For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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LeClerc Nilus Artisat 4 Shaft 36″ Floor Loom (7/17/2018) - 149-18

LeClerc Nilus Artisat 4 shaft 36″ floor loom. Lots of extra heddles and owners manual.  This 4 shaft jack-type floor loom is designed for the weaver with limited space who wants a fairly wide, solid loom. The Artisat is a quiet floor model loom equipped with an easy tie-up system. Loom weight has been reduced to a minimum, but it is sufficiently sturdy to do heavy work. It can be folded front and back to a depth of 14″ even if weaving is on the loom. Pictures available upon request.  Located in Greybull, Wyoming .  $900 OBO  Please contact Cynthia by email.

Toika Countermarch Loom Weaving Width 59″ (7/14/2018) - 148-18

I’m selling my large Toika countermarch loom. I have other looms and I need the space.
Weaving width is 59 inches. It is an older loom and is similar to the current Toika Liisa. Very sturdy and strong. It has a standing beater. All heddles and tie up cords are Texsolv.  There are 8 shafts and 12 treadles. I’m sure additional shafts could be added. IncludedBook:Joann Hall’s Tying up the Countermarch Loom, Reed:12 dpi, 50 inches. It has some rust.
Bench: The original bench has some damage from falling off a truck during a move. One corner is scuffed and there is a crack on the side.  It is a little wobbly, but I have been using it for 12 years this way with no problems. Lots of texsolv heddles.
I understand that this loom can be fitted with the Toika dobby system and possibly a drawloom attachment. Not sure about the drawloom. WEBS store would have more information.
I have made many projects on this loom from rugs to towels to baby blankets. It is easy to warp back to front and also front to back. I’m downsizing because it is too large for the space available and I want my garage back! Photos available. Located in Brookings, Oregon . $1,600. Please contact Sandra by email.

Schacht Loom for sale – perfect as new (7/12/2018) - 147-18

This 45″ 8 harness Schacht (and bench) needs a weaver. I am a warped senior unwilling to thread this beauty one more time. Many and all accessories are included (except the yarn). I’m asking $2,000 OBO. Everett, WA. Email Jan for more info.

60″ LeClerc Tissart Tapestry Loom (7/12/2018) - 144-18

60″ Leclerc Tissart Tapestry Loom. Replaced maple lower beam with fir, older model, best for tapestry rather than weaving, or so I am told. I will take the best offer I get, which will likely be the first offer I get:) I would also like to collaborate with whomever ends up with it. I am a carver, and have recently been carving ‘Fantasy Houses’ form cottonwood bark. I would like to set one or more of these edifices into a tapesty to establish a background. Think ‘the Old Forest where tom Bombadil has his house’, and I would make the house. Someone who could do that may end up with an AMAZING price!, but you would have to come get it. I live in White Rock, B.C., near the border. Please contact Derek by email.
Best Offer, plus collaboration. 
I got it for free, spent under $100 to fix it up and I have an unused spool of warp thread, and a spool of paracord to go along with it, as well as a bunch of documentation (form the interwebs). I brought it home in a car, but a van or truck would be wwaaayyyyy more convenient.

Free Structo Artcraft 4 Harness Loom 24″ Wide (7/12/2018) - 143-18

Structo Artcraft 4 harness loom – 24″ wide. For photos of one just like it online:   
Located in Crown Hill – west of Greenwood, Seattle, Washington. Please email Gwen. Free

Old loom needs new home – free (7/9/2018) - 143-18

I have a Structo Artcraft 4 harness loom that is free to a good home. Two feet wide, Please contact me for photos. I live in the Crown Hill area of Seattle – west of Greenwood. Email Gwen for info.

Custom Made Solid Oak “Student Loom” (7/9/2018) - 142-18

Custom made Solid Oak “Student” Loom in excellent condition for sale.
4 – Heddle, tabletop, solid oak loom complete. Weaves a 30” wide panel. Comes with several reeds of varying lengths including one brand new and all dowel rods and several shuttles. I wove pillows, shawls, scarves, saddle blankets, etc.
Asking $125. The measurements are: 16 3/4″ High, 37 3/4″ Wide, 30″ Deep.  Located on Camano Island, Washington.
Please contact Sue by email
Pictures available upon request.

36″ Harrisville Loom and Bench (7/9/2018) - 141-18

Harrisville loom and bench . 36 inch /8 harness/ 10 treadle. Two reeds. Great shape! Waiting to be used. Located in
Weiser, Idaho.  $800.00  Please contact Donay by email .

Bergman Poulsbo Floor Loom (7/5/2018) - 140-18

Bergman Poulsbo Floor Loom for sale in Burien . Bergman Loom. Patent No 2057997 .  59 in. L, 47 in. H. Countermarche, fold out doors. Shafts, reeds, heddles, bench, storage, instructions, all included .
Good condition, needs TLC after years in storage, dusty and wrapped. Hasn’t been used in many years.
Other listings for this model found at $4500. Listing here at $3200, as I don’t have further details to questions and the loom deserves a good home that can use this piece of beautiful history!
Mrs. Bergman, an American who emigrated from Sweden, designed the loom in Poulsbo, Washington and her husband and son fabricated Bergman looms from local fir and maple. The Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle has a Bergman loom in its weaving exhibit. Will need two people to load and large vehicle to transport safely. Located in Burien, Washington. $3200  Please contact Sonja by email.
Photos available on Craigs List:

Countryside Jack Loom w/Bench 8 Harness 43″ Weaving Width (7/5/2018) - 138-18

Countryside 8 Harness, 10 treadle, 43″ weaving width Jack Loom with Bench.
I purchased the loom used several years ago.  It is a sturdy loom, in good condition.  The back beam can be folded up with a warp on it for moving/storage.  Bench has a draw which slides out for easy access.  My husband, who is a woodworker, built a detachable overhead shelf with a light on the bottom which illuminates the weaving area.  $500 cash only.  Located in Mazama, WA.  Buyer must pick up loom–no shipping.  Please contact Jacquie by e-mail. Mazama, Washington. $500

Nilus LeClerc Counterbalance Floor Loom 36″ Weaving Width (7/3/2018) - 136-18

Nilus LeClerc counterbalance floor loom. 4 harness 6 treadles and 36″ weaving width. In great condition. Please contact Lynette by email.  Located in Northport, WA. 99157   $600

E Lift II (6/22/2018) - 133-18

E Lift II with spring lever currently working on PDL 16 shaft. The spring lever electric E Lift is switch operated to shift from single to double lift mode. $2299 plus shipping and packing via UPS from Colville, WA. Pick up in Spokane can be arranged.. Personal check, money order, cashier’s check. Located in Rice, Washington. $2299  Please contact Alison by email

Vintage Kessenich 4 Shaft Floor Loom 46″ Weaving Width (6/22/2018) - 132-18

Vintage wooden 4 shaft weaving floor loom from the Kessenich Loom Company.  46′” Weaving width.  Great for large projects (rugs, blankets, etc.) but can also handle small projects. Well cared for and stored inside; loom is in excellent condition. Made in USA. Located in Boise, Idaho.  $2000  Please contact Tory by email.

From the Kessenich website:
…built of Red Oak with a hand rubbed oil finish. It’s reputation has been built on being strong and heavy enough for rug weaving. The loom has easy access to the pin and chain tie-up system. Treadles are hinged at the front and are separated sufficiently to ease treadling actions. Extra space is allowed for storage of unused heddles in Shaft frame to avoid interference with the full weaving width of the loom. The beater bar is extra heavy and has 3 positions for height adjustment. A steel pin is used to stabilize leg arms.  All looms are collapsible for storage and moving, even while warped. Sectional warp beams have 2″ wide sections. The drum is 18″ in circumference and can easily be converted into a plain beam.

Includes a “Bliss Rug Frame”  by Harry M. Fraser Company
Several classic books included for free:
New Key to Weaving by Mary E Black
Weaving Patterns by Malin Selander
A Handweavers Pattern Book by Marguerite P. Davison
Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving by Betty Linn Davenport
And several Handwoven and Weavers magazines from the 1990’s

Loomcraft 54″ Loom Plus Extras (6/21/2018) - 131-18

Loomcraft 54″ loom. This loom belonged to my mother. I am selling the loom with many extras including yarn, warping board, shuttles, many tools, other supplies and books. Pictures available. Located in Salem, Oregon.  $550  Please contact Sara by email.

Books for sale (6/19/2018) - 126-18

A rugweavers Sourcebook $25
Learning to Weave. Redding $15
Three Weavers. Loveless $25
Warping with the Wool. Bennett. (Tapestry). $25
Navajo Techniques for today’s Weaver. Mattera. $40
Rugweaving for Everyone. Gallinger Tod. $25
The Joy of Handweaving. Gallinger Tod. $25
Weaving as an Art Form. Moorman. $20
Warping your Loom. Osterkamp Book #2. $20
Weave Knit Wear. Shangold. $40
Clothing from the Hands that Weave. Anita Lavera Mayer. $50

Located in Calgary, Alberta. Email Fran for more information.

LeClerc Fanny II Counterbalance 4 Shaft Loom 45″ Weaving Width (6/15/2018) - 123-18

Le Clerc Fanny II counterbalance loom (4 shafts). 45″ weaving width. Great for rugs.  One year old. Excellent working condition. Very good shape. Pictures available. Mill Creek, WA. $2,000. OBO  Please contact Avonelle by email.

LeClerc Colonial 1 8 Harness 60″ Weaving Width With Bench (6/13/2018) - 121-18

LeClerc Colonial 1  8 Harness, 14 treadle, Loom has a 60″ weaving width and comes with bench, 3 reeds (10, 12 & 15 dents) and lease sticks. There is room to add four more harnesses. LED strip lights on castle. All new Texsolv cords on harnesses. Tons of extra heddles. Original manual. Raddles and temple. Delivery possible in Eastern Washington, North Idaho for the cost of gas. Located in Spokane, WA .  $1,025  Please contact Lori by email.

Loom Bench For Sale (6/11/2018) - 119-18

Loom Bench for sale.  Made by Fireside looms of solid oak.  Has open storage on both ends as well as under the seat.  Sturdy, solid bench in great condition.  42″ L X 13.5″ W X 22″ H.  $275  Located in Cottage Grove, OR.  Please email Linda for photo.

LeClerc Dorothy Table Loom 4 Shaft (5/29/2018) - 112-18

Leclerc Dorothy 15 3/4″ four-shaft table loom on stand. Collapsible for easy transport to workshops/events. Located in Princeton BC .  $250   Please contact Gail by email.

Newcomb Studio Art Loom 4 Harness Plus Accessories (5/26/2018) - 112-18

Newcomb Studio Art Loom,4 harness Weaver’s Delight. *partially restored project loom* Approx 4’x4′ footprint. $350 as is or $450 with accessories listed below.

Accessories List: Knit Picks yarn ball winder, 18″ Bluster Bay ski shuttle, 4.5″ Schacht bobbins (qty 7), Glimåkra 16-22″ wooden temple, Glimåkra 10 dpi 45″ x 4  3/4″ reed (new in box).  Located in Spokane, WA.  $350-$450 . Please contact Lani by email.

48″ Schacht Floor Loom Plus Accessories (5/22/2018) - 110-18

 48″ Schacht Floor Loom, oak$2,500.00
48″ Schacht Floor Loom, oak, 2 reeds, shuttles, warping board and bench.  Located in Everett Washington.  $2,500.00
Lovely floor loom, excellent condition. Please contact Jane by email.

LeClerc Nilus Loom 4 Shaft 45″ Weaving Width (5/17/2018) - 109-18

Leclerc Nilus loom. Older but in great shape. 54 inches wide 44 high. Was my mother’s. She bought new in 1976. Used gently for about 15 years. Includes bench and accessories.
The is loom is “LeClerc Nilus”. It is a 4 shaft, 6 treadle jack loom. It has probably has weaving width of 45″; the other option is 36″. It has vertical metal rods, The beam with Apron measures 48 inches between metal ends.
The apron fabric is possibly in need of replacement and that is reflected in the price. It is easy to replace. Need to see to appreciate. Very heavy so plan the move. It is on second level. I can not help move it. Located in North Vancouver BC. $500.
Please contact Barbara by email.

Ashford 24″ Rigid Heddle (5/15/2018) - 109-18

Ashford 24 inch rigid heddle with adjustable tilting stand for tapestry and standard loom stand (for sitting at) Located in Portland Oregon.  $150.00  OBO . All items are included as well as two reeds 7.5 dpi and 10 dpi it’s in great condition one of the tri pronged knobs is missing a prong but doesn’t not affect usage.  Please contact Kimberly by email.

Schacht Mighty Wolf 4 Shafts (5/13/2018) - 107-18

Schacht Mighty Wolf Loom. I bought this five or more years ago and have barely used it. It is like new. 4 shafts and it folds up. If you have any questions please email me and hopefully I can answer them. Located in Bend, Oregon. $1700 . Please contact Georgeanne by email.

60″ Glimakra Regina Vertical Double Brake Tapestry Rug Loom (5/12/2018) - 106-18

Glimakra  Regina 60′” Vertical, double -brake Tapestry- Rug Loom, not made any more a real find!
Only two owners , double brake system on each side makes for a very tight warp. Two harness, 6 treadles with overhead beater, Reed 8 Epi. great for Rugs and tapestry. Warp board that fits on the back of loom , lease sticks. all warped if you want to keep it.The loom is up and ready to view,  buyer needs to come take apart ( lots of help) not hard to do , this is a beautiful  loom. I’ll miss it. Lots of photos just ask. Located in Methow Valley Eastern WA. $2,0000. Please contact Sara by email.

48″ AVL Plus Bench (5/12/2018) - 105-18

48″ AVL home loom in good working condition. The beater has weights that can be attached underneath for rug weaving. Comes with one 8 dent reed and small bench. Super easy side tie-ups and wide weaving width. Located in Wenatchee, WA.  900.00. Please contact Tanya by e-mail.

Herald Jack Loom 8 Harness 24″ Weaving Width (5/11/2018) - 103-18

Herald jack loom, walnut finish, 8 harness, 8 treadle, 24 inch weaving width, 12 dpi reed, all new heddles (800), texsolve cord/peg tie up, lease sticks, 3 LeClerc boat shuttles, ski shuttle, and loom bench (unknown mfg).  Pictures available.  Cash only, no delivery, you pick up. Located in Pullman, WA . $500. Please contact Mary by e-mail.

45″ Nilus Jack Floor Loom with Bench (5/9/2018) - 102-18

45″ Nilus Jack Floor loom with bench; excellent condition; 8 & 10 dent reeds, 3 shuttles, lease sticks, assorted books, selling due to downsizing.   Pictures available. I’m sad to see the loom go but need my dining area!! Located in Victoria B.C.
$850.00. Please contact Mary by e-mail.

1993 AVL 60″ 16 Harness Compu-Dobby II Loom (5/5/2018) - 100-18

1993 AVL 60”  16 harness Compu-dobby II loom. Overhead beater, single and double box fly, 10 and 12 dent reeds,1 yard Sectional beam with 2” pegs,  1000+  polyester heddles,  automatic cloth advance, mechanical dobby option, and tension box with track and mount system, 2 flyshuttles, comes assembly manual, with Fibreworks Silver and WeavePoint 5. Located in Portland, Oregon. $5000 OBO. I am moving and need to downsize to a smaller loom. Please contact Jen by email

Woolhouse Gertrude 10 Harness 58″ Loom (5/3/2018) - 098-18

Woolhouse ‘Gertrude’ loom, 58″ 10 harness . Located in Wenatchee,  WA.  $3500 .
58″ weaving width, 10 harness, 10 treadle woolhouse loom. This countermarch loom works awesome! I have woven narrow scarves to full width rugs and blankets and it does well with anything. I put a 3/4 yard sectional beam on it and it comes with an adjustable bench and three reeds, 8, 13 & 15. I just replaced all the texsolve cords last fall. I’ve had this since I was 14 so it’ll be kinda hard to part with it but, alas, no room for it and I hate to store a good loom. Please contact Grace by e-mail.