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Weaving & Spinning Equipment

057-15: February 28, 2015
Leclerc Dorothy 15 3/4 inch Loom with Stand  $125.00  Located in Comox, BC. The Leclerc Dorothy is an excellent Table Loom providing 15 3/4 inches of weaving width, in a sturdy package. The four shafts are activated by 4 color-coded side mount levers that can be depressed individually or in groups to raise the corresponding shaft(s). Pushing down a set of levers automatically releases the previous set, making shaft changes easy and allowing the weaver to get into a rhythm. When the loom is in use, as in the picture above, it measures 19 3/8 inches wide (21 inches to the tip of the handles), 22 inches deep and 18 inches high. The loom weighs about 15 pounds. The Dorothy table loom is an excellent choice for sampling, workshops and general purpose weaving and is the largest selling table loom in the world. Both the cloth and warp beams have ratchet mechanisms enabling a high tension to be placed on the warp and there is also a tab at the top that when moved will release any depressed levers. When not in use or when being transported, two screws holding steel stabilizer bars can be loosened allowing the loom to fold up as shown in the picture below. This reduces the loom height and makes it easier to store in a closet, lean against the wall or to put in a car trunk for transport. This can be done while the loom is warped making it excellent for those weavers who want to travel with the loom or who lack the space to leave it out all the time. When folded for storage or travel the volume taken by the loom shrinks to 19 3/8 inches wide, 27 inches deep and only 11 3/4 inches high. Table for Dorothy Loom. Light folding base. The height (25″) allows the weaver to use an ordinary chair to operate the loom. Pictures Available. Contact by e-mail.

055-15: February 22, 2015
Beautiful 60″ Cherry Beka 8 Shaft/10 Treadle Loom. Sturdy, great condition, well cared for. Includes matching storage bench, castle tray, 2″ sectional and/or apron back beam. Easy tie-up system, sturdy beater and smooth brake tension.$1,800 firm. Pick up from Eugene, OR. Can transport north as far as Anacortes, WA at buyer’s expense. Photos upon request. Contact by email.

053-15: February 19, 2015
36″ Schacht Spindle Co standard floor loom.  4 harness, low castle, maple loom in excellent condition.  Includes 2 reeds:  8 and 12.  $1200 OBO.   Contact Dinah by  e-mail. Located in Spokane, Washington.

052-15: February 19, 2015
36″ LeClerc Nilus.  4 shafts.  Approx 200 flat steel heddles/shaft.  This older version does not have a folding back beam so is exceptionally sturdy and is in excellent condition.  Comes with 10-dent reed, lease sticks, 2 boat shuttles, bobbins.  May be able to deliver/help set up locally.  Loom is in Kent, Washington.  $400/ offer.  Contact by e-mail.

051-15: February 10, 2015
Never used spool rack.  Spools not included. Pictures available.  Pls. email with questions. Best if could be picked up.  I live in Forks, WA. I could meet someone on the North Olympic peninsula.  Price: $125.   I think shipping would not be over $50.  But if you are interested I could get an est. to your address. Contact Sue by email

050-15: February 8, 2015
Beautiful Vintage Leclerc “Fanny” CounterBalance 36″ loom. It has an older style break system called an “Old Ratchet system”. Perfect for making some heavy duty rugs or wall hangings. Loom includes: One boat shuttle. Bobbin. Lease Sticks. Flat shuttles. Warping board. Weaving books. Cones of yarn. Carded wool. Two reeds an 8 and 20. Price is $345 obo. Located in North Vancouver, BC. Please contact Geraldine by emailCurrently disassembled but instructions for assembly can be found here: http://www.leclerclooms.com/draw_inst/fanny.pdf or http://www.leclerclooms.com/draw_inst/OLD_M_F_Inst.pdf

049-15: February 7, 2015
45’’ 4 harness floor loom .Brand unknown but Professionally built out of oak.  Metal heddles. Price $ 350.00 Located in Stanwood WA 98292 .Contact Krist by       e-mail.

048-15: February 4, 2015
Pioneer Weaving Loom for sale: 8 shafts, 12 dent reed, 25″ weaving width, over 500 heddles. Made by Northwest Looms, located in Wyoming, this table loom includes all their unique features which allow the weaver to wind the warp, sley the reed and thread the heddles and tie on the warp beam as part of the same process. The reed and heddles open at the top so that you can change the denting or the threading with the warp in place, making sampling very easy. Handles warp lengths up to 9 yards through use of the warping attachment rails and the rear extender. Easily transportable while fully warped, and surprisingly light in weight to take to workshops. Located in Clinton, Washington.$350. Local pick-up preferred.  Contact Joanne by Email .

046-15: January 30, 2015
15″ Leclerc Table Loom “Dorothy”  Price: $365. Includes:   Original owners manual, Leclerc book – Warp & Weave, 2 reeds, 2 lease sticks & rods,1 Leclerc boat shuttle & bobbins, 1ea. Leclerc reed hook & threading hook, extra heddles, spacers, warp paper.  Loom folds down easily for transportation or storage.  This loom is used but in very good condition and complete working order.  Loom is located in Spokane, WA. Email for photos and more information.  

044-15: January 30, 2015
Leclerc Fanny 45″ Loom Selling in Carter, MT. I would like $2000.00 or best offer…..need to make room. Please contact Renita by e-mail for more information.

042-15: January 27, 2015
Fireside Loom, 8 harness, 54″ weaving width, 10 treadles, friction brake system, weighted beater. Includes commuter bench, lease sticks and 3 reeds- 8, 10 and 12 dent. This beautiful oak loom has an easy, well balanced treadling action and a simple, reliable tie up. I have woven wool rugs and delicate lace weaves with equal pleasure and success. Very good condition. Located in Montana near I-90.  $1200.00 Contact Mary by e-mail.

041-15: January 27, 2015
Woolhouse Tools Julie table loom, 16S, 16” weaving width, in mint condition with loom stand and many extras.  Included: the folding stand with two side trays, warp extender, double warp beams, raddle, 800 texsolv heddles, Quickshed, overhead and underslung beaters, 12 and 15 DPI stainless reeds, lease sticks and all instructions.  The loom will fold for workshops or storage.  Located in Forest Grove, Oregon.  $1275. Contact Linda by e-mail.

038-15: January 22, 2015
Murphy four harness 54″ counterbalance loom for sale.  Methow Valley, Washington.  In good shape easy to weave on. Will fold to lean against the wall. $700. Pictures available on request. Contact by e-mail.

037-15: January 21, 2015
USED 36″ Leclerc “Fanny” 4 Harness Loom (folding type) Solid maple studio loom with 4-shaft counterbalance. Easy tie-up system. Loom can be folded even after weaving has started, and easily fits through a doorway when folded. The best model for rug-making with high tension on warp as well as for fancy thread because it keeps the tension equally on every warp thread. Fastest for production. (Sells new for $2755) Matching Leclerc bench (Sells new for approx. $475) Both pieces (loom and bench, both solid
maple) selling together. $1575 – Comes complete with bench. Excellent condition including all equipment and accessories, must pick up in Canmore, Alberta. Contact Sally by e-mail.

036-15: January 21, 2015
USED 15″ Leclerc “Dorothy” collapsible 4 Harness Loom (with table) Weaving width is 15 inches. (Sells new for $722) Matching Leclerc table with height of 25″ allows the weaver to use an ordinary chair to operate the loom. (Sells new for $225) Both pieces (loom and table, both solid maple) selling together.
$495 – Comes complete with table. Excellent condition including all equipment and accessories, must pick up in Canmore, Alberta. Contact Sally by e-mail

035-15: January 21, 2015
22″ weaving width Harrisville Designs jack floor loom weaving width , 8 shafts, 10 treadles, with lamm to treadle chain clip tie-ups, very easy to attach.  Both sectional and  plain warp beams with brake drum and front brake release lever.  Front and back of loom fold with warp on to 14″depth, making a narrow width for transporting.  Overall width 28″. includes 800-1000 metal heddles and a 12 dent reed and removable top shelf, convenient for holding weaving tools.
Adjustable height office chair used as bench included if desired.  Wood in great condition. Great little loom.  Pics available.  In Seattle.  $875. Contact Ellie by e-mail

034-15: January 19, 2015
Harrisville Floor Loom 22″ 4 Harness 6 Treadle with room for 8 Harnesses. I am moving studios and no longer have room for my Harrisville floor loom. The loom is in good condition, has 4 shafts and 6 treadles currently with potential for an 8 shaft set up if more harnesses were added. 22″ weaving width, metal heddles. Extras include a warping board, 12-dent reed, a boat shuttle, raddle, lease sticks, a few bobbins, and a stack of Handwoven magazines (if desired). If interested and would like to see it in person, please send me a message. $1000 OBO, located in Portland, Oregon. Please contact Jennifer by email .

033-15: January 19, 2015
 LOOM FOR SALE: ALLEN FOLDING LOOM. Originally built in Milwaukie, Oregon, area by Arthur Allen. These were produced from the late 30’s through mid-50’s. Height 52” Width 58-1/4” Reed 50”  Depth folded 14” Depth open approx. 36” 6 treadles Includes: Bench, 3 large shuttles, 2 lease sticks, Warping board. I have pictures of the loom and bench and also pictures from Popular Mechanics from March, 1951. $800. OBO. Located in South Seattle. Contact Lisa by e-mail.

030-15: January 15, 2015
Leclerc 11.75″ shuttle. $20.00. Sells new for $39.00. Leclerc 15″ shuttle $23.00. Sells new for $46.00. Take both for $40.00 plus postage. Located in Bend, Oregon. Contact Mary by e-mail.

029-15: January 15, 2015
Kessenich 46” 8 harness loom for sale. X-frame loom that fold for storage. Many reeds, shuttles, boat shuttles, and warping board included. $2600.00 for loom and extras. Located in Auburn, WA. Contact Krista by e-mail for a complete description and photos.

025-15: January 13, 2015
45″ J-Made 16-shaft computer loom for sale. My beautiful computer loom needs a new home. Solid walnut, 16-shaft, inserted eye heddles, double warp beam and custom raddle. Comes with computer and updated software. It’s running at the moment. Does not include any reeds, shuttles or bench. Pick-up only Victoria BC.
$1000 Contact Carole by e-mail.

022-15: January 10, 2015
 Jack Loom for sale – 60”, 4 harness Nilus LeClerc with 3 x 60” and 2 x 45” reeds. New $3757. Asking $1000 OBO. Can be picked up on Saltspring Is or in Vancouver. Contact Antonia by e-mail or Ida Marie  by e-mail.

020-15: January 9, 2015
Ashford Drum Carder.Fibre preparation made easy- 2 ratios for control- adjustable drums for all fibres- lacquered and assembled- clamps and awl included- quick and easy to remove handle- cards up to 50gm fibre Card and blend fibres and colours quickly and efficiently.This new, improved model has two ratios for even more flexibility and control when carding and blending. Use the 6:1 ratio to prepare your fleece. The controlled intake and carding will produce a smooth even batt ready for blending, spinning or felting. Use the 4:1 ratio to blend sliver, colours and different fibre types consistently into an open and airy batt. Adjustable drum clearance – allows you to set the teeth distance for total control of your fibre. All nylon bearings ensure it is light and easy to turn. The card cloth has wire teeth with a special protective coating and a flexible rubber backing for long life. The carder is strong and robust with the body made from Silver Beech hardwood. The carder has rubber feet to prevent it slipping. Card 50gm (2oz) batt quickly and efficiently. It comes assembled and lacquered ready to use. OptionsFine – 72 point for finer wools & exotic fibres.Coarse – 36 point for stronger wools or fibre with more vegetable matter to remove. specificationsBatt size 60 x 20cm (24 x 8ins). Makes up to a 50gm (2oz) batt. Weight only 5kg (11lb). We used this carder for a short time, it doesn’t show much wear if any. A good deal for anyone needing a carder $350.00 OBO. Located in Woodburn, Oregon. Contact Don by email.

019-15: January 9, 2015
Babe Fiberstarter Spinning Wheel. This is the original contemporary spinning wheel (machine) made with furniture PVC, weighing only a little over 7 1/2 pounds. Comes as a complete kit with lazy kate (for plying). It is very light weight, easy to carry, very portable and easy to pack in a suitcase. This is a great, inexpensive spinning wheel to start with. Yes, it is made of PVC plastic pipe but it works very well. Wheel diameter: 17 3/4″. Orifice: 3/8″. Ball bearings. This is a very easy wheel to use, when first learning. It is very lightweight and ca
n be used outside without any harm coming to it. The drive band is missing, it would cost $10.00 to $20.00 for a new one. $150.00 OBO. Located in Woodburn, Oregon.  Contact Don by email.

018-15: January 9, 2015
Leclerc Tension Box. The magic of sectional warping is the box. Thread each end over and under the hardwood posts and through the combs for an even warp. Leclerc’s tension box fits onto the back beam of almost any loom and comes with a pair of 12 dent combs. $100.00 or best offer.  Located in Woodburn, Oregon. Contact Don by email.

017-15: January 9, 2015
Leclerc 40 Spool Rack w/39 spools. Line up your spools on Leclerc spool rack and you’ll be ready to warp. The center post lifts and turns for easy loading and unloading, then locks into place for warping. Feet remove for flat storage. Holds 40 spools. Approx. dimensions 21″ x 37″ x 15″. Included is 39 plastic spools. $150.00 or best offer. Located in Woodburn, Oregon. Contact by email.

016-15: January 9, 2015
 36″ Leclerc Nilus 4 Harness Floor Loom I have been using this loom for the past 7 years and love it.  I’m moving and need to downsize my weaving looms. This loom is 4 shaft, 6 treadle loom that is with very sturdy construction. You can weave rugs or very fine cloth on this loom with no problem. I added a 1″ sectional warping beam to this loom last year since I was weaving a lot of cloth last year. I also added a counter to keep track of the yarn warped on the back beam. This loom is a joy to weave on. Also included is a loom bench, I picked the bench from somebody but it fits the loom, it has storage and is very sturdy. There are 200 insert eye heddles on each shaft, newly installed within the past 6 months. Price$750.00 or best offer. Located in Woodburn, Oregon.  Contact Don by email.

007-15: January 3, 2015
Sectional beam for a macomber-40 inch weaving and 45 overall loom width.  $100.00. Never been used and is still in the packing crate.    Located in The Dalles, Oregon.   Contact Kay  by e-mail.

005-15: January 3, 2015
Woolhouse Gertrude 16Shaft, 18Treadle, 58”weaveable width, CounterMarch floor loom. Comes with a 20+ tie-up Assembly so no need to climb under the loom just sit at the back and peg the tie-up. Comes with 1 reed, 4 lease sticks, long heddle hook & Reed hook.  Cardboard or warp sticks included. Texsolv heddles and cords. Located in Lumby, B.C.  Price$5,000.00.  Can dismantle and transport to US border. Second owner completing 3 blankets at moment, have woven 6” scarves to full width all easily done, Contact Louise by e-mail.  Pictures available.

004-15: January 3, 2015
Spinning Wheel for Sale: Portable Majacraft Little Gem II with double treadles, padded carry bag, 3 bobbins, lazy kate and niddy-noddy in like new condition. $750. Pick up in Clinton, Washington on Whidbey Island north of Seattle. Contact Joanne by e-mail.

003-15: January 3, 2015
27″ Leclerc Fanny CB – I found this in a barn. I painstakingly stripped everything down, sanded it, oiled it, repaired and replaced what needed to be replaced. Brand new aprons, new heddles, and new brake mechanism. This is such a great loom. It’s as compact as a table loom, but is a fully functional floor loom, not a table loom on a stand. I seriously love this loom. Comes with brand new 10 dent stainless steel reed. Asking $450 Located Galiano Island, BC  please contact Lisa by e-mail.

002-15: January 3, 2015
60″ Leclerc Fanny CB – this was a new old stock loom that I got for a total bargain at a sale. It had never been out of the box. I believe it’s from the 80s. I’ve set it up and woven some wonderful items on it. It’s perfect. Needs nothing. Has 1000 heddles I believe. No shed regulator, as this is the Fanny I not the Fanny II. Comes with 12 dent carbon steel reed. Asking $500 Located Galiano Island, BC Please contact Lisa by e-mail.

001-15: January 3, 2015
PAYTON 52″ Folding Loom with Sectional Warping Beam. Heavy Birdseye Maple, Counterbalance 4 shaft, 6 treadle, 43″ weaving width. Metal pawl & teeth on BOTH front and back hexagonal warping beams. Beams are 10″ circumference, front beam has heavy canvas & grommet cloth apron, yardage counter, and a custom made tool box runs entire width of castle. Metal heddles in excellent shape, 12 dent reed. Folds to 13″ footprint  (21″ at mid-height) front to back. Measures 39″ depth & 48″H when folded out. Located in Beaverton, Oregon. $600/obo. https://flic.kr/s/aHsk78oGWL  Contact Lisa by e-mail.

  Fiber and Fiber Animals

 054-15: February 11, 2015
I have a large flock of Icelandic sheep and, therefore, have an abundance of Icelandic fleece available.  My fleece is well skirted and the prices per ounce are as follows: $1/oz for excellent fleece, .75cents/oz  for really nice fleece and .50 cents/oz  for medium fleece.  I have fleece available now, both adult and lamb, and I will be having a bumper fleece crop this fall.  I’m located in Oakville, Washington, which is about 45 minutes SW of Olympia.  Contact Elizabeth by email.


Miscellaneous Fiber Arts Products


047-15: January 30, 2015
Yarns – Swedish Cottolin  22/2, ONE – 9 oz. tube, dk green - $20   Textured Wool yarn, ONE -16 oz. cone, natural, black & grey – $12   New Dye Products - 5# salt $6,  5# soda ash fixer $6. Spinning Supplies:  Wool Roving –  8-1/4 lbs. natural, some dyed wools – 4-1/2 oz.yellow & 9-1/2 oz.blue.  $15 per pound.*This wool also works beautifully as weft for rugs!  DropSpindle: natural wood- $10. Prepared Rag Rug Weft:  10# Denim – blues, red & white, 1″ wide, cut, stitched, ready to use- $4 per pound,  5# Denim – 1/2″ wide, cut, stitched, ready to use – $3 per pound. All items located in Spokane, Washington. Email for photos and more info.

039-15: January 26, 2015
Weaving books for sale, all located in Clinton, Washington. Local pickup or buyer pays shipping. Ikat: An Introduction by Ritch and Wada $30. Double Two-Tie Unit Double Two-Weaves by Barrett and Smith, signed by Clotilde Barrett $40. Peter Collingwood: His Weaves and Weaving by Collingwood, signed by Peter Collingwood $50. Weaving on Paper or Draw-Down Made Easy by offman $25. More Than Four by Laughlin, signed by Mary Elizabeth Laughlin $20. Learn to Weave with Debbie Redding by Debbie Redding/Deborah Chandler $15. Please write me with any questions. Contact Joanne by e-mail.

028-15: January 13, 2015
Weaving books and older Handwoven magazines for sale. Please contact Sharon by email for list and prices. 

024-15: January 10, 2015
Ciba dyes (approx. 1 litre bottles) all have been opened but dye still powdery, no clumps
– Black 1/3 bottle $15
– Violet? 3/4” $3
– Red – 2/3 bottle $25
– Yellow – ½ “ $15
– Brilliant Blue – ½ bottle $25
– Green – 2/3 bottle $25
– Khaki – 2/3 “ $25
– Brown – 1 cup $10
– Purple Brown – 1 ½ cup $15
– smaller amounts of various other colours $10 for all
Can be picked up on Saltspring or in Vancouver. Contact Antonia by e-mail or Ida Marie by e-mail



Wanted to Buy or Trade:
Fiber Arts-related Equipment or Servic

056-15: February 22, 2015
Used Glimakra Ideal or Standard. Countermarche preferred but will buy counterbalance. Would like within 39″-59″ range. More shafts and treadles preferred but not necessary at right price. If you know someone wanting to sell in the PNW please contact Dev via email.

032-15: January 15, 2015
Wanted. Fireside Cantilever Tapestry Loom (24″ Weaving Width) (I’m interested in finding a 24″ FIRESIDE Cantilever Loom – but possibly interested in other sizes of 36” and 48″)  Do you have one you are not using and want to sell? Do you know someone that has one that they are selling? If so – please contact me with the details. I’m located in Wisconsin, but am willing to travel anywhere in the United States (I have a husband that loves to drive) for pick up or pay shipping fees. Contact Dawn by e-mail.

015-15: January 9, 2015
WANTED  triangle loom  adjustable. Contact Teri by e-mail.