For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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Schacht jack floor loom (6/29/2020) - 084-20

Schacht jack floor loom- maple, low castle with matching bench. Gently used, 42″ weaving width, 4 harness/6 treadles, folding back beam; 6 and 12 dent reeds. $1400, pick-up only in Steilacoom WA. Please contact by email.

44-in 4 Harness Countermarch Loom (6/26/2020) - 083-20

44-Inch 4 Harness 8 Treadle Countermarch Floor Loom. Texsolv string heddles, boat shuttle and extra spools, 3 stick shuttles, ski shuttle, wooden temple, lease sticks, 22 full spools warp (many colors), 10 partial spools. Sturdy, excellent condition. Bellingham. $1,500. Email if interested.

8 shaft Leclerc 45″ Loom (6/24/2020) - 082-20

Leclerc 45″ Loom. Shafts: 8; Treadles: 10; Mechanism: Jack; Footprint: 60”x 72”
Included : Double Beam, 4 reeds 6,8,10,12 dent (Used price $1.50 per inch), LeClerc tension box, countermarch conversion kit. Sectional and plain beams
Features: Beater can be set for Overhand or Underhand Operation, Colonial tie up replaced with texsolv, Back Beam folds for storage, easily convertible from 8 harness Jack loom to 4 harness Counterbalance
History: In 2002 Leclerc added a Back-Hinge Treadle option. Sometimes confused with older “Handicraft” Shoppe model
Estimated Age: Introduced at the end of 1981 and made until 2009 when replaced by the Colonial v2
Boise, ID USA
Email if interested.

8 shaft Baby Wolf (6/24/2020) - 081-20

26”, 8 shaft Baby Wolf by Schacht made of maple in Excellent Condition. Darby, MT. $1500. Email if interested.

Vintage Leclerc table loom (6/21/2020) - 080-20

Vintage Leclerc table loom, 20″weaving width, 4 harness control levers on right side. Jano model. Working condition. I have owned this since 1983.
Status: No Longer Produced
Mechanisms: Jack
Shafts: 4
Weaving Width: 20″
Features: First Leclerc Table Loom, does not fold, metal side levers
Estimated Age: Introduced sometime before 1937 as a 4 shaft, the loom had been discontinued sometime between 1962 and 1966 when the Medico and Dorothy table looms appeared.
Serial Number Prefixes: possibly the “J-” series

Seattle/Bellingham. Will deliver within 45 miles. $500.00 or Best Offer. Email if interested.

40″ B5 Macomber (6/10/2020) - 075-20

40″ B5 Macomber serial number 239x – 4 harness, sectional warp beam w/ friction brake, three reeds:40×12,40×15 & 20×12, 30″ bench, 20×12 spool rack and standard tools and accessories – all the stuff in the pictures on Bellingham WA Craig’s List under Arts&Crafts, plus some other stuff I found in another box. $1600. Not interested in parting out.
I have a pickup – Delivery negotiable in the beautiful Northwest U.S.A. Email Dennis in Blaine WA.

Leclerc bobbin winder and skein swift (6/7/2020) - 074-20

Leclerc bobbin winder and skein swift. This unit has both the bobbin winder and swift on a stand. When the swift is extended the measurement is 21.5″ from arm to arm. This equipment is no longer in the Leclere catalog. All the parts are metal. Calgary, AB. $125.00. Email for information.

Antique skein winders (6/6/2020) - 071-20

Primitive antique skein sinder, missing one arm, $25

Self-Counting, antique skein sinder, $75

Located in Olympia, WA, please contact Kate

Warping Board (6/6/2020) - 070-20

Warping Board, wooden, 36″ x 36″, $60, Located in Olympia, WA, please contact Kate.

36″ Leclerc Loom, 6 treadles, 4 harnesses (6/6/2020) - 069-20

36″ Leclerc Loom, 6 treadles, 4 harnesses, Located in Olympia, WA, $2100, please contact Kate.

Weaving bench (6/6/2020) - 068-20

Leclerc Weaving Bench with storage, 36 ” x 12″ and 7″ deep, $200, Located in Olympia, WA, please contact Kate.

Harrisville Designs 4 shaft, 6 treadle, 36” floor loom (5/30/2020) - 064-20

For sale in Eugene, Oregon, a 4 shaft, 6 treadle, 36” weaving width floor loom by Harrisville Designs. The loom has flat steel heddles, new tieup chains, and I made new shaft cables, using closing clips instead of hooks. (No more shafts jumping off their cables!) Loom has been upgraded with the friction brake conversion kit. Cloth beam flat ribbon ties have been replaced with Texsolv to facilitate warp spreading. The front and back of the loom can fold for storage or transport. This loom comes with a 40” 10DPI stainless steel reed. HD looms can accommodate oversize reeds due to their beater construction. Asking $850. Contact Elizabeth with any questions and to see photos.

48″ Schacht – Counterbalance Floor Loom (5/27/2020) - 063-20

48″ Schacht – Counterbalance Floor Loom. Maple wood construction. Comes with one 12 dent heddle. Good for a wide variety of application. I used for very fine fabric weaving up to heavy rag rugs. Folded dimensions: 24″ wide x 48″ high x 52″ long. Very good working condition, very good physical condition. Some discoloration of the top finish in some spots, but no scratches/dents/marring of the wood. Warping frame available for no charge. No bench. Please a href=””>emailfor more info, pictures, and shipping info. Located in Eugene, Oregon. Able to deliver in Oregon or Washington for small charge, depending on distance. $1,100.

Schacht 25″ 4 harness table loom (5/25/2020) - 062-20

Schacht Spindle Co. 25″, 4 harness, table loom in excellent condition. Roseburg, Oregon. $195.00. Email if interested.

Glimakra 59 inch Countermarch standard loom (5/23/2020) - 060-20

Glimakra 59 inch Countermarch standard loom, 8 shaft. Must downsize. Beautiful Swedish pine, barely used, perfect condition. Comes with everything a new loom does plus a few extras. Sell for $3500, new sells for $5900. Will accept PayPal or cash or Zelle. You pick up. Missoula, Montana. $3500. Email if interested.

Macomber B-5 folding floor loom (5/18/2020) - 056-20

Very good condition; 8H/10T; 48” weaving width. Includes bobbins, 3 shuttles, reed (12), plenty of heddles, lease sticks and custom, hand-made adjustable bench. Footprint: 42” deep X 62” wide X 51” high. Prefer pick-up. Calpine, CA. $2,100. Also listed on Craigslist-Sacramento, CA area with pictures. Email if interested.

16 harness loom (5/12/2020) - 053-20

30 years ago, I was given a 16 harness loom, beautiful white birch, from the former owner of a weaving store in Lincoln City, OR. It has never been completely assembled by me. I have restored the wood and know it is structurally sound. There are no identifying factors on the loom and I have never seen a photo of it assembled. Weavers have attempted to assemble the loom and have gotten very close; photos available. It appears to be a Le Clerc, but the company says it’s not.Dimensions: 60″ front to rear, 60″height in rear , width of beater 52″, 14″ heddles. Now that I’m “older” my priorities keep me from working any further on this loom project. I’d love to let it go to someone willing to take on a challenge! Please email me. I can provide photos. Parkdale, Hood River, OR. Price is very negotiable; from $0.00- $ donation.

54″ swedish handmade counter marche 4 shaft floor loom (4/23/2020) - 050-20

54″ swedish handmade counter marche 4 shaft floor loom. I am down sizing loom excellent condition. 10 dent steel reed 6 treadles. Includes warping board, umbrella swift, Mary Black The Key to Weaving book.This loom has an adjustable beater bar. String heddles. Wounderful loom. Oroville Wa. $2500.00. Email if interested.