For Sale: Weaving Equipment

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54″ Gilmoare 8 Harness with Bench (1/18/2019) - 020-19

Gilmore jack loom–54″, 8 harness, with Gilmore weaving bench, shuttles and020-19 2 reeds.  Perfect condition. Located in Tumalo, Oregon. $1,000 Please contact Sue by email.


8 Harness Bergman w/Bench Plus Norwood Cranbrook w/Bench Plus Warping Mill (1/17/2019) - 019-19

Norwood Cranbrook 462 Floor Loom, solid maple, like new, 4 harnesses, 6 treadles, comes with bench $1750 OBO,

Bergman floor loom, 8 shaft, 10 treadles with Bergman bench and original instructions $2750 OBO.

Solid maple warping mill, like new $350 Estate sale  Located in Hansville, Washington.
Negotiable/Payments Okay  Please contact Sheila by email.

Photos on Craigslist/Seattle/Tacoma/Washington

LeClerc Fanny 36″ Counterbalance Loom 4 Shafts Plus Extras (1/16/2019) - 018-19

Older LeClerc Fanny, 36″ counter-balance loom for sale. 4 shafts, 6 treadles. 4 reeds: 8, 10, 12 and 15. Loads of extra heddles, raddle, lease sticks and 2 boat shuttles.
Plus Warp and Weave Book  by LeClerc . The loom has removable cloth and warp beams, the warp beam folds in (even when warped) for moving or storage. New brake ring installed last year. Asking $450  Located in Qualicum Beach. BC. Please contact Carol by email.

60″ Fireside Loom 10 Shaft plus Extras (1/14/2019) - 017-19

10 Shaft, 60” Fireside Loom – handcrafted of beautiful cherry wood, lovingly exercised since 1990, a joy to weave on, lovely to look at and feel
•        12 treadles
•        worm drive tensioning (for precision tension)
•        friction break
•        2 inch sectional warping option
•        spring trelevators on peddles (makes lifting shaft easy)
•        texsolv heddles
•        loom on castors for easy moving
•        shuttle mobile
•        lamp holder and lamp
•        12 and 8 dpi reed
•        leash sticks
•        folds for moving and when not in use
•        remove front and back beams for easy threading
•        65” wide, 40” high, 42” deep
•        $3900
Located on Salt Spring Island, BC . $3900 Please contact Karen by email.  Photos available upon request

Nilus LeClerc Mira Counterbalance Loom 36″ 4 Harness (1/14/2019) - 016-19

Nilus LeClerc Mira Counterbalance Floor Loom 36″ Weaving Width. 4 harness 6 treadles and 36″ weaving width. In great condition. It’s yours for $400 in hand when you come pick it up.
Please contact Lynette by email.  Located in Northport, Washington. Please contact Lynette by email.

Macomber Add-A-Harness 40″ 10 Harness Loom Plus Extras (1/12/2019) - 015-19

Macomber Add-A-Harness, 40 inch weaving width, 10 Harness, 12 Treadles, about 1500 heddles, 12 epi reed; has both smooth beam (new) and sectional beam and some other new  updated parts.  Good sturdy loom.  Folds to fit through standard doorway.  Excellent support is available, as Macomber is still in business.  Included accessories: 10.5 yard warping board, 1 new metal temple, 20-30 inch; 2 new Glimakra 24 inch ski shuttles; 2 new 20 inch Schacht rag shuttles, 1 Boat Shuttle: $1550, cash. Pick up in Bozeman, Montana. $1550  Please contact Anita by email.


4 Shaft 40″ J.L. Hammett Floor Loom Plus Extras (1/7/2019) - 013-19

4 Shaft J.L. Hammett Floor with Extras .   J.L. Hammett Co. (Cambridge Mass & Newark N.J.) 40” 4 shaft 6 treadle floor loom, with removable front and back sectional beams and 10 epi reed. Dimensions are 45”x 50” and is made of ash wood and is in good condition.  Also included is a warping reel, multiple colors of cones of rayon chenille and “Handwoven” magazines 1998 through 2013. Located in Missoula, Montana.  550.00  Please contact Elizabeth by email.

4 Shaft 32″ Ashford Table Loom with Extras Like New (1/6/2019) - 011-19

Ashford Table Loom with a 32″ weaving width (38″ overall)
The four shaft loom with a castle that folds flat for easy transport, even with weaving in place. The overhead beater has a great weaving shed, with automatic bounce back for even beating. Levers are within easy reach for comfortable weaving. Each shaft can be lifted simply and quickly and is independent enabling a wide variety of patterns to weave. The solid Silver Beech hardwood is lacquered for long lasting good looks and non-slip rubber feet for stability.
8.62 inch Texsolv heddles (approx 640)
8, 10, and 12 DPI stainless steel reeds.
Cross and Warp sticks
Heddle Hooks
3 LeClerc plastic shuttles
2 Ashford 22″ stick shuttles
Loom weight approx 40 lbs (18kg)
Books included: Learn to Weave by Chandler (Like New) and The Ashford Book of Textures & Towels for the 4 Shaft Loom (Like New)
Located just north of Shelton Washington, Please contact Mary by email for photos of the loom and answers to any questions you might have. The loom was made in Ashburton, New Zealand. $700.00 (new $940) I’ve been slowly closing down by weaving studio and this is the last of my looms to be sold. I also have Fiber (Tencel, cotton, rayon, wool, alpaca), weaving books (list available on request), and a collection of wood shuttles available.

8 Harness 40″ Harrisville Designs Jack Floor Loom with Bench and other Extras (1/4/2019) - 109-19

Harrisville Designs 40” weaving width, 8-harness , jack floor loom in good condition. Maple. Floor dimensions = 49” x 42.5” (folds to 49” x 30”), castle = 49” high. Includes adjustable height bench with under-seat storage, tool tray, raddle, 10, 12 & 15-dent reed, lots of heddles & snap-chain tie-ups.
Also included is a warping board, spools, bobbin winder, and a variety of spools of thread/yarn. I think it is beautiful but unfortunately my arthritis is keeping me from continuing to weave. Will need to pick it up. Included are the following resource books, etc.: The Weaving Book by Helene Bress (new), Learn to Weave by Chandler (barely used), A Handweaver’s Pattern Book, A flip book- Weaver’s Companion, and by Madelyn van der Hoogt her DVD of Weaving Well and Warping you Loom. Located in Shoreline, Washington. $2,000. Please contact Kate by email. I am happy to send pictures of the loom, if desired. It is currently warped for kitchen towels, and pattern/instructions will come with it.

40″ 16 Shaft “A” Series AVL Loom , Bench and Other Extras (1/4/2019) - 008-19

40” 16 shaft “A” Series AVL weaving loom for sale.
* Made in 2003.  I am the 2nd owner.
* 16 shaft with Texsolve polyester heddles
* Compu-Dobby 2
* Overhead swing beater with stainless steel reed
* 1-Box flyshuttle system with flyshuttle and pirns
* 1-yard sectional warp beam with hoops for 1″ spacing
* Automatic Cloth Advance
* Cloth storage system with apron and rod
* Adjustable weaving bench included.
* Original, printed manual.
A similarly appointed used loom is currently listed on the AVL USA website for $9k+.  New, this loom would sell for approximately $12k. $5000 firm.  Laptop not included.  Located in Battle  Ground,Washington.  Pick up only. Selling to make space for new-to-me drawloom.  Please contact Lara by email.

8 Harness 48″ Cranbrook Countermarche Floor Loom Plus Extras (1/4/2019) - 007-19

8 Harness 48″ Cranbrook Countermarche Floor Loom. Excellent condition. Includes various accessories, including instructions and miscellaneous parts, as well as reeds, shuttles, and bench. Please email me for photos.Located in Poulsbo, Washington. $2,250 OBO

45″ Rio Grande Walking Loom (1/2/2019) - 006-19

45″ Rio Grande Walking Loom.  Near perfect condition!  Includes instruction manuals and various accessories.  My mother has moved into assisted living and is no longer able to use this loom. Located in Poulsbo, Washington.  $2,500 OBO.  Please contact Russell by email.

Inkle Loom (1/2/2019) - 003-19

Inkle loom.  Nice little piece – has a partially completed project tied in place.  Please email me for photos.  Located in Poulsbo, Washington.  $50

Spriggs 7′ Adjustable Triangle Shawl/Blanket Frame Loom (1/2/2019) - 001-19

Spriggs 7′ Adjustable Triangle Shawl/Blanket Frame loom with tripod – “Carol Leigh’s Hillcreek Fiber Studio”. Virtually new, comes with original box and accessories. Here is the product website, which also contains a link to a video demonstration:  Please email me for photos. Located in Poulsbo, Washington . $425 OBO

60″ J-Made 8 Harness with Bench Plus Many Extras (12/31/2018) - 273-18

Liquidating weaving studio so everything must go!  60” J-Made 8 harness loom with loom bench, Schacht warping board, reeds, shuttles, bobbin winder and cones of Harrisville wool yarn. $2000. Buyer must pick up items in Coos Bay. Oregon as they are all too large to ship. $2,000. Please contact Geralyn by email.

45″ LeClerc 2 Treadle Tapestry Loom (12/31/2018) - 272-18

Liquidating weaving studio so everything must go!  45” LeClerc 2 treadle tapestry loom in new condition including bobbins and misc supplies, $1000.  Buyer must pick up items in Coos Bay, Oregon as they are all too large to ship.  $1000.  Please contact Geralyn by email.

30″ Mirrix Tapestry Loom Plus Extras (12/31/2018) - 271-18

Liquidating weaving studio so everything must go! 30” Mirrix Tapestry loom including bobbins, books and wool for weaving, $500. Buyer must be able to pick up in Coos Bay Oregon. $500.  Please contact Geralyn by email.

60″ Cranbrook Countermarche 8 Shafts Includes Bench & Many Other Extras (12/29/2018) - 269-18

60″ Cranbrook Countermarche Loom: 8 shafts, 10 locking treadles, 12-dent reed, lease and beaming sticks, 1200 Texsolv heddles.  Originally purchased 1990, excellent condition (barely used).

Includes bench, 60″ raddle, 15-yd warping frame, 20-spool spool rack, 2 LeClerc temples (23″-38″ and 36″-60″), 2 Schacht open-bottom boat shuttles, 2 Schacht 24″ ski shuttles, 1 LeClerc 28″ ski shuttle, heddle and reed hooks.  Plus 17 full and 10 partial spools Maysville carpet warp, polyester coned and rayon skeined warp, weaving books. New, loom sells for over $9555, not including bench, accessories or shipping. Located in SE Portland, Oregon. $6000.00. Please contact Kris by email.

46″ Low Castle Schacht Standard Loom with Bench (12/16/2018) - 265-18

46″ Low Castle Schacht Standard Floor Loom, with bench.   Loom is 46″, 4 Harness, 6 Treadle. Older model in absolute mint condition with Schacht Bench. Purchaser to arrange pickup, or seller can deliver within 100 miles for $50 extra. Located in Red Bluff, California. $1500 . Please contact Dawn by email.

45″ LeClerc Colonial Floor Loom 8 Harnesses (12/16/2018) - 264-18

45″ Leclerc Colonial floor loom with 8 harnesses and 10 treadles. Includes 10 dent reed. Dimensions: 57″(w),  64″ (h), 68″ (depth) folds to 40″ Cash only.   Shipping responsibility of buyer. Contact Joyce by email.  Located in North Saanich B.C.  $1100.00  OBO

Bergman Poulsbo Floor Loom Plus Bench (12/13/2018) - 263-18

Bergman Poulsbo Floor Loom for sale in Burien.  Bergman Loom . Patent No 2057997. 59 in. L, 47 in H.
Countermarche, fold out doors.  4 shafts, reeds, heddles, bench, storage, instructions, all included
Needs TLC after years in storage, unused, dusty. Low price for as is condition. $250 OBO . The loom deserves a good home that can use this piece of beautiful history!
Mrs. Bergman, an American who emigrated from Sweden, designed the loom in Poulsbo, Washington and her husband and son fabricated Bergman looms from local fir and maple.
Burien, Washington.  Email for information and photos and to arrange for pick up.

2 Large Shacht Warping Boards (12/9/2018) - 262-18

Downsizing Studio.  I’m using a smaller warping board and no longer have need for either of these larger boards. $110 (new board in box)  $65 (used board).  Shipping not included. Located in Olympia, Washington. $110 (new board in box)  $65 (used board)  Please contact Rosanne by email.

Louet Jane Loom for Sale (12/6/2018) - 260-18

40 cm (16.5″) 8 shafts. Lightweight and portable 17 lbs. Folds to 5.5″ high. 10 dent reed Warping instructions included. Great for taking to workshops. $1250 Canadian. Email Vanessa.

Nilus Leclerc Table Loom 12 shaft (12/3/2018) - 252-18

Nilus Leclerc Table Loom 12 shaft, 3 reeds, 15 1/2” width. Excellent condition. Hansville, WA. $700 OBO. Email.

Estate sale for master weaver belonging to Seattle Weavers Guild (11/25/2018) - 247-18

Estate sale for master weaver belonging to Seattle Weavers Guild. She has left behind a Norwood Cranbrook 462 floor loom, like new condition $2900 OBO, and a Bergman floor loom, patent #2057997, excellent condition $3900 OBO. There are also many smaller looms, spinning wheels, wool yarn and many accessories. Must see! Hansville, WA. Email

Schacht 4 Shaft Table Loom and Stand (11/23/2018) - 246-18

Schacht 4-shaft table room. Includes: Loom, stand, assembly booklets for both, metal heddles  and one boat shuttle. Reeds not included. Excellent condition…. used twice. $650 Located in Terrebonne, Oregon. Please contact Carol by email. Photos available upon request.

Harrisville Designs 4 Harness Loom Plus Extras (11/17/2018) - 244-18

Harrisville Designs four harness, four treadle loom. Folds to only 18 inches wide for easy storage. 10 dent, 22 inch reed, 24 yd warping board, smaller warping board, four shuttles, several spindles, spindle winder and rattles. Everything you need to start weaving. Located in Portland, Oregon. $400 Please contact Linda by email.

Antique Weaving Loom (11/14/2018) - 240-18

Antique  weaving loom.  Big, floor loom, wooden. Email for photo.  Located in Troy Idaho.  Make offer. Please contact Debbee by email.

6 Shaft Weaving Loom Plus Bench (11/14/2018) - 238-18

Huge Weaving Loom. 4 ft  by 5 foot. Metal Frame. 6 shafts, cherry wood bench. Located in Troy Idaho.
$900 or best offer. Please contact Debbee by email. Photo available upon request.

Union 36 Floor Loom, Bench and Many Extras (11/14/2018) - 237-18

UNION 36 FLOOR LOOM FOR SALE. This Union 36 loom began in Wisconsin and was shipped to me in Montana in the 80s. I’ve made hundreds of rag rugs, place mats, and runners on it. Then my mother took over it and wove many more beautiful rag rugs when she spent summers with me. She collected (almost hoarded) fabric–some new, some antique, some old bedding, chenille, and curtains. I’ve packed everything up and would like to sell this loom, the fabric, and supplies in one bundle. It’s been stored in a dry and heated garage for about five years now. This is a simple 2-pedal, 2- harness loom made of wood and metal. All parts are in good condition and work well. This price includes about 6 shuttles, all the accompanying tools and at least 100 pounds of fabric, about ten pounds of warp, and bench to sit upon while weaving. Whitefish, Montana. $1250 Please contact Kris by email.

48″ Payton 479 Folding Floor Loom 4 Shafts (11/9/2018) - 234-18

Folding Floor Loom: Payton 479, 48″, 4 shafts, 6 treadles, sectional warping beam, high castle with tray, light wood (maple?). Includes shuttles and lots of unused rug loopers and fabric strips. $400. Located in Dayton, Washington. Photo available upon request. Please contact Elissa by email.

AVL 40″ Home Loom & Bench – 8 Harness Plus Extras (11/6/2018) - 233-18

AVL Home Loom & Bench, 40″ weaving width. 8 harnesses, 10 treadles with 1200 Texsolv polyester heddles. AVL side tie-up harness system with 52 tie-up cords. Standard beater with 3 stainless steel reeds (6, 8 & 10 dent) Standard warp beam with 2 aprons & 3 steel rods. Locking brake & automatic warp tension system. Folding rear legs reduce loom to depth of 28″ for storage. Constructed of kiln-dried Maple with Castle Storage Shelf. Additional Accessories: Adjustable Maple Bench, lease sticks & sectional beam parts, & Illustrated Assembly & Operating Instructions Manual. Gently used & in excellent condition – $1200. Located in Portland, Oregon. $1200 . Please contact Judith by email.

Louet Hollandia 8 Shaft Countermarch Loom 43″ (11/6/2018) - 232-18

Louet Hollandia 8 shaft Countermarch loom. 43” weaving width, texsolv heddles, texsolv tie-up cords, castle tray, lease sticks, pickup stick, reed, original manual and accessories.  Floating breast beam provides even, consistent tension. Loom is In excellent, like-new condition. Located in Salem, Oregon.  $2,000.  Please contact Cecelia by email.