4 Shaft Bergman Floor Loom

Bergman Floor loom is currently in a storage unit here in Seattle. It has been in storage for many years (more than I want to think about).
Some details…
Approximately 46.5 inches wide
23 inches deep (tied up like it is in the storage unit – I do not know how large it is when “set up”)
51 inches high
Looks like it has 4 shafts.
I would say it’s in very good condition… nothing’s broken but it could maybe use a little cleaning from not being used much and in storage. It is located in Seattle, Washington.
$600.00 OBO Please contacgt Kyle by email. kwcable@outlook.com
Here are a couple of links… one on the designer/maker and the other is of images of Bergman looms so you have an idea of what it could look like when it’s opened up and all put together…
It is a Bergman loom (Poulsbo, WA) = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Olofsson_Bergman