Jacquard Loom, Jacq3G, 72″

Jacquard Loom, Jacq3G, 72″, 1800 Hooks (15 Modules), AVL Compu-Jacq(tm) Control System, Dial-a-Sett ™, 1080R Inserted-Eye Twisted Wire Heddles, Open Frame, Auto Warp Tensioning (tension arm and weight), Auto Cloth Storage, Apron with Apron Rods, Pressure Roller, Kiln-Dried Ash Construction, Bench, Stainless Steel Reed DPI 15, Tool Holder, Manual.  72″ Overhead Standard Beater, 72″ 1-Yard Sectional Warp Beam with metal hoops for 2″ spacing, includes:  warp beam, warp separation roller, crank, warp tension system.  This loom was made in 2014.  This loom has been well cared for and is in excellent condition.  Redmond, OR.  $49,999.  Email if interested.