For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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45″ Norwood Cherry Loom 4 Harness Plus Extras (9/15/2019) - 201-19

Norwood Cherry Loom
45″ loom, 6 treadles, 4 harness in excellent condition.
Included in sale – 3 reeds, new Spolmaskin Bobbin Winder, fabric cutter, fringe twister, 3 shuttles, stretcher bar, variety of weaving books and several cases of assorted yarn. Items NOT sold separately.  $1,300. Located in Beaverton Oregon. Delivery service not available.
Please contact Doris by email.



44″ “The Ideal” Antiques 2 Harness Loom Plus Extras (9/15/2019) - 197-9

Antique Loom for sale.  $300. “The Ideal”, a two harness floor loom, manufactured by the Reed Loom Co. in the late 1800’s. 44” wide x 47” deep, 36” weaving width. This sturdy loom is ideal for weaving rugs. Top head roller, heavy beater, breast beam, metal hand crank, 14 dent per inch reed, but adjustable reed frame can accommodate other size reeds. Shuttles, sley hook, incl. Wood structure is in good condition, the apron cloths and metal tie bars are missing, some spreader dowels and tie cords need replaced.
*Also available, and will consider a discount price on any items if sold with the loom:
-For Rug/Tapestry weaving. $50. : 9 skeins of sturdy linen warp; good quality wool weaving yarn- 8 skeins white (Wilde), 11 skeins beautiful colors (Harrisville).
-Weaving or Knitting. $25. : 1 bag of wool yarn, assorted colors. (Bear brand) Located in
Stevensville, Montana. $300. Please contact Marina by email.

60″ Cranbrook 8 Harness Countermarche Plus Extras (9/13/2019) - 196-19

60″ Cranbrook 8 harness countermarche loom, built for me in 1974. Price includes bench, several reeds, extra heddles, raddle, lease sticks, and warping sticks. ($9,000 new!) Very good available on request. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. $3,500 Please contact Mary by email.


59″ Glimakra Countermarche Loom 10 Shafts, Bench and Many Extras (9/8/2019) - 194-19

Glimakra Countermarche Standard Loom. 150cm (59”)
10 shafts, 12 treadles. Double warp beams, second one with sectional attachments,
3 reeds: sizes 8,10, and 12. 2 raddles, old style and newer one, 40” Glimakra temple
Glimakra bench, 42”.  Lease sticks, warping sticks  and rubber foot pads. Located in
Sagle, Idaho . $3800 Please contact Cherie by email.
This loom is about 12 years old, and has had 2 owners. It’s in excellent condition.


45″ Nilart 12 Shaft Loom with Bench and Reeds (9/6/2019) - 193-19

45 inch Nilart 12 shaft, 14 treadle loom with bench and reeds. I have several surplus reeds I’ll be glad to include. Hard rock maple, Assembly instructions included. This loom is still supported by the manufacturer and they have a lot of nice options you can add like shaft weights and treadle springs. It’s taken apart and ready to go! Located in Seattle/Bremerton area. $1200  Please contact Deb by email.

Counterbalance Loom 4 Harness (9/1/2019) - 192-19

Counterbalance loom with metal headles, 6 treadles/pedals, 8 dents per inch reed, well tensioned ratchet brake. If you’re interested and have questions we would love to talk and meet in person if possible. Located in Portland, Oregon. $400. Please contact Carlos by email. We had bought this loom from someone who was a lifelong weaver and textile lover but it’s time for us to downsize.

72″ Counter Balance Loom by Thought Products (9/1/2019) - 190-19

Beautiful 72″ handmade wooden counter balance loom made by Thought Products with original manual. Possibly cherry wood or rose wood.  It can be set up for counter-march, counter-balance or jack weaving. Included is the tapestry attachment. Perfect condition,   If you would like pictures or have anymore questions please email me. Located in Spokane Washington. $3000.00

60″ J-Made 12 Shaft Loom with Bench & 2 Reeds (8/31/2019) - 189-19

J-MADE FLOOR LOOM  12 shaft – 14 treadles . 60″ weaving width.
Beautiful custom made solid maple loom with bench.
2 reeds – 12 dent and 6 dent. Located in Yachats, Oregon . $2,800 Please contact Cathy by email.

50″ Glimakra Countermarche 10 Harness Loom Plus Extras (8/29/2019) - 188-19

Glimakra Loom  10-harness, 12 treadle countermarche loom.  50 inch weaving width.
Sectional beam with warping tension box, height adjustable bench, Texsolv heddles,
8, 10, 12, and 15-dent reeds.     raddle, lease sticks, warping sticks, assembly tools and instructions.
The Vavstuga tie-up system and is in very good condition. Located in Port Townsend, Washington. $2600.00  Please contact Marnie by email.

Wanted 8 Shaft Baby Wolf (8/28/2019) - 187-19

ISO – 8 shaft Baby Wolf.  Portland, Oregon area or there about.   Please contact Jerry by email.

40″ Harrisville Design 4 Shaft Loom (8/22/2019) - 183-19

Harrisville Design 4 shaft loom with 6 treadles, 40″ weaving width, 10 & 12 dent reeds. Good condition. Price is $500.  Please contact Karen by email. Located in Bend, Oregon.

45″ LeClerc Fanny II 4 Shaft with Bench (8/19/2019) - 180-19

LeClerc Fanny II Floor loom.Weaving width 45”. 4 shaft with bench and reed.
Very good condition. Located in West Linn, Oregon. $500.00. Please contact Shelley by email.

54″ Fireside 8 Shaft with Bench (8/19/2019) - 179-19

Fireside loom. 8 shaft 54” weaving width, with bench. Oak. Good condition
Ratchet break, lots of extra heddles and reed. Located in West Linn, Oregon. $600.00. Please contact Shelley by email.

Looms, wheels, and misc equipment (8/10/2019) - 177-19

For sale, proceeds to go to Skagit Valley Weavers Guild
Bergman, 4 shaft, countermarch loom $200
Kessenich 20 inch, Xfolding, 4 shaft floor loom. $100
Beautifully made oak sliding bench. $100
Larger horizontal Warping Mill. $70
Yarn blocking or skeining mill. $30
1st Mason single treadle, double drive spinning wheel $200
2nd wheel Mason-like single treadle, DD spinning wheel. $200

All are located in Snohomish, WA
Photos available on request
More info: Liz Moncrief

Glimakra Standard Loom (8/10/2019) - 176-19

Glimakra Standard Loom. 10 harness, 12 treadle, horizontal countermarch loom. 135 cm/53 inches weaving width. Parts to convert back to counterbalance included. Glimakra bench included. Used loom, but in excellent shape. Four reeds included (6, 10, 12, and 15, but only the 10 is the full length of 55 inches – the other three are 46 inches long). Plenty of Texsolv heddles. Currently set up and warped. Located in Shedd, OR near Albany and I-5. Local pick-up only. The loom is a pleasure to weave! Warping board, warping sticks, and extra yarn too! Albany, OR $2300. Email.

Oregon Trail 8 shaft, 10 treadle loom (7/26/2019) - 169-19

Oregon Trail 8 shaft, 10 treadle loom with bench and sectional beam; 3 reeds (6. 10 12 dent) and 45″ weaving width. Original owner has lovingly used and cared for this loom and is forced to downsize immediately. Photo available upon request. Located about an hour north of Seattle near Conway, WA. Asking $1500. Email.

Schacht 36″ 8 harness weaving floor loom (7/18/2019) - 165-19

Moving and have no room for a Schacht 36″ 8 harness weaving floor loom. It was made to order at the factory in Boulder, CO. It’s an 8 harness loom with stainless heddle bars, removable breast & back beams for ease in threading, friction brake on the warp beams and rachet brake on the cloth beam. Hardly used, in excellent condition. Includes lots of weaving stuff as seen in pictures and more along with books on weaving. Asking $2500. Pickup in Coeur d Alene. Email.

Schacht 8 Harness Baby Wolf (7/18/2019) - 164-19

The loom began as a 4 now 4 later. I recently purchased the 4 harness kit and installed it. The loom is in excellent/like new condition. The price includes extenders, BW stroller, raddle (never used) and a 12 dent reed. No bench. Located in Olympia. Asking $2300. For measurements please refer to Schacht website. Pick-up, no shipping.
Questions? Please contact me.

Inkle loom (7/18/2019) - 163-19

Like new Schacht Spindle inkle loom already warped. Located in Bend OR. Asking $50. Email

Warping Board (7/14/2019) - 160-19

Measures 27 3/4 x 37 3/4 Used but in good shape. Located in Bend Oregon. $30. Email.

45” Nilus Leclerc jack loom (7/13/2019) - 157-19

45” 4 harness Nilus Leclerc jack loom. Good condition. A solid loom. 12 dent reed and lease sticks included. Located in Parksville BC.
Asking $450. Email.

FS Woolhouse Tools 12 Shaft Carolyn Table Loom with Stand (7/3/2019) - 155-19

FS Woolhouse Tools 12 shaft Carolyn table loom with stand. Includes raddle, lease sticks, several reeds, bench, and shuttles. Perfect condition. Moving and must sell. Located in Gig Harbor, Washington. $750  Please contact Linnea by email.

LeClerc Nilus Loom (7/3/2019) - 154-19

Leclerc Nilus floor loom. Overall measurements: width is 43 ” Height is 43″ Depth is 32″ and the actual width of heddles is 38″  Located in Port Orchard, Washington. $250.Please contact Floy by email.




45-inch 4 harness Burnham loom (7/2/2019) - 153-19

I was given a loom at a yard sale because it had to go. It is a full size Burnham. It is a 45-inch 4 harness fly shuttle loom. I don’t see me using it. It has been several years. I would like to see it go to someone who would use it. I don’t want any money for it. If you know of someone who is interested, please email me and we can arrange something. Located in Klamath Falls.