40″ Gilmore 8 Shaft

40″ Gilmore 8 shaft floor loom for sale.  $750 or OBO.  Pick-up in Auburn, Washington.  Gilmore “Compact” model, maple with 8 poplar shafts, 40 inch reed included.  Very good condition.  Built by Gilmore craftsman Jimmy Lucas December 1972.  I am the original owner.  The Compact model is designed to fold and fit through standard doorways.  Visit http://www.gilmorelooms.com/MapleFloor.html for more information. Please contact Marie-Anne by email.
Warp beam comes off its brackets and the brackets swing down. Back top beam folds up so loom fits through  standard doorway.  Front bar (breast beam) comes off steel pins so you get closer to  heddles and  treadles for easier threading and  tie ups.  Cloth beam and warp beam braking system is a ratchet gear and pawl (dog) type.