Commercial Grade Skein Winder

Commercial grade skein-winder for sale. This unit is from Nancy’s Knit Knacks and winds up to 2 meter skeins (80″ in circumference). Aluminum arms and Maple hardwood main structure, fully adjustable skein sizes from 28″ to 80″ in circumference. 5″ wide (single) yarn guides are perfect for all skein sizes. Based on standard Swift but also includes the state-of-the-art Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC) which measures yards, meters, and rotations. This meter is super accurate and is a non-contact system. Together, these components make winding yarn exciting, productive, and fun! > The ERC Meter will turn the motor off when it reaches the qty. of yarn that the user enters into in the meter. Pick up in Tacoma, Washington. Payment via PayPal or cash only.  $500.00
Refer to Nancy’s knit knacks channel on YouTube to see how this is used.  > NOTE: This does not include the Skein-winder Motor Drive System which can be purchased separately thru Nancy’s Knit Knacks. Please contact Cheryl by email.  This item is very handy for Knitters and/or Spinners