LeClerc Nilus Loom 4 Shaft 45″ Weaving Width

Leclerc Nilus loom. Older but in great shape. 54 inches wide 44 high. Was my mother’s. She bought new in 1976. Used gently for about 15 years. Includes bench and accessories.
The is loom is “LeClerc Nilus”. It is a 4 shaft, 6 treadle jack loom. It has probably has weaving width of 45″; the other option is 36″. It has vertical metal rods, The beam with Apron measures 48 inches between metal ends.
The apron fabric is possibly in need of replacement and that is reflected in the price. It is easy to replace. Need to see to appreciate. Very heavy so plan the move. It is on second level. I can not help move it. Located in North Vancouver BC. $500.
Please contact Barbara by email.