Deflected Doubleweave Workshop with Natalie Drummond

Deflected Doubleweave Workshop with Natalie Drummond – CAD$290 for the three days: Sunday January 29 and Saturday and Sunday February 4 and 5. This will be a virtual workshop via ZOOM.   Please register on the Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners website at

The first day will be two mini-sessions emphasizing weaving color selection and how to work with multiple painted warps in 4 or 8 shaft patterns. Natalie shares her approach to color for blocks as well as color placement within the same block of the draft. Participants are asked to share yarns they are considering using following initial instruction. Ideally, participants will warp their loom between the two mini-sessions on January 29 so the second session can focus on participant weaving and weft color.

On February 4 we will review basic Deflected Doubleweave structure and behavior after sampling.  Selvedge techniques are explored for use of multiple weft colors for 4 or 8 shafts. Mixing fibers for optimal deflection and/or differential shrinkage are explored for draft(s) I am currently teaching. Simple treadling designs are introduced so participants can determine how the block structure of this weave can be organized to produce their own project. Participants also finish/wash their samples according to different methods to explore deflection/differential shrinkage. Day 2 begins with a collaborative discussion of workshop samples prior to weaving the remaining warp.

Workshop notes will be supplied in downloadable format prior to the workshop. It’s recommended that all students sign up to Natalie’s newsletter so they can receive additional information and updates from her directly; sign up here.