Denman Island Weavers and Spinners

The Denman Island Spinners and Weavers group was started in the mid-nineties by six weavers. Today, the group counts about 15 members, including three of the founding weavers.

We meet and weave in a lovely repurposed classroom in the Old School. The bright space is filled with floor looms acquired over the years. We have a small library, a well stocked equipment room, and the most amazing reed collection. Our studio is available 24/7, with Monday being the official drop-in day where you’ll hear the click clack of a dozen looms.

We mentor new weavers, run study groups, and engage in community outreach activities. You’ll find our handwoven goods in artist studios, the local craft shop, and the island’s famous Christmas Faire. New members welcome – there is a loom waiting for you.

For more information, contact ANWG Rep Isabelle Fusey.

Updated 8 October 2019