For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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Glimakra 4 Shaft Countermarche (3/17/2018) - 063-18

Glimakra, 4 shaft, countermarche, about 60″ wide. NE California (nearest to Merrill, OR)  $2000 . Loom was used to make beautiful saddle blankets.  It comes apart into pieces, but some of the pieces may be a bit large to be shipped. Contact Marta by e-mail.

12 Harness J-Made Loom 60″ (3/16/2018) - 061-18

12 Harness J-Made Floor Loom. 60″ weaving width.  12 harnesses and 14 treadles. Located in Yachats, Oregon. $3,200.00
Contact Cathy by e-mail. Beautiful custom made solid maple loom with upper jacks. Single back beam-can be removed for easy threading. Two reeds, 12 dent and 6 dent. Included is a bench with sliding seat. Located in Yachats, Oregon

Anders Lervad 16 Harness Countermarche Loom (3/16/2018) - 060-18

BEAUTIFUL Anders Lervad 16 harness countermarche floor loom for sale.
Built on bench, extra sectional warp beam.  Weaves everything from lace to heavy rugs. Asking $2000.00 OBO Contact Ann by e-mail. Located on  Bainbridge Island, WA.  Photos available upon request.

J Made Maple 8 Harness Floor Loom (3/14/2018) - 057-18

J Made maple 8-harness floor loom in need of a loving home. 45″ weaving width (54″ overall) with sectional beam and three reeds. Requires assembly. Located in north Seattle. Included in price: two warping boards, bobbin winder and bobbin rack. Photos provided upon request. Located in Seattle, Washington.  $400 or best offer.   Please contact Joanne by e-mail.


Vintage Swedish Band or Tape Floor Loom (3/12/2018) - 056-18

Vintage Swedish band or tape floor loom with attached treadles. Fun and fast band weaving.  In Seattle, no shipping, pick up only.  Can send pics.  $175 . Located in Seattle, Washington. $175 Contact Ellie by e-mail.

Macomber 48″ Ad a Harness Loom (3/11/2018) - 055-18

Excellent condition Macomber B4 48 inch Ad a Harness loom with sectional back beam, 4 shafts (can expand to 8 total). I’ve got the tie ups, tons of heddles, a storage bench, and a spool rack for sectional beaming.
It’s sitting in my garage and my husband and I PCS (Permanent Change of Station) soon and we aren’t wanting to haul it with us. Asking $1300 cash and we can even deliver within a reasonable distance but would need help with unloading and moving into its new home. For photos please email me. Located in Olympia, WA.

LeClerc 4 Harness Floor Loom (3/11/2018) - 054-18

Leclerc  4 harness floor loom – approximately 5 ft wide x 3.5 ft high, 6 foot pedals. In pristine condition like new, I will include a warping board with the purchase of the loom.
I will show loom by appointment to seriously interest buyers, please email me to arrange a viewing.  Located in Vancouver, WA. $3000.00

8 Shaft J-Made Loom 44.5″ Weaving Width (3/11/2018) - 053-18

8 shaft 10 treadle J-made floor loom.  44.5 inch weaving width. 12 dent reed installed.  Beautiful dark hardwood.  Converted to sectional beam with weaving extension to get to the end of projects.  Repaired treadle beam. Comes with rep counter, electric bobbin winder, bench, shuttle, 8 shaft pattern book, self made spool rack, self made warp spinner.  $1700  located in Othello, Washington. Please email  Amber . Photos available upon request.

4 Shaft Gilmore Loom (3/11/2018) - 052-18

4 shaft 6 treadle Gilmore floor loom.    Back beam folds up for easy threading.  Comes with matching bench, shuttle, warping board, bobbin winder (not electric), beginner weaving book.  $1500  located in Othello,Washington.  Please contact Amber by email  

Gilmore 4 Harness 40″ Loom (3/11/2018) - 051-18

Gilmore 4 harness loom with bench and extras. 40″ weaving width. Excellent shape. Located in Troy, ID.  $1000.  Please contact Margo by e-mail.

Jack Floor Loom 56″ Weaving Width (3/9/2018) - 050-18

Jack floor loom, weaving width 56”, 8 shafts, 10 treadles, sectional warping beam.  Includes 10-dent reed, shuttles, bobbins, etc.  Hand built as a prototype in early 1970’s by engineer husband of an Oregon weaver.  Physical width 64”, constructed of maple and Douglas fir.  Pick up in Eugene Oregon.  $900.  Photos  at ttp:// .  Please contact by email

LeClerc Colonial I Loom 8 Shafts (3/9/2018) - 049-18

LECLERC COLONIAL I LOOM Mechanism: Jack Shafts: 8 Treadles: 10 – Weaving Width: 45″ . Footprint: 60”x 72” Included : Sectional 1 beam, Double Beam, 4 reeds 6,8,10,12 dent (Used price $1.50 per inch) LeClerc tension box
Features: Beater can be set for Overhand or Underhand Operation, Colonial “keys” replaced with Bolts, Back Beam folds for storage, easily convertible from Counterbalance to Jack and from 8 harness to 12 harness jack loom. History: In 2002 Leclerc added a Back-Hinge Treadle option. Sometimes confused with older “Handicraft” Shoppe model Estimated Age: Introduced at the end of 1981 and made until 2009 when replaced by the Colonial v2 . Optional: 15” and 12”Schacht end feed shuttles, and pirns: $225.00. Additional Option: Open Ended Bench: $375.00 – new $478.00 . Boise, Idaho 83702 $2,500.00 Contact by e-mail.  Well loved loom. Non-smoking environment. Also have cardboard spools available for sectional warping. Reason for selling: I am not able to warp loom due to physical limitation.

LeClerc Colonial 1-8 Harness 14 Treadle Loom (3/6/2018) - 048-18

LeClerc Colonial 1 – 8 Harness, 14 treadle. Loom has a 60″ weaving width and comes with bench, 3 reeds (10, 12 & 15 dents) and lease sticks. There is room to add four more harnesses. Selling because it is bigger than I need and big for the limited space I have. LED strip lights on castle. All new Texsolv cords on harnesses. Delivery possible in Eastern Washington, North Idaho for the cost of gas. Email for photos. Located in Spokane, WA . $1025.00

Nilus LeClerc Loom (3/5/2018) - 046-18

Nilus LeClerc. This is a lovely loom that functions perfectly. It comes with brand new heddles, 2 reeds and a bench. The loom’s physical width is 43” and the reed gives a weaving width of 36” .Reeds are 8 dent and 12 dent. Note- It fits in the back of a Subaru Outback with the seats folded down. I need to sell this by March 7th so please make me an offer. Located in Portland. $400 OBO . Please contact Mary by e-mail.

Mirrix 38″ Tapestry Loom (3/5/2018) - 045-18

Mirrix 38” Zeus tapestry loom with Spencer auto treadle. 4 different dent springs, all accessories and texsolve heddles .  Located on Lopez Island WA.  $700 . Please contact Ruth by e-mail. Can be shipped for additional cost of postage.

54″ Fireside 8 Harness Loom (2/26/2018) - 042-18

Beautiful, well-maintained 8-harness Fireside floor loom in solid oak. 54″ weaving width. 12 treadles, sectional back beam. Back beam folds up for easy threading and space-saving when not in use. Includes matching oak bench with sliding seat over three storage compartments. Also includes two 60″ reeds (10 and 12 dpi). This is a heavy-duty loom that can be used for anything from rugs to very fine textiles. The loom’s full dimensions are 69″ wide x 40″ deep (back beam down) x 42″ high (back beam folded up). The bench dimensions are 43″ wide x 13.5″ deep x 23.625″ high . Located in SW Portland, Oregon. $1850.00. I am selling this loom because we need the space.  Photos available on request.
Must arrange pick-up at my home in SW Portland. Please contact Beth by e-mail.

Bergman 8 Shafts 45″ Countermarche Loom (2/17/2018) - 037-18
Bergman Loom.  8 shafts, 10 treadles, countermarche style, 45″ weaving width, two full width reeds (10 and 12 dent), string heddles, metal rachet and pawl brakes. Made of solid fir and maple wood.  Matching bench with storage.  Also included are several boxes of cotton, wool and rayon yarn skeins and cones, approximately 10 wooden shuttles,
an electric two pronged bobbin winder, and miscellaneous related weaving items. For sakiori weaving, several bolts of silk, wool and cotton cloth are included. Loom located in Langley, Washington at the home of the original owner’s
son. The serial # on the loom is 8ALB421, and the patent #  is 2057997. The loom appears to have last been used in 1974, and shows little wear.  For example, the metal ratchets on the brakes still have sharp points and have not been “rounded” by use. The loom is complete although the new owner may wish to refresh the tie up cords and the heddles. Unique features of the loom include two fold out doors in the front with  attached storage boxes. When the loom is collapsed for storage, both the front and the back of the loom fold inward, reducing the front to back measurement from about 48″ to about 20″. As a countermarche loom, it treadles smoothly and quietly with little leg strength required (great  for all users, including those with fibromyalgia, neuropathy or lack of leg strength). Mrs. Bergman, an American who emigrated from Sweden, designed the loom in Poulsbo, Washington and her husband and son fabricated Bergman looms from local fir and maple. The Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle has a Bergman loom in its weaving exhibit. Please come to beautiful Langley to evaluate it for yourself. Asking $975 but all reasonable offers considered.  Please email Duane.
Louet Hollandia 8 Shaft Parallel Countermarch Loom 43″ (2/15/2018) - 035-18

Louet Hollandia 8 Shaft, parallel countermarch loom; 43” (110 cm) weaving width, texsolv heddles. Includes 3 reeds, original loom manual and additional accessories.  Excellent condition. Located in Salem, Oregon . $2,000. Contact Cecelia by e-mail.

1923 45″ Newcomb Shuttle Fly Loom (1/31/2018) - 027-18

1923 45 in. Newcomb fly shuttle loom. The wood has been restored. It has parts missing. I had plans to restore completely but I now need the extra space and want to part with it. Please email for further questions. Located in Kennewick, Washington. $350.

Barbara V Loom (1/31/2018) - 026-18

Barbara V Loom is a large, tall, solid cherry loom made by Thought Products, a company based in Somerset, PA. The Barbara V is the transformer of the loom world. It can be set up in jack, counterbalance, countermarch, as well as free form and vertical tapestry modes. The vertical tapestry mode uses a 2-harness tapestry attachment. Instruction manual detailing set-ups is included.

The Barbara V for sale has 6-harnesses, weaves 54″ cloth, includes cherry bench, string and metal heddles, assorted shuttles, bobbins, and bobbin winder. Physical dimensions are 64″ wide x 64″ high x 54″ deep. The loom for sale has 6 harnesses but has room for 12. The friction brake is inadequate for the high tensions required for rug weaving, One rug weaver reported fitting the cloth and warp beams with Glimakra ratchets and was very happy with the results. Located in Sisters, Oregon. $400.00 Contact by e-mail.

Wood bobbin winder for sale (1/23/2018) - 016-18

Wood bobbin winder (no name). Good conditon. $25US. Located in Penticton, BC. Email.

3 clip fringe twister for sale (1/23/2018) - 015-18

3 clip fringe twister. $20US. Located in Penticton, BC. Email.

Leclerc ski shuttles for sale (1/23/2018) - 014-18

Two 17.75 Leclerc ski shuttles excellent condition. $15.00 US each. Located in Penticton, BC. Email.

40 inch Pendleton loom for sale (1/17/2018) - 011-18

I have a large (40 inch weaving width), 4 shaft, 6 treadle, jack, Pendleton weaving loom for sale. Overall width is 50+ inches and is a hefty workhorse loom. This is an X Frame so it can be folded up to get out of the way. I would recommend putting on strollers from either LerClerc or Schacht loom companies to make folding and moving easier. This is a heavy jack loom so capable of many weaving tasks small or large. $500. Skagit Valley, WA. Email Liz.

Dorset loom for sale (1/7/2018) - 004-18

Dorset loom for sale, $450. This vintage 24 “ direct-tie four harness floor loom has one 12 dent reed. It folds compactly for storage and is located in Klamath Falls, OR. Buyer to arrange transport or pick up. E-mail: Karen

Gilmore Compact 6 harness loom for sale (1/7/2018) - 003-18

Gilmore Compact 6 Harness maple floor loom with solid maple bench that has full length pocket drawer accessible from either end. Originally purchased new in November 12, 1979 directly from Mr. Gilmore by a Mrs. Rosenthal in CA. I am the second owner, now in Edmonds, WA. This is a lightly used, beautiful floor loom. Includes: 1 reed, 12 dent, 1 rattle, extra heddles, 1 boat shuttle, extra lease sticks, and heavy paper to roll with weaving. Dimensions: Loom is 3’ 45” wide, Collapsed depth is 3’, and Loom roller is 3’ 6”, 12 treadles. Excellent condition. Asking $1,500 with bench. Please call or email if interested. Judy – (949) 981-5666 or Email.

Standard Glimakra horizontal countermarch loom for sale (1/3/2018) - 001-18

Standard Glimakra horizontal countermarch loom 47” wide. Eight shafts, eight treadles and 10 dent reed. Texsolv heddles and tie-ups, adjustable bench, non-skid feet and lease sticks. $1600 in Bellingham, WA Photo available. Contact Doug.

LeClerc Mira I floor loom for sale (12/30/2017) - 274-17

45” LeClerc Mira I floor loom, bench and accessories. $1,500. Nanaimo, British Columbia. Sturdy 4 shaft counter balance loom. Excellent for all projects, including rugs. The bench is 23 x 38”. Comes with several reeds, many heddles, raddle, lease sticks, shuttles and bobbins. For photos and information, I recommend these two websites: and They have US and CDN prices plus instruction and description manuals. I have other items as well: books, umbrella swift, hand bobbin winder and 45“ horizontal floor warping mill. Plus some spinning accessories! For more info or questions, please email me.

Floor warping mill for sale (12/30/2017) - 272-17

1 floor model warping mill. Can warp up to 50 meters. Collapsible. Made from solid maple.  $300.00. Price does not include postage. Located in Lillooet, BC. Email Judy.

Rigid heddle loom for sale (12/30/2017) - 271-17

1 24″ rigid heddle loom with reeds, shuttles, etc. Made from solid teak. $100.00. Price does not include postage. Located in Lillooet, BC. Email Judy.

Norwood jack style loom (12/25/2017) - 268-17

Norwood jack style loom. 4 shaft 6 treadles. Comes with spool rack that holds 25 spools. In use now and very good condition. Asking $500. located in The Dalles, OR. Email.

Four harness table loom for sale (12/12/2017) - 263-17

Four harness table loom in good condition, a large bag of weaving magazines, and a large bag of yarn. We can find a price upon which we both agree. Please call or text:  503 309-8826. In NE Portland.

AVL Compu-dobby II, version 3, (1997), 48” floor loom.   (12/8/2017) - 258-17

AVL Compu-dobby II, version 3, (1997), 48” floor loom.   Serial # 02228.  Weavepoint 6.2 (2005). Asking $3500. Missoula, Montana. Email.

STANDARD GLIMAKRA HORIZONTAL COUNTERMARCH LOOM 63” wide, 10 shafts, 10 treadles (12/8/2017) - 256-17

STANDARD GLIMAKRA HORIZONTAL COUNTERMARCH LOOM 63” wide, 10 shafts, 10 treadles. Components for Counterbalance. 8-10-12 Dent Reeds, Texsolv heddles and tie ups. Non skid feet, Bench, Lease sticks, variety of shuttles, metal temple. Beautifully crafted classic Swedish loom.  Perfect for rug, blanket and fabric weaving.  Suitable for large or small projects. $2,250.00 or BEST OFFER. Located in Poulsbo, Washington . Contact Sue by e-mail.

Macomber Add-a Harness. Model B5. 40” weaving width. (12/8/2017) - 254-17

Macomber Add-a Harness. Model B5. 40” weaving width. Very well built. Made of maple wood, with cast-iron and bronze. 414 heddles. 8 harnesses. Capacity for 10 harnesses. Macomber company still in business, so excellent support and easy to get accessories. Sturdy workhorse. Can weave very fine silk to heavy rugs with no additional equipment. It’s a work of art on its own. Only owner, in original mint condition, never used. Includes: 40”bench. Folds narrow enough to get through standard door comfortably without disassembly. Loom located in Portland Oregon. Local pickup or will ship, price exclusive of shipping. $3800. Contact Carolyne  by email .  Photos available upon request.

Card/Tablet Loom. (12/8/2017) - Card/Tablet Loom. Handmade of solid wood.  For card weaving, comes with cards. Great for those who have limited space or ... Read more

Card/Tablet Loom. Handmade of solid wood.  For card weaving, comes with cards. Great for those who have limited space or kids.  Seldom used and looking for  a good home. $50.00.  Measures 25 inches long and 5 inches wide.  In Lumby.  Photo available.  Contact Loretta via email .