60” 8 Shaft Leclerc Colonial Loom

Leclerc Colonial I Loom, 60″  with folding back beam.  8 harnesses/shafts, 10 treadles. Expandable to 12 shafts .  2 Weaving Modes: Jack and Counter Balance (conversion kit included). 2 Back Warp Beams: 1” sectional (upper), regular cloth aproned lower back beam, cranks.  1 cloth aproned Front Beam.  2 Reeds: 8, 12 dents.  2 Beater bar setting: hanging/overhead, bottom mount.  4 warp rods, 4 Lease Sticks.  Bench with side storage and lid . Clamp on lamp. Assembly manual. Well cared for and in good condition. $1800.00. Kamloops, BC Canada.  Pick up only. Email if interested.

Other items: 2 tension boxes, spool rack/12 bobbins, 35-60″ temple, shuttles, etc. are priced separately. First choice to new loom owner.

Listing expires at 3:54pm on Sunday July 23rd, 2023