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Row, Row, Row Your Boat: Sculptural Boat Forms with Wax Elements – Shannon Weber
September 30–October 2
Come explore the ever expanding vocabulary of the mixed media woven vessel while combining sculptural concepts of layering, with encaustic medium applied to fiber.

Mixed Media Basketry – Shannon Weber
October 3 & 4
Students will embrace the freedom of seeing and using materials of all kinds in new and exciting ways. This process focused workshop will explore random weave basketry using layering and stitched options from various materials collected from nature and domestic debris.

Tapestry Weaving – Janna Marie Vallee
October 13 & 14
In this two-day workshop students learn the fundamentals of the art of traditional french tapestry and gain a solid understanding of the process of warping up and weaving with multiple techniques like shape building, colour blending and textural techniques.

One of a Kind: Mono-printing on a Gel Plate & Collage with Jennifer Love
October 29–31
Learn how to make quick and beautiful prints on paper using a gel plate.

Sculptured Needle Felting: Mushrooms – Donna Goulette
November 3
No experience is necessary to enjoy this one day class. Get a taste of the technique of sculptural needle felting. Transform soft airy wool fibres into a finished quirky mushroom.

Creative Atelier: Exploring your Inner Artist Workshop© with Natalie Grambow
November 22-25
In this workshop, students will explore creativity in every sense: discovering how to develop an idea by being guided through the elements and principles of design as well as colour theory and studies as they relate to visual art.

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