Confluences 2019 – Prince George, BC

The Prince George Fibre Arts Guild is excited to welcome all fibre enthusiasts to join us in our lovely city (the largest city in Northern BC) for Confluences: ANWG 2019 Conference, coming June 11-16th, 2019. Our guild members were inspired by how weaving, spinning, knitting and felting merge together to create unique and beautiful textiles, and want the conference to explore the confluences of these crafts, and celebrate our diversity of skills and knowledge. The theme also reflects the nature of our city, which is located at the confluence of the Fraser River and the Nechako River, is where Highway 97 crosses with Highway 16, and embraces the gathering of many cultures and traditions.

The website for the 2019 ANWG Conference will be up and running by the end of the year ( To keep up to date with what is happening, join the mailing list by contacting