Wanted to Buy or Trade

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Wanted: Ashford 20″ Knitters Loom (1/6/2019) - 010-19

Wanted: Ashford 20″ Knitters Loom. One with bag and stand would be nice but not essential. Is there one sitting under your stash that would like a new home?! I am located in Tualatin, Oregon. Please contact Kathleen by email.

Bergman Loom Bench (12/24/2018) - I have 2 Bergman looms and would love to have a matching Bergman bench. I could pay by PayPal if ... Read more

I have 2 Bergman looms and would love to have a matching Bergman bench. I could pay by PayPal if someone has one they want to sell and would be willing to ship, which I could pay for by PayPal as well. Please send me an email with picture and price if you are interested. Thanks. Located in Indiana. Please contact Lyvon by email.

Glimakra Emilia 19″ Rigid Heddle Loom or GoodWood 17″ Slant Loom (12/19/2018) - 268-18

Wanted: Glimakra Emilia 19″ Rigid Heddle loom without stand OR GoodWood 17″ Slant Loom. Do you have either of these, looking for a caring home?
Will purchase from you, or will consider trading my Ashford Knitter’s 20″ Rigid Heddle Loom with stand, double heddle block, etc.
I am in Baker City, Oregon, and am willing to travel a reasonable distance to meet you. Please reply to Kata by email.

Wanted: Baby Wolf Loom (12/16/2018) - 263-18

Wanted a Baby Wolf Loom. Located in Qualicum Beach, B.C. Please contact Sylvia by email.

Wanted: rigid heddle loom (11/27/2018) - 251-18

Looking for a rigid heddle loom for a friend. This would be her first loom, and she is looking for something portable. Used but in good condition. Pick up in the Portland Metro area is ideal, though for the right piece would be willing to pay for shipping. Portland Metro. Email.

Wanted: weaving bench (11/25/2018) - 248-18

I am looking for a used weaving bench, preferably with side compartments on same level as bench, at either end. But interested in any weaving bench. I live in Bellingham, WA and can travel to pick it up. Contact me by email.

Wanted: Sectional Beam for Macomber 48″ Loom (11/17/2018) - 245-18

WANTED: Looking for a sectional beam for Macomber 48″ loom, can trade a plain beam + cash or pay all cash. Would prefer to travel within 2-3 hrs if possible. I am located in Bellingham, Washington. Please contact Jessica by email.