ANWG Tapestry Group Project for 2023-2024: Topography

The 2023-24 inspiration theme for the ANWG Tapestry Study Group is Topography. Try a “new to me” technique and share your learning with the group.  Size suggestion is 12″ x 12” maximum so this is a doable project for everyone. The pieces will be shown at the next ANWG Annual Membership Meeting in June 2024.

A definition of topography: Topography is the study of the forms and features of land surfaces. The topography of an area may refer to the landforms and features themselves, or a description or depiction in maps. Wow–from that definition, inspiration is everywhere in ANWG land!

Design and complete a small tapestry (12” x 12” or smaller) with the theme of topography. Pieces can be representational to abstract and anywhere in between.

Process: Each of us has our own process for designing and weaving pieces. Some people sketch, draw, paint, or otherwise prepare a plan for the completed work. Others just weave and let the muse guide them. Perhaps you use a cartoon or draw on the warp threads, or both, and/or there is another method that works for you. Please share this process with the group as you work on your piece, sharing inspiration, techniques, questions, concerns, and pictures. Each person can have a gallery for their pictures in the group.

Deadline for completion: June 1, 2024. The finished tapestries will be shown at the Annual Membership Meeting in June 2024.  This may be an exhibit of the actual tapestries or in a video presentation. Directions will be provided prior to the meeting.

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