For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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Shuttles and Hoop (10/1/2023) - 202-23
  • AVL Fly Shuttle with one pirn  – $150    In like new condition; Honex tensioner;  stamped on the back: AVL 231,   10/96. Current price new  is $273 with 3 pirns.
  • Schacht 15“ end feed shuttle  –  $65  In excellent condition.  Allen wrench for tension adjustment and instruction included.      Current price new is $139.
  • AVL Hoops  –  These are the metal hoops used on AVL sectional beams –  $2.50 each, 5/$10, or 12/$20  Current price new is $4.50 each.

The prices do not included shipping.  If interested in any of the items send me your zip code and I will calculate shipping cost  for the items of interest. Hood River, OR. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 4:18pm on Friday December 1st, 2023

60” 4 harness Nilus Leclerc Loom (9/24/2023) - 200-23

Used 60″ Nilus Leclerc loom. 4 harness, 6 treadles, 8 dent reed and lease sticks.  Good condition, used regularly the last 4 years. $900.00 cash. You move, NW Portland, OR. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 9:03am on Saturday November 25th, 2023

22” 4 Shaft Harrisville Designs Portable Loom (9/20/2023) - 199-23

22” Harrisville Designs portable loom.  Complete makeover including the following:  converted from 4 treadles to 6, a new friction brake with warping beam, cables, pulleys, treadle hardware & chains for quick tie-ups, 400 new inserted eye heddles. 10 dent reed included. Treated entire loom with Howard’s Feed and Wax.  Over $900 in upgrades.  This loom is very quiet, hardwood maple, and a smoother operator.  Reeds longer than 22” can be used in the beater bar.  No waiting and no assembly required.  Pictures and more information available.  $1200.00.  Gold Beach, OR. I am a member of the Rogue Valley Handweavers Guild.  Possible to meet up for delivery.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 4:47pm on Sunday November 19th, 2023

72” 4 Shaft Leclerc Nilus 2 Loom (9/17/2023) - 198-23

72″ Leclerc Nilus 2, 4 shaft bought new 3 years ago. Lots of extras well cared for. 8 and 12 dent reeds. Loom folds up for storage pics available. Located in S. W. Mt. $3,500.00.  Victor, Mt. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 9:02am on Friday November 17th, 2023

AVL 60” 16-H A-Series Mechanical Dobby Loom (9/14/2023) - 197-23

AVL 60” 16-H A-Series Mechanical Dobby Loom. Double box fly shuttle system, shuttles & bobbins; Bottom Swing Beater with Auto Advance; Dobby box with wooden bars, metal pegs, and wrench; 2 reeds; 1 plain, 1 1-yard sectional warp beams with tension beams; abrasive cloth beam; tension box; large spool rack. User’s Manual. Purchased in 2000, never used. Photos available.  $5,000.00. Langley, WA. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 9:02am on Wednesday November 15th, 2023

36” 8 Harness Leclerc Loom (9/10/2023) - 196-23

Custom built 36 inch, 8 harness loom by Lecerc in Quebec in March 2023. Solid eastern maple, 2 reeds 8 &12, raddle, back-hinged treadles with rocker cords for accurate tie ups. Inserted eye heddles. Includes bench. Selling due to health issues. $5500 firm. Denman Island, BC. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 9:26pm on Thursday November 9th, 2023

Schacht Looms and Reel (9/9/2023) - 195-23

1989 Schacht 4 now 4 later high castle floor loom with bench , which has 2 bags, and a 10 dent reed. $2250.00.
1992 Schacht 8 shaft Mighty wolf floor loom with bench, which has 1 bag, a wolf trap which is nice while weaving to keep tools handy, and a 8 dent reed. $2300.00.
Schacht horizontal warping reel. $260.00.

All in excellent condition from a smoke free home . Pictures upon request. Will sell as a package for    $4500.00.  Pick up only. Located in Colville, Washington.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 7:18am on Thursday November 9th, 2023

120cm 8 Shaft Glimakra Loom (9/1/2023) - 193-23

Interested in a bigger loom?  I’m selling my 8 shaft, 10 treadle Glimakra 120cm loom. Weave up to 47” wide. Included: Counterbalance beam, Vertical countermarche, Long lower lams, Regular upper lams, Damask pulleys, 2 48” reeds, Lease Sticks, Warp packing sticks, Adjustable Glimakra bench, Joanne Hall’s  Tying Up the Countermarche Loom, Becky Ashenden’s Dress your Loom the Swedish Way. This loom was built in 1980, from solid wood, not plywood.  It is in very good condition, with no cracks, splits or warps.  There are some minor scratches on the front beam and lower edge of the beater. No shipping, pickup only in Washougal, WA.  $2000 Cash only, no checks accepted.   Email if interested.

Listing expires at 9:01am on Monday October 2nd, 2023

36” 4 Shaft Leclerc Artisat Loom (8/30/2023) - 191-23

Leclerc Artisat, 36″ weaving width (mid 1970’s).   4 shaft, 6 front hinge treadles, comes with 36” 12 dent reed and raddle.  Folds(front and rear beams) for storage, regular maintenance and works perfectly.  Overall dimensions 46” wide, 14” depth(folded), 32” depth(open). Pictures emailed upon request.  $1000cdn, or best offer.  Medicine Hat, Alberta. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 10:08pm on Monday October 30th, 2023

Boat Shuttles (8/29/2023) - 188-23

We have 25 boat shuttles from fairly small to large along with 8 +/- small shuttles (we don’t know the names) .  These are in excellent to “as new” condition. Comparable new prices run $42 – $62.50.  We will sell the lot for $500.  Vancouver, WA.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 7:05pm on Sunday October 29th, 2023

45” 8 Harness Harrisville Design Floor Loom (8/24/2023) - 186-23

Harrisville Design 45” 8 harness folding floor loom. Excellent condition, older model HD floor loom. Brand new harness cables, extra wire heddles, extra dent reed & bobbins included. Back end folds towards frames for smaller foot print. Pictures can be emailed upon request. $1500.00.  Buckley, WA. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 7:56pm on Tuesday October 24th, 2023

Weaving Studio Sale (8/20/2023) - 185-23

Weaving Studio includes Schacht 4 now 4 later 44” wide Jack loom,Rasmussen 4 shaft 24” table loom,36” warping board,Duncan drum carder with angora brush,2 sets Clemes hand cards,1990 Louet bigger bobbin spinning wheel w/5 bobbins,misc shuttles, extra heddles,Turkish drop spindle,30 years worth of quality yarns, some display racks.  Everything in pristine condition. Retiring and will only sell as complete.  Everything you need to start your business. $10000.00.  Kettle Falls, WA.   Email if interested.

Listing expires at 4:34pm on Friday October 20th, 2023

63″ 10 Harness Glimakra Loom (8/20/2023) - 183-23

63″  Glimakra loom for sale. It is in excellent condition. Lovingly used and cared for by my wife from 1977 to 2022. As advertised these looms are built to last for generations.  It comes with: 4- reeds of 4,6,8,10 dents, 3 boat shuttles of various sizes, 1 fly shuttle with the overhead wooden guide attachment, 10 harnesses with linen tie up cords.  This loom is assembled in a home studio in Campbell River.  I am open to reasonable offers. A new one costs about $7500.00 USD.  Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 4:12pm on Friday October 20th, 2023

Whole Studio For Sale (8/18/2023) - 182-23

Whole studio for sale.  3 looms – 1)Louet Octado 8 harness mechanical dobby 45”, 2)Toika Eeva up to 12 harnesses 60 “ (heavy duty), 3)Le Clerc 45” 4 harness. 2 warping mills, 2 bobbin winders (electric), many shuttles, extras, plus fibers and books. Everything a weaver could want. Please ask for pictures. $6000.00/OBO. Wenatchee, WA.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 11:53am on Wednesday October 18th, 2023

65″ Macomber Floor Loom (8/16/2023) - 179-23

65″ Macomber Floor Loom.  This loom has 1″ sectional rakes with 20 harnesses and has a computerized air system to create the harness patterns plus an air powered cloth advance.  Included is a 12 dent reed, PC tower, keyboard, monitor, 2 speakers, PC to loom control box and a weave software program called ProWeave. Also, included are an 82″ wide sliding bench, and numerous boat shuttles and bobbins. This loom will fit in the back of a pick-up for transport. For pics and additional info email me. $2000.00.  Bigfork, MT.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 8:24pm on Monday October 16th, 2023

138″ Glimakra Floor Loom (8/16/2023) - 178-24

11.5′ (138″) Glimakra Floor Loom. This loom has been modified to better suit the production weaver. Overhead beater and four harnesses are air powered. This loom has steel harnesses and metal heddles, 6 dent reed, four air controlled steel gear brakes all controlled by one air switch at the front, a foot switch controlled gear motor on the sectional warp beam. (Sectional rakes can be removed if smooth beam is preferred.) One person alone can warp and weave on this loom because of the air system. For pictures and additional info, please contact me. $2000.00.  Bigfork, MT.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 8:21pm on Monday October 16th, 2023

36” 4 Shaft Counterbalance Loom (8/16/2023) - 177-23

LeClerc 4 shaft counter balance loom, 36” wide.  Includes: Bench, 3 reeds, Raddle, 1 boat shuttle, Warping Reel. The space between the uprights is about 23”. Adding a 3rd dowel to the horizontal piece will give a place for the cross.  Selling for for $500 CDN OBO. Photos are available.  Located in Kamloops, BC Canada. No shipping due to size. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 8:08pm on Monday October 16th, 2023

45” Harris-Maxwell Countermarche Loom (8/14/2023) - 175-23

45” Harris-Maxwell countermarche loom with many extras with over head beater.  Sturdy enough to weave rugs.   I will give you an in depth description and pictures of it if you are interested in it. $2500.00.  Grants Pass, OR.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 3:41pm on Saturday October 14th, 2023

Reed-Macomber Loom (8/11/2023) - 174-23

Reed-Macomber loom. Model B4/75. Solid maple frame. Been used as display piece as I do not weave. Let me know if you have questions I can try to answer. $800.00. Mukilteo, WA. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 5:44pm on Wednesday October 11th, 2023

4 Shaft Schacht Table Loom (8/6/2023) - 167-23

Schacht 4 shaft table loom. In great condition. All the heddles are in great working order as well as the shafts. $500.00.  Portland , OR. If in the Portland area, willing to drop off, but outside of that pickup only.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 7:50pm on Friday October 6th, 2023

40” 6 Harness Gilmore Loom (8/4/2023) - 163-23

Gilmore loom, 40” wide, with 6 harnesses, in excellent condition. Purchased in 1972 from the late John Gilmore himself! These top-quality hardwood looms are more portable than the Macombers, and are no longer commercially available. $1000.  Kalispell, MT. Email if interested.

Listing expires at 7:17pm on Wednesday October 4th, 2023

36” 4 Harness Arthur A. Allen Folding Loom (8/3/2023) - 162-23

Arthur A. Allen Folding Loom circa 1960. 4 Harness/ 6 Treadle, 36″ folds up for easy storage. Comes with bench, various Leclerc boat shuttles/stick shuttles. Reed, extra heddles, warping board included. My grandmothers loom, beautifully kept but selling as we are moving. Pictures available on request. Asking $750.00. West Linn, OR.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 8:22pm on Tuesday October 3rd, 2023

36” 8 Harness Bergman Loom (8/3/2023) - 161-23

Bergman Loom made in Poulsbo, WA. Countermarch 8 Harness/ 6 Treadle. 36″ Suitcase Style, folds for storage. In excellent condition Pat# 805 7997. Comes with Leclerc Bench, various Leclerc boast shuttles/stick shuttles, warping board. $750.00. West Linn, OR.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 8:16pm on Tuesday October 3rd, 2023

51” Copy of Glimåkra Loom (8/3/2023) - 160-23

Swedish loom, purchased in 1985 in Sweden, a copy of Glimåkra. Weaving width 130 cm/51 inches. Footprint: 60 w x 67 d x 65 h (inches) Ten treadles, texsolv heddles, bench, 4 reeds, raddle, horizontal warping reel. Very good condition. $1000.00.  Located in NE Seattle, WA.  Email if interested.

Listing expires at 8:14pm on Tuesday October 3rd, 2023