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Weaving & Spinning Equipment 

245-17: November 14, 2017
Glimakra Ideal loom, 90 cm (35″) wide, Countermarch and Counterbalance.  Originally 4S/6T, expanded to 6S/8T with husband-crafted parts.  8 dent reed included.  Located in Eugene, OR.  $1000.00, pick up only.  Email Diane for pictures/more info.
244-17: November 14, 2017
Louet Hollandia Loom, 110 cm wide (43″), 8S/14T.  Parallel Countermarch loom in excellent condition.  12 dent reed and bench included.  Located in Eugene, OR.  $1700.00 pick up only.  Email Diane for pictures/more info.
241-17: November 11, 2017
I have an vintage Newcomb Loom Company – Studio Floor Loom that I’d like to sell. It’s in great condition and still works. Has all of its original pieces. Serial #X401. Photos available upon request. My name is Tina, I’m located in Kennewick WA. Contact Tina by email . $550.00.  
239-17: November 7, 2017
Rasmussen Table Loom, 25 inches. Comes with metal heddles and an 8-dent reed. The metal bars that hold the heddles are rusted but the loom works fine. $75. Bend, Oregon. Send email to Steve.
238-17: November 7, 2017
Ashford 16” 8 harness table loom, table loom stand and treadle kit. Like new. Canadian $1,200.00. Comes with 10 dent reed and lease sticks. Pickup only. Located in Richmond, BC. Photos by request. Contact Perry by email 
237-17: November 7, 2017
8 shaft counter-marche Swedish Naas Vafven loom, 36 inches wide. It is also a  single unit draw loom but it is missing the lingoes. Has Texsolve heddles and tie up cords $500 Canadian. Located in Vancouver BC area. Contact Janice by e-mail.
236-17: November 7, 2017
Majacraft Suzi Pro double treadle spinning wheel, 8 bobbins, niddy noddy, built in 2 bobbin lazy kate, separate tensioned 3 bobbin lazy kate, original owners manuals, green heavy duty carry bag.  Everything in like new condition. Pick up on Whidbey Island in Washington State. Photos available upon request.  Please give enough information  to show that your email is not spam.  $950 firm price.  Email Joanne.
234-17: November 7, 2017
8-harness 60″ Oak Fireside Jack Loom $2,000 

Beautiful loom in excellent condition, but too large for our house.  12 treadles, sectional warping beam and two reeds (10 and 12 dpi), lots of metal heddles. Very heavy duty — used for rug making.  I would love to find another Fireside that’s a little smaller (48″ would be ideal).  Pick up in Tigard, OR and provide the muscle to load it up. Can supply photos. Email Beth.
233-17: November 3, 2017
Schacht Baby Wolf, 4 shaft loom, 26 ” weaving width.  This charming loom, made in 1983, has been carefully restored. Includes brand new 10 dent reed.  No bench or other extras.  Price is $845.  Pictures available.  Contact Rosanne by e-mail
232-17: November 3, 2017
60” Oak Fireside loom.  The loom has 8 harnesses, 10 treadles and a 12 dent reed.  Lots of extra metal heddles, a 42” weaving bench (with hinged lid for storage), shuttles, accessories, weaving books and a warping board.  Will email pictures on request.  Loom is located on South Whidbey Island, WA and is available for inspection.  Buyer must pick up.  $2,500.00 . Contact Tony by e-mail .
231-17: November 3, 2017
Glimakra wood temple 21-31” new condition $25.00 U.S. Penticton  B.C. Canada Contact Donna by email.
229-17: October 31, 2017
Klentz brand 8 harness floor loom for sale. Good working order with many extras which include extra reeds, heddles, shuttles, bench, library of books, yarn winders, etc.  Asking $900.00 for package.  Located in Grants Pass.  Local delivery an option. Please respond to Susan by email  for further info or pictures.
227-17: October 31, 2017
32 inch, 8 Harness,  Ashford Table Loom, with Stand that includes treadle attachment.   Includes extra texsolve heddles.    Barely used; in “like new” condition.   Asking $1200.  Will consider meeting half-way to deliver. Contact Linda by e-mail Located in The Dalles, Oregon.
225-17: October 29, 2017
Selling my barely used Schacht matchless double treadle spinning wheel. Will include bobbins and roving. Asking $800. Hasn’t been used in over 6 months. Purchased in Newberg Oregon. Please contact Chelsea  by e-mail for more information or photos.  Located in Central Oregon.
224-17: October 29, 2017
Willis 36” Jack Floor Loom for Sale: (4) harnesses, (6) Six treadles, 36” weaving width. Made of nicely finished light-colored maple ply hardwood; In good working order, barely used; Complete and ready to weave; Comes with all loom parts, apron rods, cone of extra heddle string, heddle jig, reed and hardwood boat shuttle. Available for local pick-up or limited delivery area near Bellingham, WA, US. Built by Willis Loom Company, Bellingham, Washington.  Asking $450. Photos available upon request. Contact by e-mail.
222-17: October 28, 2017
 LOUET HOLLANDIA LOOM FOR SALE IN KAMLOOPS, BC .$2500.00 Canadian or Best Offer.  4 harness, 6 treadles sectional beamed Louet Hollandia loom in excellent condition. This loom is a parallel counter march system which provides a full shed. Extra harnesses can be purchased from Louet if desired. Measurements: 58”W x 43”D x 48 ½” high, weaving width 51” with folding back beam. The front breast beam floats which eases the tension of the warp as you weave and is a wonderful guide to resetting the warp tension as you advance your weaving. Also included: comfortable sliding seat bench with a detachable back -rest and two side pockets, Leclerc Bobbin Rack for the Sectional Beam along with assorted large size bobbins and the Louet sectional tension box, electric bobbin winder, 2 reeds: 8 & 10 dents, assorted weaving sticks, bars, bobbins, shuttles, yarns. Contact Jill by e-mail. Local pickup only.
221-17: October 25, 2017
56″ 4-harness Allen loom (56″ x 14″ x 54″ when folded) and matching storage bench.  Loom is in good condition.  Also in included: shuttles (3 elk, 4 rug, 1 boat), warping board, 2 reed hooks, electric spindle winder, lease sticks.  $750 OBO.  Pick up: Capitol Hill, Seattle. Please contact Judy by e-mail.
219-17: October 21, 2017
40” Gilmore Loom, 8 harnesses, 12 treadles, sectional/or convert to plain beam with screw driver. 5 reeds. Original heddles, plus large supply of big eye wire heddles.  All combined, no separation $1500.00.
This is for pickup at my home, no shipping. Located in Twin Falls. Idaho.  Email.  Gloria
218-17: October 21, 2017
Tensioner box (Gilmore) (with original instructions) and 24 capacity -spool rack.    $200.00
This is for pickup at my home, no shipping. Located in Twin Falls, Idaho Email.  Gloria
213-17: October 14, 2017
36″ Harrisville Designs 4 shaft/6 treadle floor loom located in Bozeman, MT.  $800. Folds easily for storage and transfer. I bought this loom in April and have used it once. It’s in great shape, no warping or damage to the wood and no rust. The reed (10 dent) is stainless steel and has no rust. PayPal or cash only. Comes with a stick shuttle, original instructions and cone holder. 1,080 heddles. Dimensions when folded: 13″W X 42″ H X 43″ L. Dimensions when weaving: 32″ W X 42″ H X 43″ L. Pictures available. Email Dani .
212-17: October 12, 2017
Practically new Montana Loomworks 25″, 4 harness table loom with metal heddles. Includes 3 lease sticks, 1 long and 1 short shuttle, and warping board. Located in Seattle and can deliver locally. $300 Contact Heather by email.
211-17: October 12, 2017
A retired rug weaver near Hood River, OR has a 45″ 4 shaft jack rug loom for sale. It has been in use until a few months ago. She thinks it was a Sears loom, but there appear to be no markings on it. It’s a very sturdy loom. She is asking $300. OBO. Must be picked up. Contact me by e-mail and I will put you in contact with her.
208-17: October 10, 2017
Vertical Warping Reel with 12 foot circumference. Just over 6 feet tall. Can be disassembled and collapse flat. It is sturdy and moves well, but needs dowels/pegs for warp spacing, and has no maker’s mark. Willing to sell for $125. Will not ship. Available for pick up in Seattle. Contact Selah  by e-mail with questions or requests to view.
205-17: October 7, 2017
A great deal for a beginner weaver who wants to start weaving. I have an eight shaft, ten treadle Schacht Baby Wolf loom with a weaving width of 26 inches that features: a friction brake, a 12 dent stainless steel reed, inserted eye heddles,  a stroller (wheels to move the loom) and has the ability to fold. The loom was made in 1991 and it is in lovely condition due to gentle use. Included is a Schacht 14 yard warping board that is in great condition, two Harrisville boat shuttles with 5 bobbins-one is twelve inches, and the other is eight inches, both in like new condition. Also included is a Harrisville bobbin winder that needs a cable, but you could use a cord instead and the  Handweaver’s Pattern Book by Marguerite P. Davison with some writing in it, but otherwise in great condition with no sleeve. I don’t have a bench to sell with this. These items are located in Spokane. I’d prefer not ship. Cash only, and I’m asking $1800 for everything mentioned. You can contact me by e-mail.
204-17: October 7, 2017
Beautiful Beka 60” loom for sale. Comes with a bench, various reeds, sticks . Price: $1200. Located in Twisp, WA . Contact Susan by email. Photos available upon request.
203-17: October 3, 2017
Harrisville Designs 12-yard warping board for sale. Excellent condition. New is $130, asking $80 plus shipping if necessary. Located in Redmond, Oregon. Contact Robina by e-mail.
202-17: October 3, 2017
10ft AVL rug loom, $9000, excellent condition, 16 harness, air-powered shed, dobby system, sectional beam, plus tension box, counter, bobbin winder, shuttles and a generous supply of poly-cotton rug warp and Pendleton wool mill ends in assorted colors. Local pick up near Seattle. Contact Gail  by e-mail.
199-17: September 20, 2017
Purchased at the end of April 2017, practically brand new 24″ Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom and Stand, 7.5 and 12.5 dent reeds, 2 stick shuttles, original boxes. $425 CAD, located in Surrey, BC. Pics available. Contact Chrissy by email.
198-17: September 18, 2017
Antique Click Reel. This is a well made, fully functional, working click reel for skeining your yarn. It is solidly built with a beautiful glowing patina to the wood. Chip carving on table. The clicking counts the yards as you wind on. This item is well over 100 years old. Seattle/Bremerton $125 pick up only. Contact by e-mail.
195-17: September 12, 2017
Payton Counterbalanced Floor Weaving Loom and Bench-4 Harness, 6 Treadles. Portland, OR.  Payton is a local maker. Floor loom, folding, 45″ weaving width. Over 600 heddles, Friction brake, Matching bench with storage drawer, and Warping board. All for $800. This loom is in excellent condition. Very rarely used. Just didn’t have time to use it. Delivery negotiable. Contact Seth by e-mail.
194-17: September 11, 2017
Jack loom in Cottage Grove, Oregon.  Beautiful oak jack loom, looks like a Fireside and in excellent condition. Weaving width is 54 inches, it has 8 harnesses with plenty of large eye heddles and 12 treadles.  Both the back and supplemental beams are sectional beams.  The breast beam may be removed for easier threading. Beautiful weaving from the finest lace to the heaviest fabrics or rugs! Includes bench with storage and 3 dents.  $2000.  Contact Linda by e-mail for more info and photos. 
192-17: September 9, 2017
WIRE HEDDLES   for Weaving Loom. Eleven inch wire heddles in packs of 100 for $10.  I have 500 heddles.  These are no longer being made.  So if you need them, get them now.  The eleven inch measurement is from the very top of the heddle to the very bottom of the heddle.   Located in the greater Seattle area.  Photos on request.  Contact Ilze by e-mail.
189-17: September 7, 2017
LeClerc 4 harness table loom – 22″ weaving width.  Includes lease sticks, raddle, tie on rod, boat shuttle, and 2 stick shuttles. $150.00  Located in Colville Washington. Contact Linda by  e-mail.
188-17: September 5, 2017
Beautiful Glimakra 48 inch 4 harness loom for sale. Can be expanded harness wise. Excellent condition -I am down sizing and sad to pass it on, but it is a gem. Lots of additional parts and books. Located in the lower Mainland of BC. contact Gwen  by email.

Fiber and Fiber Animals 

246-17: November 16, 2017
Raw Alpaca Fiber for sale in SW Washington – First (blanket) and second (rug) cuts available in dark brown, caramel, and white/cream.  The fiber is from our 8 alpacas and we just haven’t had the chance to take it through the production process.  Make us a reasonable offer – we just hate that the fiber isn’t being used!  Email  Susan for pictures or to make an offer. 
179-17: August 28, 2017
Angora Goat Mohair I need to downsize my herd due to my age and space so I am selling a starter herd of  fiber goats.  One doeling white with color genes will be able to produce color if bred to a color buck, sire is a black buck dam is a white.  Two three year old does all with color genes and have produced color and white kids.  One five year old black has produced steady black when bred to either black or white bucks.  One nine year old with color genes who has thrown black, brown and silver kids but the browns have faded to a pale beige. ALL 6 for $1450.00 they won’t be available until kids are weaned Sept. 10, 2017.Also have 4 wethers one whit, two born brown but fading to beige, one black for all for 1,000.00.  All will be available Sept. 10th as they aren’t weaned yet.  Firm on wether price, but a LITTLE flexible on starter herd price. E-mail Bev for further information or pictures herd located in Mrytle Point, Oregon.


Miscellaneous Fiber Arts Products

242-17: November 12, 2017

Books in very good to excellent condition from a pet and smoke free home.  Prices do not include postage.
Author Book Price
Tidball, Harriet Shuttle Craft Monographs:
Tidball, Harriet No. 24 Contmeporary Costume: Strictly Handwoven $5
Tidball, Harriet No. 34 Handweaver’s Instruction Manual $5
Atwater, Mary Meigs Handwoven Rugs $20
Ligon,  Linda A Rug Weaver’s Source Book, A Compilation
of Rug Weaving Techniques $10
van der Hogt, Madelyn The Best of Weavers’ –   Thick and Thin $15
Buchanan, Rita A Weaver’s Garden, Hard Cover $7
Walker, Barbara G. Charted Knitting Designs $10
Contact Sue by email.
210-17: October 12, 2017
A recently retired rug weaver has about 100 lbs. of Pendleton selvedge material for sale for $1.00 per pound. She is near Hood River, OR and cannot ship. The selvedge material is in multiple bags, sorted by color, stored in a dry shed. If you contact me by e-mail , I will get back to you with contact information for her.

 209-17: October 10, 2017 Four Wooden Hat Blocks with various sized brims for blocking felt or straw hats. Willing to sell for $50 per block with matching brim. Will not ship. Available for pick up in Seattle. Contact Selah  by e-mail with questions or requests to view.

Wanted to Buy or Trade:
Fiber Arts-related Equipment or Service

243-17: November 12, 2017
Glimakra horizontal countermarche loom. 35-44” weaving width, ideally eight shafts. Width is more important than the number of shafts: I don’t have room for a bigger loom. Please email Sarah.
220-17: October 25, 2017
Looking for a Patrick green triple carder . Located in Republic, Washington. Contact Teri by e-mail.
200-17: September 22, 2017
Wanted:  16 Shaft Dobby bars/pegs for 16 shaft AVL mechanical dobby.  Please email Shari email.