36″ LeClerc Nilus Floor Loom

36″ LeClerc Nilus floor loom 4 shaft, 6 treadle, 36″ weaving width.  Approx. 47″ wide x 44” high x 39″ deep. Needs a reed.
I bought this from my school, they’d just gotten a donation of new looms in, and they couldn’t fit them all. I have had it for some years now but have never used it.  It has been in storage, and been moved a couple of times, but it seems to be in good working order.  It didn’t come with any accessories.  It’s pretty dusty in these photos, I know, but I’ve cleaned it up and it’s still in good condition, it’s just missing a reed. Located in Portland, Oregon. $1,000. Please contact Sara by email.  I would love for this to go to a good home where it will see some use!
I would like to sell it ASAP as I have no room for it at the moment.  It is currently being stored at a friend’s place, so if you would like to look at it in person please let me know, and I will do my best to make arrangements with them.