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Weaving & Spinning Equipment 

091-17: May 19, 2017

Union 36 Loom. A great work horse of a loom especially good for weaving rugs.  The loom is in working condition with a 36″ weaving width, 2 harness counter balance, new metal heddles and new 12 dent reed, manual included.  It is in Hillsboro OR, a western suburb of Portland.  $200. Photos available.  Contact Liz by email.
089-17: May 15, 2017
Robin & Russ, 4-harness, 45″ width floor loom with sectional warp beam. Includes bench, 72-spool rack, shuttles, electric winder, some books. Lightly used. Must sell due to downsizing. Price $1800. Located in Kenmore, Washington. Contact Mary by e-mail.
088-17: May 15, 2017
4 Harness 40″ Gilmore Floor Loom with Bench.  38″ Weaving Width; Texsolv Tie-up System; used only 5 times.    $1,000.  OR With 4 Full Width Reeds: 6, 8, 10, 12. $1,200 .Must pick up on Whidbey Island, Washington.  Contact Cheryl by e-mail.
086-17: May 13, 2017
I have 8 LeClerc shafts available for sale (45″) . Does not include heddles. Photos available on request. Asking $40/shaft. Located in Surrey BC. Contact Shruti by email
084-17: May 10, 2017
Schacht Mighty Wolf 4 harness/6 treadle loom with high castle (great for storage of tools) and bench. Loom includes stroller, 2 reeds (6 and 12 dent), and custom wolf trap. Weaving width of 36”. Open footprint = 33″ x 45″, folded footprint= 18″ x 45″. Bench is 23” high, 23.5″ wide, 11.5″ deep; shelf under seat is 5” deep. [Prices when new: MW-4 = $2415, stroller = $123, second reed = $120. Also included are some older weaving books as well as issues of Handwoven and Spin, Shuttle, Dyepot (all duplicates). I am 3rd owner and know the previous weavers/owners.  Asking $1200 USD. Photos available. Must pickup in Bellingham, WA.  Contact Gloria by e-mail.
083-17: May 3, 2017
Lightly used 32″ 8-shaft Ashford table loom, one year old. Stainless steel reed 10dpi, 640 heddles, swinging beater.  Folds for easy transportation/storage. $790 located in Bozeman, MT (retails at $995).  Contact Dani by email.
081-17: May 1, 2017
Leclerc 4-harness table loom for sale. Weaving width 15″. Great condition. Located in Corvallis, Oregon. Asking $300. Please email Margaret
080-17: May 1, 2017
Leclerc Nilus 4-harness floor loom for sale. Weaving width 36″. Warping board and shuttles included. Located in Corvallis, Oregon. Asking $800. Photos available. Please email Margaret.
078-17: May 1, 2017
TOIKA Liisa Countermarch Loom 48″ 12 Shaft 12 Treadle. Like New Condition. Weaving Width: 120 cm (47 1/4″) Full Width of Loom: 157 cm (62”) Depth of Loom: 136 cm (53.5”) Height of Loom: 165 cm (65”) Light Finnish Birch Wood. Includes:Overhead Beater Kit, Reed, Texsolv for tie up, 2 Shuttles, Raddle, Bench, and Warping Sticks. Located in Olympia WA $3200.00 OBO. Contact Linda by e-mail.
076-17: May 1, 2017
24″ Kromski Rigid Heddle table loom, 8-dent reed. Located in Gold Beach, Oregon. Loom with stand, tote bag, additional 10-dent reed, all equipment that came with loom. I used once.  Asking $550. Fully assembled. Buyer to pay shipping and crating or meet in Oregon. Have three books specific to rigid heddle weaving. Asking $50 for all three. Paid $90.  I have pictures. Contact Gretchen by e-mail.
075-17: April 28, 2017
Nilus Leclerc, 4 harness, loom for sale. Books, Shuttles, a LOT of warp and weft. Most weft is from the Pendleton Woolen Mill. $2,500.00 Contact Lillian by e-mail. Photos are available.
073-17: April 26, 2017
Leclerc Bergere Rigid Heddle loom for sale: 15.5″ weaving width, 2 rigid heddles: 10 and 6 dent, instruction manual, 2 metal lease sticks, clamp, warping pegs including one with 3 uprights for the cross, metal ratchet and pawl brakes, flat shuttle, sword to do pick-up. The Bergere is unique among rigid heddle looms because it has a front and back beam as well as a cloth beam and warp beam; makes a terrific shed and holds a tight tension. Perfect condition; like new. No stand but for an extra $25 I will include the small table I clamp it to for a perfect height. $200 plus extra $25 if you want the table. Local pick-up Clinton, Washington (Whidbey Island). Contact Joanne by e-mail.
072-17: April 26, 2017
45 inch counterbalance Mountain loom, 4 harness, located in the lower Mainland, BC , in good condition with seine twine warp on. Bench included. Original owner. $300.00 OBO. Contact by e-mail.
070-17: April 22, 2017
Two spinning wheels – traditional style. First one is an unknown manufacturer, spins very smooth but needs a new orifice tree and drive cord. The other is an antique Andresen wheel from the 1800s, needs a new drive cord and some minor work to the maidens. Both double drive. $175 each in Olympia, Washington. Contact Clara by email.
069-17: April 22, 2017
Ashford rigid heddle Loom, 36″ width. Comes with 4 heddles – 5, 7.5, 10 and 12.5. Also comes with stick shuttle, lease sticks, warping tool and more. No stand. $400.Harrisville easy weaver “a” – 15 inch. Has one repaired crack, but otherwise works fine. $65 Large warping board – 5 ft high x 4 ft across. $50. All in Olympia, Washington. Contact Clara by email.
068-17: April 22, 2017
22″width Harrisville collapsible 4 shaft 4 treadle floor loom located on Whidbey Island at Greenbank Washington. $400 Contact by email. Picture available.
067-17: April 20, 2017
Newcomb Loom Model: Studio Art. Built in 1960. Four harness, six treadles. Complete instructions on setup available. $400.00 or reasonable offer. Located in Vancouver, Washington. Contact Vicki by e-mail.066-17: April 16, 2017 Handcrafted solid cherry warping board.  Like new. 39 in. x 40 in. May be broken down for storage. $70. Kalispell MT. Contact by e-mail.
063-17: April 6, 2017
Single treadle Schacht matchless wheel, 4 bobbins and lazy kate.  Nice wheel passing along to someone else. Price is firm at $ 550.00. Buyer pays shipping. Would rather pick up from NE Washington. Email
058-17: March 26, 2017
RASMUSSEN 4 HARNESS/4 SHAFT 26″ TABLE LOOM. Used, very good condition. A couple shuttles included. Pick up in Seattle, WA. Please email for more details and photos.
057-17: March 24, 2017
Leclerc 4 harness table loom for sale, $150. Measures 27” wide x 25” long x 23” tall. Accessories include: 6 and 12 dent stainless steel reeds, heddles, warping sticks, shuttles (flat and boat), and warping board. Original owner. Local pick-up in Portland, OR. Contact Emily by email for more information, including photos.
055-17: March 20, 2017
4 Harness, 45″ Leclerc Loom for sale. Comes with apron, bench, sectional warp beam, Lease sticks and shuttle. Asking $450. Please contact Kathy
054-17: March 20, 2017
4 Harness, 45″ Leclerc Jack Loom.Comes with apron, lease sticks, sectional warp beam, shuttle, Extra reeds. Asking $350. Please contact Christel.
053-17: March 20, 2017
12 Harness Leclerc Nilart Loom for sale.60″ wide. Beautiful Condition. Comes with aprons, lease sticks plus many extras. Bench, sectional warp beam with tension box, double warp beams, temple stretcher, extra reeds shuttle and spool rack and spools. $1750  for the entire package. The loom is on Salt Spring Island. Please contact Christel.
052-17: March 15, 2017
45 inch Leclerc  Nilus  floor loom. 4 shafts, 6 treadles; sturdy and versatile. Excellent condition. Many extras. Located in Gig Harbor.  Asking $670.00. Photos available. Please email Anna.
051-17: March 14, 2017
22″ Mountain table table loom. 4 harness, texsolv heddles, 8 and 10 dent reed, boat and rag shuttle plus several bobbins.  Only selling due to a shoulder injury.  Can deliver to the ANWG conference in Victoria if needed.  $375. Located on Vancouver Island. Email.
050-17: March 14, 2017
Glimakra Ideal 80cm (31″) 8 harness countermarch loom. Eight treadles, one reed, Texsolv tie-ups and heddles.  Lease sticks, rubber feet and shaft supports for four harnesses. No bench. The Glimakra easily weaves both rugs and fine silks.  Located in Olympia, WA.  $2100.  Pictures available.  Email Rosanne.
049-17: March 12, 2017
Leclerc open ended weaving bench. Beautiful, almost new and in excellent condition a LECLERC open ended weaving bench.  23” x 38”. In Vancouver, BC.  $250.00.  Pick up only. Email Margaret.
047-17: March 9, 2017
Leclerc Nilart 60″ weaving width jack loom, 16 shafts, 18 treadles. $3,500. Very versatile loom and accessories all in excellent condition. Sectional back beam, large Leclerc bench, 6 reeds, raddle, lease sticks, 2 aprons, shaft weights, and added castle tray. Treadles are rear-mounted and spring loaded to aid in lifting multiple tie-ups. Metal heddles. Back beam section folds in as a space saving measure. Very sturdy and a real joy to use for everything from rugs to fine linens, plain weave to multi-shaft double weave. Pictures available upon request. Located in Kennewick, WA. Buyer must pick-up or arrange for shipping. Contact Carol by email.

Fiber and Fiber Animals


064-17: April 6, 2017

Lots of destashing fiber Suri, Finn and Finn cross and Jacob. Also free Suri neck and leg fleece most 3 inch and very nice.  Some vm. Prices are cheap.  On some postage costs more, so would welcome bulk deal. Buyer picks up or pays shipping. Email.
066-17: April 6, 2017
Over 200 pounds of Pendleton selvage for sale. Many colors and patterns. Most has been sorted and wound into balls with ends tied into one continuous piece. Some “worms” and some Flat 1″+ wide strips of blankets. 10 pound min. purchase. $1.50 per pound or $275 for all! Contact: Melissa by e-mail. The material is at my home, close in in southwest Portland, 97219
039-17: April 28, 2017
100% ALPACA YARN for sale, 2-ply in a range of colors. Cones are 2-4 pounds. Detailed listing and photos available upon request. $40 CDN per pound plus postage from Calgary, AB. Contact Bonnie by email


Miscellaneous Fiber Arts Products

093-17: May 23, 2017
Handwoven Magazines: 1979 (the first one) up to Jan 2006- note that not all years are complete. List available on request.  109 issues plus the Handwoven Index published in 2000. Asking $375 plus shipping. Almost new Clemes and Clemes curved back cotton hand cards and Clemes and Clemes Travel size Wool hand cards and 4 inch wool combs double row small but not mini.  ALL three pieces of equipment $175. Items are in Cheney, WA.  For more info contact Lynn by e-mail.
018-17: May 13, 2017
SEED FOR JAPANESE INDIGO.  Easy to grow annual for indigo dye, grown in Port Townsend.  For more information see:   http://www.elizabethanonymous.com/indigo  I have seed harvested this fall, germination tested to give you at least 100 plants per packet available.  $8-$9-$10/ packet depending on if you send me check and envelope, or paypal, and/or out of USA. Happy to meet you at Keystone/Pt Townsend ferry (if you want to walk on).  Or, need I suggest, a lovely weekend adventure. Email if you have questions. Email if you want seed or have questions.

Wanted to Buy or Trade:
Fiber Arts-related Equipment or Service

087-17: May 13, 2017
Wanted. Schacht 4 shaft Baby Wolf loom in working condition. Can transport to Snohomish County, WA. Contact Avonelle by e-mail.
084-17: May 4, 2017

Wanted: Fly Shuttle. I am looking for a single or double box fly shuttle, for an AVL 40 inch loom, to go on a bottom hinged beater on an older folding dobby loom. Please e-mail me if you have one that you do not use and would like to sell it.
082-17: May 3, 2017
WANTING TO BUY: 8 shaft table loom in good condition, 18-24” or thereabouts. Toggles on front or top.  Not a Dorothy. We are a weaving studio in a senior’s centre in North Vancouver, BC. Contact Toby.
061-17: April  2, 2017
Looking for LeClerc Dorothy reed 11 5/8 inch , and a 36 inch 10 dpi. Contact Teri by e-mail.
052-17: March 15, 2017
Wanted: Weaving tutor. I am seeking a weaving tutor to work with me one-on-one in my studio weekly or biweekly in Eugene. I am inheriting a large LeClerc floor loom from my grandmother. I’ve taken weaving classes in the past but need some assistance in getting reintroduced to the specifics. $25/hr. Contact Sarah by email