ANWG Meetings

AMM 2018 Meeting Portland, May 19 2018

The 2018 AMM meeting will be held on Saturday May 19, 2018 at the Oxford Suites at Jantzen Beach  in Portland, OR.

Proxy form

AMM 2018 Proxy Form

If no one from your Guild is able to attend the Annual Membership Meeting you may designate a representative or alternate (a proxy) from another Guild to attend the meeting on your behalf. You are encouraged to do this so we will have a quorum at the Annual Membership Meeting. Use this form only if appointing a proxy from another ANWG member guild. You do not need a proxy if another member of your Guild is attending instead of the Guild’s ANWG Representative.

AMM 2017 Meeting Victoria, June 2017

Annual Membership meeting minutes
ANWG Financial Report 2017