For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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30″ 4H/6T Kessenich Loom (3/23/2019)- 065-19

I have an older (pre 1980’s) Kessenich 30” 4H/6T loom for sale. Approximately 46″W x 46″D x 40″H. The loom came to me secondhand. I replaced the treadle cords and bream cords with texsolv and put more/new wire heddles on it (approximately ~150/shaft + 100 extra). It comes with a 12 dent reed and has a plain back beam. The wood could use some cosmetic TLC, and it could use new bumper pads, but for me, that hasn’t affected the weaving. This is a pretty heavy, sturdy loom and I’ve woven rag rugs to dishtowels on it. The loom has a X frame construction and can be folded, even while warped, to move it out the way. Located in Seattle, WA. $300.00 OBO. Email.

Harrisville loom 8 Harness/10 treddle, 36” (3/22/2019)- 64-19

Beautiful Harrisville loom 8 Harness/10 treddle, 36” weaving width, and lots of extras include for $1500 OBO. Located in Edmonds, Wa. Email

This is a wonderful loom for both the beginner and experienced weaver. This is a sturdy, well crafted Harrisville loom that will last for a long time! It is in good condition and has been well cared for. The coolest thing about this loom is that you can fold up to store even if you’re in the middle of a project.
Included with loom:
Warping board
3 reeds- 8, 10, and 12 dent
Bench- included a little place to store things underneath and the height can be adjusted
Extra heddles/tie up chains and part of a spool of Texsolv
40 warping sticks and various other sticks that may be useful too!
Assembly instructions- it is currently assembled but in case you need them in the future

Castle height: 42″
Unfolded floor space: 42″ x 34″
Folded floor space: 42″ x 18″
Weaving width: 36”
Weight: approximately 70 lbs

**this loom is in great condition but is missing the crank handle- which I think can be purchased online for about $30 or so. It was lost during a move but I was able to weave without it by just using a couple small clamps to move the warp along and it worked great!

Glimakra horizontal countermarch loom 49″ weaving width (3/21/2019)- 63-19

FOR SALE: Glimakra horizontal countermarch loom with a 49″ weaving width. 8 shafts (expandable to 10 shafts), 6 treadles, Texsolve heddles and tie-ups. Comes with adjustable bench, 12 dent stainless steel reed, and Schacht warping board. Also included are 5 books, 21 “Handwoven” magazines, and 4+ tubs of clean, good quality yarn. Approximate loom age: 30 years. Very good condition, lovingly cared for, kept inside and in working order. Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho and available for pick up only. Moving soon. WE MUST SELL! $3,000. Email.

7″ Structo Metal Table Loom 8 Shafts (3/19/2019)- 62-19

Tiny tabletop metal Structo loom — 7″ weaving width, 8 shafts, several pre-wound warp spools.  In very good condition. Located near Airdrie, AB . $350.00 Please contact Bonnie by email.

LeClerc Warping Mill (3/19/2019)- 61-19

New, never assembled, still in box — Leclerc warping mill.  Floor model gives 4 yards (3,7 meters) per turn and can warp up to 50 yards.  Height:68″ (173 cm)  Width: 59″ (150 cm)  Located near Airdrie, AB.  $500.00 Please contact Bonnie by email.

40″ Loomcraft 4 Shaft Loom with Bench (3/17/2019)- 57-19

Loomcraft 4 Shaft Loom $500 located in Seattle, WA. Beautiful 4 shaft 6 treadle. Loomcraft 40 inch weaving width with matching bench. Has been well maintained and used regularly. Professionally converted by woodworker to a 2 in sectional beam, pegs can be removed if you prefer plain beam. Only selling as our new house doesn’t have a space for it. Comes with matching bench, approx 800 heddles and a 12 dent reed. Email Beth,  Located in Seattle Washington. $500

45″ Loomcraft Floor Loom 8 Shaft (3/17/2019)- 56-19

45″ Loomcraft Floor Loom. 8 Shaft/ 12 Treadle with 12 dent reed. Other reeds available and negotiable (5, 6, 8, 10, 15).
I bought this loom used a couple of years ago and have woven a couple of things on it with great success. The reason it is for sale is that I just bought a Glimakra loom and don’t have room for both looms. The loom needs very minor touch-ups such as new bumpers for the beater.   Please contact Jenni by email.  Located in Graham, Washington. $1,200.00 negotiable

36″ LeClerc Nilus Floor Loom (3/14/2019)- 54-19

36″ LeClerc Nilus floor loom 4 shaft, 6 treadle, 36″ weaving width.  Approx. 47″ wide x 44” high x 39″ deep. Needs a reed.
I bought this from my school, they’d just gotten a donation of new looms in, and they couldn’t fit them all. I have had it for some years now but have never used it.  It has been in storage, and been moved a couple of times, but it seems to be in good working order.  It didn’t come with any accessories.  It’s pretty dusty in these photos, I know, but I’ve cleaned it up and it’s still in good condition, it’s just missing a reed. Located in Portland, Oregon. $1,000. Please contact Sara by email.  I would love for this to go to a good home where it will see some use!
I would like to sell it ASAP as I have no room for it at the moment.  It is currently being stored at a friend’s place, so if you would like to look at it in person please let me know, and I will do my best to make arrangements with them.

LeClerc Four Harness Table Loom (3/9/2019)- 53-19

Leclerc four harness table loom. 24 inch weaving width. Includes 1 reed. Located in Kelowna, British Columbia. $200.00  Please contact by email 

Glimakra Warping Reed (3/5/2019)- 52-19

 Glimakra Warping Reel, $300, Boise, Idaho area, pickup preferred due to weight.
The warping reel will give you an accurately wound warp for easier beaming onto your warp beam. Both short and long warps can be wound on the warping reel, quickly and comfortably. This is an older model in good condition. New ones are $630 dollars on the web site without shipping. Made from Swedish pine. Very strong and glides smoothly with just a touch of your fingertips.  Folds up easily and will not take much space when not in use. I stored it under my bed. Height: 72 Inches 6 ft.  Circumference: 13 feet. Contact by email for more information. Located in Boise, Idaho.  $300

LeClerc Voyageur 8 Shaft Table Loom (2/27/2019)- 049-19

LeClerc Voyageur 8 shaft table loom, 9.5″ weaving width, carry bag, 12 dent stainless steel reed, inserted eye heddles, with accessories.  Excellent condition, about 3 years old. $550. Located in Clinton, Washington. $550  Please contact Joanne by email.

LeClerc Voyageur 16 Shaft Table Loom (2/27/2019)- 048-19

LeClerc Voyageur 16 shaft table loom with stainless steel 12 dent reed, 24″ weaving width, only 8 months old and used only once, includes all original accessories. $1200 . Located in Clinton, Washington. $1200. Please contact Joanne by email.

Antique Click Reel Skein Winder (2/26/2019)- 046-19

Antique fully functional click reel skein winder. It’s in great condition with a beautiful patina. Must pick up. Located in
Seattle, Washington area. $125  Please contact by email.

24″ Industrial Dobby Loom, 24 Harness Compu-Dobby II (2/26/2019)- 044-19

24″ Industrial Dobby Loom, 24 Harness with Compu-Dobby II. Automated shuttle weaving. Sliding beater with heavy duty bearings. 4-Box Flyshuttle System with automated color selection of up to 7 colors in weft. 1-yard Sectional Warp Beam. Pneumatically driven system requires compressed air of 21 CFM @ 115 PSI (compressor NOT included).  Can be shipped within the contiguous U.S. via U-Haul Box (shipping included in price).  Will require assembly (set up NOT included).  In very good condition. Located in West Richland, Washington. $20,000.  Please contact Bob by email.

45″ Rio Grande Walking Loom Plus Extras (2/24/2019)- 042-19

45″ 4 shaft Rio Grande Walking Loom plus many extras. This loom is in superb condition.  I’m selling it for my mother, who has moved into assisted living.  The loom includes various accessories, including shuttles, reeds, and more. Photos can be viewed here:!Al7PC7GX9T5DhL15XXsqhP9XudDtzA
Located in Poulsbo, Washington. $1750.00  OBO Please contact Russell by email.

J-made 60” floor loom (2/15/2019)- 034-19

J-made 60” floor loom 8 harness,fly shuttle. Worm-gear, double beam, locking treadles solid maple. Great for rugs as well as fine linens. Bench included. I must downsize. Federal Way , Wa.$500.00. Email.

Rasmussen table loom (2/15/2019)- 033-19

Rasmussen table loom, 24-inch heddle, 4 shafts. This belonged to my late wife, who used it happily for many years. I believe it was purchased in the 1980s and appears to be in very good condition. I’d like to see it go to someone who would continue to love it. I can provide photos. Carnation, WA. $200 OBO. Email.

48 inch J Made Loom (2/15/2019)- 032-19

You can see a photo of it on Skagit Craigslist. Anacortes. $749. Email.

Ashford 4 shaft table loom (2/7/2019)- 031-19

24″ Ashford 4 shaft table loom with Ashford treadle stand. 7.5 dpi Heddle. Plus tons of weaving items and books. This was only used 3 times. Folds to fit in trunk for easy transport to classes. Located in Kennwick. $730. Email

Warping board (2/2/2019)- 028-19

36″ x 36″ warping board. Powell Butte. $35.00. Email Pam.

Schacht 8 Harness 10 Treadling Floor Loom (2/2/2019)- 025-19

Schacht 8 Harness 10 Treadling Floor Loom on roller for easy moving. Weaving width 26″ has a uper shelve for easy reading of patterns. Comes with adjustable seat that has a 12%grade to help you sit up and not put so much strain on back the bench has side storage.It comes with two Reeds 8dent and12dent. Assorted flat sticks and three ski shuttles one large 2med, Two boat shuttles with lots of bobbins and a bobbin winder. One large warping wheel that can carry yards and yards of warp. 50 some HandWoven Mag. with thousands thousands of patterns and loads of knowledge dating all the way back from the 80’s and90’s up to 2004. Miscellaneous fibers handspun and dyed fibers and others a Beginners Manual to get you started weaving. Meridian,Idaho . For all of it 900.00 . Email Karmel.

43” Glimakra 10 shaft Countermarch loom (2/2/2019)- 024-19

Glimakra 10 shaft, 12 treddle loom. 43” weaving width. Approximately 1000 new texsolve heddles. All new texsolve tie-ups. Lease sticks, rattle, shaft holders, pins, and bench. Located in Sandpoint, ID $2900 OBO. Email Cherri

24 inch, 24H AVL (2/2/2019)- 023-19

24 inch, 24H AVL WDL in new condition. It comes with 100 heddles per shaft, a 12 dent reed, and all the original paperwork and accessories. Warp beam converts from plain to sectional. I purchased this new and have never woven on it. Seattle area. $3900. Email.

Vintage Structo 600 (2/2/2019)- 022-19

Vintage Structo 600  20 in. 4 shaft table loom.  Good condition.  15 dpi reed.  Comes with 100 new inserted eye heddles in addition to the flat steel heddles already installed.  Beater has been modified so that one can change reeds.
Ready to weave. Located in Molalla, OR.  Local pick up only.  
$125 . Please email Candy for more info and photos.

Jack Floor Loom (2/1/2019)- 021-19

Jack Floor Loom (manufacturer unknown) 4 harness, 6 treadle , 42″ wide . Comes with adjustable bench, three(3) different size dents and assorted sticks. In excellent shape. Price $500.00 Powell Butte, Oregon Please contact Pam by email. I live just East of Redmond, OR

8 Harness Bergman w/Bench Plus Norwood Cranbrook w/Bench Plus Warping Mill (1/17/2019)- 019-19

Norwood Cranbrook 462 Floor Loom, solid maple, like new, 4 harnesses, 6 treadles, comes with bench $900 OBO,

Bergman floor loom, 8 shaft, 10 treadles with Bergman bench and original instructions $1100 OBO.

Solid maple warping mill, like new $350 Estate sale  Located in Hansville, Washington.
Negotiable/Payments Okay  Please contact Sheila by email.

Photos on Craigslist/Seattle/Tacoma/Washington

60″ Fireside Loom 10 Shaft plus Extras (1/14/2019)- 017-19

10 Shaft, 60” Fireside Loom – handcrafted of beautiful cherry wood, lovingly exercised since 1990, a joy to weave on, lovely to look at and feel
•        12 treadles
•        worm drive tensioning (for precision tension)
•        friction break
•        2 inch sectional warping option
•        spring trelevators on peddles (makes lifting shaft easy)
•        texsolv heddles
•        loom on castors for easy moving
•        shuttle mobile
•        lamp holder and lamp
•        12 and 8 dpi reed
•        leash sticks
•        folds for moving and when not in use
•        remove front and back beams for easy threading
•        65” wide, 40” high, 42” deep
•        $3900
Located on Salt Spring Island, BC . $3900 Please contact Karen by email.  Photos available upon request

Macomber Add-A-Harness 40″ 10 Harness Loom Plus Extras (1/12/2019)- 015-19

Macomber Add-A-Harness, 40 inch weaving width, 10 Harness, 12 Treadles, about 1500 heddles, 12 epi reed; has both smooth beam (new) and sectional beam and some other new  updated parts.  Good sturdy loom.  Folds to fit through standard doorway.  Excellent support is available, as Macomber is still in business.  Included accessories: 10.5 yard warping board, 1 new metal temple, 20-30 inch; 2 new Glimakra 24 inch ski shuttles; 2 new 20 inch Schacht rag shuttles, 1 Boat Shuttle: $1550, cash. Pick up in Bozeman, Montana. $1550  Please contact Anita by email.


40″ 16 Shaft “A” Series AVL Loom , Bench and Other Extras (1/4/2019)- 008-19

40” 16 shaft “A” Series AVL weaving loom for sale.
* Made in 2003.  I am the 2nd owner.
* 16 shaft with Texsolve polyester heddles
* Compu-Dobby 2
* Overhead swing beater with stainless steel reed
* 1-Box flyshuttle system with flyshuttle and pirns
* 1-yard sectional warp beam with hoops for 1″ spacing
* Automatic Cloth Advance
* Cloth storage system with apron and rod
* Adjustable weaving bench included.
* Original, printed manual.
A similarly appointed used loom is currently listed on the AVL USA website for $9k+.  New, this loom would sell for approximately $12k. $5000 firm.  Laptop not included.  Located in Battle  Ground,Washington.  Pick up only. Selling to make space for new-to-me drawloom.  Please contact Lara by email.