Olds Master Weaver Program – March 2019 – FibreWorks Studio

FibreWorks Studio & Gallery is pleased to announce that it will be a satellite campus for the Olds College Master Weaver Program commencing spring of 2019

The Master Weaver Program is consists of five progressive levels of classroom and independent study involving skill development, research studies and project assignments. It provides an educational environment in which an individual can acquire the skill to become an independent weaver.

Each level includes 5 consecutive days (30 hours) of a face-to-face workshop, followed by 125-175 hours of independent study on homework assignments. The face-to-face workshop will take place at FibreWorks Studio & Gallery, and the homework assignments are due a year after the workshop is completed. This allows students to then enrol in the next level in the following year.

MARCH 20th – 24th, 2019: Master Weaver Level 1: Students should be experienced weavers, and are expected to be able to warp a loom independently at the outset of the class, and be conversant with basic weaving language and tools. Independent weaving experience is essential. Bring your own loom and equipment if possible.


Email the gallery for more info.