Extensive Weaving Library Plus Shuttles

Current Books (list available)
“The Weaver” from 1936-1942 (18 issues) includes articles by Mary Atwater
“warp and weft” issues from 1961-1983 includes woven samples of each draft
“Handwoven” magazine First issue in 1979 through Nov 2018
“Weaver’s” magazine most issues
Weaving CDs
Handweaving.net CDs archives 3,5, 6,7 9 & 12 plus more
Twill & Crackle by Griswold
Tale of 2 Tie-ups by O’Conner
Handwoven magazine CDs 1997, 1998, 1999 (unopened)
Mary Meigs Atwater Recipe Book
Twill of Choice by M Coe
Powell Shadow Weave
Eleanor Best WIFs
Weaving DVDs (Boundweaving; Ikat on the Loom; Doubleleweave Basics; Doubleweave)

Other items: (okay, I admit to hoarding shuttles)
Rag Shuttles, Boat Shuttles including, Swedish style, Leclerc, Schacht, and 2 bobbin shuttles
Electric bobbin winder, it’s old but works like a charm . Located just north of Shelton, Washington. Half price and less. Please contact Mary by email.