8 shaft Leclerc 45″ Loom

Leclerc 45″ Loom. Shafts: 8; Treadles: 10; Mechanism: Jack; Footprint: 60”x 72”
Included : Double Beam, 4 reeds 6,8,10,12 dent (Used price $1.50 per inch), LeClerc tension box, countermarch conversion kit. Sectional and plain beams
Features: Beater can be set for Overhand or Underhand Operation, Colonial tie up replaced with texsolv, Back Beam folds for storage, easily convertible from 8 harness Jack loom to 4 harness Counterbalance
History: In 2002 Leclerc added a Back-Hinge Treadle option. Sometimes confused with older “Handicraft” Shoppe model
Estimated Age: Introduced at the end of 1981 and made until 2009 when replaced by the Colonial v2
Boise, ID USA
Email if interested.