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Weaving & Spinning Equipment 

199-17: September 20, 2017
Purchased at the end of April 2017, practically brand new 24″ Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom and Stand, 7.5 and 12.5 dent reeds, 2 stick shuttles, original boxes. $425 CAD, located in Surrey, BC. Pics available. Contact Chrissy by email.
198-17: September 18, 2017
Antique Click Reel. This is a well made, fully functional, working click reel for skeining your yarn. It is solidly built with a beautiful glowing patina to the wood. Chip carving on table. The clicking counts the yards as you wind on. This item is well over 100 years old. Seattle/Bremerton $125 pick up only. Contact by e-mail.
197-17: September 18, 2017
Glimakra Standard Loom.  10 harness, 12 treadle, horizontal countermarch loom.  135 cm/53 inches weaving width.  Parts to convert back to counterbalance included.  New Glimakra bench included.  Used loom, but in excellent shape.  Four reeds included (6, 10, 12, and 15, but only the 10 is the full length of 55 inches – the other three are 46 inches long).  Plenty of Texsolv heddles.  Currently set up, but not warped.  Located in Seattle near Children’s Hospital.  Local pick-up only.  The loom is a delight to weave on, but I need the space for other hobbies and I have a smaller floor loom that I’ll continue to use.  $1600.  Contact Jessica by e-mail
196-17: September 12, 2017
MACOMBER 40” Floor Loom.  $2400 OBO.  12 harnesses, 14 treadles.  Type B, folding loom (folds to go through doorway).  Footprint open 52”w by 32”d, folded 52”w by 26”d.  Both plain and 2”-sectional back beams.  Reeds: 6, 10, 12.  Steel heddles.  Heel rest.   Raddle.  Various sticks and shuttles.  Add-on Fireside Rotary temples (value $370). Bench, adjustable height.  Located:  Puyallup, WA.  Buyer must pick up, with man-power from 2nd floor.  Email Mimi for photos/more information. 
195-17: September 12, 2017
Payton Counterbalanced Floor Weaving Loom and Bench-4 Harness, 6 Treadles. Portland, OR.  Payton is a local maker. Floor loom, folding, 45″ weaving width. Over 600 heddles, Friction brake, Matching bench with storage drawer, and Warping board. All for $800. This loom is in excellent condition. Very rarely used. Just didn’t have time to use it. Delivery negotiable. Contact Seth by e-mail.
194-17: September 11, 2017
Jack loom in Cottage Grove, Oregon.  Beautiful oak jack loom, looks like a Fireside and in excellent condition. Weaving width is 54 inches, it has 8 harnesses with plenty of large eye heddles and 12 treadles.  Both the back and supplemental beams are sectional beams.  The breast beam may be removed for easier threading. Beautiful weaving from the finest lace to the heaviest fabrics or rugs! Includes bench with storage and 3 dents.  $2000.  Contact Linda by e-mail for more info and photos. 
193-17: September 11, 2017
Duncan drum carder, electric, 16-inch, with Fine Fiber Brush. Excellent condition. Includes doffer and cleaning brush, plus 3 ft x 4 ft work table. Photos available for serious buyers. New price for carder is $2015, asking $1200 for all. Located in Redmond, Oregon. Contact Robina by e-mail.
192-17: September 9, 2017
WIRE HEDDLES   for Weaving Loom. Eleven inch wire heddles in packs of 100 for $10.  I have 500 heddles.  These are no longer being made.  So if you need them, get them now.  The eleven inch measurement is from the very top of the heddle to the very bottom of the heddle.   Located in the greater Seattle area.  Photos on request.  Contact Ilze by e-mail.
190-17: September 7, 2017
Schacht Spinning Wheel for sale in Bend, Oregon. $800. Natural Maple finish. Excellent condition. Runs super smooth. Comes with Lazy Kate, Bobbins, Roving, Niddy Noddy, full oil bottle, Allen wrench and carrying strap. Contact Jessica by email  for photos and information.
189-17: September 7, 2017
LeClerc 4 harness table loom – 22″ weaving width.  Includes lease sticks, raddle, tie on rod, boat shuttle, and 2 stick shuttles. $150.00  Located in Colville Washington. Contact Linda by  e-mail.
188-17: September 5, 2017
Beautiful Glimakra 48 inch 4 harness loom for sale. Can be expanded harness wise. Excellent condition -I am down sizing and sad to pass it on, but it is a gem. Lots of additional parts and books. Located in the lower Mainland of BC. contact Gwen  by email.
187-17: August 31, 2017
For sale…..in Calgary , pair of fine wool carders. $50. Contact Francis by e-mail. Photos available upon request.
181-17: August 29, 2017
Spear’s Weaving Table Top Loom, size 4, made in England sometime in the 1950s. Up to 16 inches wide. In original box. $25 It’s complete but without the instructions, which are available online. https://www.flickr.com/photos/59646927@N00/sets/72157613723481111/  Please contact Ruth by e-mail. Located in Portland, Oregon .
180-17: August 28, 2017
Lendrum Double Treadle Spinning Wheel Complete Package $575.00 It folds almost flat for traveling and is easily unfolded and reset for spinning. Included: Lazy Kate, 7 bobbins, Threading hook, Jumbo Plying Head,1 Large Bobbin (5:1, 7:1, 9:1)Fast Flyer (12:1, 15:1, and 17:1) and carrying bag. Located in Port Orchard WA. Contact Karanne  by e-mail for pictures.
177-17: August 25, 2017
176-17: August 21, 2017
36″ Nilus Leclerc 4 harness floor loom with bench. Front and back beam of loom fold in on castle for easy storage. Loom on casters. $400. Contact Karlin by e-mail.
175-17: August 21, 2017
Like new—Harrisville A-22, 4 Harness, 6 Treadle travel loom.  Loom folds flat for easy travel.  Loom is fully assembled with a sectional warp beam.  Included are extra tie-up chains, 2 lease sticks with cording, original warp beam, tensioning device, and loom manual.  Only four items have been woven on this loom.  The condition is excellent.  Harrisville retails this loom with sectional beam and tensioning device for $1,755.00.  Asking price:  $650.00.  Pick-up in Clinton, Washington (10 minutes from Mukilteo/Clinton Ferry). Contact Cindy by e-mail.  Photos available upon request.
171-17: August 19, 2017
Schacht Matchless Double Drive Spinning Wheel with alternate scotch tension, clear finish. This spinning wheel runs beautifully, is very smooth, and in great condition. Accessories include 2 flyer whorls, medium and fast, 7 bobbins, Tensioned Lazy Kate, Stretchy poly-cord drive band-on the wheel, 2 cotton drive belts, Oil bottle-full, and the original packing box, $850.00.  La Grande, Oregon.  Contact Judith by e-mail. Photos available.
170-17: August 18, 2017
Floor loom by Leclerc Nilus 60 inch weaving width (1985) has all of the original paperwork books plus additional weaving books and many accessories . 4 Harness, 6 Treadle. Excellent condition all pieces. Versatile with accessories all in excellent condition. Double beam. Large opened end bench included has storage in bench.Variety of sizes of Boat shuttles. Drum Carder for winding thread onto spools still in box. Weaving books, Thread, Inkle loom, Large warping board. 15 ¾ inch Leclerc Dorothy table loom plus stand. Knitty-knotty small  niddy-noddy. $3500 for all OBO. Contact Sue by e-mail. Located in Orting, WA.
168-17: August 12, 2017
Gently used Harrisville Tensioning device for warping both 24″ and 36″ Harrisville looms depending on which dowels you use. Sale consists of: 4 dowels @ 24″ + 4 dowels @ 36″ + 2 wooden holders + 2 clamps + Instructions on how to use it. I don’t know how it works on looms other than Harrisville looms, depends on the shape of the back beam. This tensioning device is designed for weavers who prefer to warp their loom from front to back and warp alone. It provides perfect warp tension every time and is easy to use. Get set up to weave with the right tension on the warp. $85. Contact Kate by email for photos.
162-17: August 5, 2017
Saori Weaving Loom for sale: Model WX-60 floor loom, wood frame, foldeable and portable, two shafts (only plain weave used in Saori weaving), 23″ weaving width, 27 pounds, 12 dent stainless steel reed, more than 400 wire heddles, loom equipped with bobbin winder, shelf and clipping-tying rod. Purchased by me new in 2016. Like new, hardly used. Pick-up on Whidbey Island, north of Seattle, Washington. $1400. Email Joanne.
161-17: August 5, 2017
Vancouver, WA.  For Sale Louet S10 Spinning Wheel, Single Treadle. Excellent quality.  Included in the selling price will be Clems  & Clems carders and drop spindle, roving and a number of exceptional books on weaving. Cash Only/As Is:  $450.00. Contact Kathleen by e-mail.
160-17: August 3, 2017
Vancouver, WA.  32” 4 Shaft Gilmore Floor Loom. This loom was made in 1970 and completely refurbished by Gilmore Looms in 2003. Excellent quality.  Included in the selling price will be 10 dent reed, shuttles, sley hook, some cone yarn and a number of exceptional books on weaving. Cash Only/As Is/Sorry Delivery Unavailable:  $850.00 Contact Kathleen by e-mail.
158-17: July 31, 2017
READY TO WEAVE!!! 48” 4-HARNESS FLOOR LOOM W/ ACCESSORIES! Sturdy, fold-up frame, 4 harnesses, 6 treadles. Top working condition—all it needs are your magic-weavin’ fingers!!! SEVEN 36″ reeds, one 24″ reed, boat shuttles, stick shuttles, ski shuttles, 2 bundles of extra heddles, extra bobbins, reed hook, pick-up stick and a spool rack! Located in Dallas, Oregon. Contact Alex by e-mail.
157-17: July 31, 2017
45″ Counterbalance Loom, 4 harness, located in Mission, BC. This is a beautiful handcrafted loom. No manufacturer. Fully assembled. Comes with 5 reeds, rods, raddle, lease sticks, warping board, etc. (no bench) 44″D x 55″W x 53″H, 45″ weaving width. (Pick up only, you’ll need a truck to move it). Contact: Mady by email .
155-17: July 28, 2017
8 harness, 10 treadle AVL Home Loom for sale. 48″ weaving width, side tie-ups. Located in Wenatchee,WA. $1500.00. Contact Tanya by e-mail.
152-17: July 27, 2017
Colonial I 8 harness, 10 treadle weaving loom 45″. Set-up as a Jack type but can also be set-up as a counter balance. Beater can be fixed lower or hanging overhead beater. I am the second owner and it has always been kept and used in a studio. Excellent condition. Can weave cloth or rugs on this loom. Many eye heddles and 6 lease sticks. Bench is custom made for the loom and is included. Double warp beam, 3 reeds (8, 10, 12 dents), metal temple, 23 wood warp dividers, LeClerc raddle, 2 ski shuttles, 1 long stick shuttle. Original manuals. This is a wonderful loom. Foot print: 45″-65″(depending on how far you place the warp beam), 59″, 72″(height with hanging beater). Very versatile located in Vancouver, WA. Contact Sue by e-mail.
150-17: July 21, 2017
Glimakra Countermarch Loom.  Reduced! 160 cm, 10 shaft.  Purchased in Sweden, now located in Lake Stevens, WA.  Can be delivered free of charge within 100 miles.  Warping reel included.  $2,500.00. Email for more information. View: https://goo.gl/photos/VYrr8J6fDUfT53waA.
147-17: July 21, 2017
60 inch LeClerc sectional Warping rails. These rails can be mounted on a LeClerc plain beam to turn it into a sectional beam. Spaces are 2 inches. These appear to be new. They can also be cut down to fit any size beam if you don’t want/need the full width. They retail for $328 on LeClerc’s website – selling for $275 OBO. I am selling on behalf of a non-profit activity center where they were donated for the weaving program. All funds will go to them. Shipping at the most reasonable rate. Please contact Liz by email.
143-17: July 18, 2017
Nilus LeClerc 36″ loom, 4 harness, a work horse in weaving, good used condition, $300. Folds to close to a more compact size when not in use. Apron needs a bit repair or can be used without. Must sell – needs a new weaving partner – downsizing. Located in Dallas, Oregon – Contact Denise by e-mail.
140-17: July 14, 2017
Schacht 4 Harness Maple Loom Low Castle, 46 “ width.  Asking price $999. OBO. Includes – Bench with 2 pockets, Reeds 6/10/12/15. Contact Kay by e-mail. Photos available upon request.
139-17: July 11, 2017
45″ Harrisville Rug Loom (4 harness) It is in mint condition. Asking $4500 but accepting reasonable offers – Vancouver
https://harrisville.com/products/harrisville-designs-rug-loom. Email Paula.

Fiber and Fiber Animals 

179-17: August 28, 2017
Angora Goat Mohair I need to downsize my herd due to my age and space so I am selling a starter herd of  fiber goats.  One doeling white with color genes will be able to produce color if bred to a color buck, sire is a black buck dam is a white.  Two three year old does all with color genes and have produced color and white kids.  One five year old black has produced steady black when bred to either black or white bucks.  One nine year old with color genes who has thrown black, brown and silver kids but the browns have faded to a pale beige. ALL 6 for $1450.00 they won’t be available until kids are weaned Sept. 10, 2017.Also have 4 wethers one whit, two born brown but fading to beige, one black for all for 1,000.00.  All will be available Sept. 10th as they aren’t weaned yet.  Firm on wether price, but a LITTLE flexible on starter herd price. E-mail Bev for further information or pictures herd located in Mrytle Point, Oregon.
166-17: August 12, 2017
Harrisville Designs weaving yarn for sale: Shetland and Tweed yarns in purples, browns, blues, grays, and other colors. Six approximately full cones for $20/each. Seven approximately half cones for $10/each. Two small cones for $5/each. Several smaller cones that I will throw in with purchase of other cones. I also have one bobbin, one shuttle, and one sley hook I will include if you buy the entire lot ($200). Contact Meg by e-mail for photos, specific colors, and amounts. Pick up in Portland, Oregon.
149-17: July 21, 2017
Large Brown Sheep Wool yarn stash for sale. Lamb’s Pride worsted and bulky – $6/skein, Shepherd’s Shades – $5/skein, Lanaloft sports weight – $3/skein. Willing to negotiate if purchased in bulk! $2000 for entire lot. Email me for the complete inventory list and photos. Located in Portland, Oregon. Contact Patty by Email.


Miscellaneous Fiber Arts Products

169-17: August 18, 2017
Classic weaving books for sale: Doubleweave on 4 to 8 Shafts $100, Mastering Weave Structures $65, The Weaving Book (Helene Bress) $50, Keep Me Warm One Night $100, Rep Weave and Beyond $35, Handwoven Laces (Muller) $40. Local pick up or buyer pays for shipping from Clinton, Washington. Please email Joanne for information.
163-17: August 5, 2017
Japanese weaving related book for sale: Graphic Sakiori by Mariashobo. Purchased new by me in 2016 and little used. Book and dust jacket in like new condition, no markings, creases or damage of any kind. Rare book out of stock everywhere. I paid $75 plus shipping and that is my offer price. Located on Whidbey Island, Washington. Email Joanne.
159-17: July 31, 2017
Harriet Tidball Monographs 1960-1969. I have 18 monographs from her, one from Peter Collingwood and one from Mary Atwater.
Titles can be emailed with a photograph. $175 for all twenty monographs. Located in Seattle, WA. Contact Nina by e-mail.
142-17: July 14, 2017
All books are in very good to excellent condition. They are from a smoke free home. Prices do not include postage.

Shuttle Craft Monographs
Tidball #4  Woolens & Tweeds LG $10
Tidball #22   Brocade $7
Tidball #24  Contemporary Costume: Strictly Handweaver $5
Tidball #25  Peru: Textiles Unlimited $5
Tidball #26  Peru: Textiles Unlimited Part II $5
Tidball #27 Weaving Inkle Bands $7
Tidball & Harvey #28  Weft Twining $7
Skowronski & #32 Doup Leno: A Quick & Simple System for $25
  Tracker   Weaving Loom-Controlled Leno
Tidball #33 The Handloom Weaves  Enlarged Edition $5
Tidball #34 Handweaver’s Instruction Manual $5
Anni Albers On Designing $10
Anni Albers On Weaving    $30
Eric Kerridge Textile Manufactures in Early Modern England $25
Paul Rodier The Romance of French Weaving $5
Mary Meigs Atwater Crime in the Corn Weather $5
Recipe Book Pattern for Handweavers $40
Eleanor Best 596 Patterns for Weaving from 17 to 24 Harnesses, Vol. 2 $10
Judith Gordon American Star Work Coverlets $15
Linda Ligon A Rug Weaver’s Source Books $10
Heather Winslow More on Moorman: Theo Moorman Inlay adapted to Adapted to Clothing $40
Please contact Sue by e-mail.

Wanted to Buy or Trade:
Fiber Arts-related Equipment or Service

200-17: September 22, 2017
Wanted:  16 Shaft Dobby bars/pegs for 16 shaft AVL mechanical dobby.  Please email Shari email.
183-17: August 31, 2017
ISO 16s lobby bars for my AVL40, preferably with connectors and pegs. I’m located in Kitsap Co, WA   Please contact Kim by email. Reasonably priced or free would be ideal. Willing to travel up to 4 hours from No. Kitsap County, WA to pay cash or PayPal to include shipping from anywhere in the U.S..
182-17: August 30, 2017
Looking for handspun yarn from the Pacific Northwest:  Textile Student at Rhode Island School of Design interested in yarns from NW Weavers Guilds. Growing up in a quiet, forested suburb outside of Bellevue, I spent my childhood drawing and painting outdoors. I fell in love with the fiber after my high school chemistry teacher showed me how to spin wool and dye with natural pigments. Her wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to share her experience lead me to pursue textile design as a professional career. This past summer, I returned to Washington and assisted a farm in Port Angeles by processing my host’s raw Shetland fleeces and caring for the other animals she raised. Working on Gail’s farm and learning more about the Pacific Northwest fiber scene has inspired to want to support and showcase local fibers for my senior thesis this fall. For sample of my past work, see: www.taliaconnelly.com. Email Talia if you yarn to sell or fibre stories to share.
156-17: July 31, 2017
Looking for these classics:  Swedish Handweaving by Malin Selander; 1000 (+) Patterns In 4, 6, and 8 Harness Shadow Weaves by Marian Powell. Email Isabelle.