Schacht 45″ 4 Harness Floor Loom

Schacht floor loom, 45 inches wide, 4 harness. New ties onto back beam, added treadles so you won’t have to crawl under the loom to change the tie-up, EVER AGAIN! There is the capability to use a sectional warp with sectional parts that attach to the back beam. I made the tie-on strings longer to lessen the amount of yarn waste.  Six dent reed. Comes with a very sturdy warping board and about 20 pounds of rug yarn, all natural colored. White carpet warp too.  All together for $1000, OR best offer. Photos on request. Please write email  Lucy. Located in Ashland, Oregon.   $1000 or best offer .
Rug yarn is kind of hairy Alpaca and some soft alpaca, seems to be worsted spun.