For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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8-Harness Jack Floor Loom (9/21/2020) - 130-20

This is a refurbished Binder Loom, 8-harnesses, 12 treadles and single back beam with a 40″ weaving width. All original woodwork and much of the original hardware. Spokane, WA. $500. Email if interested.

Baby Wolf Loom (9/17/2020) - 127-20

Baby Wolf Loom. 4 harness, 26″ weaving width. Includes Schacht Stroller and Wolf Trap. See Schacht website for all dimensions, This older loom continues to weave beautifully. For pictures or further information please email. Olympia, WA. Unable to ship. $585.00.

Louet “David” Floor Loom (9/12/2020) - 125-20

Louet “David” Floor Loom. A loom with 8-shafts 10 treadle, 27.5” weaving width. Sectional warp beam, front beam tool tray, three reeds,warp spacers and warp sticks. Bench avilable too. The David is a compact loom with great design. It has many features that will make your weaving easy and successful. It is a good loom for beginners or for a more experienced weaver wanting to explore the many techniques requiring 8 shafts. Excellent condition.This loom is in like new condition and includes many extras.We re pleased to answer any questions. Email if interested. Please see our Craigs List ad for more details and pictures Yamhill, Oregon. $2,250. Email if interested.


AVL A-SERIES COMPUDOBBY III LOOM. 60” weaving width with 24 shafts made with sustainably sourced Ash hardwood in Chico, CA. This is a beautiful loom in excellent condition. The open frame makes it easy to access for warping, threading and weaving. All the features support your designing and weaving comfort. Includes bench and many extra features. This loom is a great upgrade for a knowledgeable weaver that wants to expand design and production capability. We cannot ship the loom but we will disassemble it with you and help you load it in your vehicle here. We will be pleased to answer any questions by email. For a more detailed description and pictures please see the Craigs List ad: Yamhill, Oregon. $9,995. Email if interested.

Gilmore 40″ 8-shaft loom with accessories, books, yarn (9/7/2020) - 120-20

8-shaft 40″ Gilmore loom for sale. Comes with bench, two Schacht boat shuttles, array of flat shuttles, threading and sley hooks, 40″ reeds (6, 10, 15 dpi, some stainless) and 32″ 5.25 dpi reed, Swedish bobbin winder, swift, and many other accessories. Includes weaving books, Handwoven magazines, yarn stash. Gilmore looms are high-quality all-around weaving machines. $2900 CAN. Pick up in White Rock, BC. For more info, email Isabelle or call Marlene (US number) at 1 847 644 2487.

Nilus Leclerc 4 Harness Table Loom with a 6 Treadle stand (9/3/2020) - 119-20

Nilus Leclerc 4 Harness Table Loom with a 6 Treadle stand. It has metal heddles and a metal reed. Weaving width is 22 inches. Comes with a weaving book if wanted. After doing some research I am pretty sure this loom is the “Medico” model with the 6 treadle floor stand as shown on this page:
Asking price $540. Location is between Rock Creek and Osoyoos BC. I might be able to deliver for a fee if it is not too far away. Photos can be provided. Email if interested.

Norwood 4 harness folding cherry wood loom (9/3/2020) - 117-20

Norwood 4 harness folding cherry wood loom. 16″ weaving width; 6 treadles; 500 heddles; lease sticks; 6, 10, 12, and 15 dent reeds. Great for workshops or small projects. Pristine condition. Shipping is the responsibility of buyer. Nampa, Idaho. $1,200. Email if interested.

Cranbrook countermarch loom (8/31/2020) - 116-20

Cranbrook countermarch loom. 96″ weaving width; 8 shafts; double back beams; 10 lockdown treadles; lease sticks, warp separator sticks; 4,5, and 6 dent reeds. Pristine condition. $3,500. Nampa, Idaho. Shipping is responsibility of buyer. Email if interested.

36″ 4S/6T Countermarche Loom (8/30/2020) - 115-20

4S/6T Countermarche Loom with 36″ weaving width. Located in Ashford, WA (near Mt Rainier National Park). This is a 4 shaft loom with no known manufacturer that we can figure out. I will tell you, it’s a beast, which is why I can’t keep it. This loom handled some light scarves but could definitely handle hefty rug weaving. Does NOT come with a reed (unless you want to try to restore some of the rusty ones that came with it), but I do have a raddle my husband 3-d printed that can be included. It will have to be disassembled to be removed from the house. I can either leave it for you to do (so you can see better how to put it back together) or we can have it disassembled for you. Built in bench with adjustable height. $300. Email if interested.

Murphy 4 harness counterbalance loom (8/23/2020) - 113-20

Murphy 4 harness counterbalance loom. Weaves 36 inches wide and has a friction break. This is a sturdy scissor frame loom that can fold. Built in Seattle in the 1950’s. It is characterized by the use of bicycle chains to rotate the harnesses. The loom lives on Whidbey Island, but can be taken to Seattle. Images can be sent upon request. $550. Email if interested.

Ashford Wood Tapestry Frame Loom (8/23/2020) - 111-20

Ashford Wood Tapestry Frame Loom
*tensioning device
*heddle (lease) bar
*36″ weaving width, overall: 60″ tall and 47″ wide
Asking $300.00 (compared to $795 new). Coupeville, Whidbey Island WA. Email if interessted.

Mirrix Big Sister 16″ Metal Tapestry Loom (8/23/2020) - 110-20

Mirrix Big Sister 16″ Metal Tapestry Loom
*Warping bar
*Generous # of small heddles
*Warping instructions booklet
*5 warp coils: 8, 10, 12, 14, 18
$175.00 (compared to $290 new). Coupeville, Whidbey Island WA. Will meet the buyer off-island if the distance is no more than 1 hour away. Email if interested.

40″ B5 Macomber (8/17/2020) - 102-20

40″ B5 Macomber serial number 239x – 4 harness, sectional warp beam w/ friction brake, three reeds:40×12,40×15 & 20×12, 30″ bench, 20×12 spool rack, bench and standard tools and accessories – all the stuff in the pictures on Bellingham WA Craig’s List under Arts&Crafts, plus some other stuff I found in another box. $1200. Not interested in parting out. I have a pickup – Delivery negotiable in the beautiful Northwest U.S.A. Dennis – Blaine WA.

45 inch, 6 shaft Kessenich loom (8/14/2020) - 101-20

45 inch, 6 shaft Kissenich loom. This is a lovely heavy loom made of golden oak. It’s is a jack loom but because of its weight, it makes great rugs. This loom comes with the original bench (with storage), 2 removable side shelves, 4 reeds, raddle, and warp sticks. Bellingham, Washington. $700.00. Email if interested.

Rare Glimåkra floor loom (8/12/2020) - 098-20

Rare Glimåkra floor loom: 59″ (150 cm)Countermarch floor loom with front mounted 21 draws; 16 shafts (+extra shafts) and treadles on a vertical top harness. Double weave capability with upper and lower warp beams; 5 reeds; removable frame extension and accessories for damask weaving; hardback manual; loom bench. Purchased from Glimåkra in Öxabäck, Sweden. Excellent Condition. Meadow Creek, British Columbia. $3,800 US or $5,000 CAD. Price does not include shipping. Email if interested.

Newcomb Studio Loom (8/9/2020) - 097-20

Newcomb Studio Loom $500 (Tacoma, WA). This six treadle, four harness loom was purchased in Iowa by my mother in the 1960s. She bought it used so I have no idea how old it is. I inherited it several years ago but haven’t used it much as I’m not a weaver. It deserves a home with someone who will appreciate and use it. Though it hasn’t had any attention or maintenance for some years, to my knowledge nothing is broken or damaged though one would need to see the loom in person to verify the total condition. Pictures available upon request. Buyer is responsible for pick up. Email if interested.

Flat steel heddles (8/4/2020) - 093-20

700-800 flat steel heddles, 11″ long. Pay for shipping only. La Grande, OR. Email if interested.

Schacht Wolf Pup (8/4/2020) - 092-20

Schacht Wolf Pup, 4 harness, 18” weaving width, wolf trap, warping sticks, extra heddles and 4 reeds 8-10-12-14 dent. I purchased this loom new and it is in excellent condition. $900. Sandpoint, ID. Email if interested.

Leclerc Voyageur 15 ¾ Inch 4-Harness Table Loom (7/30/2020) - 090-20

Leclerc Voyageur 15 ¾ Inch 4-Harness Table Loom
In perfect condition – used once. Includes shuttle, extra heddles, 2 weaving books and a Schacth 14 yard warping board. Asking $500 (loom retails for $805 and warping board for $140). Please contact Lisa. Seattle, WA.

45 in Harrisville Loom (7/26/2020) - 089-20

45 in Harrisville Loom with a warp on. Yellowpoint Ladysmith. $300. Email if interested.

AVL 16-Harness Dobby Loom (7/23/2020) - 087-20

AVL 16-Harness Dobby Loom w/sectional warping beam, extra reeds and miscellaneous accessories. Like new condition, gently used. DISMANTLE AND PICK-UP ONLY at my home in Southworth, WA. Covid-19 precautions apply. Purchased in 1986.$2,500 OBO. Email if interested.

44-in 4 Harness Countermarch Loom (6/26/2020) - 083-20

44-Inch 4 Harness 8 Treadle Countermarch Floor Loom. Texsolv string heddles, boat shuttle and extra spools, 3 stick shuttles, ski shuttle, wooden temple, lease sticks, 22 full spools warp (many colors), 10 partial spools. Sturdy, excellent condition. Bellingham. $1,500. Email if interested.

8 shaft Baby Wolf (6/24/2020) - 081-20

26”, 8 shaft Baby Wolf by Schacht made of maple in Excellent Condition. Darby, MT. $1500. Email if interested.

Vintage Leclerc table loom (6/21/2020) - 080-20

Vintage Leclerc table loom, 20″weaving width, 4 harness control levers on right side. Jano model. Working condition. I have owned this since 1983.
Status: No Longer Produced
Mechanisms: Jack
Shafts: 4
Weaving Width: 20″
Features: First Leclerc Table Loom, does not fold, metal side levers
Estimated Age: Introduced sometime before 1937 as a 4 shaft, the loom had been discontinued sometime between 1962 and 1966 when the Medico and Dorothy table looms appeared.
Serial Number Prefixes: possibly the “J-” series

Seattle/Bellingham. Will deliver within 45 miles. $500.00 or Best Offer. Email if interested.

36″ Leclerc Loom, 6 treadles, 4 harnesses (6/6/2020) - 069-20

36″ Leclerc Loom, 6 treadles, 4 harnesses, Located in Olympia, WA, $2100, please contact Kate.

Weaving bench (6/6/2020) - 068-20

Leclerc Weaving Bench with storage, 36 ” x 12″ and 7″ deep, $200, Located in Olympia, WA, please contact Kate.