For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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Duncan Blending Board (5/17/2019)- 119-19

DUNCAN blending board ( 17×14 blending area, 72 tpi. Blending brush, finishing brush included. Will pack and send. Located in Gresham, Oregon.  $100.00 negotiable  Please contact Janet by email.


24″ 8 Harness Rasmussen Table Loom with Stand & Extras (5/16/2019)- 118-19

24 inch, 8 harness Rasmussen #8604 table loom with stand. 2 reeds, lots of heddles, lots of extras – bobbin winder, shuttles and misc accessories large variety, books if interested, warping board, large selection of cotton yarn 2/8-4/8 included. Can meet Canadian side of Laurier, Washington border or ship (shipping not included) Located in Grand Forks, B.C. $250.00 US  Please contact Penny by email.

Bergman Countermarche Loom 55″ 8 Shaft, Bench and Extras (5/13/2019)- 117-19

Bergman Countermarche loom, 10 treadles, 8 shaft  55” wide. Model number 8B-ALB-451. Beautiful wood bench and some tools come with it.  Must be moved from storage unit in Tumwater,Washington by May 30.   This loom has only had one owner since it was purchased in the 1960’s.  $700 OBO. Please contact Lulie by email.


8 Shaft Harrisville Loom 42″ Wide (5/13/2019)- 116-19

Harrisville Loom located  in Olympia Washingon.  $1200 OBO Must sell before May 30th, 2019. 8 shaft Only one owner.  12 dent reed. ” 42 wide Able to add 2 more shafts( not included) A small box of equipment and bag of dowels and yardsticks comes with it. Please contact Lulie by email.

The loom is in a storage unit in Tumwater, Washington. We can set up an appointment to see it. Arrangements for delivery can be made, covering transportation costs if buyer is not local.

96″ 8 Harness Cranbrook Countermarche Loom (5/13/2019)- 115-19

96″ 8 harness Cranbrook Countermarche loom with locking treadles, lease sticks, separator sticks, storage shelf, string heddles, and 4 and 5 dent reeds. Located in Nampa, Idaho.  $4500  Please contact Peggy by email. I’m selling this loom due to lack of space in my current home.

45″ Harrisville Countermarche 4 Harness (5/13/2019)- 114-19


Bobbin Rack Holds 72 Bobbins & LeClerc Tensioner. (5/8/2019)- 113-19

Bobbin rack for sectional warping.holds 72 bobbins &  LeClerc  tensioner. Price is for both but may be bought separately. Have downsized and no longer need. Located in Federal Way, Washington.  $250.00 Please contact Roberta by email.

Beka RL 36″ Ridig Heddle Cherry Floor Loom (5/6/2019)- 111-19

Beka RL-36 Rigid Heddle Floor loom is a beautiful cherry floor loom with a 36″ weaving surface. It comes with dents for 8, 10 and 12/inch weaving and 3 shuttles. Overall dimensions are 33″ x 42″ x 31″. Loom is in like new condition, with no signs of wear. Please email me for a photo.This large size loom is no longer made by the Beka Company, so I am unsure of the value. Willing to negotiate on price. Located in
Kalispell, Montana. Price Negotiable.  Please contact Cathy by email.

60″ LeClerc Counter Balance Floor Loom (5/5/2019)- 109-19

60″ LeClerc Counter Balance Floor Loom.  This loom is in excellent condition, please email me for pictures. Price does not include shipping, All reasonable offers considered. Located in Dayton, Oregon.  $1250.00  Please contact Cindy by email.

4 Harness Baby Wolf, Stroller and Bench (5/2/2019)- 107-19

 I am selling my 4 harness Baby Wolf.  It comes with a stroller (wheels) and a bench.  Will deliver anywhere between Eugene, Oregon and Tacoma, Washington. Located in Willamina, Oregon.  $1,100.00  Please contact Kathy by email.

Glimakra Standard 160cm Countermarche 8 Harness (5/2/2019)- 106-19

Glimakra Standard 160 cm Countermarche 8 Harness 
Many Extras. Pictures available on request.  Contact Helen by emailLocated in New Hazelton, British Columbia.  $3000.00

24″ AVL Workshop Dobby Loom (5/2/2019)- 104-19

24 inch wide, 24 harness AVL Workshop Dobby Loom. Upgraded ratchet and pawl on the breast and cloth beam, warp beam includes removable sectional rakes, 100 heddles per shaft included plus all original accessories and owner’s manual. Pickup only. I’ve only woven several projects on it, replacing it with a larger dobby loom. Including a mixed warp shawl of 8 highly textured nubby, nobby yarns which it handled beautifully.  Photos on request. Located in the Seattle Area.  $3600 Please contact Deborah by email.


Handmade Floor Loom Plus Bench 40″ 4 Harness (4/27/2019)- 106-19

HANDMADE FLOOR LOOM, made in the 1980s in Seattle, dark brown wood stain finish over hardwood (unknown type); includes bench with storage under lid;  4-harness, 6 treadles, 40″ width, with metal heddles and texsolve tie-ups. Front beam is 31  1/2″ high, loom stands 41″ at highest point;  two reeds (8dpi and 12 dpi); sturdy hand crank advance on right side; folds up front to back to 28″ deep; Weaves very evenly, nice fabric, great rugs. Located in Boise, Idaho. $850.00  Please contact Melissa by email.
Purchaser must either pick up loom here in Boise, or pay for crating and shipping costs and shipping insurance if desired.

8 Harness Louett Kombo Loom with Stand & Treadle Conversion Kit 27″ (4/27/2019)- 105-19

27”-8 harness Louett Kombo Loom with stand and treadle conversion kit.   $850  Please contact Jean by email.
The loom folds for easy storage or transport for workshops.  It is currently located in Anacortes,Washington.

Cranbrook Rug Loom 4 Harness 60″ Plus Extras (4/27/2019)- 104-19

Cranbrook Rug Loom- Model A80
This 4 harness, 8 treadle Cranbrook rug loom is a dear friend who has been a part of the family for over 40 years. Sadly, it is time to downsize so I am hoping to find someone who will get as much pleasure from it as I did.  I purchased this loom from the Cranbrook Art Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and set up a business in California weaving custom Scandinavian rag rugs. Included are the original bench, a homemade raddle, extra string heddles, 5 reeds- 15,12,10,8, and 6 dent, and 6 ski shuttles. The loom measures 82” wide, 72” deep and 66 “ high.
For pictures link to:
6870820649.html   Located in Bend,Oregon 97703 $3800 Please contact Margaret by email.


Glimakra Warping Board (4/24/2019)- 103-19

Glimakra Warping Board. 29″x 23.5″.  3 pegs across.  7 pegs down.  Can handle up to 171″/ 14′ warp. I wrapped 12 feet for 3 shawls at a time, on it.  I have one peg.  Gives me hope the others may show up as I dig through all my weaving paraphernalia.  If I don’t find them you can have the board for $20.00.  You can pick up the warping board in Boise, Idaho.  $50.00 Please contact Janis by email.

Lots of Shuttles (4/24/2019)- 102-19

Schacht ski shuttle                                                       $ 30.00
Schacht 11″ open wide boat shuttle                        $ 30.00
Schacht 11″ open slim boat shuttle                         $ 37.00
Schacht 15″ open   boat       shuttle                          $ 40.00
Schacht 13″ open  boat        shuttle                          $ 35.00
LeClerc  13 1/2″ Double closed boat shuttle         $  36.00
LeClerc   11 1/2″ closed     boat            shuttle         $  25.00
Harrisville  8″     closed   boat              shuttle         $  20.00
No maker mark 9″ rug                shuttle                   $ 35.00
No maker mark 13″ closed  boat      shuttle          $  40.00
Located in Colville Washington.  Please email Chrys for information.

Thread Tree Holds over 60 Cones (4/24/2019)- 101-19

Thread Tree.  About 6′ tall.  Compact.  Spins.  Without counting holds at least 60 normal cones.  I have some cones you can put on it, too: ))  Free!  Must come get it.  Boise, Idaho.  $100  Please contact Janis by email.

Glimakra Viking 4 Harness 44″ Wide (4/24/2019)- 100-19

Glimakra Viking.  4 harness.  6 pedals.  44″wide.  42″deep.  Can be set to 30″deep for storage.  about 30 yrs old.  Could be taken apart.  Have original directions for building her.  You can do it!  Extra reeds, sticks, etc.  Can send pictures if interested.  Works great.  I can dress her by myself.  Great for rugs, fabric, shawls… Must come and get her. Located in Boise, Idaho.  If you live close by I can help you get started.  $500  Please contact Janis by email.

Glimakra Reginia Tapestry Loom 56″ Wide 80″ Tall (4/24/2019)- 99-19

Glimakra Reginia Tapestry Loom.  56″wide.  45″deep. 80″tall.  Its half dressed! For Navajo weaving. 30 yrs old.  Looks new. Hurts to part from her.  She is just good company.  Can send a picture if interested.  You will need to pick her up. Located in Boise, Idaho. $500 Please contact Janis by email.

Schacht 4 Harness 36″ High Castle Floor Loom Plus Extras (4/23/2019)- 98-19

Schacht 4 harness 36 inch high castle floor loom in excellent condition.  Includes 3 reeds: 8, 12, 15 dent. Schacht weaving bench with bags, and 308 extra metal heddles. Located in Colville, Washington. $2,500.00 Please email Chrys.  Please contact me for photos.

Tapestry Loom Weaving Width 28″ (4/23/2019)- 97-19

Tapestry Loom for Sale –  Homemade on  a stand on the floor.  $100 includes book with instructions.  Weaving width about 28″ and max length 32″. Includes dowels and batten plus “Working with Wool – How to Weave a Navajo Rug”.  Missing tapestry beater (used a fork).
All proceeds benefit Missoula Weavers Guild. Located in Hamilton, MT.  Email Dona  for photos and more information. Located in
Hamilton, Montana. $100 or Best Offer.

Newcomb Fairloom Floor Loom 4 Harness, 6 Treadles Plus Several Reeds. (4/20/2019)- 96-19

Newcomb Fairloom for sale. 4 harness, 6 treadle. Comes with several reeds. Vintage item in great condition. Well taken care of. Please email to discuss it further. Located in Philomath, Oregon. $400 Please contact Monique by email.

Union Custom Loom 2 Harness 42″ Weaving Width (4/20/2019)- 94-19

Strong old Union Custom Loom. 2 harness,  2 treadle – 42″ weaving width. This is the beefy big sister to the more common Union 36 Loom. Not beautiful, but all there, and ready to make some beautiful rugs. Currently disassembled for storage, but I can take photos of that for you. In Grants Pass, Oregon, but I might be able to help with transportation. Email me with any questions.

Little Daisy Loom by Newcomb Looms of Davenport, Iowa. 36″, 2 Harness (4/20/2019)- 93-19

Nice Little Daisy loom by Newcomb Looms of Davenport, Iowa. Needs to be cleaned up, but has shuttles and metal canisters that originally came with it. Also has complete instruction book. This is a 2 harness, fly shuttle loom, with a weaving width of 36″ . Email Pat for photos. Located in Grants Pass, Oregon.  $200


Glimakra Standard Countermarche Loom 45″ 10 Harness with Bench (4/20/2019)- 92-19

Glimakra Standard Countermarche Loom – ~ 45″ weaving width. 10 harnesses,  10 treadles.  Email me for photos, or look on Medford craigslist. Nice loom and it comes with a storage bench (not Glimakra). Located in Grants Pass, Oregon. $1900

Schacht Table Loom 25″ 4 Shafts (4/18/2019)- 91-19

Schacht table loom  4 shafts, 25″ weaving width   Comes with a 10 dent reed.  Price: $150  Contact Lynn by email. Located in Shelton, Washinston. $150

Cherry Norwood Jack Loom 23″ 4 Shafts (4/18/2019)- 90-19

Cherry Norwood jack loom, 23″ weaving width  4 shafts, 6 treadles 
This little loom is built just like the big guys.  It’s the smallest size of the “regular” loom that Norwood made.  It’s not the little x-frame direct tie-up workshop loom.  In excellent vintage condition, the wood is gorgeous.  When I got it, most of the tie-up chains were missing, so they have been replaced with Texsolv.    Contact Lynn by email, pick up in Shelton, Washington, or we can work out delivery. $600

Gilmore 40″ 8 Harness Floor Loom Plus Bench & Other Extras (4/14/2019)- 88-19

Gilmore floor loom . Older 4o inch weaving width . 8 harness, harnesses lift out, excellent condition, reeds and bench included, various shuttles included, tension box, etc. L0cated in Mead, Washington.

$1700.00 OBO Please contact Susan by email. The loom has been kept indoors in a heated area. I just don’t use it.

Louet Komby 70 4 Harness Table Loom (Can Convert to 8) (4/14/2019)- 87-19

Louet Kombo 70 4 + 4 Table Loom. This four harness (kit converts to 8 if you can find it) table loom weaves up to 70cm (27”). This was my first loom and I have loved owning it as my learning partner. I have now moved on to a floor loom and don’t have room for both. It is portable and folds for storage. I have woven placemats, table runners,scarves, and shawls and even a few small rugs. It comes with an 8 and 10 dent reed and is in very good condition. Texsolv heddles. The loom is located in Tacoma, Washington. Pickup preferred Pictures upon request.  $500  Please contact Ron by email.

45″ Leclerc Mira counter-balance loom (4/12/2019)- 084-19

45″ LeClerc Mira counter-balance loom. This loom was built in the late 1950s and I have owned her since 2008. Comes with a brand new 10 dent reed, lease sticks and Angel Wings. $600. Located in Eagle Bay, BC (in the Shuswap). Please contact Janet for more information or photos.

Cranbrook Style Countermarche Loom 4 Shafts Plus Bench (4/11/2019)- 82-19
Cranbrook style floor loom. Approximately, 62” wide and 62” deep. Height to top of the beater frame is 72” (but varies by how high you want the beater). Height of the loom frame (without beater) is 66”. 4 shafts and 6 treadles. Texsolv heddles. 45” 12-dent reed. I’m not certain it is an official Cranbrook. It may be a copy, but it is very, very similar. It came from Michigan. The warp beam is setup for sectional warping; however, the sectional pegs can easily be removed for non-sectional warping. I have some extras that go with it and can provide several links on how to set it up. I am also willing to help set it up if you live in the Redmond or Bend area. This is a great loom for weaving rugs. I have added weight to the beater frame, which helps in obtaining a tight weft. It also comes with a custom-made, adjustable hardwood bench. It is not difficult to breakdown, but requires a small truck or large SUV / van to haul. Some of the images are from the previous owner. We are downsizing to a smaller house and will no longer have room for this great, old loom. Price is $900. Please contact Ron by email.
AB Gunnar Anderssons Ideal Countermarche with 8 Shafts Plus Bench (4/7/2019)- 75-19

70 cm (27”) AB Gunnar Anderssons Ideal, that is a countermarch with eight shafts and eight treadles. This was a garage find that had leaves/flowers painted all over it, and I brought it home to refinish it. It was missing parts, so some of the parts are new, bought from Glimakra, USA, which means they are slightly lighter in color. The frame dimensions are: 31” across x 41” deep x 57” high. The tie up is new, the heddles are new, and it comes with a Glimakra bench. It also has rubber feet to keep it from skidding across the floor, shaft holders, shaft pins, and it comes with a 15 dent stainless steel reed. It has a hand turned walnut handle for the brake cord. The loom is located in Spokane, and I’m asking $1500.00/OBO. Please contact Judy by email

Two LeClerc Floor Looms (4/1/2019)- 072-19

Two LeClerc floor looms. One measures 53 ” wide, 49″ high, 34″ deep. Has accompanying bench. Second one is 44″ wide, 44 ‘ high, 24″ deep. email for picture. Estate sale. Port Orchard, WA. $500 and $300. Email.

36″ LeClerc Nilus floor loom (4/1/2019)- 070-10

36 in. LeClerc Nilus floor loom. 4 Harness . Loom is in excellent shape and working order. Wood is well cared for. Bench included. Email for photos. Forks, Wa. $900.

4-shaft, 6-treadle LeClerc Colonial jack loom (3/28/2019)- 068-19

This is a 4-shaft, 6-treadle LeClerc Colonial jack loom. Weaving width: 60 inches. Footprint: 55” deep x 71” wide x 68” tall. Excellent condition. Extra-large warp beam to prevent the beam from torquing with very tight warps such as rugs or linen. Metal friction brake on the warp beam and a ratchet on the cloth beam. The brake makes a little noise but it functions fine. There are 800+ heddles and an 5-dent reed. There is a small warp on the loom so you can take it for a test drive. I’m selling it because I need the floor space. Otherwise it’s a lovely loom. I have $2000 into it and that’s what I’m asking. The loom is at Ruthie’s Weaving Studio in Portland. Email for an appointment so I can be available to show it to you. There is also a beautiful custom bench. It’s extremely sturdy and substantial, made of mixed exotic woods. Bench for sale at $500.

Floor Loom 36″ Artisan (3/28/2019)- 067-19

Wanting to sell loom with pocket bench, books, 4 reeds, project winder, spool winder, skein winder, many shuttles, spools, 3 bins of wool linen etc,. So much weavers dream all ready to start a project and weave it is. Buyer takes all for $500. Port Alberni, BC. Email.

30″ 4H/6T Kessenich Loom (3/23/2019)- 065-19

I have an older (pre 1980’s) Kessenich 30” 4H/6T loom for sale. Approximately 46″W x 46″D x 40″H. The loom came to me secondhand. I replaced the treadle cords and bream cords with texsolv and put more/new wire heddles on it (approximately ~150/shaft + 100 extra). It comes with a 12 dent reed and has a plain back beam. The wood could use some cosmetic TLC, and it could use new bumper pads, but for me, that hasn’t affected the weaving. This is a pretty heavy, sturdy loom and I’ve woven rag rugs to dishtowels on it. The loom has a X frame construction and can be folded, even while warped, to move it out the way. Located in Seattle, WA. $300.00 OBO. Email.

LeClerc Warping Mill (3/19/2019)- 61-19

New, never assembled, still in box — Leclerc warping mill.  Floor model gives 4 yards (3,7 meters) per turn and can warp up to 50 yards.  Height:68″ (173 cm)  Width: 59″ (150 cm)  Located near Airdrie, AB.  $500.00 Please contact Bonnie by email.

40″ Loomcraft 4 Shaft Loom with Bench (3/17/2019)- 57-19

Loomcraft 4 Shaft Loom $500 located in Seattle, WA. Beautiful 4 shaft 6 treadle. Loomcraft 40 inch weaving width with matching bench. Has been well maintained and used regularly. Professionally converted by woodworker to a 2 in sectional beam, pegs can be removed if you prefer plain beam. Only selling as our new house doesn’t have a space for it. Comes with matching bench, approx 800 heddles and a 12 dent reed. Email Beth,  Located in Seattle Washington. $500

45″ Loomcraft Floor Loom 8 Shaft (3/17/2019)- 56-19

45″ Loomcraft Floor Loom. 8 Shaft/ 12 Treadle with 12 dent reed. Other reeds available and negotiable (5, 6, 8, 10, 15).
I bought this loom used a couple of years ago and have woven a couple of things on it with great success. The reason it is for sale is that I just bought a Glimakra loom and don’t have room for both looms. The loom needs very minor touch-ups such as new bumpers for the beater.   Please contact Jenni by email.  Located in Graham, Washington. $1,200.00 negotiable

36″ LeClerc Nilus Floor Loom (3/14/2019)- 54-19

36″ LeClerc Nilus floor loom 4 shaft, 6 treadle, 36″ weaving width.  Approx. 47″ wide x 44” high x 39″ deep. Needs a reed.
I bought this from my school, they’d just gotten a donation of new looms in, and they couldn’t fit them all. I have had it for some years now but have never used it.  It has been in storage, and been moved a couple of times, but it seems to be in good working order.  It didn’t come with any accessories.  It’s pretty dusty in these photos, I know, but I’ve cleaned it up and it’s still in good condition, it’s just missing a reed. Located in Portland, Oregon. $1,000. Please contact Sara by email.  I would love for this to go to a good home where it will see some use!
I would like to sell it ASAP as I have no room for it at the moment.  It is currently being stored at a friend’s place, so if you would like to look at it in person please let me know, and I will do my best to make arrangements with them.