For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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6 1/2” Flat Steel Heddles (3/22/2023) - 074-23

6 1/2″ Flat Steel heddles, like new. 89 heddles. Will ship at buyers expense. Photo available. $20 plus shipping if needed. Olympia, WA.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 8:04pm on Monday May 22nd, 2023

40” 4 Shaft Production Floor Loom (3/20/2023) - 072-23

Unspecified maker 40″ Production floor Loom. No warping in the beater. 6 treadles , 4 shaft, 1 Reed.  Not fancy but good for the beginning weaver.  Comes with some small equipment. Requires 2 people to lift for transport. Photos available upon request. $150.00. Coquille, OR. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 9:28pm on Saturday May 20th, 2023

40” 8 Shaft Fireside Loom (3/18/2023) - 071-23

Fireside Jack loom and traveling bench built by Gary Swett.  Solid cherry, 40” wide, 8 shafts, 12 treadles, 8, 10 and 12 dent reeds. Shows some minor wear but in excellent condition. $6000.00.  Walla Walla. WA. Will not ship or deliver. Must be picked up in Walla Walla. Cash or cashiers check only. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 7:48pm on Thursday May 18th, 2023

8 harness Schacht Baby Wolf weaving loom (3/15/2023) - 070-23

8 harness, 10 treadles, Schacht Baby Wolf weaving loom. Comes with a wolf trap tool tray, 2 reeds BUT NOTE weaving width 24.5 or 25.5 inches (not original reeds!), 1 schacht boat shuttle (6″) with 1 bobbin and 1 raddle. This loom is from a school so it has tape and writing on it, especially on the treadles. It is an older model but in perfectly good working order. It is missing the pin to hold reed in middle position for threading. An especially wonderful loom for workshops! $1800 Boise, Idaho
email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:17am on Monday May 15th, 2023

Macomber Model 35 Loom free to a Weaver’s Guild (3/14/2023) - 069-23

Beautiful Macomber Model 35 Loom in excellent condition. Would love this loom to go to a weaver’s guild to train new weavers, or to help a new weaver get started.  Free to a Weaver’s Guild.  Belfair, WA. We must move next week – March 20. Would like loom to be picked the weekend before the  20th. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 8:33pm on Sunday May 14th, 2023

48” 16 Harness AVL Production Dobby Loom (3/11/2023) - 067-23

48” AVL Production Dobby Loom (PDL).  Vintage Ahrens and Violette s/n 380069, Made in late 70’s or early 80’s.  16-harness with polyester heddles; Mechanical dobby, 200 dobby bars & thousands of pegs, plus peg wrench; Bottom swing beater with 8, 12, and 16-dent reeds; Four-box flyshuttle system (missing metal piece) with two shuttles; One-yard sectional warp beam with pegs at 2 inches; 11” plain warp beam; Built-in half bench; Cloth storage system, apron and rod; Old-style auto cloth advance system with pick wheels 20 thru 30; AVL raddle. Good condition … a fast weaver.  Asking price is $3500.  Boise, Idaho. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 9:04pm on Thursday May 11th, 2023

Weaving tools/parts (3/9/2023) - 065-23

I boat shuttle, multiple stick shuttles and various wooden parts for looms. Pictures on request.  Best Offer.  Seattle, WA.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 3:20pm on Tuesday May 9th, 2023

16” 4 Shaft Ashford Table Loom (3/9/2023) - 064-23

Ashford 4 shaft table loom (newer) with 16 in weaving width and #12 reed. In very good condition. Pictures on request. $550.00. Seattle, WA.Email if interested.

Listing expires at 3:15pm on Tuesday May 9th, 2023

Vintage Floor Looms (3/5/2023) - 060-23

Various Experienced Vintage Floor looms for sale.  Hammett’s No. 401, 4-shaft 6-treadle counter-balance w/ 30″ weaving space. Orco Model 70, 2-shaft 2-treadle counterbalance w/sectional warp beam, 38′ weaving space. Small 1930’s 4-shaft 4-treadle counterbalance w/string heddles, overhead beater. 26″ weaving space. Large 4-shaft jack loom w/sectional and live-weight warp beam. 44 inch weaving space, needs some finish work.  Each loom includes at least one reed. $500 each, reed included.  Local pickup only at The Hive library in Spokane, WA. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 10:45pm on Friday May 5th, 2023

Sx60 Saori Loom (2/24/2023) - 054-23

Sx60 Saori loom for sale in excellent condition. Comes with 1 1/2 rolls of prewound warp. Reduced to $850.00. Seattle, WA. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:09pm on Monday April 24th, 2023

40” 4 Harness Norwood Loom (2/24/2023) - 052-23

Norwood Floor Loom. 40-inch weaving width. Four harness, six treadles. Solid cherry wood. Sectional warp beam.  Included are: Norwood cherry wood bench seat with storage, spool rack (for sectional warping), extra heddles, tension box, electric bobbin winder, manual bobbin winder, 3 extra reeds, and several extra shuttles. I found my original receipt from 1980. I have a copy of the instruction manual and several pix of all the equipment mentioned. $2200.00. Spokane, WA. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:10pm on Monday April 24th, 2023

10” Ashford Sampleit Rigid Heddle Loom (2/20/2023) - 048-23

10” Ashford Sampleit Rigid Heddle loom.  It has never been used, so it is like new.  This is a great little loom for small projects like scarves and table runners.  It is also great for sampling.  The loom originally came unfinished, so I gave it a finish of tung oil.  In addition to the loom, it comes with three different dent reeds, 7.5, 10, and 12.5.  I will deliver to the ANWG conference or anywhere in western Oregon or Washington.  $300.00.  Located in Willamina, Oregon. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:12pm on Thursday April 20th, 2023

28” 4 Shaft Norwood Loom (2/20/2023) - 047-23

I am selling my beautiful 4-shaft, 6 treadle Norwood Cherry floor loom. Weaving width is 28 inches. It has one small ding on the top of one shaft but that is cosmetic and does not have any impact on its use. It folds for easy storage and transport. This is a great loom for either a beginner or experienced weaver. Comes with a copy of the instruction manual. Price is $625.  Pictures available.  I will deliver to the ANWG conference or anywhere in Western Oregon or Washington.   Located in Willamina, Oregon. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:14pm on Thursday April 20th, 2023

39” 8 Harness Gilmore Jack Loom (2/19/2023) - 046-23

50 year old Gilmore Jack loom 39″ width x 43-1/2″ length. 8 harness and 10 treadle loom with original wooden bench 30″ length x 13-1/2″ width  x 23″ ht. In great vintage condition. I’m only the second owner and has been maintained well. Pick up only. $4000.00.  Spokane, Washington. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:15pm on Wednesday April 19th, 2023

Mirrix Spencer Powder Treadle with Extra Plastic Bushing (2/16/2023) - 045-23

Mirrix Spencer Power Treadle with Extra Plastic Bushing. This is an older model, but it works great and is in excellent condition. I am including extra bushing so that you can transfer the treadle from one Mirrix loom to another with more ease. The original price of the treadle was $385.  This is an electric treadle for a portable Mirrix tapestry loom. You can easily change the shed (for tapestry weaving primarily) by pressing down on a pedal that will electronically change the shed without having to use your hands.  Instructions on how to set it up will be provided. There’s a separate posting for a Mirrix Harvey Loom Stand if you are interested. $250.00.  Beaverton, OR.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:15pm on Sunday April 16th, 2023

Mirrix Harvey Sitting/Standing Loom Stand (2/16/2023) - 044-23

Mirrix Harvey Sitting/Standing Loom Stand. The stand includes: tripod, bar with attached tray, two c-clamps to secure a loom to the bar. This listing is for the stand only.  The original price of the stand is $405. The five-and-a-half-foot tripod stand holds any Mirrix loom, except the Saffron Loom, at six different heights. A loom snaps on and off in an instant. A convenient tray holds tools, yarn and beads. You can either sit or stand at your loom mounted on the stand. This is a great alternative to using up table space. $250.00 Beaverton, OR.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:16pm on Sunday April 16th, 2023

36” 4 Shaft Leclerc Artisat Loom (2/16/2023) - 043-23

36” Leclerc Artisat four-shaft loom. Originally purchased in 1973, this well cared-for loom comes with original 1973 sales documents. Included are 10-, 12-, and 15-dent reeds, lease sticks, 6 treadles, metal warp rods, cloth aprons, and 1000 new 10.5” wire heddles. Folds up to 44”across, 16” deep, 43” high. Also included is a lovely custom oak bench with hinged storage under the seat.  Photos and additional information available. $850.00.  Pullman, WA. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:17pm on Sunday April 16th, 2023

44” 8/10 Harness Loom (2/14/2023) - 041-23

Loom currently in use for sale: 100 year old Binder solid maple 8/10 harness. 44″ weaving width, with 12 treadles and three reeds. Set up for sectional warping with tensioner. Includes spool rack, electric spool and bobbin winder, spools, boat and stick shuttles, and umbrella swift. This is a solid and well designed loom. Also available with loom sale only, boxes of quality yarns on cones and skeins. $1500.00. Waldport, OR. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:18pm on Friday April 14th, 2023

60” 8 Harness Bergman Loom (2/9/2023) - 039-23

Bergman (?) loom. 60 inch, 8 harness, 8 treadle. Comes with 2 reeds, and a few other accessories.  It came with a Glimakra owners manual, but I’ve been told it’s probably a Bergman. $1000.00. Greenbank Washington. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:20pm on Sunday April 9th, 2023

96” 8 Shaft Cranbrook Countermarch Loom (2/2/2023) - 037-23

96″ 8 shaft Cranbrook countermarch loom. 10 locking treadles, 3 reeds, string heddles, lease sticks, warp separators, suspended rack for lease sticks and reeds, pristine condition. Pickup with long bed or trailer needed for pick up.  $3500.00.  Boise Idaho.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:19pm on Sunday April 2nd, 2023

45” 8 Shaft Floor Loom (2/2/2023) - 036-23

Wonderful 8 shaft, 45″ floor loom with 10 treadles.  The wood is maple and is in excellent condition.  This loom is great for weaving rag rugs and throws.  A maple bench with a drawer is included.  The 12, 10 and 8 dent reeds are also included.  Asking $500 but will negotiate with serious, interested buyer.  Will help with loading your truck or trailer.  For questions and pictures or if interested in buying, please email. Boise area, Idaho.

Listing expires at 11:18pm on Sunday April 2nd, 2023

12 Harness Thought Products Barbara V Loom (1/28/2023) - 032-23

Thought Products Barbara V Loom.  Beautiful solid cherry wood, 75” x 55” x 80″.  12 harnesses, 20 treadles, 2 modes of tapestry weaving, 3 modes of fabric weaving (rising shed, sinking shed, rising/sinking shed). All wires, cables, wire heddles, 2 reeds (5,10), attachments and manual and tools.  Buyer pickup, will need truck or trailer.  Will email pictures on request.  Location Burns, OR. $1,500.00.  Burns, Oregon. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:23pm on Tuesday March 28th, 2023

60” 16 Shaft AVL Loom (1/28/2023) - 031-23

60″ AVL, PDL a beautiful 16 shaft loom doby with extra bars and pegs also a compudoby (I know nothing about) two box air assist fly shuttle. Includes lots of extras parts, five large yarn shuttles extra pirns, One yard sectional beam extra doby and shaft cables, extra shafts and heddles.  Automatic pirn winder available but not included. Seller will help disassemble and load includes AVL manual. Warped ready to weave. $10,500.00.  Victor, Mt.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:23pm on Tuesday March 28th, 2023