For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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60″ LeClerc Nulus II Eight Shaft Loom (11/12/2019) - 232-19

LeClerc Nilus II 60″ jack loom with sectional warping beam.  Eight shafts, ten treadles.  Vertical warp extender included, if wanted.  No bench.  Excellent condition.  Pick up by buyer. Located in Bandon, Oregon. $1000  Please contact Roberta by email.



40″ Macomber Ad-A-Harness 4 Shafts Plus Extras (11/12/2019) - 231-19

B5 40 inch Macomber Ad-a-Harness loom.  4 shafts, expandable to 10.  Comes with many additional heddles, a couple of shuttles, sleying hook, and a piano bench I used for weaving on it.  Was a student loom, works fine, but has stains from warp painting, masking tape and general age.   Located on the central OR coast.  Additional stainless steel reed, purchased new last year, for $50. Located in Lincoln City, Oregon.
$350  Please contact Melody by email.



60″ AVL Production Dobby Loom 16 Shaft Computer Assist (11/10/2019) - 230-19

60″ AVL Production Dobby Loom, 16 Shaft, Computer Assist.Loom #308 I have owned and used this loom since 1985. 16 shaft with polyester heddles. Computer dobby: Flatwater Electronics (using Fiberworks PCW). Mechanical dobby with 100 bars, pegs, ties and wrench included can be installed instead. Bottom swing beater with 1-box flyshuttle system, reeds 5, 10 & 12 dents/inch. Warp  lease sticks. 1-yard sectional warp beam with 2” sections. Additional plain warp beam. Tension box track and mount. Cloth storage system with apron and rod. Automatic Warp Tension system with sandpaper beam. Older cloth advance system, uninstalled, but front beam is prepared. End feed fly shuttle and pirns. Assembly and use instruction manuals. Located near Langley, Washington on Whidbey Island $5250.  Please contact Molly by email.   Photos available.  Buyer responsible for dismantling, crating and shipping.

LeClerc Floor Loom (11/7/2019) - 227-19

 LeClerc floor loom. Foot print approximately  34″ X 68″. I have never had room to use it so I don’t know much about it. Contact Betty by email.  Located in Libby, Montana. $500

42″ Gilmore jack weaving loom 8 Shaft (11/5/2019) - 225-19

Gilmore jack weaving loom circa 1950s, 8 shaft, 12 treadle, 42in weaving width. Flat steel heddles. Can weave anything – lace to heavy rugs. Stainless steel reed, and 4 more reeds, a couple of them brand new!. Fair condition – cosmetic evidence of use. $1200. Photos on request. Located in Bellingham. Email Eric.

48″ Macomber Ad-A-Harness Plus Bench (11/4/2019) - 223-19

Macomber Ad-A-Harness.  48 inch Model B4D.  Loom is in excellent condition and includes bench and extra heddles. Located in Sagle, Idaho. $850 Please contact Bev by email.

20″ Bergman 4 Harness Table Loom (11/4/2019) - 222-19

Bergman Table Loom for Sale 4 harness table loom 20” weaving width . 10 dent reed, shuttles, 2 reed hooks, and lease sticks included. Weaving books  also included Price $150.00 Contact Kathy by email.  Located in Clinton, Washington on Whidbey Island.

Allen Folding Loom (11/4/2019) - 221-9

Allen Folding Loom.  20 spindles of thread.  6 wooden shuttles.  It appears to be in great condition but I know nothing about them as it was my mother’s. Located in Coos Bay, Oregon. $300 OBO  Please contact Vickie by email.

40″ B5 Macomber (10/28/2019) - 219-19

40″ B5 Macomber serial number 239x – 4 harness, sectional warp beam w/ friction brake, three reeds:40×12,40×15 & 20×12, 30″ bench, 20×12 spool rack and standard tools and accessories – all the stuff in the pictures on Bellingham, Washington’s Craig’s List under Arts & Crafts, plus some other stuff I found in another box. $2400. Not interested in parting out. I have a pickup – Delivery negotiable in the beautiful Northwest U.S.A. Email Dennis – Blaine WA

65″ Macomber 20 Harness Plus Many Extras (10/23/2019) - 215-19

65″ Macomber; 20 Harness, 1″ sectional beam, sliding bench, shuttles and bobbins.  This loom has a computer system also included; A PC, keyboard, monitor, speakers, computer control box, computer software program and programmed patterns.  Macombers are sturdy looms – can weave fabric to throws to rugs.  There is also air assist in forwarding the fabric.  Contact me for more information and photos.  Will consider reasonable offers. Located in Polson, Montana. $6500 Please contact Cheryl by email.

138″ Glimakra 4 Shaft (10/23/2019) - 214-19

138″ Glimakra; 4 shaft; massive overhead beater; 6 dent reed; 2″ sectional rakes or can be removed for smooth beam; motor for hands free winding on warp.  This loom has air power on the harnesses and the beater.  Nearly 12′ width this powerful loom can be easily operated by a single person – both warping and weaving. Contact me for photos.  Offers will be considered. Located in Polson, Montana. $10,000 Please contact Cheryl by email.

Ashford Lace Flyer Kit (10/20/2019) - 213-19

Ashford lace flyer kit. Includes flyer and  ball bearings, for 15, 20, 30 & 40:1 ratios. Located in Seattle, Washington.  $125  Please contact Janet by email.

52″ Louet Hollandia 8 Shafts Countermarche Loom plus Extras (10/12/2019) - 212-19

Louet Hollandia, 52” 8 shafts, 14 treadles low castle parallel countermarche weaving loom in new condition. Includes bench, shelf, (and second shelf??), Texsolv heddles, original manual, Louet temple, raddle, lease sticks, and 15 epi stainless reed. Originally owned by professional fiber and interior designer.  Loom was purchased new in 1988 and is currently assembled in “foster care” in Lincoln City, Oregon on the Oregon Coast. Local pick up preferred but shipping can be discussed. Measures 65” wide, 50” tall, 40” deep and folds to approx. 35”. The Hollandia was the predecessor to the Delta and would retail for approximately $8500, price, $4500. Please contact Isabella by email.

48″ Bexell Cranbrook 8 Shaft Countermarche Loom (10/12/2019) - 211-19

Bexell Cranbrook 8Shaft/10Treadle, 48” Countermarche loom, like new; SS reeds: 6 epi x 48” & 20 epi x 27”; original manual; built in raddle; lease sticks; 16 warping sticks. Cord heddles make it quiet. Powder-coated tubular steel beams for added rigidity while affording better protection for the warp. Assembled 72” high, 86” deep, 70” wide, in “foster care” in Lincoln City, Oregon on the Oregon Coast. Local pick up preferred but shipping can be discussed. New would be about $9,000. $4995.00. Please contact Isabella by email.

45″ Sabina Folding Loom 4 Harness Plus Extras (10/6/2019) - 210-19

45″ Sabina Folding Loom for sale. 6 treadle, rising shed loom. I just never used it and I’ve decided to simplify. Comes with 2 reeds, a matching stool, a spool winder, and several other accessories. Located in Steilacoom, Washington. $250  Please contact Colleen by email.

45″ LeClerc 4 Harness Loom Plus Bench and Extras (10/1/2019) - 206-19

I’m selling my 45″ Jack floor loom and downsizing to a smaller one. I got this one 3 years ago from a local weaver, it’s in great condition, but alas my space is a bit too tight.
Manufactured by LeClerc it has 6 treadles, 4 harnesses [metal heddles], friction brake, and 2 aprons.
It’s 56″ wide and approx. 56″ deep open [27″ closed]. The top shelf can be easily removed, allowing easy access to the shafts for the addition or removal of heddles.
Asking $750, included with the price is a bench, 3 boat shuttles, 6, 8 and 15 dent reeds, bobbins  and original instructions [in French and English] . Can be easily dissembled, pick up only. Vancouver. BC  $750 Canadian. Please contact Meghan by email.

Custom Made Betty Roberts Wheel with Dried Flower Inlay. (9/19/2019) - 203-19

Betty Roberts handcrafted look wheel with dried flower inlay.
This wheel was custom made of ALASKAN YELLOW CEDAR.
$850 OBO .  Located in Bend, Oregon and Twisp, Washington. Please contact Laura by email. I will be in Washington in a few weeks and could deliver at that time.

44″ “The Ideal” Antiques 2 Harness Loom (9/15/2019) - 197-9

Antique Loom for sale.  $300. “The Ideal”, a two harness floor loom, manufactured by the Reed Loom Co. in the late 1800’s. 44” wide x 47” deep, 36” weaving width. This sturdy loom is ideal for weaving rugs. Top head roller, heavy beater, breast beam, metal hand crank, 14 dent per inch reed, but adjustable reed frame can accommodate other size reeds. Shuttles, sley hook, incl. Wood structure is in good condition, the apron cloths and metal tie bars are missing, some spreader dowels and tie cords need replaced.   Located in Stevensville, Montana. $300. Please contact Marina by email.

60″ Cranbrook 8 Harness Countermarche Plus Extras (9/13/2019) - 196-19

60″ Cranbrook 8 harness countermarche loom, built for me in 1974. Price includes bench, several reeds, extra heddles, raddle, lease sticks, and warping sticks. ($9,000 new!) Very good available on request. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. $3,500 Please contact Mary by email.


59″ Glimakra Countermarche Loom 10 Shafts, Bench and Many Extras (9/8/2019) - 194-19

Glimakra Countermarche Standard Loom. 150cm (59”)
10 shafts, 12 treadles. Double warp beams, second one with sectional attachments,
3 reeds: sizes 8,10, and 12. 2 raddles, old style and newer one, 40” Glimakra temple
Glimakra bench, 42”.  Lease sticks, warping sticks  and rubber foot pads. Located in
Sagle, Idaho . $3800 Please contact Cherie by email.
This loom is about 12 years old, and has had 2 owners. It’s in excellent condition.


45″ Nilart 12 Shaft Loom with Bench and Reeds (9/6/2019) - 193-19

45 inch Nilart 12 shaft, 14 treadle loom with bench and reeds. I have several surplus reeds I’ll be glad to include. Hard rock maple, Assembly instructions included. This loom is still supported by the manufacturer and they have a lot of nice options you can add like shaft weights and treadle springs. It’s taken apart and ready to go! Located in Seattle/Bremerton area. $1200  Please contact Deb by email.

Counterbalance Loom 4 Harness (9/1/2019) - 192-19

Counterbalance loom with metal headles, 6 treadles/pedals, 8 dents per inch reed, well tensioned ratchet brake. If you’re interested and have questions we would love to talk and meet in person if possible. Located in Portland, Oregon. $400. Please contact Carlos by email. We had bought this loom from someone who was a lifelong weaver and textile lover but it’s time for us to downsize.