For Sale: Spinning Wheels and Equipment

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Classy Majacraft, Lil Gem (9/17/2018) - 201-18

Classy Majacraft, Lil Gem. Very portable. She comes with her own carry bag, lazy kate and 3 bobbins.
Absolutely beautiful. $800. Sutherlin,Or. Email.

Spinoulation, PollyWog (9/17/2018) - 200-18

A real cutie. Spinoulation, PollyWog. Totally portable. Comes with built in lazy kate and 4 bobbins. $300. Sutherlin,Or. Email.

Hitchhiker for sale (9/17/2018) - 199-18

Hitchhiker. Made for outdoor fun. Comes with bag, built in Kate and all bobbins. $200. Sutherlin,Or. Email.

Ashford Turkish Drop Spindle (9/3/2018) - 181-18

Ashford Turkish drop spindle excellent condition.  Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  $20  Please contact Mary by email.

Schacht Navajo Spindle (9/3/2018) - 180-18

Schacht Navajo Spindle  Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. $20  Please contact Mary by email.

Spinning Wheel Louet S15 (9/1/2018) - 179-18

Louet S 15 .Includes 3 bobbins and lazy Kate. Located in Seattle, Washington. $350 OBO. Please contact Alissa by email.

Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel (8/20/2018) - 173-18

Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel. In great shape, ready to go in its original box. It could use a new threading hook (these are $12 online) as this one got a bit damaged, but it still threads fine. $600 OBO  

Wheel comes with:

– A lazy Kate! These are normally $44 on the website.
– Schacht niddy noddy, those are usually around $80. Also comes with an additional PVC niddy noddy.
– 3 large bags of fiber, 2 braids of merino/silk/bamboo ($22 each).
– A ball of gorgeous aqua-colored roving that comes in one of the bags was $120 at a fiber festival.

This wheel is a total joy to use, it kills me to sell it but we’re moving soon, and I have a gazillion other hobbies that take up a lot of space (hello, sewing!). I just can’t afford to keep all this spinning stuff around anymore. Located in Seattle, (Ballard) Washington.  Please contact Hollie by email.  Please email me for photos.

Betty Roberts Spinning Wheel (7/26/2018) - 154-18

Betty Roberts  spinning wheel, accelerated (2 wheels) beautiful , 6 bobbins and lazy kate . Located in Republic, Washington.  $600  Please contact Teri by email.

Betty Roberts Spinning Wheel (7/14/2018) - 147-18

BETTY ROBERTS spinning wheel, little used, stored well, made of Alaskan yellow cedar. This is one of the original designs, not a traveler (at least not a light weight one) . The wheel is in perfect condition, pictures available upon request . Located in Twisp, Washington . $1, 000  Please contact Laura by email.   I am willing to ship (at buyer’s expense) and delivery is also possible – let’s talk!

Timbertop Beaver Accelerating Production Wheel (7/5/2018) - 139-18

Timbertop Beaver Accelerating Production Wheel in the upgraded smoked oak option. Double treadle/double drive, 6 bobbins, 2 – 2  speed whorls, threading hook in the table. This is one of Williamson’s Timbertops wheels. PHOTOS  available upon request. Yes, I can ship and have experience shipping wheels safely. Will ship completely disassembled. Located in Seattle, Washington.  $1200   Please contact by email.