For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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2 Harness loom (9/18/2021) - 190-21

2 Harness loom,  Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  $200 or best offer.  Email if interested.



Gilmore Solid Maple 4 Harness Loom (9/17/2021) - 189-21

Gilmore solid maple 4 harness loom with 6 treadles and a sectional warping beam in excellent condition.  It has metal heddles, a 10 dent reed and a 40” weaving width.  Comes with a LeClerc Sectional tension box, newly purchased front beam cloth tray, new apron straps and tie-ups, and a warp beam anti-spin system (still to be installed).  Will consider helping to deliver it within my area.  Pictures are available.  Snohomish County, WA.  $500.  Email if interested.

Leclerc Nilus 4 Shaft Floor Loom (9/15/2021) - 186-21

27” Leclerc Nilus floor loom, 4 shafts, sectional back beam. Extra reeds and shuttles of various sizes also available to buyer.  Calgary, Alberta. $750.  Email if interested.

Bergman 8-Harness Counterbalance Loom (9/13/2021) - 185-21

36” Bergman 8-Harness Folding Counterbalance Floor Loom.  Extra bits include: two lease sticks, extra reed, heddle making tool, tie up and loom folding instructions.  The castle has a storage space on top and there is storage on the fold-out sides. Both spaces are usable when the loom is folded up-supplies/tools can stay in there.  Yelm, WA.  I can deliver if needed between Tacoma and Tenino, WA.  $800. or reasonable offer.  Email if interested.

FREE Vintage 2 Harness Union Style Jack Loom (9/12/2021) - 184-21

FREE vintage 2 harness Union style jack loom with sectional warp beam.  45″w X 47″h X 42″ d.  36″ weaving width.  Old, classic loom; not pretty but good working loom for rag rugs, tapestry or basic weaves.  Great for a for new weaver as loom is not complicated. Has 26″ 16 dent reed.    Easy to move in pickup truck without dismantling.   Photos available on request.  Camano Island (greater Seattle area), WA.  FREE.  Email if interested.

Harrisville 4 Harness Floor Loom (9/12/2021) - 183-21

I have a 22 inch lightly used Harrisville 4 harness floor loom that needs to find a good home. Port Angeles , WA.  $900.  Email if interested.

48′ OCRO 70 loom (9/11/2021) - 183-21

48′ OCRO 70 floor loom great for weaving rugs. Located in Naselle, Wa. $500.
For photos and more info, email.

Leclerc Colonial Counterbalance Floor Loom (9/11/2021) - 183-21

Leclerc Colonial Counterbalance Floor Loom $2100.
Mechanisms: Jack or Counterbalance
Shafts: 8
Weaving Widths: 45 inch
Floor Space: 48 X 40 inches closed / 48 X 52 inches open
Features: Beater can be set for overhand or underhand operation. The Frame is held together with wooden keys. Back beam folds for storage- Easily convertible from from Jack to Counterbalance
Age: Made from 1976 to 1981
Extras: Flying shuttle- Auxiliary back beams- Two reeds 10 and 12 dents- Leclerc bench- Shuttle pirns- Assembly manual
Located in Courtenay. Email if interested.

New 30 inch AVL raddle (9/9/2021) - 180-21

New 30 inch  AVL raddle, ash with top cap. See AVL’s site. I bought if for a loom I sold, then found the original one. No velcro straps were included when I bought it last year. COVID safe pick-up available, shipping extra.  Seattle /Bremerton, WA.  $100.  Email if interested.

Flannel Sheets for Weaving Rugs (9/6/2021) - 179-21

I have huge bags of flannel sheets for weaving rugs. Each bag weighs about 40-50lb I have 4 bags plus a bag of cut strips. Have many colors and light ones that can be dyed. I can no longer weave because of bad Arthritis in my hands so selling my stash.  Pick up only.  Yelm, WA.  $$25.00 each or $100.00 for all 5 bags.  Email if interested.

Harrisville Designs 40” Floor Loom and Bench (9/6/2021) - 178-21

Harrisville Designs 40” floor loom and bench.  Includes 8 10 12 and 15 dent reeds, about 10 each boat and stick shuttles, warping reel and warping swift and several books.  All are in excellent condition.  Pictures are available.  Portland/Salem Area, OR.  $1800.  Email if interested.

Gilmore 8 Harness Loom (9/6/2021) - 177-21

Gilmore 8 harness maple floor loom. Total width is 45 inches. Comes with accessories and matching wooden bench.  It has been in storage for the last 8 years so it is dusty but it is good condition. Pictures are available.  Olympia, WA.  $1000.  Email if interested.

Woolhouse Carolyn 12 Shaft Loom (9/4/2021) - 175-21

Woolhouse Carolyn 12 shaft loom complete with three reeds, raddle, 2nd back beam, warp extension , stand and bench.  Complete package.  Lots of extras.  Purchased new and well cared for.  This loom is no longer available and a real treasure.  Pickup preferred.  Can deliver in the lower Mainland of BC. Crating and shipping extra.  Sunshine Coast, British Columbia.  $1400.  Email if interested.

Harrisville Designs Model T (4 Harness/6 Treadle) (9/1/2021) - 174-21

Harrisville Designs Model T  (4 Harness/6 Treadle) loom.  Hard rock Maple excellent condition looks exactly like current model except no wheels. Folds easily while fully warped. Snap chains tie-up system is simple and secure. Includes: Loom, 3 reeds (8, 10, 12), several shuttles, bobbin winder and warping board, all in excellent condition. Picture available upon request. Located in Portland, OR. $600. Email if interested.

Norwood 8 Shaft Jack Loom (8/29/2021) - 171-21

48″ Norwood jack loom, 8 shaft, 12 treadle in good condition. There have been repairs/refurbishments over the years, so there is no plate or serial number, but it is easily recognizable as a Norwood. Sectional back beam, 2 reeds, and tension box included. Email for pictures and additional details. Ashford, WA.  $1500. or best offer.  Email if interested.

Antique DRYAD LEICESTER (8/26/2021) - 169-21

Antique DRYAD LEICESTER. This loom currently has an intricate weave started couple generations ago still on Loom.  I wanted to learn but we are in a different place in life so it is time to sell. It’s all in tact and appears to be ready for use.  Pictures are available on request.  Colbert, WA.  $150.  Email if interested.

Norwood 4 Harness Loom (8/26/2021) - 168-21

Norwood solid Cherrywood 4 harness loom with 6 treadles and a sectional warping beam.  It has metal heddles, a 10 dent reed, and a 40″ weaving width.  It comes with an additional 25″ 15 dent stainless steel reed.  It also includes:  additional heddles, stretcher, heddle hook, small stick shuttle, and solid Cherrywood bench with hinged storage compartment.  All in excellent condition.  It has been stored in my living room with a dust cover over it since health changes have made it so that I cannot use it.

Buyer to be responsible for boxing/crating and shipping; or, it can be picked up at my home in Central Point, OR.  Pictures available upon request.  Central Point, OR.  $750.  Email if interested.

Macomber 12 Harness Add-a-Harness loom (8/25/2021) - 167-21

Macomber Add-a-Harness loom with 12 harnesses, 54” wide, in excellent condition. Includes bench and other extras.  Kalispell, Montana.  $6500 or best offer.  Email if interested.

Macomber 16 Harness Add-a-Harness loom (8/25/2021) - 166-21

Macomber Add-a-Harness loom with 16 harnesses, 48” wide, in excellent condition. Comes with its own hardwood bench and other extras.  Kalispell, Montana.  $5000 or best offer.  Email if interested.

Gilmore 6 Harness Loom (8/25/2021) - 165-21

Gilmore loom, 40” wide, with 6 harnesses, in excellent condition. Comes with its own hardwood bench, shuttles and other extras.  Kalispell, Montana.  $4500 or best offer.  Email if interested.

Variety of Small Weaving Looms, Books, Tools (8/25/2021) - 163-21

Many hand made weaving looms for small format tapestries. Hokett, Saffon, Cactus, Navajo.

Pin weaving Hazel Rose, Dewberry small looms. Inkle, Card weaving hand made looms.

Many pipe looms. Wool weaving yarn Harrisville Highland, Shetland and Tuna. Great range of colors also wool singles and Paternayan. Size 3, 5, 10 crochet yarn.  10″ Cricket loom and Med solid oak folding tapestry loom. Many books and beating tools.

Must sell as complete package.  Grants Pass.OR. $1250.  Email if interested.

8 Harness Fireside Jack Loom (8/20/2021) - 161-21

After over 50 glorious years of weaving, Dar McDowell, of the Selkirk Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild, wishes to sell some of her weaving equipment: An 8 Harness, 54” hand crafted Fireside jack loom for $2000, or best offer. There will be some equipment to go with the loom: a bench with storage space, some reeds, a raddle, some shuttles and bobbins. The loom, artisan crafted of solid oak, has been well-maintained, and a joy to weave at. Castlegar, British Columbia.  $2000.  Email if interested.

35″ Schacht Rigid Heddle Loom w/ Stand (8/20/2021) - 160-21

35 inch Schacht rigid heddle loom with trestle style floor stand.  Older version,  maple, lightweight but strong, also works as seated tapestry loom.  Olympia, WA.  $300.  Email if interested.

8 Harness Husflinden Countermarche Loom (8/19/2021) - 158-21

1962 Husflinden 8 harness, 53″ wide, 62″ dep, countermarche loom.  Have the equipment to deliver to Western Washington area, price of delivery negotiable depending on distance and circumstance at delivery point (stairs, etc..).  Port Orchard, WA. $2500.  Email if interested.

4 Harness Unbranded Loom (8/19/2021) - 157-21

Unbranded medium floor loom, 4 harness, 30″ wide, 39″ deep.  Nice older loom.  Have the equipment to deliver to the Western Washington area- price of delivery negotiable depending on distance and circumstances at destination (stairs, etc).  Port Orchard, WA.  $300.  Email if interested.

Glimakra four harness floor loom 44 in (8/17/2021) - 154-21

Glimakra four harness floor loom 44in. (Aprox: 50 X 46in floor space)
44″ weaving area
Single warp beam
4 shaft, 6 treadle
Bench (not original), lease sticks, warp sticks, extra heddles, Very good condition
$950. will consider offer

Items to be picked up in Ladysmith, BC. Email for photos and more information.

Norwood 4 Harness Cherry Wood Loom (8/13/2021) - 151-21

Beautiful cherry Norwood, 4H, 6T, 50″ weaving width, sectional warp beam, flat steel heddles, with 10-dent reed and tie-up chains. Serial #M4516 so guessing it was made in 1986.

It was used when I bought it in 2014. The doups on the sectional beam were incomplete so I replaced them all. The wooden rod on the cloth beam was bent/warped so I replaced it with a metal rod. I’ve been using it regularly and it’s in excellent health!

It’s located in western WA state (Olympic Peninsula, Port Townsend area). Will consider helping to deliver it within my area.

If you have questions or want pictures, let me know.  Chimacum, WA.  $1,000.  Email if interested.

Rio Grande aka Walking Loom for sale (8/13/2021) - 148-21

Walking looms were brought over from Spain in the 1500s.  It is a counter balance loom that one stands to weave on. If weaving on a wood floor, the loom actually creeps forward.  My loom was made in El Rito NM. It is made of sturdy 2×4” lumber and is suitable for rugs and blankets.

Measures: 64.5” upright, 52.5”  between beaters, 40” heddles. 40” from treadle to breast beam, back beam to front 45.5” and ratchet wheel 2.5” beyond back beam.

It is big and needs more space than I have. I paid $500 for it but have not used it to complete a single project. Please make offer. I am willing to transport it disassembled to La Grande, Cove, Elgin, Imbler or in Wallowa Valley.  Joseph, OR., $500. or best offer.  Email if interested.

8 Harness Glimakra Standard Loom (8/13/2021) - 147-21

Used 47″ Glimakra standard loom with manuals. It is a horizontal countermarch with 8 harness and 10 treadles.  The overall dimensions are 63L, 55W 68 H. In addition it comes with an adjustable height bench, 8,10,12 dent reeds, a raddle, shuttles, tools, and extra texsolve.  Pictures are available on request. Good to excellent condition.  Port Orchard WA.  $1800.  Email if interested.

4 Shaft Counter Balance Loom (8/4/2021) - 144-21

Counter balance loom, a copy of Glimakra Ideal.  Beautiful hand made maple, with a hand drawing of the plans.  4-shafts, Includes DVD on how to dress the loom – from Vavstuga.  This loom has an over head swing beater, bench and is all beautiful wood.  No metal parts.  Very quiet, and easy to weave on, and warp.  Photos available. 45″ weaving area.  Oliver, British Columbia.   $350.  Email if interested.

Leclerc Aristat 4 Harness Jack Loom (8/3/2021) - 143-21

Leclerc Aristat jack loom. 4 harness, 6 treadle with folding back beam. 36″ weaving width.  Includes three reeds (6, 8, and 12 dent), two lease sticks, extra heddles (texsolv and metal) and hex wrench. Assembled and in good working order — this loom is complete and has been in constant use. Local pick up only.  Bozeman, MT.  $700.  Email if interested.

Macomber 48″ 8 shafts (8/2/2021) - 142-21

Macomber 48 inch weaving width, 8 shafts, extra beam, bench, three reeds. Beautiful condition. Am selling from an estate. Price $2000. Location Cody, Wyoming. Email if interested.

8S/14T Gilmore Folding Loom (8/1/2021) - 141-21

8S/14T Gilmore folding loom with a 40 inch weaving width needs a new home.  (A sure 36″ weaving width, but the beater holds a 40″ reed.)

Includes a sectional beam and Texsolv heddles on 4 shafts.  It also comes with the metal heddles I got when I first bought this loom.  I am the second owner.  I ran out of room in the fiber studio, so this one has to find a new home. Asking $1600.  Price is negotiable.  Snohomish County Washington.  $1600.  Email if interested.

Cabin Creek Swedish 10 Shaft Floor Loom (8/1/2021) - 140-21

Cabin Creek Swedish countermarche floor loom with 10 shafts and 10 treadles, 2 back beams, one of which is sectional.  It has split lams and weaves quietly and well.  In very good condition.  Edmonds, WA.  $3000.  Email if interested.

Macomber Loom with yarn and accessories (7/23/2021) - 0135-21

Loom, yarn collection and accessories:

Macomber Add A Harness Loom B4E2548: 5′-6 dent reed, 8 harness, 10 treadles, double back beam, aprons front and back, folds to 28″ deep x 50″H x 70″ long. Includes 45 cubic feet of exquisite yarn: Harrisville, CUM, Alpaca, Mohair, Ironstone Warehouse, Manos Del Uruguay, Silk, Tahki Soho, Tahki Tweed, Rayon etc. Accessories include carding paddles, drop spindle, skein winders, bobbin winder, shuttles, ball winder, warp threader. Please email me for photos of loom, all yarn and accessories in a PDF.  Seattle WA.  $5800.00 or best offer.  Email if interested.

Schacht low castle 8-harness floor loom (7/19/2021) - 033-21

Schacht low castle 8-harness floor loom. 46″ wide reeds. 10 and 12 dent reeds included. Extra heddles. Sturdy bench 30 inches wide. Loom and bench in blond maple. Excellent condition. Folds for storage or travel.  Folded: 28″ deep, 42″ high, 55″ wide. Extended: 37″ deep.  Pick up in East Wenatchee, WA.  $1500.  Email if interested.

Weaving, Spinning, Knitting and other Crafts (7/19/2021) - 132-21

Entire weaving, spinning, knitting, and other crafts studio.  I’m 76 years old and moving to Australia, so am leaving all my machines and fibers, and all kinds of accessories. Includes 5′ wide, 8  shaft Glimakra counterbalance loom and bench, warping wheel, ball winder, black-faced suffolk sheep wool roving, hand crafted spinning wheel,  qiviut wool from muskoxen, antique chests, books, Weaver magazines, even warped for oophamta double weave pattern, and so much more.  Will deliver everything if in the Missoula area.  Please see craigslist posts and photographs.  Call anytime 340-473-9007, must take entire stock.  A perfect gift for a beginning weaver, spinner, knitter, and all fabric crafts, including antique Singer Treadle sewing machine, and all machine user manuals.  go to   Must leave by August 15.  Missoula, Montana. $10,000 OBO.  Email if interested.

1955 Anders Lervad & Son 4 harness loom (7/19/2021) - 130-21

1955 Anders Lervad & Son (Denmark) 90 cm (width) 4 harness loom still in original packing crate. Value at time of purchase 700 Danish krone ($310 USD).  Corvallis, OR.  $1700.  Email if interested.

110 Louet Spring (7/16/2021) - 128-21

I’ve lost a few hundred square feet in the last move and so from now on it is Simple Looms for me. Can someone enjoy a 110 Louet Spring? Do the research and make me a fair offer. Someone must collect it at Cultus Lake, BC. Email if interested.

12 harness LeClerc Dorothy table loom (7/11/2021) - 124-21

12 harness LeClerc Dorothy table loom. 15.75″. Maple. Great for workshops and sampling.
Lake Forest Park WA (just N of Seattle). $700. Email if interested.

Schacht Maple 8-harness Mighty Wolf 36-inch (7/3/2021) - 116-21

Schacht Maple 8-harness Mighty Wolf 36-inch folding loom with Wolf Stroller wheel set for easy storage. Regular height. Single warp beam. Includes Wolf Trap front storage tray and 500 metal inserted-eye heddles. Never used as came from Schacht factory. Current Schacht Website price for this loom with heddles $3900. Coburg, OR. $3400.00. Email if interested.

20” Counterbalance loom (6/26/2021) - 110-20

Counterbalance floor loom used but in good condition. It has four shafts and six treadles in 20” wide weaving width. Included is a 15 dent reed, rattle, and warping board. Pictures available upon request. Asking $150. The Dalles, OR. Email if interested.

Leclerc Voyageur 24″ 4-shaft Table Loom (6/19/2021) - 108-21

Like-New LeClerc Voyageur 24″ 4-shaft Table Loom. This like-new (used only twice!) 4-shaft Voyageur table loom has the advantage of being smaller and lighter. It is for the beginner or those who just want a 4s, 24″ weaving width. For reference, these sell for over $1,000 new. The 24″ model weighs in at 25 lbs., comes with 600 inserted Eye Heddles, and a Stainless Steel Reed, 2 lease sticks, 2 beam sticks, and the book “Warp & Weave” by Robert LeClerc. It folds for easy transport and is a beautiful maple. I will also include additional reeds and shuttles. Seattle. Will consider shipping at buyer’s expense. $725.00. Email if interested.

Fireside loom, 48″ 4 shafts (6/17/2021) - 107-21

Beautiful solid Koa Fireside, 48 inches wide, 4 harnesses, eight treadles and matching bench. In good condition, a piece of art besides and working loom. North Bend, Oregon. $5,000.00. Email Kim.

4 Harness Loomcraft Floor Loom (6/12/2021) - 103-21

Loomcraft floor loom used but in good condition. 40″ weaving width, 4H, 6T. Includes a 10 and 12 dent reed, miscellaneous shuttles and accessories, and nine bags of Pendleton Mill selvages.  Terrebonne, OR.  $900.  Email if interested.