For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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54” 12 Harness Macomber Loom (12/6/2022) - 312-22

Macomber Ad-a-Harness loom, 54″ wide, 12 harnesses, purchased new by current owner, in excellent condition.  $3200.00. Kalispell, MT. Email if interested.

25” Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Loom (12/5/2022) - 311-22

Schacht Flip 25″ rigid-heddle loom with 3 rigid heddles (8, 10, 12), stand, Flip trap, several stick shuttles and pickup sticks, 2 dozen warp sticks, and several books and magazines specifically on rigid-heddle weaving.  Like-new condition.  $700.00  Poulsbo, WA.  Email if interested.

43” 8 Shaft Glimakra Loom (11/29/2022) - 310-22

Glimakra Countermarch loom with counterbalance conversion kit. Horizontal countermarch mechanism.  8 shaft, 10 treadles. Plenty of colour coordinated string heddles.  Texsolv tie-up.  Adapted to use a shaft switching technique.  Can be adapted to be a regular 8 shaft loom. Weaving width 43 inches. One reed 8 dent 53” long included.  Back beam release handle. Old style solid wood beams back & front.  Glimakra manuals.  Very good condition, strong beautiful loom for all varieties of weaving techniques.  Footprint (with rubber feet) 53.25” deep x 47” wide. Space of  63” x 55” needed to site the loom. Highest part of loom stands at 68”. Can view set up in my studio in Roseburg. Easy to disassemble for transporting. May be able to help with transport, depending on situation.  $2500.00  Roseburg,OR.  Email if interested.

AVL and 2 other looms for sale (11/23/2022) - 308-22

AVL LOOM, Very large loom, know nothing about them. selling for someone who got it in the house they purchased. 2 other smaller looms also for sale.  $1750.  Medford, OR.  Email if interested.

Nilus-Leclerc 40” 4-shaft counterbalance loom (11/21/2022) - 307-22

Nilus-Leclerc 40” 4-shaft counterbalance loom with 6 treadles. The loom comes with one 40″ reed and one 30″ reed, inserted eye heddles. The loom is excellent for all kinds of weaving, including rugs.  Comes with extra accessories, such as various shuttles and lease sticks, etc.  $400.  Hillsboro, OR  Email if interested.

Table top warping reel (11/20/2022) - 306-22

Looks like Harrisville model, but there is not a Harrisville marking on reel.  Good shape.  About 38″ tall.  Collapses for compact storage.  $200.  Bainbridge Island, WA.  Email if interested.

4-shaft 24″ Rasmussen table loom (11/20/2022) - 305-22

Rasmussen Table Loom, 4 shaft, 24″ weaving width with 8 dent and 15 dent reeds. Good condition.  Metal heddles.  No rust.  Weaving shuttle included.  $350. Bainbridge Island, WA.  Email if interested.

36″ 4-shaft Nilus Loom (11/20/2022) - 304-22

I have a very gently used Nilus Leclerc maple 36″ floor loom, with 4 shafts and 6 treadles. The loom body is 42″ and weaving width is 36″. It folds to 26″ wide and can be dismantled for moving. It works perfectly and has been kept in mint condition. The loom was made in Quebec, Canada. It comes with 5 reeds, shuttles, sectional warping beam, a large warping board and many other accessories. The loom itself currently retails for $3500. Selling for $1500 firm. Vernon, British Columbia. Email if you are interested.

40″ 4-shaft Floor Loom (11/19/2022) - 303-22

Lightly used 4 shaft, 6 treadle Tools of the Trade floor loom for sale. 40” wide x 42”tall x 22” deep (32″deep when open). Comes with reeds, boat shuttle, bench—and some books if you’d like, too. Great condition and works well. $350.  Emigrant, MT.  Email if interested.

Spring I – 12 shaft / 110cm (43”) (11/18/2022) - 302-22

Original purchase around 2017, based on paperwork included. I purchased it as the second owner in 2019. Both locations smoke-free. All shaft ends have been upgraded to the quick release (like on the new Spring II). Upgraded brake handle (like on the Spring II). Also includes: 8, 10, 12 and 15 dent reeds, 1 pair lease sticks, adjustable weaving bench, Lofty Fiber Tempo Treadle System (computer and 14 treadle array). There is currently a warp for Halcyon Camp & Cottage towels on the loom which can also be included or can be removed.  $6,750. OBO  Olympia, WA.  Local pick up only.  Email if interested.

100″ Leclerc \ Kebec 2  4-shaft Counterbalance Loom (11/16/2022) - 299-22

100″ Leclerc \ Kebec 2  4-shaft Counterbalance with 6 treadles on each end with treadle lock. Loom has been professionally modified to handle the tightest rug warps. Sectional beam with track and tension box for rear warping, motorized warp beam. Upgraded with stainless steel front and back beams. Multiple reeds 12.5, 12, 10 and 8 dent. Great loom. $2,750.  Victor, MT.  Email if interested.

Saori Loom (11/15/2022) - 298-22

SAORI WX60 wooden folding two-shaft floor loom with 5 dents/cm reed and prewound 200x30m cotton warp; SAORI cotton warps 50x30m, 100x30m, 150x30m; wool warps 200x30m, 300x30m; inside set with additional 5 dents/cm reed; additional 7 dents/cm and 3 dents/cm reeds; SAORI boat shuttle and two rag shuttles; SAORI fabric cutter with 5mm, 8mm, and 15mm blades; SAORI warping board with original threading holder and cross holder. Retails for $4K, will sell everything for $3K or piecemeal on request. Local pickup only.  Bainbridge Island, WA  $3,000.  Email if interested.

Beginners weaving package 20″ loom (11/15/2022) - 295-22

4 harness 20” loom with 15 dpi and new stainless 12 dpi reed. Boat shuttle, threaders, Learning to Weave book and a homemade warping reel. Roughly 72 inches around.  Pick up from Sumner WA or possible local delivery. $350.  Email if interested.

16-shaft, 16″ Table Loom (11/15/2022) - 292-22

Woolhouse “Julie” 16″, 16-shaft folding table loom with folding table.  Kirkland, WA.  $600.  Email if interested.

8-shaft Mighty Wolf Loom (11/15/2022) - 291-22

36″ weaving width, 8-shafts/10-treadles Schacht Mighty Wolf Loom. Beautiful cherry wood jack loom. Has stroller wheels, front storage tray, high castle with storage tray. ~1,000 inserted-eye heddles installed. Includes 2 apron rods, 2 lease sticks, 10-dent reed, 12-dent reed, TempoTreadle array. Weaves beautifully. Photos available upon request. Missoula MT. $2,750. E-mail if interested.

50″, 4-shaft Countermarch Loom (11/9/2022) - 289-22

50″, 4-shaft Countermarch, cherry, hand built by master craftsman.  This loom is large, heavy, for production weavers – not for an inexperienced weaver. Beautiful workmanship and she deserves to have a place in a weaver’s home.  All assembly instructions included however familiarity with CM looms is recommended.  Would require a large truck, van or trailer. Asking $500 firm which will go to charity.  Burlington, WA.  Email if interested.

72″ Leclerc Nilus 4-shaft Loom (11/8/2022) - 288-22

72″ Leclerc Nilus 4-shaft, only 2 years old gently used and well cared for. 1 yard sectional beam, large inserted eye heddles. 6 treadles plus a second set so if you want a set at both ends or one set in center. Lease sticks, 8 and 12 dent reeds. Loom folds up, a wonderful loom. $3,800.  Victor, MT.  Email if interested.

36″ 4-shaft Nilus Loom (11/7/2022) - 287-22

Nilus Leclerc 36″ floor loom, with 4 shafts and 6 treadles. Loom body is 42″ and weaving width is 36″. The loom is in great vintage condition, works great and has been continuously used and tuned up for the past years. The loom was made in Canada. Lots of flat steel heddles as well as fabric heddles. Has a sectional warp beam.  Comes with 3 reeds, shuttles, and an amazing large warping board. $800.00.  Seattle, WA.  Email if interested.

59″ 4-shaft Glimakra Loom (11/6/2022) - 285-22

Glimakra Standard 59″ four shaft, 6 treadles.  This loom can be expanded to 10 shaft and 10 treadles. Multiple reeds 4, 6, 8 and 12 dents. Weighted beater lots of spare texsolv heddles and a 48″ bench, beautiful loom. $2,000.00.  Victor, Montana.  Seller will help disassemble and load.  $2,000.  Email if interested.

42″ 8-shaft Kessenich Loom (11/5/2022) - 284-22

Kessenich floor loom, 8 shafts, 14 treadles, 5 reeds (8,10,12,15,20), 42″ weaving width, 1600 flat metal heddles, 2 side shelves, 24 warping sticks, texsolv tie-ups. The loom and the following accessories are solidly made from finished red oak: loom bench, lease sticks and 4 tie on sticks. Warp beam is 46″ wide so you can spread out the warp during the winding on. Loom has ratchet and pawl braking  system, and the gears remain well tipped and unchipped, indicating little use or wear. The beater is very heavy, so it is especially useful for rugs. Local pickup only.  Bozeman, MT.  $1,000.  Email if interested.

10-shaft, 40″ Macomber Loom (11/3/2022) - 282-22

Macomber Ad-A- Harness Loom, Type B #2438. This Macomber 40″ loom has 10 shafts, 17 treadles and a sectional warping back beam. There is room to add 2 additional harnesses. Lots of flat steel heddles. This loom can weave everything from linens to rugs. Approximate overall dimensions are 50 1/2 wide and 49 1/2 tall. No bench. Comes with a 12 dent reed.  $1500. Tualatin OR.  Email if interested.

45″ 12-shaft Loom (11/3/2022) - 280-22

J-made 12 shaft loom with 45″ weaving width and double back beam. Includes bench, raddle and 10 dent reed. In beautiful, near new condition–it’s approx. 22 years old, but neither the first owner nor I used it often. $2,600.  Portland, OR.  Email if interested.

45″ 4-shaft Leclerc Loom (11/1/2022) - 277-22

45″ Leclerc Loom with 4 Harnesses, asking $800, OBO. Moyie Springs, ID.  Email if interested.

32″ 8-dent Rigid Heddle Reed (11/1/2022) - 276-22

8 dent reed for Kromski 32” Rigid Heddle Loom.  Olympia WA $55.  Email if interested.

Finnish Rag Rug Floor Loom (11/1/2022) - 275-22

We have a Finnish Rag Rug Floor Loom. It’s been in the family since late 1800s. It is in working condition. It needs to be restrung and cleaned. We also have rolls of cloth from the early 1900s. We are unable to continue to store it and would love for it to be restored and used once more.  Puyallup WA.  Email if interested.

48” 8-shaft Klentz Loom (10/25/2022) - 270-22

8-shaft, 10-treadle Jack-type floor loom.  48” weaving width, total width of loom is 55”. Made by “Klentz” in California, probably in the 1960’s, loom appears to be solid maple. Loom has been refinished and completely refurbished so it is in excellent condition. Beater bar has a weighted handle (removable) to add force to your beating when weaving heavy items such as rugs. Loom comes with: approximately 600 new inserted eye heddles, 3 reeds — 12, 10 & 6 DPI, a removable high castle (with storage baskets), a “trap” (can be attached to front beam for holding shuttles, bobbins, etc.), a bench with lid that opens for storage, a roll of 48” wide craft paper, approx. 20’ long, and a “Warp Aide” warping assistant/tensioning system (custom made for this loom.) This includes a raddle, blocks to lift the shafts, reed holder, lease sticks and more. $1250.00 Ashland, OR. Loom must be picked-up. Email if interested.

Handwoven Magazine Issues (10/25/2022) - 269-22

203 issues of Handwoven dating from 1967 to 2014. Include magazine holders or storage. Most issues in like new condition. $200  Bend, OR  Local pick up only.  Email if interested.

36″ 4-shaft Walling Loom (10/11/2022) - 262-22

Walling loom (precursor of Russell Groff’s Oregon Trail). 36″, 4-harness.  Sectional beam, spectacular Velcro tie-up, Maple, sturdy construction suitable for any weaving including rugs.  Includes bench with sliding seat and large storage space. $350. Twisp, WA. Email if interested.

46″ Schacht 8-Shaft Loom (10/7/2022) - 261-22

Schacht 46” high castle 8-harness maple floor loom w/inserted eye heddles, 12 treadles, raddle, sectional warp beam, 10/12/15 dent reeds, 2 large Schacht shuttles, orig. docs, lease sticks, texsolv beaming cords and wooden bars, 2 led lights. $3,000.  Lynnwood/Bothell, WA.  Email if interested.

48” 8-shaft Loomcraft (10/6/2022) - 259-22

Warp-ready Loomcraft 8 shaft, 12 treadle floor loom. 48” weaving width, flat steel heddles (approx. 100 per shaft), 12 dent reed. Dimensions: 52 ¾” wide by 36 7/8” deep by 38” high. Comes with warping board, shuttles and beautiful matching cherry weaver’s bench (32” wide x 14 ¾” deep x 26” tall) with storage drawer. Solid cherry construction, excellent condition. This loom was hand-crafted by John W. Post, in Littleton, Colorado. He was an engineer and woodworker whose looms sold throughout the world. $1,200 OBO. Olympia, WA.  Email if interested.