and a large warping board. Also have lots of weaving materials on cones, mostly cotton, wool, hemp, bamboo. $1500.00. Missoula, MT. Email for pictures. NO SCAMMERS!

Cricket Loom (6/14/2021) - 104-21

Cricket Loom is compact, capable, and cute! 15″ Weaving WidthThe Cricket is made of high-quality maple ply and hard maple and is left unfinished. Cricket comes with an 8-dent reed. Included are a threading hook, warping peg, table clamps, one shuttle. Email if interested. $100.00. Union, OR.

4 Harness Loomcraft Floor Loom (6/12/2021) - 103-21

Loomcraft floor loom used but in good condition. 40″ weaving width, 4H, 6T. Includes a 10 and 12 dent reed, miscellaneous shuttles and accessories, and nine bags of Pendleton Mill selvages.  Terrebonne, OR.  $900.  Email if interested.

8 Shaft Floor Loom In Birds-Eye Maple (6/11/2021) - 102-21

8 Shaft floor loom in birds-eye maple.  46″ weaving width.  Has all original paperwork.  In excellent condition.  Comes with a weaving bench, reed 5,6,8,10,12, raddle, and a large warping board.  Also have lots of weaving materials on cones, mostly cotton, wool, hemp, bamboo. Western Montana.  $1500.  Pictures are available.  NO SCAMMERS!  Email if interested.

Kromski Rigid Heddle Loom with Stand (6/10/2021) - 101-21

KROMSKI RIGID HEDDLE LOOM with stand — 32″ weaving width — Like new and has been barely used.  It is made of Alder wood and has a light finish.  It comes with 2 rigid heddles, a 10 dent and an 8 dent, 2 stick shuttles, a pick-up stick, threading hook, clamps & warping peg, warping board pegs (warping board is built-into the loom), and a “warp helper”.  Also included is a loom stand.  All items when purchased new would cost over $600.  Selling for $450.   Willing to deliver within 50 mile radius of my home in southern Oregon.  Shipping extra.  Ashland, OR.  $450.  Email if interested

Leclerc Voyageur 8 Shaft Table Loom (6/9/2021) - 100-21

Leclerc Voyageur 15 3/4″ 8 Shaft Table Loom.  Ideal for workshop weavers. It is small, light-weight, and folds for easy travel.  Includes a 12 dent stainless steel reed, 2 metal lease sticks, a custom carry bag and 400 heddles.  It weighs 20 1/2 pounds.  This loom is like new.  It was purchased less than 2 years ago and only been used a few times.  Medford, OR.  $800.  Email if interested.

40″ Glimakra Aktiv 4H 6T Loom (6/5/2021) - 099-21

40″ Glimakra Aktiv 4H 6T loom, bench, warping board, and assorted equipment (shuttles, sticks, pegs, cord, etc).  Kingston, WA.  $900.  Email if interested.

Schacht Flip 15″ Rigid Heddle Loom (5/30/2021) - 096-21

Schacht Flip 15″ rigid heddle loom.   4 heddles (8, 2 x 10 and 12 dent).  Comes with sley hook, instruction booklet, 2 shuttles, 2 pickup sticks, 2 single and 1 double warping peg.  I also have a foldable TV tray I use as a stand that I will include for local pickup.  Willing to ship at buyer’s expense.  Ferndale WA.  $350.  Email if interested.

4-harness J-made Table Loom (5/23/2021) - 094-21

4 harness J-made table loom in good condition.  Nice little loom for workshops and easy to transport.  21″ weaving width.  Reed could use some TLC. Salem, OR.  $100.  Email if interested.

36” Gilmore 4 shaft X-frame loom (5/23/2021) - 093-21

Gilmore x-frame loom.  This loom has a 36″ weaving width (total width = 44″), 4 shafts and 6 treadles. This loom also comes with a weaving bench, two reeds and shuttle. New texolv for tie-up needed. This is a sturdy loom that folds when not in use. Seattle, WA.  Pick-up only.  $800.  Email if interested.

Louet Jane 70 with stand (5/22/2021) - 092-21

Louet Jane 70 (orig price $1,670) and stand (orig price $330) only 1 year old. New condition, only used a few times. I thought I would use it for workshops but discovered I am not a “workshop” type person 🙂 10 dent reed included! Photos available.  Olympia, WA.  $1800.  Email if interested.

30″ J Made loom (5/19/2021) - 091-21

30″ J Made loom. Essentially brand new as it’s never been warped. I thought that I would use it for workshops but Eastern Oregon proved to be too far from the action!  This loom has a conversion kit. It can be a table loom, or can be assembled as a floor loom. Eight harness. Lovely, blonde maple hardwood. Comes with a couple of reeds, different dents and the slats to create shed. I have photos to send and I do come to Portland, Salem, Corvallis, and the coast, so it can easily be delivered. La Grande, OR.  $500.  Email if interested.

Le Clerc 4 Harness Counter Balance Loom (5/18/2021) - 088-21

Le Clerc 4 harness , counter balance loom. Mira model. Canadian made of solid maple. Circa 1950’s.  Unfortunately, I have to give up my loom due to my relocation to a smaller home. This loom was originally used in a hospital rehab department for rug making. It is beautiful.  Medford, OR.  $400.  Email if interested.

Maple 45″ 8-harness floor loom (5/16/2021) - 087-21

Maple 45″ floor loom.  This loom has 8 shafts, 10 treadles, and is in excellent condition.  Sale includes 8, 10 and 12 dent stainless steel reeds and a bench with a drawer.  It has a castle, and is used for rugs and throws.  Must be picked up in Horseshoe Bend, ID.   Was $1000 now asking $900. OBO.  Email if interested.

Indian head spinning wheel and Salish loom (5/14/2021) - 087-21

I have a upright large head spinning wheel and a Salish loom to donate. I can provide pictures if you are interested. I live in Nanaimo. Email for more info.

Harrisville Four Harness Loom (5/9/2021) - 086-21

Harrisville Four Harness Loom.  36 inches wide.  Everything works well.  Photos are available.  Portland, OR.  $985.  Email me if interested.

16 Harness 1984 PDL AVL #00520 (5/6/2021) - 085-21

1984 PDL AVL #00520, 16 harness, 48″,  mechanical dobby with around 50 bars, lots of pegs and wrench. Overhead beater, track and mount, built in half bench, double fly shuttle, 1 yard sectional beam, 1/2 yard sectional beam , new auto advance system.  Comes with CD 1 that I’ve never used that may or may not work. About 800ish texsolv heddles included.  Roy, WA.  $3,000.  Email if interested.

4-Harness Harrisville Loom (5/4/2021) - 082-21

36″  4-harness Harrisville loom.  Studio Package: bench, shuttles and warping board.  $1000.  Bend, OR.  Email if interested.

Vertical LeClerc 2-shaft, 2-treadle Tapestry Loom (5/4/2021) - 081-21

Vertical LeClerc two-shaft, two treadle tapestry loom. Texsolve heddles, 12 dent reed, 45” weaving width. In good working order. Has been used for tapestries, transparencies and rigid heddle designs. Footprint 27” deep x 52” wide x 69” high.  Pick up only.  Currently assembled, but can be broken down for transport.  Bozeman,  MT.  $400 or best offer.   Email if interested.

Three Inkle or Tablet Weaving Looms Available (4/29/2021) - 080-21

Windhaven minstrel inkle or tablet weaving loom, weaves up to a 3 foot band $75.

Windhaven harpsichord inkle or tablet weaving loom, can we weave up to a 15 foot band, floor standing, top portion can be removed for portability or to weave shorter projects $165.

Staudigel floor standing tablet weaving loom, in excellent shape, can weave up to 15 foot bands. $350

For pick up only in Lacey, Washington. Willing to do partial trade for Windhaven accordion.

Email if interested.

4 Shaft Louet Hollandia Loom (4/28/2021) - 079-21

Gently used Louet Hollandia weaving loom with four shafts and six treadles for sale.  The weaving width is 130 cm or 51 inches. As far as I know, the extra four shaft kit is no longer available that Louet used to sell to convert this loom to an eight shaft loom. This loom is in excellent condition, with the wood finish like new. It does have inches marked on the beater bar with magic marker. It is a parallel countermarch loom, so the treadling is light and the set up is easy. It has a ratchet on the front and a friction brake on the back, and a floating breast beam for consistent tension. It has a foldable back beam. It comes with a 12 dent stainless steel reed. I’m asking $1500 for the loom and it doesn’t come with the project on the loom. Cash only and please wear a mask for our safety and yours.  Spokane, WA.  Email if interested.

LeClerc Colonial I (4/12/2021) - 073-21

LeClerc Colonial I.  This is a Jack-style loom that will easily convert into a Counterbalance. 8 Shafts; 10 Treadles. The footprint is 60×72″ with a weaving width of 45″. Colonial “keys” replace bolts. Included is a sectional and double beam, 4 reeds(6,8,10,12dent), matching open ended storage bench, sectional kit.  The loom was made between 1982 and 2009. Maple finish.  Condition Good.  Boise, ID.  $2000.  Email if interested.

LECLERC 4-HARNESS LOOM (4/8/2021) - 069-21

Leclerc 4-harness loom in fair condition. The loom works well, but the apron has a tear in it.  Will need repair to work perfectly.  It is a Jack-Type 4 shaft loom (6 Treadles) with a 36″ weaving width.   The loom is 46″ wide and it has  1,000 heddles.  The loom can be folded front and back to a depth of 14″ (Depth Opened 32″).  asking $900 OBO (costs $1,950 new).  Must pick-up or arrange own shipping. No delivery. Location Garden Valley, ID.  Asking $900.  Accept payment by Cash, Venmo, or Cash App.  Email if interested.

MOUNTAIN LOOM CO. TABLE LOOM (4/8/2021) - 068-21

MOUNTAIN LOOM CO. LOOM.  This loom is in excellent condition.  It is Triple Beam Pique Table Loom with Loom Stand.  The loom is 29″ wide and has 12 harness.  The weaving width is 22″ It has 900 heddles and a 10 dpi stainless steel reed.  Must pick-up or arrange own shipping. No delivery. Location Garden Valley, ID.  Asking $750 (costs $1,500 new).  Accept payment by Cash, Venmo, or Cash App.  Email if interested.

GILMORE MAPLE FLOOR LOOM (4/8/2021) - 066-21

GILMORE MAPLE FLOOR LOOM.  This loom is a 46″ width with 8 Harnesses and a maximum weaving width of 32″.  It has a sectional beam bar kit, a top tray, stainless steel reeds, and an extra sectional warp beam.  Excellent condition asking $2,25OM0 OBO (costs $3,900 new).  Must pick-up or arrange own shipping. No delivery. Location Garden Valley, ID.  Accept payment by Cash, Venmo, or Cash App.  Email if interested.

48″ Norwood Floor Loom (4/7/2021) - 066-21

Solid cherry 48″ Norwood floor loom in fabulous condition (I’m the second owner.)  Four harness, rigid heddle, six treadles.  Includes two reeds (10, 12 dent), two warping boards + additional supplies/equipment.  Portland, OR.  $1,400.  Email if interested.

Harrisville Designs Model A/6 22″ Floor Loom (4/1/2021) - 062-21

Harrisville Designs Model A/6 22″ Floor loom.  It is a 4 harness with 6 treadles, metal heddles.  It needs some repair, the leather string that holds the harnesses needs to be replaced.  It comes with a standing bobbin rack, wooden shuttles and the original assembly manual.  Seattle, WA.  $1000. OBO (will reduce price or donate to a non-profit). Email if interested.