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Weaving & Spinning Equipment 

035-17: February 24, 2017
Pat Green bench carder, 100 series, hand crank, clamp mounted. Medium/fine, lightly used. $100. Olympia, WA. Contact Jan by e-mail.
034-17: February 22, 2017
Harrisville 36″ Floor Loom (4 Harness) $600. Missoula, Montana.  Extra reed, tool rack, shuttle and supplies.  Contact Lynne by email.
033-17: February 17, 2017
I need to seriously downsize and am selling a very gently used 45” LeClerc 8 shaft jack loom. Included with the loom is a handmade bench, a number of reeds, warping reel and a generous amount of yarn to get you started. Will consider trades for a narrower 8 shaft floor loom. I have pictures available. The loom is located in Prince George BC. Asking $1200.00 Canadian/ $920 US or reasonable offer or even trade for the right smaller loom. Contact Darlene by e-mail.
032-17: February 17, 2017
20-inch Schacht 8-harness Table Loom – $525.00;  comes with detachable folding floor stand and 12 dent Reed.  Located in Bend, Oregon. Contact Wendy by email .
031-17: February 17, 2017
Older Woolhouse 4 harness table loom for sale. 22″ weaving width. Good condition $200.00. Email Sydney.Located near Trail, BC
030-17: February 17, 2017
Table loom, 20″ weaving width, 4 harness, 15 dent/inch reed, maple construction.  Brand unknown but appears similar to Schacht looms.  Includes warping board and stick shuttles. Contact Marilyn by e-mail. Located in NE Portland, Oregon.  Photos available. Asking $185.
026-17: February 11, 2017
Schacht 26 inch Baby Wolf in Cherry.   4 Harness and 6 Treadle.   Package includes:  8 Dent Reed, 3 Leash Sticks, Tray, Stroller, New Raddle and Bench.  Asking $950.  Loom without bench $850. OBO. Located 75 miles from the Oregon Border on the Coast in Northern California.   Please email Betsy for photos.
024-17: February 5, 2017
Saxony Spinning Wheel from 1880s (belonged to my great aunt). It only needs a bit of TLC to get it fully functional. Asking $175 CAD. Located in Vancouver BC. Contact: Sylvia by e-mail.
022-17: February 2, 2017
Like new condition - Ashford 32” Folding Table Loom, 4 Harness, 1 Reed – 32” 10 DPI ;   32” Stand Treadle Kit for 4 Harness ; Ashford Plus 4 Later [add-on] Harness Kit – new ; Glimaka Warping Board Sofia 36” – 9 warp ;   plus supplies of shuttles, bobbins, reed/heddle hooks, lease sticks and weaving books. Photos available. Asking $975.00. Located in  Bellingham WA. Contact Lisa by e-mail.
020-17: January 22, 2017
LeClerc Medico 4 Harness 22.5 Table Loom in excellent condition. Price $200.00 plus shipping. Photos available. Located in Missoula, Montana. Please contact Diane by e-mail.
019-17: January 22, 2017
60”, 10 shaft Fireside Loom (Cherry Wood) – purchased in 1990, beautiful condition, joy to work on, I am downsizing.  It’s special features include:  worm drive tensioning, 2” sectional option, trelevators (makes lifting shafts easier), lamp holder and lamp, shuttle mobile (clamps onto loom to hold shuttles)  $4,000, was $8,000 new.   Photos available.  Located on Salt Spring Island, BC.  Contact Karen by email.
014-17: January 18, 2017
LOUET HOLLANDIA LOOM FOR SALE IN KAMLOOPS,BC.  3500.00 Canadian or Best Offer.  LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. I am selling my 4 harness, sectional beamed Louet Hollandia loom which is in excellent condition. It was used mainly for tapestry weaving but I have woven yardage with equal success. This loom is a parallel counter march system which provides a full shed. Extra harnesses can be purchased from Louet if desired. The loom is made from beech wood and is a warm amber colour. It measures 58”W x 43”D x 48 ½” high and the back beam folds for moving the loom or setting it closer to the wall. The front breast beam floats which eases the tension of the warp as you weave and is a wonderful guide to resetting the warp tension as you advance your weaving. I am also including the comfortable sliding seat bench which comes with a detachable back rest. As the seat slides as you weave, you have access to the two side pockets as well as the large one located under the seat. I will also be selling the Leclerc Bobbin Rack for the Sectional Beam along with assorted large size bobbins and the Louet sectional tension box. Items included in the sale: Louet Hollandia Loom with sectional beam, Sliding seated bench with back support and storage, Bobbin Rack for the Sectional Beam, Electric bobbin winder, Tension Box. 4 shafts and 6 treadles. Weaving width of 51”, 2 reeds: 8 dent and 10 dent, Lease sticks and many other assorted sticks, Metal tie-on bar, Extra Texsolv heddles and treadle tie-ups, Louet locking pin, Detachable double shelf, Friction brake, Manual for assembly and adjustments, Assorted bobbins and shuttles, Assorted yarns. Contact Jill by e-mail. Photo available upon request.
013-17: January 18, 2017
Schacht Mighty Wolf 4 harness loom with high castle and bench. Loom includes stroller, 2 reeds (6 and 12 dent), and custom wolf trap. Weaving width of 36”. Open footprint = 33 x 45, folded footprint= 18 x 45. Bench is 23” high, 23.5 wide, 11.5 deep; shelf under seat is 5” deep. [Prices when new: MW-4 = $2415, stroller = $123, second reed = $120; approx prices for wolf trap and bench = $100-200@]  I am 3rd owner and know the previous weaver/owners.  Asking $1300 USD OBO. Photos available. Must pickup in Bellingham, WA.  Contact Gloria by e-mail.
012-17: January 14, 2017
36” Nilus LeClerc loom comes with many accessories:  4 dividers, many bobbins, 4 boats, flat shuttles, warping board, 2 reeds, rag shuttle, ski shuttle, tension box, bobbin winders, reed hooks, spinning wheel, plus some wool, books etc.  Moving must sell $1000.00. Photo available upon request. Located at Robertson Crescent, Hope, BC. Contact Susan by email 
011-17: January 9, 2017
1970’s Toika table loom for sale.  $150.00. Large Warping board on a Stand.  $100.00.
Hard Cover Book:   Anne Field’s The Four – Shaft Table Loom.  $30.00 Contact Nancy by e-mail.
010-17: January 9, 2017
LeClerc 53″ floor loom with bench and accessories. $800.00. Located in Roseburg, Oregon. Contact Peggy by e-mail.
009-17: January 7, 2017
Janome needle felting machine. Paid $295 .Asking $200. Located in Bend, Oregon. Contact Kay by e-mail.
005-17: January 6, 2017
8 shaft, 54″ black walnut FIRESIDE LOOM AND BENCH  with double warp beams, handcarved walnut branch on beater, wheels to move easily, 10,12,15, dent reeds, shuttle and sley hook. Bench with two pockets and storage under seat, extra heddles, Texsolve tie-ups . Asking $3000. Located in Bend, Oregon. Contact Kay by e-mail.
001-17: January 2, 2017
Leclerc 4 harness table loom for sale, $300. Measures 27” wide x 25”
long x 23” tall. Accessories include: 6 and 12 dent stainless steel reeds, heddles, warping sticks, shuttles (flat and boat), and warping board. Original owner. Local pick-up in Portland, OR. Contact Emily by email for more information, including photos.
281-16: December 20, 2016
AVL 24 shaft Technical Dobby Loom; 60in.  It is in excellent condition; I am the second owner.  Compudobby 1; in excellent working condition.  Included is the manual dobby box and lots of bars and pegs.  Two back beams 1 yard and 1/2 yard; both are sectional.  Track and mount included.  Cloth Storage System, the newer auto advance, the weight is on the side of the loom.  Overhead swinging beater and fly shuttle.  The original manual is also included.   The loom is located in the Seattle area.  $6000.00   Email

Fiber and Fiber Animals

Miscellaneous Fiber Arts Products

 036-17: February 24, 2017
For sale, three hard cover books.  All in excellent condition with dust jackets.  $5 each plus shipping.  If you buy all three I will pay media mail shipping. Contact Sue by e-mail.
Barber, Elizabeth, The Mummies of Urumchi
Essinger, James Jacquard’s Web
Garfield, Simon Mauve, How One Man Invented a Color that Changed the World

018-17: January 20, 2017
SEED FOR JAPANESE INDIGO.  Easy to grow annual for indigo dye, grown in Port Townsend.  For more information see:   http://www.elizabethanonymous.com/indigo  I have seed harvested this fall, germination tested to give you at least 100 plants per packet available.  $8-$9-$10/ packet depending on if you send me check and envelope, or paypal, and/or out of USA.  Email if you want seed or have questions.

Wanted to Buy or Trade:
Fiber Arts-related Equipment or Service

028-17: February 14, 2017
Wanted: Walking loom. Contact Denice by e-mail.
026-17: February 11, 2017
Wanted: Kromski Harp Forte (metal ratchet and pawls), 8-inch weaving width. Located in Baker City Oregon. If you have one that’s ready for a new home, please email Kata with information.
025-17:February 5, 2017
A stand up warping reel. Prefer a Nilus or other professional brand name reel. Located in Jacksonville, Oregon. Contact Marion by e-mail.
023-17: February 2, 2017
I am seeking a back brake, preferably original, for a Bexell Cranbrook loom K-36-44. Would appreciate any information about possible sources.  Thank you. Please contact Linda by e-mail.
002-17: January 2, 2017
Wanted warping mill at least 16 + yard capacity. Free would be nice but willing to pay less than new price. I am in Beaverton but willing to drive. Contact Erin by email.