For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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8 Shaft Schacht Mighty Wolf Loom Plus Extras (11/15/2018) - 242-18

8-shaft Schacht Mighty Wolf loom. This is a great loom for someone with limited space since it folds for easy storage, even when it has a project on it. It includes the stroller which allows you to move the loom with ease, wolf trap to hold shuttles, scissors etc., height extender and sectional back beam accessories. Also included are 500 extra steel eye heddles.  Loom is located in Duvall, Washington, 26 miles northeast of Seattle. Buyer must pick up in person. I would prefer cash only please. Please contact Charles by email. $2250

Gilmore 8 Shaft 40″ Weaving Loom (11/15/2018) - 241-18

Gilmore 1972 40” weaving width maple loom in very good condition. I’m the second owner and I have owned this beautiful loom for 4 years.  It has 8 shafts and 12 treadles. $1500.00. I’ll send pictures at your request  by email.  Located in Anacortes, Washington. $1500.00

Antique Weaving Loom (11/14/2018) - 240-18

Antique  weaving loom.  Big, floor loom, wooden. Email for photo.  Located in Troy Idaho.  Make offer. Please contact Debbee by email.



6 Shaft Weaving Loom Plus Bench (11/14/2018) - 238-18

Huge Weaving Loom. 4 ft  by 5 foot. Metal Frame. 6 shafts, cherry wood bench. Located in Troy Idaho.
$900 or best offer. Please contact Debbee by email. Photo available upon request.


Union 36 Floor Loom, Bench and Many Extras (11/14/2018) - 237-18

UNION 36 FLOOR LOOM FOR SALE. This Union 36 loom began in Wisconsin and was shipped to me in Montana in the 80s. I’ve made hundreds of rag rugs, place mats, and runners on it. Then my mother took over it and wove many more beautiful rag rugs when she spent summers with me. She collected (almost hoarded) fabric–some new, some antique, some old bedding, chenille, and curtains. I’ve packed everything up and would like to sell this loom, the fabric, and supplies in one bundle. It’s been stored in a dry and heated garage for about five years now. This is a simple 2-pedal, 2- harness loom made of wood and metal. All parts are in good condition and work well. This price includes about 6 shuttles, all the accompanying tools and at least 100 pounds of fabric, about ten pounds of warp, and bench to sit upon while weaving. Whitefish, Montana. $1250 Please contact Kris by email.

Schacht Baby Wolf 4 Shaft with Stroller & 2 Reeds (11/11/2018) - 236-18

Schacht Baby Wolf. 4 Shaft, 6 Treadles, stroller wheels. 2 reeds. Low castle. $1000.00. Sedro Woolley, Washington.  $1000.00.  Please contact Dori by email.

48″ Payton 479 Folding Floor Loom 4 Shafts (11/9/2018) - 234-18

Folding Floor Loom: Payton 479, 48″, 4 shafts, 6 treadles, sectional warping beam, high castle with tray, light wood (maple?). Includes shuttles and lots of unused rug loopers and fabric strips. $400. Located in Dayton, Washington. Photo available upon request. Please contact Elissa by email.

AVL 40″ Home Loom & Bench – 8 Harness Plus Extras (11/6/2018) - 233-18

AVL Home Loom & Bench, 40″ weaving width. 8 harnesses, 10 treadles with 1200 Texsolv polyester heddles. AVL side tie-up harness system with 52 tie-up cords. Standard beater with 3 stainless steel reeds (6, 8 & 10 dent) Standard warp beam with 2 aprons & 3 steel rods. Locking brake & automatic warp tension system. Folding rear legs reduce loom to depth of 28″ for storage. Constructed of kiln-dried Maple with Castle Storage Shelf. Additional Accessories: Adjustable Maple Bench, lease sticks & sectional beam parts, & Illustrated Assembly & Operating Instructions Manual. Gently used & in excellent condition – $1200. Located in Portland, Oregon. $1200 . Please contact Judith by email.

Louet Hollandia 8 Shaft Countermarch Loom 43″ (11/6/2018) - 232-18

Louet Hollandia 8 shaft Countermarch loom. 43” weaving width, texsolv heddles, texsolv tie-up cords, castle tray, lease sticks, pickup stick, reed, original manual and accessories.  Floating breast beam provides even, consistent tension. Loom is In excellent, like-new condition. Located in Salem, Oregon.  $2,000.  Please contact Cecelia by email.

Norwood 40″ Loom Cherry Wood 4 Harnesses Sectional Back Beam (11/1/2018) - 231-18

Beautiful Norwood 40″ loom. Cherry wood, 4 harnesses, 6 treadles, 8 and 12 dent reeds. Sectional back beam.  $400 OBO. Located in Bend, Oregon. Please contact Mary by email. Photos available upon request.

Bergman Countermarch 8 Shaft Loom with Bench 52″ Weaving Width (10/25/2018) - 230-18

Bergman countermarch floor loom, 8 shaft, 10 treadle with storage  bench.  Color coded texsolv heddles, 52″ weaving width. Excellent condition.  Folds up for storage , 20″ by 60″.  A sturdy loom made of maple which is unusual for a Bergman. Located in Richland, Washington. $900 Please contact Susan by email. Contact Susan for photos.  The loom is lovely but I must downsize.

15″ Schacht 4 Shaft Table Loom (10/22/2018) - 228-18

15″ Schacht 4 shaft table loom – made of hardwood Maple – nylon gears on both the warp beams – front mounted leavers for easy use – 20″ wide x 20″ high x 23″ deep.  Weighs 18 lbs, – has 300 metal heddles.  Comes with three lease sticks and three reeds – 4, 10 and 12.  Costs $950.00 plus taxes new.   In excellent condition with very little use.  Great for classroom, workshops,  sampling and small projects.  Have made scarves and mug rugs – holds 6 yards of warp easily.  Vancouver Island. Qualicum Beach.
$350.00 CDN  Please contact Sylvia by email.

10 Harness Glimakra Loom Weaves 63″ Plus Accessories (10/22/2018) - 227-18

Please contact Louise by email.


4 Harness Counter Balance Floor Loom 48″ Weaving Width (10/22/2018) - 227-18

FULL SIZED FLOOR loom. 4 Harness, Counter Balance with sectional back beam.  Located in Myrtle Point, Oregon. $1,000.00  Please contact by email. I am representing a group in Oregon called the Dora Friendly Club, we have a floor model loom for sale we are in high hopes this will interest someone in your Spinners or Weavers group. We support our local school students, library, senior center, welcome baskets and many more projects.  All proceeds from the sale of this loom go to support our programs the loom was donated by one of our members if you could pass this on to all members of your organization we would greatly appreciate it.
Anyone wanting pictures or interested in this loom may contact me by email.  Photos available upon request.

Macomber Add-a-Harness 40″ 8 Harnesses (10/22/2018) - 226-18

Macomber Add-a-Harness

Model B5. 40” weaving width. Very well built. Made of maple wood, with cast-iron and bronze. 1000 heddles. 8 harnesses. Capacity for 10 harnesses.14 treadles. Macomber company still in business, so excellent support and easy to get accessories. Sturdy workhorse. Can weave very fine silk to heavy rugs with no additional equipment. It’s a work of art on its own. Only owner, in original mint condition, never used. Folds narrow enough to get through standard door comfortably without disassembly. Loom located in Portland Oregon. Local pickup or will ship, price exclusive of shipping. $3700. Photos available on request. Please contact Carolyne by email.

LeClerc Nilus 45″ 4 Harness Loom Plus Bench and Accessories (10/17/2018) - 224-18

Leclerc floor loom. Nilus 45″ jack-type 4-harness loom. Includes a friction brake and removable front and back beams. Back beam is a sectional warp beam. Included are accessories and bench. A move and lack of space is forcing me to sell. SE 71st and Foster Rd. Portland, Oregon. $850.00 . Please contact Lila by email.

30″ Eight Harness Jack Loom (10/8/2018) - 222-18

This is a 30″ eight harness jack loom. Brand new, never used. I have a much larger J-Made loom and this loom just sat. It’s time to let it go. It is solid maple. As a table loom it’s easy to take to workshops. The conversion kit turns it into a floor loom. Beautifully crafted. There are two reeds that go with it. One has four dents/inch the other is 12 dents/inch. Original instructions are included. We live in La Grande and can make arrangements to bring it to the Portland area or to Boise. Almost 34″ x 34″ base. I can forward a photo. $750.00.  Please contact Shelley by email.

Norwood 8 Harness 42″ Loom Plus Bench (10/8/2018) - 221-18

8 harness 10 treadle cherry Norwood loom in excellent condition. Includes three 42″ stainless steel reeds 10,12,15 dent and cherry bench.
Also treadle chains and crank handle. Plain warp beam. Can be picked up in Missoula, Montana or shipped (at cost). Photos available by email.  $850.  Please contact Minie by email.

43″ Norwood Cherry Loom (10/7/2018) - 220-18

43 inch NORWOOD CHERRY loom, great condition, six shuttles, can be folded for easy moving.
No delivery.  Located in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Please contact Carolyn by email.  $400.

8 Shaft Baby Wolf for Sale (9/24/2018) - 206-18

Lovingly cared for 8 Shaft Baby Wolf loom for sale. A Baby Wolf is a great loom to have if you have limited space because it folds up even with a warp on it. This loom has many additional accessories such as a stroller which means when it is folded four wheels drop down so you can move it around easily. The other accessories I purchased for this loom are a high castle so you have somewhere to put your scissors and other weaving tools, a raddle with a wooden top to enclose the threads, a Wolf trap which fits onto the front of the loom which is great to hold the shuttles in a multi shuttle weave. Also included are 12, 10 and 8 dent reeds, 200 extra heddles and a bench. The total amount for the added accessories is $985.00. Replacement value if you were to purchase this loom and the accessories new would be just over $4500.00 plus tax and I am selling it for $3400.00. CDN or $2600.00 US. Located in North Vancouver. Email me .

Free jack loom (9/23/2018) - 204-18

44″ weaving width, 8/10 homemade jack-type loom of unknown wood and provenance free to good home. In terms of style, it is closest in resemblance to a Macomber, with hinged metal jacks located in the upper part of the castle. The loom is complete but still needs a bit of work and some replacement parts to make it weaving-ready. More information and photos upon request. May be able to deliver and offer help with assembly within a reasonable distance to Kent, WA. Email.

60″ J-made 8 H loom (9/20/2018) - 203-18

60 in. Wide J- made 8 H loom with fly shuttle. Includes bench, tensioner. Solid maple. Excellent for rugs as well as fine threads. Locking treadles.Federal Way Wa. $1500. Email.

Nilus LeClerc Mira Counterbalance Floor Loom (9/19/2018) - 202-18

Nilus LeClerc Mira Counterbalance Floor Loom. 36″ Weaving Width. 4 harness. 6 treadles. In great condition. Northport, WA.$500. Email.

Harrisville Collingwood Rug Loom (9/18/2018) - 201-18

Harrisville Collingwood Rug Loom. 60” 4-harness, 8-treadle rug loom. Vertical countermarch with weighted beater, treadle locks, warp extender, worm gears and easy tie-up system. Includes shaft-switching device plus 4 additional harnesses that can be easily installed for conventional weaving, 4 and 6 dent reeds included. Asking $7000. Located in Montana. Buyer can pick up or pay for shipping. Weight: 350 pounds. Pictures available. Please email.

36″ Harrisville 4 Harness Loom with 8 dent reed (9/15/2018) - 196-18

For sale: 36″ Harrisville 4 Harness Loom with 8 dent reed. Two swing arm lamps attached for great lighting. Located in Kelso, WA.
$200/offer. Email.

Crisp “Ruthie” Vertical Tapestry Loom 6′ by 50″ wide (9/15/2018) - 194-18

Crisp “Ruthie” vertical tapestry loom.  Loom is approximately 6 feet tall x 50 inches wide.  This is  a beautiful maple loom.  Loom must be picked up.  I can send pictures is you are interested. Located in Hood River, Oregon.  $1200.00  Please contach Kathy by email.

Glimakra 59″ Countermarche Standard Floor Loom 8 Shafts (9/15/2018) - 191-18

Glimakra 59 inch Countermarch Standard Floor Loom, 8 shafts, great for rugs. Must downsize. Beautiful Swedish pine, barely used, perfect condition. Comes with everything a new loom comes with except price. New sells for $5900, will sell for $4300. Cash only. You pick up, I will show you how to assemble, or you pay freight at approximately $400 depending on your location. Located in Missoula, Montana .  $4300  Please contact Susan by email.

LeClerc Nilus Nilart 45″ 12 Harness Jack Loom w/Bench (9/10/2018) - 187-18

LeClerc Nilus Nilart 45″, 12 harness, 14 treadle jack loom with bench (has storage and open ends).  Serial number indicates it was made in 1977.  I’m the third owner and actual weaving time is very low.  Has new 12 dent reed and 4 more original reeds (12, 10, 8 and 4 dent).  Comes with original manual, new brake and aprons that have not been installed, and lease sticks. Located in Post Falls, Idaho. $1600.00 Please contact Sheila by email.  Pictures available on request via email.  Could help with delivery.

Handcrafted Jack Loom 40″ 8 Harnesses (9/10/2018) - 186-18

40 inch 8H 12T hand-crafted myrtlewood jack loom, 1 yd sectional beam, texsolv tie-ups, 1000 wire heddles, 12-dent reed. Email for photos. Located in Shelton, Washington. $650  Please contact Mary by email.


Schacht Navajo Spindle (9/3/2018) - 180-18

Schacht Navajo Spindle  Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. $20  Please contact Mary by email.

LeClerc 4 Harness Floor Loom 48″ Weaving Width (9/1/2018) - 180-18

LeClerc  4 harness floor loom 48″ approximately 5 ft wide x 3.5 ft height, 6 foot pedals. In pristine condition like new, I will include a warping board, 3 boat style wooden shuttles, 6 bobbins and a bobbin spinner with the purchase of the loom.
I will show loom by appointment to seriously interest buyers, please email me to arrange a viewing. Located in Vancouver Washington.  $2950.00   Please contact Beth by email.

Macomber Floor Loom 64″ 20 Harnesses Plus Bench and Other Extras (9/1/2018) - 179-18

Macomber Floor Loom – $6500 . 64″ weaving width, 20H, (78″overall width, 51″ overall depth of loom).  1″ sectional beam; computerized air system to create harness patterns plus a power cloth advance.  Included is a PC tower, keyboard, monitor, mouse, 2 speakers and the control box (dobbytron) between PC and air solenoids and Proweave software.  Also included is an 82″ wide adjustable sliding bench, boat shuttles and bobbins.  Pictures available. Located in Polson, Montana. $6500  Please contact Cheryl by email.