60″ LeClerc Tissart Tapestry Loom

60″ Leclerc Tissart Tapestry Loom. Replaced maple lower beam with fir, older model, best for tapestry rather than weaving, or so I am told. I will take the best offer I get, which will likely be the first offer I get:) I would also like to collaborate with whomever ends up with it. I am a carver, and have recently been carving ‘Fantasy Houses’ form cottonwood bark. I would like to set one or more of these edifices into a tapesty to establish a background. Think ‘the Old Forest where tom Bombadil has his house’, and I would make the house. Someone who could do that may end up with an AMAZING price!, but you would have to come get it. I live in White Rock, B.C., near the border. Please contact Derek by email.
Best Offer, plus collaboration. 
I got it for free, spent under $100 to fix it up and I have an unused spool of warp thread, and a spool of paracord to go along with it, as well as a bunch of documentation (form the interwebs). I brought it home in a car, but a van or truck would be wwaaayyyyy more convenient.