Creative Clothing From Simple Shapes

with Anita Luvera Mayer, Friday & Saturday, Sept. 7 – 8, 9 am– 4 pm

This workshop presents methods for creating wearable, handwoven, contemporary garments constructed from simple shapes. The workshop also includes the style of garment, fit, color choices, suggested weaving fibers and pattern drafting along with methods of edge finishes, joinings, linings, and embellishments, including shisha mirrors, contemporary embroidery, cords, and beading and a joining stitch of faggotting. The instructor’s wardrobe of vests, kimonos, shawls, and tops will be available for participants to examine and try on with time to copy patterns. These garments do not involve tailoring or sewing skills and are for “real women” of various sizes who want to wear clothing that is stylish and comfortable.


With over 50 years of creative experience, formal study, and extensive travel, Anita’s garments feature her signature color work and rich hand embroidery, beading, printing, and couched cord embellishments. Anita believes there should be something magical and unique about what is worn each day and wants to share this concept with others. The clothing designed and worn by Anita is inspired by ethnic garments and simple shapes.

For this class, registration is $200, $180 for Jansen Art Center members, and there is a materials fee of $30.

More information about this workshops is on the Jansen’s website at