For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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40″ Norwood Cherry 4 Shaft Loom Plus Bench and Extras (1/12/2020) - 011-20

Norwood Cherry 8 Shaft Loom…
Beautiful 40″ cherry Norwood 8 shaft 10 treadle loom with bench w/storage and extras – all in excellent condition. $1600/ Location: Mount Vernon, Washington. Please contact Margaret by email.

4 Shaft Bergman Floor Loom (1/12/2020) - 0010-20

Bergman Floor loom is currently in a storage unit here in Seattle. It has been in storage for many years (more than I want to think about).
Some details…
Approximately 46.5 inches wide
23 inches deep (tied up like it is in the storage unit – I do not know how large it is when “set up”)
51 inches high
Looks like it has 4 shafts.
I would say it’s in very good condition… nothing’s broken but it could maybe use a little cleaning from not being used much and in storage. It is located in Seattle, Washington.
$600.00 OBO Please contacgt Kyle by email.
Here are a couple of links… one on the designer/maker and the other is of images of Bergman looms so you have an idea of what it could look like when it’s opened up and all put together…
It is a Bergman loom (Poulsbo, WA) =

Varpapuu Countermarch Floor Loom and extras (1/12/2020) - 007-20

Varpapuu Countermarch Floor Loom and extras: $2200 + shipping – arrange or collect.
Weaving width is 100cm.
Similar to the “Liisa” type loom pictured above (full details on Toika website)
Countermarch loom with underslung beater, steady for rugs and yet gentle for sheer transparent fabric.
Comes with Adjustable Eeva bench pictured above
Tie up instructions in english available
In fantastic condition
full width of loom 157 cm
Depth of loom 136 cm
There is space to add extra shafts if you want to increase the design options, up to 8 shafts.
Loom is worth $3950 new.
Extras included with the loom include:
with 3 reeds,( 100 cm, 5dents/inch, and 100 cm 10dents/inch, 115 cm 10/dents/inch)
pre cut texsolv heddles,
5 metal stretchers,
birch rag shuttles,
boat shuttles,
bobbin shuttle,
3 sizes of warping sticks,
4 rolls 100% Finla Sein Twine #6, for warps,
Bobbin and Ball winder,
Threading hook and texlove tie up kit.
Everything you need to start weaving!
Selling Loom and extras all for $2200 + shipping – arrange or collect.
Located in Golden BC. Email Hanna.

30″ 4 Harness Maple Table Loom plus Extras (1/12/2020) - 006-20

30″ 4 harness maple table loom. comes with extra supplies, i.e.. shuttles, yarn scale, spreaders. it is in good working order. Located in Wenatchee, Washington. $350 Please contact Patti by email.

42″ Loomcraft 8 Harness Loom (1/12/2020) - 004-20

Loomcraft, 8-harness loom, 42-inch weaving width, in excellent condition. It has 3 reeds, and an extra surround for beater bar that will accept extra-long reeds. A removable castle tray has been added. Belting on the front roller beam has been replaced and Texsolv tie-ups have been added. Where needed, the finish has been restored. The back beam flips up giving great access to heddles and treadle tie-ups. The loom is clean, well-lubricated, and ready to weave. Will deliver locally,otherwise you pick up. Price is $1,500. Located in Sequim, Washington. Please contact Jan by email.

30″ Norwood Floor Loom and Bench (1/12/2020) - 002-20

Norwood floor loom, 30″weaving width, 4 shafts, 6 treadles, 10 dent reed, 800 flat metal heddles, owners instructions, sectional warp beam which can be configured to non-sectional with simple removal of pegs. Dark cherry wood with matching cherry wood bench with storage. Can be folded up for storage. In great functional and cosmetic condition, very attractive loom. Located in Clinton, Washington. Local pickup only. $650. Please contact Joanne by email.

8 Shaft Ashford 26″ Table Loom (1/1/2020) - 254-19

Ashford 8 shaft, 26″ table loom with 10 & 12 dent reeds. In Excellent condition. For photos and questions please email me. Cash only. Prefer buyer to pick up loom. Located in Horseshoe Bend north of Boise, Idaho. $800.00 Please contact Susan by email.

Kromski Harp Forte 32″ Rigid Heddle, Stand and Extras (12/24/2019) - 253-19

Kromski Harp Forte 32-inch Rigid Heddle Weaving Loom.  Also included:  floor stand, heddle blocks, 12 and 8 dent heddles, and all accessories. (2 stick shuttles, threading hook, warping clamps and pegs).
Folds in half for portability. Beautiful wood finish. Excellent condition. Used twice. Worth $540, asking $400 cash. Located in Vancouver, Washington. Please contact Julie by email.

Wanted: Macomber 40″-48″ with 8-12 (12/17/2019) - 251-19

Wanted:Looking for a Macomber 40”-48” loom, 8-12 harnesses, with bench. Willing to pick up. Located in Portland, Oregon. Please contact Annette by email.

60″ AVL Production Dobby Loom 16 Shaft (12/17/2019) - 250-19

AVL 60″ Production Dobby Loom:  Serial #: 01928 Made in 1993. Polyester heddles,
16 Shaft, bottom Swing Beater, 1-box fly shuttle system and plain warp beam.
This loom was gifted to me at asking price sight unseen.  I’ve never assembled it due to space limitations.  Original owner was a weaving instructor. Loom currently in boxes, manual included. Asking price : $3,500, original value $11,400. Buyer must pick up. Located in Leavenworth, Washington. Please contact Sharon by email.

Vintage Gilmore Loom 4 Shafts Plus Extras (12/8/2019) - 248-19

Vintage Gilmore folding floor loom, complete with bench, two reeds, extra heddles, lease sticks, shuttles, and more.  Four harnesses, six treadles. Excellent condition, with beautiful patina.  Total width 50”, depth (folded) 26”, height 48”.  $1200. Contact Johanna by email   for photos and more information. Located in
Port Townsend Washington. $1200.00

46″ Handcrafts Studio Loom with Bench 8 Shafts (12/8/2019) - 246-19

8 shaft, 14 treadle, 46″ Handcrafts Studio Loom with bench $1,800. Sectional back beam, 8 and 12 dent reeds, texsolv heddles (and original metal heddles), adjustable bench with storage at each end, storage on top of castle. Solid oak in excellent condition. 50″ x 60″ footprint. Photos available. Pickup in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Contact Angela by email. $1800

45″ Herald Loom 4 Shaft Plus Bench (12/8/2019) - 245-19

Herald Loom For Sale  $700.00.To many looms and not enough room! I have owned this loom for 45 years and have loved its ease of operation.  I also love the way the back beam folds up to save space. Herald Loom 45″, 4 shafts, 6 treadle, 3 reeds, Bench, 3 Shuttles, Bobbins (12).  Photos available upon request. Please contact Mimi by email. Loom is located in Leavenworth, Washington. $700

40″ AVL CompuDobby Folding 16 Shaft Loom Plus Extras (12/8/2019) - 244-19

AVL CompuDobby Folding 40” – 16 Shaft Loom (#01151) $3800,
Loom is in excellent working order.  Includes CompuDobbyII with operating software (WeavePoint 6.1), Sectional Beam, Automatic Warp Advance with 8 Pick Wheels, Double Box Fly Shuttle Beater, 15 Dent Reed, Bench, Tension Box and Warping Rail, Texsolv Heddles, Extra Picker Returns, 2 Flying Shuttles, Bobbins (10), Weaving Cartridge
AVL Instruction Manual.  Photos are available upon request. Please contact June by email. Located in East Wenatchee Washington $3800

1998 AVL 16 Shaft Production Dobby Loom with Bench Plus Extras (12/2/2019) - 240-19

1998 AVL 16 shaft Production Dobby Loom (Small Frame) with bench-Height-62″, Overall width-55″, Front to back-48″.  1/2 yard sectional warp beam, 40″ weaving width, 10 dent reed, Texsolv heddles, apron, lease sticks, Dobby Bars, pegs, and peg wrench, Track Mounting System and Tension Box, Single Flyshuttle Beater, Automatic Cloth Advance System, Standard Flyshuttle(3 bobbins), Thick yarn Flyshuttle with bobbins, Cone Rack(56 Spindles) and cones.  Miscellaneous yardage counters, and McMorran Yarn balance. Located in Williams, Oregon.  $4600 Please contact Marie by email. This loom is in excellent condition. I also have cotton , silk, and misc. weaving threads.

4 Shaft Newcomb Studio Loom (12/2/2019) - 239-19

Newcomb Studio Loom.This six treadle, four shaft loom was purchased in Iowa by my mother in the 1960s.  She bought it used so I have no idea how old it is.  I inherited it several years ago but haven’t used it much as I’m not a weaver.   It deserves a home with someone who will appreciate and use it.  Though it hasn’t had any attention or maintenance for some years, to my knowledge nothing is broken or damaged though one would need to see the loom in person to verify the total condition.   Pictures available upon request.  Buyer is responsible for pick up. $500. Located in Tacoma, Washington. Please contact by email.

40″ Gilmore 8 Shaft (11/20/2019) - 238-19

40″ Gilmore 8 shaft floor loom for sale.  $750 or OBO.  Pick-up in Auburn, Washington.  Gilmore “Compact” model, maple with 8 poplar shafts, 40 inch reed included.  Very good condition.  Built by Gilmore craftsman Jimmy Lucas December 1972.  I am the original owner.  The Compact model is designed to fold and fit through standard doorways.  Visit for more information. Please contact Marie-Anne by email.
Warp beam comes off its brackets and the brackets swing down. Back top beam folds up so loom fits through  standard doorway.  Front bar (breast beam) comes off steel pins so you get closer to  heddles and  treadles for easier threading and  tie ups.  Cloth beam and warp beam braking system is a ratchet gear and pawl (dog) type.

60″ LeClerc Nilus II Eight Shaft Loom (11/12/2019) - 232-19

LeClerc Nilus II 60″ jack loom with sectional warping beam.  Eight shafts, ten treadles.  Vertical warp extender included, if wanted.  No bench.  Excellent condition.  Pick up by buyer. Located in Bandon, Oregon. $1000  Please contact Roberta by email.

40″ Macomber Ad-A-Harness 4 Shafts Plus Extras (11/12/2019) - 231-19

B5 40 inch Macomber Ad-a-Harness loom.  4 shafts, expandable to 10.  Comes with many additional heddles, a couple of shuttles, sleying hook, and a piano bench I used for weaving on it.  Was a student loom, works fine, but has stains from warp painting, masking tape and general age.   Located on the central OR coast.  Additional stainless steel reed, purchased new last year, for $50. Located in Lincoln City, Oregon.
$350  Please contact Melody by email.

LeClerc Floor Loom (11/7/2019) - 227-19

 LeClerc floor loom. Foot print approximately  34″ X 68″. I have never had room to use it so I don’t know much about it. Contact Betty by email.  Located in Libby, Montana. $500

42″ Gilmore jack weaving loom 8 Shaft (11/5/2019) - 225-19

Gilmore jack weaving loom circa 1950s, 8 shaft, 12 treadle, 42in weaving width. Flat steel heddles. Can weave anything – lace to heavy rugs. Stainless steel reed, and 4 more reeds, a couple of them brand new!. Fair condition – cosmetic evidence of use. $1200. Photos on request. Located in Bellingham. Email Eric.

48″ Macomber Ad-A-Harness Plus Bench (11/4/2019) - 223-19

Macomber Ad-A-Harness.  48 inch Model B4D.  Loom is in excellent condition and includes bench and extra heddles. Located in Sagle, Idaho. $850 Please contact Bev by email.

Allen Folding Loom (11/4/2019) - 221-9

Allen Folding Loom.  20 spindles of thread.  6 wooden shuttles.  It appears to be in great condition but I know nothing about them as it was my mother’s. Located in Coos Bay, Oregon. $300 OBO  Please contact Vickie by email.

40″ B5 Macomber (10/28/2019) - 219-19

40″ B5 Macomber serial number 239x – 4 harness, sectional warp beam w/ friction brake, three reeds:40×12,40×15 & 20×12, 30″ bench, 20×12 spool rack and standard tools and accessories – all the stuff in the pictures on Bellingham, Washington’s Craig’s List under Arts & Crafts, plus some other stuff I found in another box. $2100. Not interested in parting out. I have a pickup – Delivery negotiable in the beautiful Northwest U.S.A. Email Dennis – Blaine WA

65″ Macomber 20 Harness Plus Many Extras (10/23/2019) - 215-19

65″ Macomber; 20 Harness, 1″ sectional beam, sliding bench, shuttles and bobbins.  This loom has a computer system also included; A PC, keyboard, monitor, speakers, computer control box, computer software program and programmed patterns.  Macombers are sturdy looms – can weave fabric to throws to rugs.  There is also air assist in forwarding the fabric.  Contact me for more information and photos.  Will consider reasonable offers. Located in Polson, Montana. $6500 Please contact Cheryl by email.

138″ Glimakra 4 Shaft (10/23/2019) - 214-19

138″ Glimakra; 4 shaft; massive overhead beater; 6 dent reed; 2″ sectional rakes or can be removed for smooth beam; motor for hands free winding on warp.  This loom has air power on the harnesses and the beater.  Nearly 12′ width this powerful loom can be easily operated by a single person – both warping and weaving. Contact me for photos.  Offers will be considered. Located in Polson, Montana. $10,000 Please contact Cheryl by email.

Ashford Lace Flyer Kit (10/20/2019) - 213-19

Ashford lace flyer kit. Includes flyer and  ball bearings, for 15, 20, 30 & 40:1 ratios. Located in Seattle, Washington.  $125  Please contact Janet by email.

52″ Louet Hollandia 8 Shafts Countermarche Loom plus Extras (10/12/2019) - 212-19

Louet Hollandia, 52” 8 shafts, 14 treadles low castle parallel countermarche weaving loom in new condition. Includes bench, shelf, (and second shelf??), Texsolv heddles, original manual, Louet temple, raddle, lease sticks, and 15 epi stainless reed. Originally owned by professional fiber and interior designer.  Loom was purchased new in 1988 and is currently assembled in “foster care” in Lincoln City, Oregon on the Oregon Coast. Local pick up preferred but shipping can be discussed. Measures 65” wide, 50” tall, 40” deep and folds to approx. 35”. The Hollandia was the predecessor to the Delta and would retail for approximately $8500, price, $4500. Please contact Isabella by email.

48″ Bexell Cranbrook 8 Shaft Countermarche Loom (10/12/2019) - 211-19

Bexell Cranbrook 8Shaft/10Treadle, 48” Countermarche loom, like new; SS reeds: 6 epi x 48” & 20 epi x 27”; original manual; built in raddle; lease sticks; 16 warping sticks. Cord heddles make it quiet. Powder-coated tubular steel beams for added rigidity while affording better protection for the warp. Assembled 72” high, 86” deep, 70” wide, in “foster care” in Lincoln City, Oregon on the Oregon Coast. Local pick up preferred but shipping can be discussed. New would be about $9,000. $4995.00. Please contact Isabella by email.