For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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4 Harness Swedish Loom (5/18/2022) - 154-22

4 harness Swedish loom.  This loom comes with shuttles and full of heddles already thread for more heddles, and 2 Leclerc reeds.   31″ wide by 31″ deep.  Excellent condition. I have many other weaving things if you would like to discuss them too.  Saanichton, BC.  $300. Email if interested.

TOIKA Two Harness Tapestry/Rug Loom (5/18/2022) - 153-22

TOIKA two harness tapestry or rug loom.  It was built in Toijala, Finland and of clear birch wood with all solid notch and wedge construction for easy dismantle and assembly.  It is 160cm wide with a weaving width of 59 inches.  Overall the measurements are 74″wide x 28″ deep and 68″high.  It is mounted on castors for easy mobility.  It includes 3 reeds (20, 30 and 40 dent), 2 temple stretcher bars, lease sticks, shuttle, and a large custom made warping board that is fitted on the back of the loom.  The beater bar can be suspended by springs of use alternate counterweight addition.  Included are several large bundles of Pendleton selvedges for rug making.  Photos are available.  Pick up in the greater Boise area or delivery is negotiable in the PNW.  Asking $1200 payable by Pay Pal or cash in person.  Boise, ID.  Email if interested

36″ 8 Shaft Gilmore Maple Jack Loom (5/16/2022) - 152-22

Gilmore 36″ maple jack loom, rigid series, 8 harness.  Includes sectional warp beam and plain beam.  Moving, so I need to find a buyer soon.  Oregon City, OR.  $1000.  Email if interested.

Fiber and Equipment Sale at Desert Fiber Arts Guild (5/16/2022) - 144-22

Fiber and equipment sale at Desert Fiber Arts Guild located at 101 N. Union St. Suite 208, Kennewick, WA.  99336.  The event will be on Friday, May 2oth and Saturday, May 21st. from 10AM to 2 PM.  There are cones of wool, silk, linen, cotton etc. ($.50 per oz, 2lb grab bags of skeins, cakes, partial cones for $5.00).  In addition there are looms, tools, warping bards, spinning wheel, fiber dyes and much more!  Email if you have any questions.

40″ Jack Loom (5/15/2022) - 151-22

40″ Jack loom with 4 harnesses and 6 treadles.  It has texsolv heddles and comes with extra heddles and reeds.  Weaving bench is neg.  Can’t use anymore because of disability.  Great loom and possible delivery.  Shelton, WA. $300.  Email if interested.

32″ 8 Dent Heddle for a Kromski RHL (5/15/2022) - 150-22

32″ 8 dent heddle for a Kromski RHL.  I purchased the wrong size, this has been used by the previous owner and is in great shape.  I would also be willing to trade for an 8, 10, 12 dent 24″ heddle or for shuttles.  Olympia, WA.  $55.  Email if interested.

60″ AVL PDL 16 Shaft Dobby and Compu Dobby (5/15/2022) - 149-22

60″AVL PDL 16 shaft dobby and compu dobby air assist fly shuttles, 7 shuttles, 5 heavy yarn and 2 regular, and extra reeds.  This is an excellent loom and truly a fast loom.  Comes with lease sticks, lots of pirns and automatic pirn winder.  1 yard sectional and plain beam.  If you are interested in fast paced production weaving this loom is  a dream.  I tried using the compudobby for one week and switched to the dobby.  It worked fine but it just wasn’t for me.  I’m not a tech person.  Pics are available and the loom is warped and ready to weave on. Victor, MT.  $13,500.  Email if interested.

Glimakra Standard Loom with Bench (5/15/2022) - 148-22

Glimakra standard loom with 59″ weaving width.  This beautiful loom comes with a 48″ bench and multiple reeds warped and ready to weave.  Pictures are available.  SW Montana.  $3500.  Email if interested.

8 Shaft Klentz Loom with 48″ Weaving Width (5/15/2022) - 145-22

8 shaft, 10 treadle Jack-type floor loom.  This loom has a 48″ weaving width.  The total width of the loom is 55″.  The loom is made by “Klentz” in California, probably in the 1960’s.  The loom appears to be solid maple and it has been refinished and completely refurbished so it is in excellent condition.  The beater bar has a weighted handle (removable) to add force to your beating when weaving heavy items such as rugs.  The loom comes with the following: approximately 600 new inserted eye heddles, 3 reeds (6, 10 and 12 DPI), a removable high castle (with storage baskets), a “trap” (can be added to the front beam for holding shuttles, bobbins, etc.), a bench with a lid that opens for storage, a roll of 48″ wide craft paper, approximately 20′ long and a “Warp Aide” warping assistant/tensioning system that was custom made for this loom.  This includes a raddle, blocks to lift the shafts, reed holder, lease sticks and more.  The loom must be picked up.  Photos are available.  $1499.  Ashland, OR.  Email if interested.

20″, 4 Shaft Table Loom (5/15/2022) - 146-22

20″, 4 shaft table loom.  The maker of the loom is unknown made of Oak and Maple.  The loom is in good condition has string heddles and a 15 dent reed.  It is missing two dowels.  Pictures are available.  Port Orchard, WA.  $  Email if interested.

36 inch 4-shaft Leclerc Nilus Artisat Loom (5/13/2022) - 143-22

36 inch 4-shaft Leclerc Nilus Artisat jack floor loom.   It has 600 Texsolv heddles and 580 wire heddles.  Comes with buyer’s choice of 8 or 12-dent reed.  Pictures are available.  Eugene, OR.  $550.  Email if interested.

Gilmore Wave Loom (5/13/2022) - 143.22

Gilmore Wave Loom for sale: useful for tablet, inkle and two shaft or pickup bands of all kinds. Size is the Small Wave with all original attachments and equipment included as pictured and described on the Gilmore website. Also included are the extras made by Gilmore for the wave including raddle, reed holder, two reeds (10 and 12), the Gilmore Wave stand, a Gilmore Dory shuttle with several bobbins. Excellent, like new condition. $600. Clinton, Washington.  Email if interested.


16 Shaft Table Loom (5/13/2022) - 142-22

16 shaft table loom for sale: more than 800 texsolv heddles (at least 50 per shaft), 3 stainless steel reeds (10, 12, and 6), a 10″ weaving width, lease sticks, and Leclerc shuttle.  Excellent functional and cosmetic condition. Custom made by Dundas of Missoula. located in Clinton, Washington. $900. Email if interested.

Several Table Looms, Tapestry Loom and Books (5/13/2022) - 141-22

Several ads for table looms, a tapestry loom and  weaving books are posted on the Whidbey Weaver’s Guild website.  All are located in Clinton, WA.  Prices and photos are shown in the ads.  Email if interested.



Two Crisp “Ruthie” Vertical Tapestry Looms (5/13/2022) - 140-22

The first “Ruthie” vertical tapestry loom has a 45″ weaving width.  It is maple wood. $2000. or best offer.  The second “Ruthie” vertical tapestry loom has a 60″ weaving with.  It is maple wood.  $4000.  or best offer.  Both looms are beautiful and in excellent condition.  Moscow, ID.  $2000-$4000.  Email if interested.

Weaving Loom Bench (5/13/2022) - 139-22

Weaving bench.  Belgrade, MT.  Free.  Email if interested.

48″ Floor Loom With Lots of Extras (5/10/2022) - 138-22

48in floor loom loom, with lots of extras. Made by a Portland company, inherited it, so I know nothing, just needs to go. I can send pictures. Open to barter or cash offer. It is big  Portland OR.  Barter.  Email if interested.


8 Shaft Norwood 862 Cranbrook Countermarche (5/10/2022) - 137-22

Norwood 862 Cranbrook Countermarche weaving loom.  This is an 8 shaft loom, with a 62” weaving width and a 10 dent reed. Includes loom bench, suspended tool shelf, extra warp assembly, 3’ sectional warp beam attachment, spool rack and tensioner. Perfect condition. Photos available on request. Bozeman, Montana. Buyer responsible for shipping or pickup.  $7500 OBO. Email if interested.





45 inch Leclerc Tissart Tapestry Loom (5/8/2022) - 135-22

45 inch Leclerc Tissart Tapestry loom that needs a new home.  This loom is in very nice shape for an oldie. The original metallic sticker said “01/ 67” which means it was made in January 1967. This label fell off during our last move unfortunately. There is only one small mark on a front support post.  I upgraded the heddles to inserted eye heddles (200) and I have 2 new off white apron cloths ready to replace the older grey ones. There’s no reed provided with this loom. It has a small tool tray in front and it has a shedding device.  Its awkward to assemble and took two people two days due to no manual, so I recommend the buyer wrap it well and lay it down flat in the back of a truck bed ‘as is’ and save yourself a lot of headaches!  I’m only the third owner of the loom and its very lightly used before me. Campbell River, Vancouver Island,  $500.  Email if interested.


AVL 60” 16 Harness Dobby Loom (5/3/2022) - 134-22

AVL 60” 16 Harness Dobby Loom with single box fly shuttle beater; standard and 1-yard sectional warp beams; tension box with track and mounting system; yardage counter; automatic cloth advance system; thick yarn hand shuttle with 12 hand and fly shuttle bobbins; Texsolve heddles; 6 and 10 dent reeds; and the User’s Manual.   This also includes a cone rack and electric bobbin winder (still in packaging). This loom was delivered in 2002.  It wasn’t completely constructed when I moved to Turkey.  When I returned seven years later, I added a 20+ yard natural cotton warp to the sectional beam.  That’s it.  I’ve never threaded the heddles or set up the dobby.  I realized that I’d changed my direction in life.  It’s a beautiful loom and deserves to be used.  It’s been in my heated studio this entire time.   I’ll supply photos upon request for serious inquiries.  Must pick up in Langley, Washington.  $7500.  Email if interested.







4 Shaft Cherry Norwood Workshop Loom (5/2/2022) - 133-22

Cherry Norwood Workshop Loom.  This loom has 4 shafts, 6 treadles and a 16″ weaving width.  Includes 8, 10, 12 dent new reeds, 400 new inserted eye heddles, 400 steel heddles, Texsolv tie-up cords, original chain tie-ups, sectional warp beam and pegs, custom made shelf for shuttles, instructions.  Folds up for moving.  Pictures available.  Troy, ID.  $650.  Email if interested.

8 Shaft Mighty Wolf (5/1/2022) - 132-22

8 Shaft Mighty Wolf with stroller (wheels), wolf trap, Schacht bench with saddlebags and 12 dent reed.  Manufacture date 10/16/2003.   This loom sale is part of a guild fund-raising event, and the proceeds will be shared with the Eugene Weavers’ Guild.  Photos on request.  Eugene, OR.  $3200.  Email if interested.



4 Shaft LeClerc Artisat Loom (5/1/2022) - 131-22

4 Shaft LeClerc Artisat Loom, 36″ weaving width, good condition.  This loom is part of a fund raising event for the Eugene Weavers’ Guild. Pictures on request.  Eugene, OR.  $550.  Email if interested.

Schacht 4-shaft 20″ Table Loom with Stand (4/29/2022) - 126-22

Schacht 4-shaft 20″ table loom with stand (Schacht discontinued but supports 20-inch looms; they only make 15″ table looms).  Includes 12-dent reed with minor rust.  Missing one heddle bar – easily replaced from Schacht.  Photos available.  Mt. Shasta, CA.  $400.  Email if interested.

Rio Grande Walking Loom (4/29/2022) - 124-22

Original Rachael Brown Weaving Southwest Rio Grande Loom.  This loom is 61 inches wide with a 45″ weaving width though I think you could go wider.  It is the Cadillac model with 4 shafts and 4 treadles.  It is made of beautiful solid hard rock maple. Big, heavy and rigid.  It comes with 6, 8, 10 and 15 dent reeds and is in like new condition.  Moscow, ID.  $3000 or best offer or trade for wood working machinery, metal working machinery, harpsichord or antique bicycles.  Email if interested.





Fireside 4 shaft loom with bench (4/25/2022) - 122-22

Fireside 4 shaft loom with bench.  This loom has a 40″ weaving width and also includes 4 reeds – 5,8, 10, & 15 dents. Photos are available. Bend, OR.  Cash, Venmo or Credit Card accepted. $600.  Email if interested.



Beautiful 60″ Nilus Leclerc 4 harness Loom (4/24/2022) - 121-22

This classic, sturdy, well-loved Nilus Leclerc is a 60″ Jack floor loom.  It has woven countless blankets, rugs, coverlets, cloth, scarves, placemats and so much more in its colorful life with just one owner. The wonderful width allows weaving as wide or narrow as needed. (It can fold to a 26” depth when not in use) Includes: 10” & 12” dent reeds, lease/warp sticks, many wooden shuttles w/bobbins (various sizes and widths), reed hooks, bobbin winder, 1000 + extra heddles, original Leclerc manual, and hinged lidded bench with open side storage all ready for its next fiber enthusiast.  Photos of the loom and extra supplies/materials available. Corvallis, OR.  $1200.   Please email if interested.





Murpy Loom (4/23/2022) - 119-22

48″ Murpy loom out of Seattle.  Pictures are available.  We are asking for a reasonable and fair offer.  Enumclaw, WA.  Email if interested.

Dundas Loom (4/23/2022) - 118-22

29″ x 28″ deep Dundas Loom that belong to our Grandmother.  Pictures are available.  Accepting fair and reasonable offers.  Enumclaw, WA. Email if interested.

Oregon Made 4-Shaft 45″ Counterbalance Loom (4/20/2022) - 117-22

Oregon Made 4-Shaft 45″ Counterbalance Weaving loom. Handmade from direction booklet, included. Comes with treadles, metal heddles, reed, cloth aprons, raddle and bench. Measures 50″ wide by 40″ deep, 60″ tall and folds to 29″ deep, so it will go thru 30″ door. Located in  Lincoln City, OR.  Lincoln City, OR. $300  OBO.  Email if interested.

4 Shaft Hammett Counterbalance Loom (4/16/2022) - 115-22

4 shaft Hammett counterbalance loom with 6 treadles and 44 inch weaving width. this loom comes with a 8 dent reed and raddle and lots of heddles. Proceeds will be donated to Central Oregon Spinners and Weavers Guild.  Redmond, Oregon.  $100. or best offer.  Email if interested.



Folding 45″ Nilus Leclerc 4 shaft Loom (4/9/2022) - 109-22

Folding 45″ Nilus Leclerc 4 shaft, six treadle jack loom.  This loom has had two owners and was built in the eighties.  Sale includes: a homemade raddle, lease sticks, new tie-up cords and pins, two heddle/reed hooks, three reeds (2x 10 EPI and 1x 12 EPI), bench with storage, manual, tools, warp sticks, 12x stick shuttles (various sizes and widths, some very long), and 1 pick up stick. Vancouver, BC.  $800 CAD.  Email if interested


8 Harness Klentz Loom (4/9/2022) - 111-22

8 harness Klentz loom from approx. 1970’s.   Very solid loom.   Weaving width 43 1/2 inches.   Footprint 44″ by 50″.  Photos are available.  Olympia, WA.  $500.  Email if interested.

Rigid Heddle Ashford Floor Stand (4/9/2022) - 110-22

Rigid Heddle Ashford floor stand. Like new condition, Works with 15/24/32 inch looms.  Price includes shipping.  Spokane, WA.  $120.  Email if interested.

Loomcraft loom- 40 inch weaving width (4/4/2022) - 106-22

This Loomcraft loom has 4 shafts and is made of maple  It has a 40″ weaving width and a 12 dent reed is included with the purchase. Also included is a project! It is threaded in rosepath;  you can try out the loom to see how it feels to weave on, then finish weaving it at home. Wenatchee, WA. $500. Email if interested.





Oak 8 Shaft Fireside Floor Loom (3/31/2022) - 103-22

Beautiful OAK Fireside floor loom with a low profile. This loom has a 40″ weaving width with 8 shafts and 10 treadles. The beam is reversible so you can use it either  as a regular warp beam or as a sectional beam. The breast beam and beater are removable for easy threading. The back beam folds up for better storage. Sold with a 12-dent reed, metal heddles, lease sticks and Leclerc closed bottom shuttle. Picture available. Available for pickup in Cody, WY. $2000.  Email if interested.



8 Shaft Mighty Wolf Floor Loom More (3/29/2022) - 102-22

8 Shaft Mighty Wolf floor loom with a 10 dent reed.  It has a maple bench with bags, a trap and a stroller.  In addition there is a 12 dent reed, a 20″ table loom, a warping board, a hand bobbin winder, a close bottom shuttle, 3 large open bottom shuttles, 2 small open bottom shuttles, and 1 medium open bottom shuttle and 30 bobbins.  There is 1 closed bottom, Palo Verde, 2 bobbin, 1 stick, two 20″ sticks, three 16″ sticks, 1 cherry rag shuttle, 1 heddle hook, 2 brass hooks.  Also included are all my weaving books and magazines at no added cost.  Will only sell as a package.  Eugene, OR.  $4300.  Email if interested.

Rigid Heddle Table Loom by Shriver (3/29/2022) - 101-22

This rigid heddle table loom by Shriver has 2 shafts.  It is 12.5″ x 16.75″ wide and 18.5″ long.  The weaving width is 16.75″.  Please send phone number since pictures are on my smart phone.  Spokane, WA.  $100.  Email if interested.

Schacht 4 Shaft floor loom (3/28/2022) - 100-22

Schacht 4 shaft floor loom with two lease stick, two boat shuttles, pick up stick, threading hook, Warping board and three books for handweavers.  Pictures are available.  Spokane, WA.  $1100.  Email if interested.



4 Shaft Baby Wolf Floor Loom (3/28/2022) - 098-22

Baby Wolf, 26-in., 4-shaft floor loom for sale. Like new. Easily ‘folds’ for portability. Has six treadles, high castle and wolf stroller as well as electric bobbin winder for shuttle bobbins, warping board, 10-, 12- and 15-dent reeds, 250 metal heddles, lease sticks, 5 flat shuttles, assorted sizes, 3 boat shuttles, 1 double boat shuttle, 1 rug shuttle, reed hook, heddle threader, tie up and treadle cords, lace curtain kit, scarf kit, waffle weave towel kit, assorted cones of threads.  Winlock, WA.  $1500.  Email if interested.

16 Shaft J-Made Loom (3/28/2022) - 097-22

J-Made loom approximately 15 years old, one owner.  The loom is in excellent condition; 16 shafts, 18 treadles; 48in wide weaving width.  It has a sectional beam and a plain beam, worm gears on both.  There are many inserted eye heddles.  It comes with J-Made raddle that easily attaches, a second back beam, an extra race with fly shuttle and matching bench.  Pictures available upon request.  Woodinville, WA. $3500.  Email if interested.

36 inch 4 shaft Leclerc Nilus Floor Loom (3/25/2022) - 095-22

36 inch 4 shaft Leclerc Nilus Floor Loom.  Includes 2 reeds, lease sticks, boat shuttle . Has a built in light on the castle.  North Vancouver, B.C.  $350. CDN.  Email if interested.

Spool Rack that holds 80 Spools (3/25/2022) - 093-22

Older spool rack – will hold 80 spools. I can’t find a manufacturer’s name on it.  Width 39 1/4 inches, Height 35 3/4 inches.  Nanoose Bay, BC. Canada.  $100.  Email if interested.



54” Fireside 8 Harness Loom & Bench (3/23/2022) - 091-22

Fireside loom and bench, 8-Harnesses, 10 treadles, with double back beams, steel heddles, and 2 LeClerc shuttles.  Includes 8, 10, and 12 dent reeds. The loom was made in Deadwood, Oregon in 1981 (#225).  Excellent condition.  $3,500.  Pickup in Salem, Oregon area.  Pictures are available.  Email if interested.

7′ X 7′ Low-warp Aubusson Tapestry Loom (3/16/2022) - 084-22

7′ x 7′ Low-warp Aubusson Tapestry loom.  Built by the Open Hand workshop of Berkeley, CA. with Jean Pierre Larochette.  Sale includes loom, bobbin winder, 2 side boxes (bobbin holders), bobbins, leashes, 4 pedals, various tools ie.. metal combs, 20 boxes of yarns, books. bench cushion (if wanted) Must be picked up.  Roller beams are very heavy, it takes 2 people to lift and assemble.  Located on Whidbey Island.  Freeland, WA.  $8,500 OBO.  Email if interested.

Newcomb Rug Loom (3/15/2022) - 082-022

Newcomb Rug Loom, circa 1971.  Model: Studio Art 3910 with 36″ weaving width. 2-shaft countermarche.  Richland, WA.  $600 OBO.  Email if interested.

Floor Stand for Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom (3/7/2022) - 076-22

Floor stand for a 16″ Ashford Rigid Heddle loom.  It was purchased in Dec. 2020.  It comes from a smoke free and pet free home.  It is in perfect condition and has only been used for about 4 projects.  Spokane, WA.  $140.  Email if interested.

40″ B5 Macomber 4 Shaft Loom (3/7/2022) - 075-22

40″ B5 Macomber serial number 239x.  This loom has 4 shafts, a sectional warp beam with friction brake, 3 reeds (40″ 12 dent, 40″ 15 dent, 20″ 12 dent) a 30″ bench, 20 x 12 spool rack and all or most of the standard tools and accessories.  I have a Pickup and delivery is negotiable in the beautiful NW U.S.A.  Pictures are available. Blaine, WA.  $1000.  Email if interested.

48″ Floor Loom (3/2/2022) - 073-22

48″ Floor loom made in Portland, OR.  Additional accessories are included.  This loom was gifted to me.  Pictures are available.  Portland, OR. $2000 OBO.  Email if interested.

Wooden Cone Rack (2/26/2022) - 065-22

Wooden cone rack that holds 24 cones.  44″ wide by 46″ tall when folded in half.  Photos available.  Bellingham, WA.  $80.  Email if interested.