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For Sale: Used Weaving and Spinning Equipment

240-14: September 19, 2014
Rare spinning wheel for sale: Moswolt M1 wheel, also called a Dutch Hammer Wheel, made in the Netherlands in the 1970s and 1980s. Bobbin lead with flyer brake, single ratio of 4.5 to 1. Solidly built in Finnish pine. Complete with integrated and easily removable skein winder and lazy kate, and with 3 very large bobbins. Orifice made of brass with diameter of .5″, weight about 16 pounds. Polychord drive band with tension regulated by moving the flyer unit up or down by turning a knob. Wonderful wheel for spinning wool and wool blends woolen style and for plying. Also a great choice if you are a new spinner. Excellent condition. Located on South Whidbey Island, Washington. $400.  Contact Joanne by e-mail.

239-14: September 19, 2014
1972 one owner Glimakra 47” Standard countermarch loom, 10 harnesses, 12 treadles in very good condition. All the cords and heddles have been replaced with Texsolv. Matching bench; 40, 50, 60 dents/cm and 8 dents/inch reeds; warping sticks, corrugated cardboard rolls, 4 sets of lease sticks, harness caddies, adjustable temple; homemade reed and stick stand;  “Tying up the Countermarch Loom” by Joanne Hall. $2500.  Cannot ship. Photos available. Contact Cynthia by e-mail. Located in Pullman WA.

238-14: September 18, 2014
Handmade Redwood HA’PENNY UPRIGHT LOOM,  with stand, weaving width 26″, location Seattle, $150 or best offer. Contact Cedar by email.

236-14: September 18, 2014
Yarn tree, birch, holds 104 cones. Approximately 28″ across x 80″ (6′ 8″) high when loaded with yarn. Turns easily, very solid, in excellent condition (used less than a year). I’m getting rid of the cones that made this useful. More information (and similar model picture):  http://www.customknitsmfg.net/yarntrees.html. Price: $200. Location: Bainbridge Island, WA. Contact Jen by e-mail.

235-14: September 18, 2014
Schacht Flip 20″ rigid heddle loom, in excellent condition, plus trestle stand, Flip trap (front tray), warping peg, clamps, and 2 reeds each 5dpi, 8dpi, 10dpi, 12dpi ($800 value for all). Just moved house, and there’s no room for this one (still have two other looms). More information: http://schachtspindle.com/our_products/rigid_heddle.php  Price: $600. Location: Bainbridge Island, WA.  Contact Jen by e-mail.

234-14: September 18, 2014
Roadbug spinning wheel (MerlinTree), in fair condition, double treadle (removable foot if you want single treadle), 3 standard bobbins, jumbo flyer and 3 jumbo bobbins ($500 value). This a good beginner wheel, under 9lbs., and very portable. Easy to decorate if you want. More information: http://www.woolery.com/store/pc/Road-Bug-Spinning-Wheel-c130.htm Price: $300. Location: Bainbridge Island, WA. Contact Jen by e-mail.

233-14: September 17, 2014
John Houghton custom solid cherry jack loom.  45” weaving width, 8 harness, 10 treadle, plain back and front beams, simplified chain tie-up, flat steel heddles, non-folding.  Included are padded, slanted matching storage bench, all lease and packing sticks, 6 steel reeds, additional flat steel heddles, complete directions for disassembling and reassembling.   Castle does not need to disassembled for transport.    Asking:  $1800.   Pick up only.  Location:  Olympia, WA.  Please contact Nancy by e-mail.

232-14: September 15, 2014
32″ Beka Ratchet Loom.  Model RL32.  This is a rigid heddle loom that has a stand and comes with two reeds.  Loom has never been used.  Instruction booklet included.   Price $275.  The loom is in Vanderhoof B.C.  Contact Barbara by email.

231-14: September 14,2014
Schacht Baby Wolf loom for sale, 4 shaft/6 treadles, new stainless 8-dent reed, $800. In Bellevue, near Bellevue College. Please contact Anna by email.

230-14: September 10, 2014
Gilmore Loom for sale. Located in Astoria Oregon.  8 harnesses, 46″ weaving width, comes with a Gilmore Bench, heddles, 1 reed. $2,000.  Contact Margaret by e-mail.

229-14: September 10, 2014
45” Ward   Countermarche Loom For Sale  – Lovely maple 8 shaft 10 treadle  loom with texsolv heddles. Includes 2 reeds, shuttles, lease sticks, a plain but sturdy bench.  Located at Vernon, BC.  Will consider delivering a reasonable distance for the price of the gas.  A good buy at $950. but open to reasonable offers. Contact Eileen by e-mail.

226-14:  September 2, 2014
Weaver’s Friend by Reed Loom Co., Springfield Ohio, vintage 45″ two harness rug loom, sectional beam, $50.00, location near Portland, Oregon. Contact Susan by e-mail.

223-14: August 30, 2014
Gilmore Loom for Sale in Methow Valley, Twisp, Winthrop, Washington.  40″ weaving width, 8 harness. Bench and 4 reeds 6,8,10,12.  Warping board and bobbin winder. Shuttles and bobbins. A bunch of fiber and extras. $1200. Please contact Leslie by e-mail.

222-14: August 30, 2014
Thought Products Barbara V 52” 8-harness with bench, Five weaving modes: three fabric modes, counter marche, jack, counter balance, two tapestry modes, recently completely disassembled, Danish oil finish applied and reassembled. $900.00 obo. Also an upright tapestry loom 48” wide 2-harness, 2-treadle $500.00.  Delivery negotiable. Gresham, Oregon. Contact  Mel by e-mail  http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/art/4633704853.html

221-14: August 29, 2014
AVL 60″ 16-shaft Production Dobby Loom in Seattle $4500 includes CompuDobby I with control box. Original Mechanical Dobby and bars. Double fly shuttle with hanging beater. Automatic cloth advance system, 1-yard sectional warp beam, track rail and tension box with two tension box reeds and cross-maker. Built-in full-length bench with tilt adjustment. 3 60″ stainless steel reeds. 4 AVL fly shuttles and pirns, Sandpaper beam, with additional soft beam wrapper. Cloth tensioning and storage system. Lease sticks, apron and apron rods. More than 1600 texsolv heddles. Gateway laptop running Windows 7 with PCW Fiberworks Silver installed. Contact Sheila by e-mail.

219-14: August 22, 2014
CRANBROOK COUNTERMARCH LOOM FOR SALE 1989 (Norwood), 46 ” weaving width, 4 harnesses, & 6 treadles. One owner, little used, excellent condition. Customized with solid maple attached bench, warp tensioner, shaft switching, & weighted beater. Multiple accessories included. Portland OR. Pickup. $2,000. OBO. Moving. Contact Cecil by E-mail .

215-14: August 11, 2014
Leclerc (Dorothy) Loom – 24″ – 8 Shaft – $500 – negotiable (Surrey, BC) – All items in good working order. Package includes Loom and all accessories, including warping frame, bobbin winder, boat shuttles, bobbins, stick shuttle, dowels, reeds, heddles, assorted cones and books – PHOTOS AVAILABLE. Please contact Nicki  by e-mail.

214-14: August 11, 2014
Schacht Spindle Baby Wolf Loom 4 Shaft .Loom is on Strollers and includes a Loom Maple Bench. Like new only used to weave one item. Will sell all three for $1,400 or BO. Items are in Bend, Oregon. Contact Lenore by e-mail.

213-14: August 11, 2014
Kessenich  solid oak, folding, 4 harness jack-loom with 6 treadles, 36″ weaving width, heavy enough for rug weaving. Includes misc. tools. Must pick up. $200.00. Camas, WA Contact Susan by e-mail.

211-14: August 11, 2014
Cranbook Loom, 60″, 8 harness, countermarche, used gently so is in great shape.  Includes a bench, 4 reeds (41″ 8 and 15 epi, 48″ 10 and 12 epi) and extra heddles. Great rug loom.  Loom is pegged and easy to transport.  New ones sell for up to $8000 for the loom alone, asking $3500.  Contact Bonnie by e-mail. Located in LaGrande, OR

207-14: August 6,2014
Loomcraft, 4 harness floor loom.  This is a beautiful handcrafted floor loom. Sturdy enough to be used for rug work. It would be a great starter loom or a nice addition to an experienced weaver’s studio. I’m selling it because I need to downsize and unfortunately this has to go. The loom was handed down to me and I used it for one project – works great and needs a good home! Specs: 4 harness jack loom. 6 treadles. 45″ weaving width. Flat steel heddles. Bench: not available. Extras: 12 dent reed. Price: $700.00 or make an offer. I am in Seattle. I may be able to arrange for delivery, depending on distance. Can accept Paypal and Cash as payment. Please contact Sarah by e-mail.

204-14: July 31, 2014
Louet Spring 90 (36”)  – 8shafts – 10 treadles – 10 dent reed. Includes lease sticks, extra heddles added, instructions for assembly and instructional cd.  Purchased new Dec. 2008. Can easily add 4 more shafts. Asking $3,975.00 OBO New unassembled price Mar. 2014 – $4,510.00 Contact Caryll by e-mail.

203-14: July 31, 2014
In Calgary, Lendrum single treadle spinning wheel, complete set, with 3 flyers, (including jumbo) , 3 bobbins, and a Lazy Kate. Included is llama fibre. sheep wool and alpaca roving.Price is $700. Contact Frances by e-mail.

202-14: July 31, 2014
24” Signed Reeves Spinning Wheel.  Barely used lovingly cared for Oak production wheel  includes Lazy Kate,  English Combs, Swift, Hand Carders, Ball winder, and high quality llama fiber, and $50 of silk rovings.  $650 for all shipping from Bend Oregon extra. For Pictures please contact Debbie by email.

201-14: July 31, 2014
LILLSTINA TABLE LOOM: asking $300.00: jack, 4 harness, 28″, comes with reeds & legs. In excellent shape. Pick up in Nelson B.C. Contact Angela  by e-mail.

200-14: July 31, 2014
LECLERC NILUS floor loom: asking $600.00: jack, 4 harness, 45″, maple, comes with bench and reeds. In excellent shape. Pick up in Nelson B.C. Contact Angela by e-mail.

197-14: July 31, 2014
30″ wide, 4 harness table loom in very pretty cherry. Make unknown. Fitted into it’s leg frame this loom feels comfortable, like a floor loom. Price $360.00. It comes with 3 reeds, 6,10 and 12 dents, lease sticks and extra heddles. Located in Snohomish. Please contact Pamela for more info and photos, by e-mail.

195-14: July 31, 2014
Upright tapestry floor weaving loom, 22″ weaving width. This Weaving loom is perfect for the  artist who is looking to try something new. H-52″, W-34″, Legs D-24″, $450. pictures available upon request. Delta BC  Contact Patricia by e-mail.

194-14: July 31, 2014
Custom Bergman Contre Marche 48″ folding floor loom 8 harness. Accessories include, warping reel, bobbin winder, various size reeds, cones of yarn, shuttles, threading hook, instruction books, extra string heddles, bench with storage space. Currently threaded to Rosepath. Excellent condition.
Asking $2000. Bremerton, Wa. Contact Wendy by email.

193-14: July 31, 2014
New Zealand made “walking wheel” spinning wheel.  $130, Bremerton, Wa.  Excellent condition.  Contact Wendy by email .

192-14: July 29, 2014
Norwood Cherry jack-loom for sale. 4 harnesses, 6 treadles; measures 36”x48”, with approx. 40” weaving width. This loom was my grandmother’s and has been well cared for. Comes with 3 reeds, sectional warping tools, weaving bench, and a copy of the original handbook. Folds easily for storage and transport. There is a little bit of rust on a few of the headless, but everything else is in very good condition. $1,100. Vancouver, WA. Photos available. Contact Tina by email .

191-14: July 27, 2014
Columbine Spinning Wheel in Buttercup color: unique metal spinning wheel with huge bobbins; large treadle and double drive system for ease of filling bobbins; sliding eyes to fill bobbins evenly.  3 bobbins, 6-bobbin lazy kate, extra bearings, second sliding eye, and spare drive band included. Like-new condition. $450. Port Ludlow, WA. Photos available. Contact Amelia by E-mail.

188-14: July 26, 2014
Ashford Traveller spinning wheel has its own lazy-kate and comes with 4 bobbins. It is a double-treadle wheel. It is a good wheel for learners as well as the more-advanced spinner. $400. I also have a ‘never-used’, still in the package with hardware and instructions’ distaff that fits the Ashford Traveller for $75. New, this distaff costs $100. Burton, B.C. Contact Denice by e-mail.

186-14: July 22, 2014
Bergman floor loom for sale in Seattle.  It needs some cosmetic TLC but appears fully functional. Pictures available upon request $300 OBO. Contact by E-mail  for more information.



  Fiber and Fiber Animals

 237-14: September 18, 2014
Soft cotton and bamboo chenille cone yarn, sport weight, 1450 yards per pound (YPP). Cones are left over from another project, so some are not full weight. All kinds of colors: red, orange, yellow/gold, green, blue, purple, beige, brown, white, grey (~75 cones). Price: $4/lb. Buy one or more cones (no partial cones, please). Pictures located at: http://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/art/4669469430.html  Location: Bainbridge Island, WA.  Contact Jen by e-mail.


Miscellaneous Fiber Arts Products



Wanted to Buy or Trade:
Fiber Arts-related Equipment or Services

229-14: September 6,2014
Triangle loom.  Contact Teri by e-mail. E WA, BC, or ID

218-14: August 16, 2014
Wanted – 36” – 40” Jack Loom. I am looking for a 36” – 40” Jack Loom no more than $1000. I am just starting out weaving and am hoping to find something that will grow with me as I learn, and I will not have to upgrade. 8 Shafts and 8 – 12 treadles. I am located in Vancouver, BC and am willing to drive about 3 hours, or I can arrange shipping for a great loom at a great price. Please contact Claire by e-mail.

205-14: August 5, 2014
Louet David 36″ Loom in excellent ready-to-weave condition. I am located in Spokane, WA and would be willing to drive up to 3 hours or arrange shipping if necessary. Please contact Suzanne via e-mail .