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For Sale: Used Weaving and Spinning Equipment


195-14: July 31, 2014
Upright tapestry floor weaving loom, 22″ weaving width. This Weaving loom is perfect for the  artist who is looking to try something new. H-52″, W-34″, Legs D-24″, $250. pictures available upon request. Delta BC  Contact Patricia by e-mail.

194-14: July 31, 2014
Custom Bergman Contre Marche 48″ folding floor loom 8 harness. Accessories include, warping reel, bobbin winder, various size reeds, cones of yarn, shuttles, threading hook, instruction books, extra string heddles, bench with storage space. Currently threaded to Rosepath. Excellent condition.
Asking $2000. Bremerton, Wa. Contact Wendy by email.

193-14: July 31, 2014
New Zealand made “walking wheel” spinning wheel.  $130, Bremerton, Wa.  Excellent condition.  Contact Wendy by email .

192-14: July 29, 2014
Norwood Cherry jack-loom for sale. 4 harnesses, 6 treadles; measures 36”x48”, with approx. 40” weaving width. This loom was my grandmother’s and has been well cared for. Comes with 3 reeds, sectional warping tools, weaving bench, and a copy of the original handbook. Folds easily for storage and transport. There is a little bit of rust on a few of the headless, but everything else is in very good condition. $1,100. Vancouver, WA. Photos available. Contact Tina by email .

191-14: July 27, 2014
Columbine Spinning Wheel in Buttercup color: unique metal spinning wheel with huge bobbins; large treadle and double drive system for ease of filling bobbins; sliding eyes to fill bobbins evenly.  3 bobbins, 6-bobbin lazy kate, extra bearings, second sliding eye, and spare drive band included. Like-new condition. $450. Port Ludlow, WA. Photos available. Contact Amelia by E-mail.

190-14: July 27, 2014
Mountain Loom: 8-shaft 12″ weaving width table loom with floor stand. All-maple construction, swinging beater for even weaving. Texsolv heddles, one reed, lease sticks. $450. Port Ludlow, WA. Photos available. Contact Amelia by e-mail.

189-14: July 26, 2014 email.
This terrific, small footprint Leclerc floor loom has 22 inches in the reed.  It has 8 shafts, 10 treadles, and both beams fold up for transportation or storage.  It comes with a warping board, and a boat shuttle and bobbin.  I live in Burton, B.C. $550. Contact Denice by e-mail.

188-14: July 26, 2014
Ashford Traveller spinning wheel has its own lazy-kate and comes with 4 bobbins. It is a double-treadle wheel. It is a good wheel for learners as well as the more-advanced spinner. $400. I also have a ‘never-used’, still in the package with hardware and instructions’ distaff that fits the Ashford Traveller for $75. New, this distaff costs $100. Burton, B.C. Contact Denice by e-mail.

187-14: July 22, 2014
Baby Wolf Loom For Sale: 10 treadles, 4 shafts, 700 flat metal heddles, on wheels (Wolf Stroller), front beam shelf (Wolf Trap), lease sticks, 2 reeds: ten and twelve dent. Excellent condition; like new. The 10 treadles allow easy treadling variations; great workshop loom. Located in Clinton on south Whidbey Island, Washington. $1100. Contact Joanne by Email.

186-14: July 22, 2014
Bergman floor loom for sale in Seattle.  It needs some cosmetic TLC but appears fully functional. Pictures available upon request $300 OBO. Contact by E-mail  for more information.

185-14: July 20,2014
Handmade Black Walnut 4 harness counter balance floor loom. Located in West Medford, OR.  Photos can be emailed to interested persons. Overall size: 48″ wide x 58″ deep. Weaving width 46″ with 6 treadles, new Stehedco custom made reed and new heddles. Ideal for someone new to weaving because of the extras: 11 Stick and Boat Shuttles of various sizes, Spindles, Quite a few books and magazine with instructions and patterns. Must sell. Will accept best offer over $500 received by 7/28. Buyer will need to haul from Medford. Contact Carol by e-mail.

184-14: July 17,2014
Handmade Black Walnut 4 harness counter balance floor loom. Made about 1966. Located in West Medford, OR. Photos can be emailed to interested persons. Overall size: 48² wide x 58² deep. Weaving width 46² with 6 treadles, new Stehedco custom made reed and new heddles. Numerous extras including 11 Stick and Boat Shuttles of various sizes, Spindles, References (including 2 first editions from early 1900s, Weaving Magazines and many more patterns), Instructions for assembly and More. Will take best offer over $640. Contact Carol by e-mail.

183-14: July 15, 2014
GILMORE 40” solid maple floor loom, 8 harnesses, 12 treadles, sectional back beam, 5 stainless steel reeds (6, 8, 10, 12, 15), stainless steel and wire heddles, bench with ample storage drawer, lease sticks, warping board.  Dimensions: 48” x 38” x 36”; easily can remove back beam to fit loom through 30” door. Bench has slight angle to optimize weaving ergonomics.  Ideal for weaving rugs, tapestry or lightweight fabrics and art pieces.  Location: Sherwood, Oregon. $3300. Contact Cyd  by e-mail.

182-14: July 15, 2014
60″ PDL CompuDobby Loom, 16 Harness, like new condition, includes: Single Fly Shuttle Beater, 1/2 Yard Sectional Warp Beam, 1 Yard Sectional Warp Beam, Plain Warp Beam, Revolution Counter, Selvage Rollers, Auto Cloth Advance, Tension Box with Mounting Apparatus, Yardage Counter, Cone Rack and Spools, 5 Reeds, Patent Denter, CompuDobby 2, Weaving Cartridge, Warping Wheel, Rotary Temple. SRP Approximately $21,000. Selling for $9,900. Located in Bozeman, Montana. You must pick up. This loom can be easily broken down and fits in a minivan with the seats removed. Please contact Pam by e-mail.

181-14: July 12, 2014
Wee Peggy Spinning Wheel complete with extra bobbins.  Located in Bellevue, Wa.  Asking $300 obo.  Email Claudia for more info.

180-14: July 10, 2014
I’m selling a very nice tension box for sectional warping, Toika, and it comes with an 8 dent reed. These retail for $170 and up, so I believe this is a good deal. Perfect condition. Will ship with payment and shipping costs. $80.   Contact  Liz by email.

179-14: July 10, 2014
I have a beautiful LoomCraft, 40″, maple, 4H loom for sale along with the matching bench. It is the original bench that goes with the loom. This loom is exceptionally sturdy and well built, has a large warp beam, and is capable of weaving anything from fine lace to tight weft-faced rugs. I’ve done all on this loom. I will include a reed in either 8, 10, or 12 dpi. no delivery – you must pick-up. I am located 3 west of Burlington, Washington. Easy to load in truck or SUV. Contact Liz by e-mail.

178-14: July 9, 2014
Glimakra 10 Harnesses/shafts Countermarch Loom. Very gently used and in excellent condition–as if it just came from the factory. Details:  10 Harnesses/shafts Countermarch Loom; 59 inch (150 centimeters) sectional beam; Texsolv heddles, tie-up & pins; 5 reeds; 36 fifty nine inch warping sticks; 25  thirty nine inch warping sticks; Adjustable bench; All Original Owners Manual, Assembly instructions & tools; Many extras. Also have appox. 25 like-new shuttles of various sizes and styles for sale. $2500. Contact Gehl by email . Located in Portland, OR.

176-14: July 8, 2014
Glimakra Standard: 10 shaft, 12 treadles, 54” weaving  width countermarche loom. Sturdy, well made loom that will weave silk scarves and heavy rugs. Large shed, light treadling.  Overhead beater assures even tension. The loom is in excellent condition. Includes 10 dent  reed. $1500.00. Contact Ann by email. Located in Coupeville, WA

173-14: July 3, 2014
40″, 4 harness “Add A Harness”, hardwood Maple Macomber jack loom with extra shuttles, bench, 2 reeds, approx. 900 hettles.  Located in Bellevue, WA.  asking $1000.  More info available upon request. Contact Claudia by e-mail.

171-14:July 1, 2014
Moving soon! Must sell my 45-inch Gertrude Woolhouse countremarche loom. Gerty comes with 10 harnesses, 16 treddles, 2 reeds, sectional warp beam and rack, raddle with cap and attached bench. Also has Texsolv heddles and tieup and an attachable weight for easy rug beating. Purchased 12 years ago for $3000. Mint condition. Asking $850.  ContactWe live in White Rock, BC.



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174-14: July 4, 2014
Used Louet Octado loom in 90cm/44” width with an electronic dobby - would also consider 70cm/36”. I am just setting up my weaving studio so ideally the loom would come with a bench. I also need additional weaving accessories (reeds, shuttles, warping mill, electronic bobbin winder, bobbins, swift etc). I am located in Vancouver, BC and am willing to drive to pick up the loom if located within a reasonable distance (days drive). If you’re further away I may also consider crating and shipping for the right loom. Contact Carly by e-mail.

172-14: July 3, 2014
8 shaft table loom, 24 to 32 inch weaving width, 10 dent reed.  Willing to travel up to 4 hours to pickup from the Kamloops area.  Contact by Dianne by email .