Macomber Add-A-Harness 40″ 10 Harness Loom Plus Extras

Macomber Add-A-Harness, 40 inch weaving width, 10 Harness, 12 Treadles, about 1500 heddles, 12 epi reed; has both smooth beam (new) and sectional beam and some other new  updated parts.  Good sturdy loom.  Folds to fit through standard doorway.  Excellent support is available, as Macomber is still in business.  Included accessories: 10.5 yard warping board, 1 new metal temple, 20-30 inch; 2 new Glimakra 24 inch ski shuttles; 2 new 20 inch Schacht rag shuttles, 1 Boat Shuttle: $1550, cash. Pick up in Bozeman, Montana. $1550  Please contact Anita by email.