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For Sale: Used Weaving and Spinning Equipment

288-14: November 22, 2014
Leclerc wood boat shuttles (11” length).  There are 2 shuttles (one is 1-1/8” high, one is 1-3/8” high) and 14 of the 4” bobbins to fit, being sold all together.  Photos available.  Price: $40 plus shipping for all.  (List price new would be $91 for all.)  Located in Missoula, Montana.  Contact Heather by email.

287-14: November 22, 2014
Schacht end-feed shuttles (12” length).  There are 3 shuttles and 18 of the 6” pirns to fit, with instructions, being sold all together.  Photos available.  Price:  $180 plus shipping for all.  (List price new would be $282 for 3 shuttles, plus $74 for 18 pirns.)  Located in Missoula, Montana.  Contact Heather by email.

286-14: November 22, 2014
Leclerc electric doubled-ended bobbin winder.  Adjustable length, holds both ends of any size bobbin, spool, or pirn.  Foot-operated rheostat speed control.  Photos available.  Price: $135 plus shipping (sells for $275 new).  Located in Missoula, Montana.  Contact Heather by email.

285-14: November 22, 2014
Gilmore type loom 48″, 4 harness, 6 treadle floor loom for sale.  Price $500.  The loom was made by my husband and is in excellent condition.  A bench is included along with 2 reeds, 6 & 12 dents.  The loom can be picked up in Leavenworth, WA.  Please contact Anne by email for pictures and information.

284-14: November 22, 2014
Walnut Schacht Baby Wolf. 8 shaft with choice of either a  12 or 10 epi stainless reed.  Stroller, matching Wolf Trap, Height extender kit ( standard height kit included ), Jazz bands for even shaft return when weaving Summer, Winter Etc. Located in the Astoria, Oregon area. Asking $1800. Contact Jill by email

283-14: November 20, 2014
Leclerc Nilus 36” (28” weaving width).  Good condition, ready to weave with a new brake band.  $400 .  Located on Whidbey Island.  Photo on Whidbey Weavers Guild website classifieds. Contact John by e-mail.

282-14: November 20,2014
Leclerc Nilus 45” 4 harness jack type floor loom in excellent condition.  Comes with 12 dent reed, lease sticks, shuttles, many extra wire heddles.   $800.00.  Contact Anna by e-mail. Located in Gig Harbor, WA

 280-14: November 17, 2014
Leclerc 36″ four harness, six treadle rising shed floor loom, in good condition. Price $500, negotiable (estate sale). Includes bench, 3 reeds, raddle, boat shuttles and bobbins. Located in Gibsons BC. Photos available. Contact Doreen by e-mail.

279-14: November 10, 2014
Cherry Norwood 4 Harness Floor Loom For Sale Norwood cherry jack-loom for sale. 4 harnesses, 6 treadles; measures 36”x 48”, with approx. 40” weaving width. This loom was my grandmother’s and has been well cared for and is in good condition. Comes with 3 reeds, sectional warping tools, weaving bench, and a copy of the original handbook. Folds easily for storage and transport. $800.  Vancouver, WA. Buyer will need to pick up and transport. Photos available. Contact Tina by email.

278-14: November 9, 2014
Beautiful antique Great Walking spinning wheel that comes from Nova Scotia in the 1840’s.  It is in mint condition and we are asking $550.00 for it. If you happen to know anyone that would be interested in acquiring this lovely piece please do not hesitate to contact Michelene by e-mail. Located in the West Kootenays.

276-14: November 6, 2014
CRANBROOK (NORWOOD 1989) Countermarche Floor Loom.  4 Harness, 6 Treadle, 46 ” Weaving Width.  Solid Maple with upgrades of attached maple bench and weighted beater, shaft switching and warp tensioning for rug weaving.  One owner, little used, and in excellent condition.  All accessories including books included.  $1,200. OBO  Portland, Oregon. Contact Cecil by e-mail.

275-14: November 2, 2014
36″ LeClerk Nilus Rising Shed. 4 harness, 3 reeds (6 dents, 10 dents & 12 dents). Warping board, raddle, yarn winder. Shuttles (4 boat shuttles, 3 flat & 1 rag). Assorted bobbins. Email Liz for pics. $600 cash, pickup only by appointment. Located in Nanaimo BC.

274-14: November 1, 2014
Yarns – Swedish Cottolin 22/2, colors: lt. blue & lt. yellow, dk. green, 9oz. tubes approx. 1800 yds. ea. $20.00 ea. Cotton Chenille – White, 16 oz. cone $17.00. Pearle Cotton 5/2 Peach Pink, 9-1/2 oz. cone $6.50. Swedish wool yarns- colors & prices vary.
Spool Rack,- $75 Holds 28 spools w/guides & spools. Magazines – Handwoven -2000- 2007. Tapastry Batten – $5. Dye Products – new/unused 5# salt $6.00, 5# soda ash fixer $6.00 Spinning supplies: 100% wool roving, natural & charcoal grey plus blue & yellow, $16.00 per lb.                  Drop Spindle - wood, $10.00. Leclerc Wool Carders – $40.00 for pr. Rag Rug Weft: Lots of rag rug weft, some prepared & ready to use, much in yardage or ready to cut. Prices vary, please contact seller. Contact Jet by e-mail for photos and more info.

273-14: October 30, 2014
LeClerc Nilus/Aristat Floor Loom 36″ 4 Harness. $800 OBO. Folds up to a small loom, comes with Ashford Loom Bench, 2 reeds (8 and 12 dent), TONS of heddles, brand new boat shuttles, warp board and lots of other accessories. The bench is new and can store items. I also have a STACK of books and some yarn to include! Cash only. Contact by e-mail.

271-14: October 27, 2014
Ashford Traveller Spinning Wheel for sale. Double drive and double treadle with 6 bobbins all with lacquer finish. In very good condition. Asking $550. Located in Renton, WA. If interested please contact Katrina by email.

270-14: October 27, 2014
Schacht 46″ floor loom. Low castle, 4 harness, 6 treadle. Very good condition. Comes with loom bench and accessories such as lease sticks, shuttles, and bobbins.  Photos available on Craigslist  http://bend.craigslist.org/art/4732651789.html.  Located in Bend, OR.  $1100. Please email Angie or reply to craigslist ad.

269-14: October 23,2014
Antique Click Reel – $150 Bremerton, WA. Completely functional working click reel. It has an amazing patina from many years of use which doesn’t show fully in the photo. Three finger holes are a comfortable and convenient carry handle. Decorative chip carving on table. Estimated to be at over 100 years old. Contact Whole Cloth by e-mail.

268-14: October 23,2014
LeClerc vertical 22 yd tabletop warping mill, 2 yards per turn. Folds for storage. $150 (new $275). One cross arm has three screw in pegs, the other has two. Bremerton, WA. Contact WholeCloth by e-mail.

266-14: October 19, 2014
Leclerc 60” Nilus 4-shaft jack-type floor loom with plain back beam, wire heddles, lease sticks, raddle, assorted reeds. Rarely used during the past 20 years and in excellent condition. Comes with a Leclerc open end maple bench, also in excellent condition.  For the pair asking $1200 or best offer. Contact Siiri by email.   Located in Seattle, Washington.

265-14: October 19, 2014
6 Harness 40″ Jack floor loom. Maple, 6 harness, 6 treadle, 40 inch weaving width, side brake release. 45.5″ wide x 41.5″ high x  23″ deep (folded). Comes with 12 dent reed. Age unknown, suspect 1960s, probably Gilmore or Loomcraft. $650 or best reasonable offer.Photos can be seen at this linkContact Nicole by email. Located in Portland, Oregon.

263-14: October 18,  2014
Allen Counterbalance loom in good condition: 4 shafts, 42″ weaving width, high castle with storage tray. Folds to 12″ depth. Includes: 9 dent reed, 2 boat shuttles, flat shuttle, belt shuttle. Does not include bench. Located in Madras, Oregon. $200. Contact Nita by  E-mail .

261-14: October 17, 2014
45″, eight shaft, Leclerc Colonial loom and bench for sale. Texsolve heddles.  Price $800.00.  Also books, older Handwoven magazines. Email Sharon by e-mail for more information. Can send photo of loom. Articles are in Red Deer, Alberta.

257-14: October 9,2014
 Leclerc table Loom, 4 shaft “Dorthy” 15″ – $385   Includes original owners manual, Leclerc boat shuttle plus reed & threading hooks, Leclerc book – Warp & Weave,  2 reeds, lease sticks, extra heddles, spacers & warp paper.  Loom folds down for easy transportation or storage.      For more info., & photos contact Jet by   e-mail. Located in Spokane, WA

255-14: October 9,2014
Oak Fireside FiberArts 8 shaft jack loom.  54″ weaving width. Twelve treadles.  Two back beams, both convert for plain or sectional warping.  Bench with “commuter seat”. Wire heddles.  Friction brake.  Footprint of loom is 72″ wide x 60″ deep including bench.Extras include:  Two daylight lamps and brackets, 3 reeds: 6 dent, 8 dent ,10 dent.  Warping sticks. Several miscellaneous tie-on rods.  One Fireside add-on shuttle tray.  Fireside values this loom, new, at $7930 without extras.  They recommend a price between $5000-$6000. Negotiable asking price:  $2000. Located in Tacoma, WA. Contact Mimi by e-mail.

254-14: October 8, 2014
100″ Cranbrook Loom in good condition. 2 shaft with bench. 2x reeds. Located in Portland, OR. $1500 firm. Delivery can be arranged for a minimal cost. It has created gorgeous rugs and other custom projects and is ready for a new home. Please contact Mike by email for more information.

252-14: October 6, 2014
Schacht Spindle Baby Wolf Loom – 4 Harness with new SS 8 and 12 dent reeds.  I’ll also include a 14 yard Schacht Spindle warping board.   New condition on all.  $1200 OBO.   Currently in Coupeville WA (Whidbey Island), but could be moved to Bellevue. Contact Claire by e-mail.

251-14: October 6,2014
Clemes and Clemes , 3 bobbins, double drive, $250. Located in Republic, Washington. Contact Teri by email.247-14: October 6, 2014

Ashford Tapestry Loom $225. Located in Republic, Washington. Contact Teri by e-mail.

246-14: October 6,2014
4 harness Dorothy LeClerc, 15 inch, $225 . Located in Republic, Washington. Contact Teri by e-mail.

245-14: September 28, 2014
Schacht Matchless spinning wheel for sale. This is a fine, single treadle wheel, used, sold with several bobbins. The wheel is located in Friday Harbor, WA. $500. Contact Carol by email.

244-14: September 27, 2014
Union Loom # 36 – Nicely re-furbished , functional 2 harness Rug Loom, warped and weaving on! Adjustable Bench and Instruction booklet and other goodies included. Price: $250. Central Oregon. Contact: Kathy by e-mail.

243-14: September 27, 2014
Books & Periodical For Sale:
Color Trends by Michele Wipplinger: Color Trends Book, $25; Color Trends Periodicals, $5 each. Color Trends Book plus 8 Color Trends Periodicals, $50; Womens Work by Elizabeth Barber, $8; Interweave, Vol. 1, No. 1 -Twill and Beyond, $5; Split-Ply Twining by V. Harvey, $15; Designing for the Future by M. Coe, $35.  Prices do not include shipping. Contact Sue by e-mail.

242-14: September 27, 2014
Custom Bergman Contre Marche 48″ folding floor loom 8 harness. Accessories include, warping reel, bobbin winder, various size reeds, cones of yarn, shuttles, threading hook, instruction books, extra string heddles, bench with storage space. Currently threaded to Rosepath. Excellent condition.
Asking $2000. Bremerton, Wa. Contact Wendy by email.




  Fiber and Fiber Animals

264-14: October 18, 2014
Coloured and white mohair- adult and kid available- raw fibre very clean.please contact for prices and photo. Contact Tanya by e-mail.

259-14: October 9, 2014
100% Wool Roving – 14# natural, 2# charcoal grey, and about a 1/2# mix of dyed blue and yellow.   $1.50 per oz. or $16 per #. Drop Spindle – wood  $10.00. Leclerc carders - set of two, wood, 8-1/2” x 3- 1/2 “  wt. is 10 oz. ea. $40.00.  New Dye Products - 5# salt $6.00, 5# soda ash fixer $6.00, synthrapol 16 oz. $4.00.  Fiber reactive dyes – 2 oz. ea. golden & clear yellow $4.00. All items located in Spokane, Washington. E-mail Jet  for photos and more info.                

 249-14: October 6,2014
Beautiful fiber lambs, $100, Finn x BFL, Finn x Romney Contact Teri by e-mail. Located in Republic, Washington.

237-14: September 18, 2014
Soft cotton and bamboo chenille cone yarn, sport weight, 1450 yards per pound (YPP). Cones are left over from another project, so some are not full weight. All kinds of colors: red, orange, yellow/gold, green, blue, purple, beige, brown, white, grey. Price: $4/lb. New price. $75 for the remaining 21 pounds. Buy one or more cones (no partial cones, please). Pictures located at: http://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/art/4669469430.html  Location: Bainbridge Island, WA.  Contact Jen by e-mail.


Miscellaneous Fiber Arts Products

260-14: October 9, 2014
Lots of rag rug weft some prepared and ready to use, much in yardage or ready to cut & stitch.  10 lbs. Denim – 1” wide strips – cut, frayed, stitched into lengths & ready to use,  5 lbs. Denim – 1/2 “ wide strips – cut & stitched into lengths, ready to use. 12 lbs. Blue shades of sheeting – 2-1/2” wide strips – cut & stitched, ready to use.  17 lbs. Prints & flannel fabric – 1” wide strips – cut & stitched, ready to use.  Black & white cotton edging, ready to use.  Other unprepped fabrics:  Corduroy, wool, denim, sheeting – prints & solids, yardage, prints & solids, lots of t-shirts for jazz string. 100% Wool Roving, this makes beautiful rugs!!   Priced to sell! Located in Spokane, Washington.  Email Jet for prices, photos & more info.



Wanted to Buy or Trade:
Fiber Arts-related Equipment or Services

262-14: October 17,2014
I am looking for someone to weave single color coat cloth (blanket weight) from alpaca fiber.  Nothing fancy – just good quality cloth from yarn I provide.  Please contact Mariesa by e-mail.