Leclerc Model Kebec I Loom with 100″ Width

1970’s Leclerc weaving loom, Kebec I model with 100″ weaving width.  The Kebec I model is a strongly built 4 shaft counter-balance loom allowing the production of wide fabrics.  It is the largest hand loom currently on the market.  It is operated by two weavers, each one working with their own set of treadles and throwing or receiving the shuttle in turn.  It is always equipped with treadles sets fixed in front.  Whichever treadle is used, the tension remains the same and the shed is perfect from one end to the other.  Included is an extra set of 4 harnesses, 10″ and 12″ reeds, weaving bench, and 3 shuttles.  Pender Island, BC.  $3200.  Email if interested.