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Placing an ad

Classified ads are for non-commercial use. Ads on our web site are free.

Items for sale must be located within the ANWG region: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the Yukon, or within 100 miles of the borders of these states and provinces.

To place a free ad, please send your information by e-mail. We will attempt to post your ad within 48 hours after receipt. Please restrict to 120 words or less. Send ad in plain, unformatted text (no attachments) in a single paragraph, only one item or grouping per paragraph.

Your ad MUST contain, the name of the item, the price, location of the item, and your e-mail address. First names are okay– no last names or mailing addresses will be posted; for security reasons, we do not recommend phone numbers. Click here for: Advertising Tips

Ads run for 60 days unless requested to be extended or items are sold. Please notify e-mail when items are sold so ad can be removed. Include the number and date of the ad (located right above the ad) in the email.