Denman Island Spinners&Weavers workshop: Natural Dyeing: A how-to, hands-on exploration of creating colour from plants

Carol Hunter will be leading a 2-day workshop on dyeing wool with local plants e.g., mushrooms, lichens, tree bark, and more. In this hands-on workshop you will learn the entire process of dyeing wool with local plants including making skeins, preparing the wool (washing and mordanting), preparing the dye baths, dyeing the wool, and modifying the colours with various after baths. Dye safety, ethical plant collection, dye calculations, and record-keeping will be covered. You will leave the workshop with a collection of small dyed wool skeins and the knowledge to do it at home.

This workshop is part of our Denman Sheep Count! project partly funded with the ANWG grant.

The workshop will take place March 2-3 on Denman Island. The cost is $100 for guild members and $120 otherwise. There will be a small supplies fee TBD. The maximum number of participants is 8.

Email Isabelle for info and registration.