Cranbrook Style Countermarche Loom 4 Shafts Plus Bench

Cranbrook style floor loom. Approximately, 62” wide and 62” deep. Height to top of the beater frame is 72” (but varies by how high you want the beater). Height of the loom frame (without beater) is 66”. 4 shafts and 6 treadles. Texsolv heddles. 45” 12-dent reed. I’m not certain it is an official Cranbrook. It may be a copy, but it is very, very similar. It came from Michigan. The warp beam is setup for sectional warping; however, the sectional pegs can easily be removed for non-sectional warping. I have some extras that go with it and can provide several links on how to set it up. I am also willing to help set it up if you live in the Redmond or Bend area. This is a great loom for weaving rugs. I have added weight to the beater frame, which helps in obtaining a tight weft. It also comes with a custom-made, adjustable hardwood bench. It is not difficult to breakdown, but requires a small truck or large SUV / van to haul. Some of the images are from the previous owner. We are downsizing to a smaller house and will no longer have room for this great, old loom. Price is $900. Please contact Ron by email.