For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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Norwegian Counterbalance Loom (4/19/2021) - 074-21

Norwegian Counterbalance Loom,  This loom has a 30 inch weaving width and four shafts.  The footprint is 40 by 34 inches. Easily disassembles for storage or transport.  It was custom made in Norway and beautifully restored.  Includes 500 new heddles, two reeds (10 & 12), lease sticks, two steel rods for tying on warp.  Excellent rug loom.  Photos available.  Bend, OR. $350. OBO.  Email if interested.



LeClerc Colonial I (4/12/2021) - 073-21

LeClerc Colonial I.  This is a Jack-style loom that will easily convert into a Counterbalance. 8 Shafts; 10 Treadles. The footprint is 60×72″ with a weaving width of 45″. Colonial “keys” replace bolts. Included is a sectional and double beam, 4 reeds(6,8,10,12dent), matching open ended storage bench, sectional kit.  The loom was made between 1982 and 2009. Maple finish.  Condition Good.  Boise, ID.  $2000.  Email if interested.

LECLERC 4-HARNESS LOOM (4/8/2021) - 069-21

Leclerc 4-harness loom in fair condition. The loom works well, but the apron has a tear in it.  Will need repair to work perfectly.  It is a Jack-Type 4 shaft loom (6 Treadles) with a 36″ weaving width.   The loom is 46″ wide and it has  1,000 heddles.  The loom can be folded front and back to a depth of 14″ (Depth Opened 32″).  asking $900 OBO (costs $1,950 new).  Must pick-up or arrange own shipping. No delivery. Location Garden Valley, ID.  Asking $900.  Accept payment by Cash, Venmo, or Cash App.  Email if interested.

MOUNTAIN LOOM CO. TABLE LOOM (4/8/2021) - 068-21

MOUNTAIN LOOM CO. LOOM.  This loom is in excellent condition.  It is Triple Beam Pique Table Loom with Loom Stand.  The loom is 29″ wide and has 12 harness.  The weaving width is 22″ It has 900 heddles and a 10 dpi stainless steel reed.  Must pick-up or arrange own shipping. No delivery. Location Garden Valley, ID.  Asking $750 (costs $1,500 new).  Accept payment by Cash, Venmo, or Cash App.  Email if interested.

GILMORE MAPLE FLOOR LOOM (4/8/2021) - 066-21

GILMORE MAPLE FLOOR LOOM.  This loom is a 46″ width with 8 Harnesses and a maximum weaving width of 32″.  It has a sectional beam bar kit, a top tray, stainless steel reeds, and an extra sectional warp beam.  Excellent condition asking $2,25OM0 OBO (costs $3,900 new).  Must pick-up or arrange own shipping. No delivery. Location Garden Valley, ID.  Accept payment by Cash, Venmo, or Cash App.  Email if interested.

48″ Norwood Floor Loom (4/7/2021) - 066-21

Solid cherry 48″ Norwood floor loom in fabulous condition (I’m the second owner.)  Four harness, rigid heddle, six treadles.  Includes two reeds (10, 12 dent), two warping boards + additional supplies/equipment.  Portland, OR.  $1,400.  Email if interested.

Harrisville Designs Model A/6 22″ Floor Loom (4/1/2021) - 062-21

Harrisville Designs Model A/6 22″ Floor loom.  It is a 4 harness with 6 treadles, metal heddles.  It needs some repair, the leather string that holds the harnesses needs to be replaced.  It comes with a standing bobbin rack, wooden shuttles and the original assembly manual.  Seattle, WA.  $1000. OBO (will reduce price or donate to a non-profit). Email if interested.

Ashford 24″ 16-shaft table loom plus stand (3/28/2021) - 059-21

Ashford 24″ 16-shaft table loom plus stand. I bought this new in December 2018 but only used it once.  Price new would be $2463CAD plus taxes.  The package includes 12 Dent reed, 1280 Texsolv heddles, lease sticks, 2 stick shuttles.  $2000.00CAD.  Also for sale, Ashford 24″ stand for 4 and 8 shaft looms. Bought by mistake and never used. Price $375CAD (new would be $462CAD+taxes).  Vancouver, BC.  Email if interested.

Weaving Shuttles, heddle hooks, and collectable items (3/21/2021) - 055-21

Weaving Shuttles, heddle hooks, and collectable items located in Boise, ID.

LeClerc Ski shuttle for rags, longest point is 18”, $10.

2 Schacht Rag shuttles, longest point measurement is 20” each,  $10 each.

2 no brand rag shuttles, longest point measurement is 20” each,  $8 each.

5 different miscellaneous heddle hooks, $5 each

2 antique end feed shuttles with metal tips, $5 each.

Tri color/wood (handmade I believe) boat shuttle with three 6” bobbins, $32

Email if interested.

Two Warping Boards (3/21/2021) - 054-21

Old mill yarn brand (I believe)  warping board. Will do 14 or 15 yard warp, measurements are 43’ X 43” Nice oak (or maple?) varnished finish. $75 Can be taken apart with 8 screws.

Homemade Warping board, painted white, 40” X 36” outside measurements, will do 12 yard warp I believe. $45   If I was going to keep this I would add 1 hole and a peg on top board for the cross. Permanently assembled.  Boise, Idaho.

Email if interested.

Maple 8 harness floor loom (3/17/2021) - 051-21

Maple 8 harness floor loom with 45″ weaving width. This loom has 10 treadles and includes stainless steel reeds, a raddle and bench.  The Loom and bench are in excellent condition and was used for throws and rugs.  I can answer questions or send photos through email.  Horseshoe Bend, ID.  $1000.  Email if interested.

Rigid Heddle Loom and Stand (3/13/2021) - 049-21

Schacht Flip Folding Rigid Heddle Loom, 25 inch weaving width, Double Heddle Capability,
This Loom includes all the original set:

  • 10-Dent Rigid Heddle,
  • 2 Table Clamps and Warping Peg,
  • 2 Stick Shuttles (20 inch),
  • Short Threading Hook
  • Warping & Weaving Instructions

Additional items included

  • 12-Dent Rigid Heddle,
  • medium Pick-up Stick (22 inch)
  • Schacht Trestle Floor Stand


Local pick-up in Milton, WA. Email  Mary.

More weaving tools (3/13/2021) - 048-21

Weaving tools for sale, sold as a lot: $60 :

  • Ashford boat shuttle 10.5 inches
  • Boat shuttle 14.75 inches (similar to a Glimakra)
  • Antique Threading Hook
  • Leclerc Plastic Boat Shuttle 11 inch
  • Weaving sword (Navajo), narrow, 15 inch
  • Stick Shuttle 17 inch
  • Stick Shuttle 14 inch

Local pick-up in Milton, WA. Email  Mary.

1950’s Loom, handmade (3/11/2021) - 047-21

This is my mother’s loom, I don’t know many details and her memory is deteriorating.   It is currently disassembled.  I can offer pictures and an example photo of another loom which is similar.  She used it to make rugs, it stands between 5 and 6 feet high and is about 6 feet square.  It was built in the 1950s by a family friend of reclaimed wood from southern Utah.   Located in Lewiston, ID.  I am donating the item, but recipient pays shipping and must be professionally packed unless picked up in person.  Email if interested.

1938 Newcomb Fair Loom sold by Sears (3/11/2021) - 046-21

1938 Newcomb Fair Loom sold by Sears.  This is a two harness rug loom. Very solid, great condition. I will provide photos to interested parties.  Wishram, Washington.  $500.  Email if interested.

A Handweaver’s Pattern Book (The Green Book) (3/8/2021) - 045-21

31st Printing of A Handweaver’s Pattern Book from 2002. Good Condition, the dust jacket has a few tears but otherwise in great shape.  $80 + shipping or pickup in Portland, OR.  Email if interested.

Brand New 8 Harness Gilmore Loom & Gilmore Equipment (3/8/2021) - 041-21

Gilmore Maple Floor Loom (48″ outside measure, 46″ inside frame measure, 46″ harness length etc) 8 harnesses   Paid $3542 US. 50% off $1771.  This loom has 12 treadles.

In addition to the loom the following equipment is available:

  • 2 Stainless Steel Reeds, 46″  Were $112 @ 50% on sale for $66
  • Gilmore Maple Bench with drawer $360 new on sale for $180
  • Small Boat Shuttle (maple) $30 new on sale for $15
  • Medium Boat Shuttle $66 new on sale for $33
  • Double Boat Shuttle $74 new on sale for $37
  • Reg. Inkle shuttle $19 new on sale for $9.50
  • Small Inkle shuttle $15 new on sale for $7.50

Total Paid : $4218, on Sale for 50% off:  $2119 Canadian (Or US $1771).  For more information on Gilmore looms their web site is

Although these are US dollar prices, we will accept Canadian dollars, ie $2119C

The whole package sale price would add up to $2419. We can sell items separately, but it would be good to keep the loom and accessories together. When COVID dies down, and or when most people are vaccinated, we would deliver to most places in BC (major items) as part of a travel holiday.  Qualicum Beach, BC Canada.   Email if interested.

Mountain 8 shaft table Loom with stand (3/8/2021) - 040-21

Mountain 8 shaft table Loom with stand. Weaves up to 22 in wide, Loom itself is 28 deep by 28 wide by 20 inches tall. It is in great shape, comes with the project already on it. Does not come with any other accessories. Reed is 12 dent. Folds.  Stand measures 29 in deep by 41 in wide by 24 in tall.  These Looms are very rare and hard to come by.  $750 for Loom without stand, $900 with stand. Brand new this Loom goes for $935 and stand goes for $395.Lacey, Washington. Email if interested.

Macomber 38 inch weaving width (3/4/2021) - 036-21

38 inch weaving width, Macomber B5, 4 shaft ad-a-harness loom with sectional warp beam, matching bench, 2 reeds, assorted shuttles. This loom is a workhorse and can do anything you ask of it. $1200. No email.  Please call Barbara Van Buskirk, Arlington, WA.360-403-7677.

24 Shaft Woolhouse Margaret Table Loom (3/3/2021) - 035-21

24 Shaft Woolhouse Margaret Table Loom.  It comes with a stand, Texsolv heddles, and one 10-dent reed.  About a 21 inch weaving width.  There are two beams, one sectional, with the cutest little tension box.  Contact me for photos.  Local pick-up only, near Boise. Meridian, Idaho.  $1200.  Email if interested.

Upright Dryad Tapestry 2 shaft Loom (3/3/2021) - 034-21

Upright Dryad Tapestry 2 shaft Loom.  The dimensions are 44 inches at the widest part, 31 inches deep, and 69 inches tall.  It has about a 35 inch weaving width. The wood has always been rough, and it has been in the garage here at my house for several years.  String heddles.  Photos on request.  Local pick up only, near Boise. Meridian, Idaho. $900.  Email if interested.

12 frame J Loom (3/3/2021) - 033-21

12 frame J Loom in excellent condition, plus everything needed for a home studio including bench, books, DVDs, several bags of excellent raw wool picked up at the state fair. Astoria, Oregon $3500.  Email if interested.

Structo Artcraft 600 vintage 4 shaft table loom (3/3/2021) - 031-21

Structo Artcraft 600 vintage 4 shaft wooden table loom 20″ weaving width SN 600-15094.  Good functional condition, could use some TLC to perform better but functional as-is.  Comes with 1 new stainless steel 8 dent 19″ reed and the original 16 dent reed which is  rusty but probably salvageable.  No shipping, but Masked meet up near Aberdeen or Olympia.  Asking $500 (cash), pictures available, serious enquiries only. Aberdeen, WA.  $500.  Email if interested.

Maple Schacht 4 harness floor loom (3/3/2021) - 029-21

Maple Schacht 4 harness floor loom. Excellent condition – non smoking home  Included: #8 reed, a couple Schacht boat shuttles as well as lots of metal heddles and a lovely matching bench with pockets at either end.  Located in Colville Washington. Pick up only.   $2200.  Email if interested.

Rug Wool and Carpet Warp (3/3/2021) - 028-21

Lot of Rug Wool and Carpet Warp.  39 skeins of 100% Wool (Trading post wool for my Wednesday MAC weavers!) Brown Sheep Co, Top of the Lamb line. and 13 tubes of carpet warp (cotton and cotton linen blend)

Wool: 3 dark turquoise / 2.5 bright red / 2.5 deep red / 1 rose / 2 black / 3 orange / 3 med cool grey / 2 dark cool grey / 3.5 royal blue / 4 sky blue / 1 dusty rose / 4 teracotta / 1 sun yellow / 1.5 lt turquoise / 3 lanaloft skeins periwinkle purple LL87W / 2 lanaloft hot pink skeins

Carpet Warp: 3 Halcyon yarn 8/4 cotton warp full tubes in cream / 1 ecru / 1 aqua / 1 light blue / 5 black

1 Cotolin (60% cotton / 40%linen) 8/2 bright white tube

1 Cotolin (60% cotton / 40% linen) 8/2 lemon yellow

Asking $300 for the lot which breaks down to $5/skein for the wool, and $8/tube for the warp. SE Portland / Montavilla,  Email if interested


Victoria Leclerc Floor Loom For Sale (2/25/2021) - 018-21
  • Victoria, Leclerc or Glimakra Manufactured Loom
  •  Includes many extras including extra manuals
  • The hand painting you see on the loom was not not done by me, so apologies as I cannot answer questions around this detail:
  •  Measurements: 41 5/8” width at widest, 29.5” weaving width
  • Please email  for 9 pics. Call with any questions you may have 360-578-9558 (DO NOT TEXT, THIS A HOME PHONE LANDLINE)
  • Loom is bulky and large, but not heavy.
  • Location: Kelso, WA in the Rose Valley area which is appx 40 minutes from the Interstate Bridge.
  • Serious inquiries only please. No spam or scam.
  • Asking $925 OBO. Buyer must haul and cash ONLY is accepted. Asking $925 OBO, Motivated Seller.

Thanks so much for your interest. Eileen

4 Harness Artisat Nilus Leclerc floor loom (2/9/2021) - 020-21

36 inch 4 Harness Artisat Nilus Leclerc floor loom in excellent conditions. This is a Jack style loom with 4 shafts and 6 treadles.  It folds to a width of 24 inches.  In addition to the loom the sale includes an 8 dent and a 12 dent reed,  multiple shuttles (including boat type shuttles), a bobbin winder, a warping board, eye heddles, plastic bobbins, multiple threads and yarns.  It also includes the following weaving books; Handweavers Pattern Book, New Key to Weaving, Warping the Loom Alone, Warp and Weave and Weave.  The loom and equipment is located in Gig Harbor, WA.  Asking $500.00.  Email if interested.

8 Harness Gilmore Loom with Bench and Accessories (2/7/2021) - 019-21

46 inch 8 harness Gilmore Loom with bench and accessories.  This loom was bought in 2012 and is in excellent condition.  The sale price includes: bench, approximately 100 flat stainless steel heddles, shuttles, bobbins, yarn winder, Texsolv tie cords with arrow locks.  The loom and bench are made of maple, birch and poplar hardwoods by by Gilmore Looms of California.  Similar looms may be seen at Buyer will need to pick up the loom in Graham, WA.  $2800 or best offer.  Pictures are available via email.  Email if interested.


Weaving books (2/4/2021) - 016-21
  1. Learning to Weave with Debbie Redding – ISBN: 0-934026-15-7 (soft cover)
  2. A Handweaver’s Patter Book, Marguerite Porter Davison – ISBN:0-9603172-0-1 (hard cover)
  3. Indigo Madder & Marigold, Trudy Van Stralen – ISBN: 0-934026-86-6 (hard cover)
  4. The Art of the Weaver, Anita Schorsch – ISBN: 0-87663982-1 (soft cover)
  5. The Art of Weaving, Else Regensteiner – ISBN: 0-44222672-6 (soft cover)
  6. The Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Book, Rachel Brown – ISBN: 0-394-73383-5 (soft cover)
  7. New Key to Weaving, Mary E. Black – ISBN: ________? Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 57-12564 (hard cover)
  8. A Handbook of Weaves, G.H. Oelsner – ISBN: 0-48623169-0, Library of Congress catalog card number: A53-7007 (paperback)
  9. The Weaver’s Book, Harriet Tidball – ISBN: 0-02-011960-7 (paperback)
  10.  The Dyer’s Companion, Elijah Bemiss – ISBN: 0-48620601-7, Library of Congress catalog card number: 73-77377 (paperback)
  11. Designing and Making Handwoven Rugs, Tod and Del Deo – ISBN: 0-486-23391-X; Library of Congress catalog card number: 76-17664
  12. The Basketry Book, Sherry DeLeon – ISBN: 0-03-042851-3 (paperback, one loose page)
  13. Warping all by Yourself, Cay Garrett – new ISBN: 0-930670-01-9; previous ISBN: 0-913664-03-0; Library of Congress (paperback)
  14. Finishing Touches for the Handweaver, Virginia M. West – ISBN: 1-8231-5016-X; Library of Congress catalog card number: 68-12793 (paperback)
  15. An Introduction to Natural Dyeing, Robert and Christine Thresh – ISBN: none (paperback)
  16. National Geographic Magazine, Vol. 173, No. 5, May 1988, article “Wool, Fabric of History,” p. 552

Email Michele for more information. Hillsboro, OR.

Norwood 8 Harness Loom (2/4/2021) - 015-21

Norwood 8 harness 50″ cherry jack loom with sectional-ready back beam and cherry two pocket storage bench.  The loom footprint is 58 1/2″ width x 42″ depth and 39″ height.  Bench is 36″ wide seat x 11″ depth x 22″ height.  Pictures are available upon request.  Made by the original Norwood craftsmen.  Located near Roosevelt High School in Seattle, Washington.  $3050.  Email if interested.