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Weaving & Spinning Equipment

237-15: October 8, 2015
Oregon Trail Loom – Portland OR – $600. Oregon Trail Loom with sectional warp beam, 45″ weaving width, 4 harness, 6 treadle. Stick shuttle, 3 reeds (6, 10, 12 dents), and some accessories included. Unfortunately, I don’t have the space for this beauty. $600. Contact: Dianne by e-mail.

236-15: October 6, 2015 
Macomber B4 Add-A-Harness 48”  4H/6T  single beam loom for sale. Large floor loom. No Heddles as the 5 I have are too rusty to use.  Several shuttles come with it.  Typical Macomber construction:  Clear hard Maple. Very sturdy and heavy. Precisely made by Hand in a town in Maine.  Mfg. date: July 14, 1954. Used by my mother for about 25 years.  No serious wear anywhere and no damage or repairs that I can see. In dry storage for several years.   In very good condition. Will be cleaned up before sale with Murphy’s oil soap.    Location: Vancouver, WA. Cannot ship due to high possibility of severe damage in transit.  Macomber places replacement cost of this loom at $3500 (current as of 10/06/2015) and current market at $1500 to $2235 as it is.  Accepting low or less than market to facilitate sale.  Pictures available and will take more for detail if you are interested.  Contact  MIKE via Email 

235-15: October 6, 2015
Leclerc Dorothy table loom for sale. Very good condition. 15” weaving space. 21” long. 18” high. 18” wide at castle. Side lifters. Includes 4 dent reed and stick shuttle. $150. Located in North Vancouver, BC. Contact Toby by e-mail

233-15: October 4, 2015 
Custom Birch Weaving Loom Bench—47.75″ long bench w/storage, built 1980. 7 different heights w/7.5″ range (height #2 is 24″ off floor). 3/4″ tilted bench. 3 “flip” lids (w/piano hinge) reveal a 10″ W x 41.5″ L x 5.5″ H storage area, making it easy to retrieve tools while weaving. Very sturdy and heavy-duty. Real wood, not plywood. Wood pegs fasten on outside, screws fasten inside. Footprint: 47.75″ length, 32.75″ height, 15″ to 20″ depth. Several layers of varathane finishing. Great shape! $225.00. Contact Kay by email. Woodinville, WA. 

231-15: October 2, 2015
Weaving loom open ended bench. Location: Roseburg, OR. $ 200.00 OBO. Height: 23.5″. Length: 38.5″; Width: 18.75″. Lower shelf: 34″ long; 5.5″ wide. Contact Joan by e-mail.

227-15: September 22, 2015
 32″ Gilmore 4 harness jack maple loom with collapsible warping wheel for sale. $600 for both. It will include extra reeds, a ball winder, sectional warp gig, and cone holding gadget. The loom is in good shape, but could use some adjustments to the braking system. I have used it “as is” for many years. Just never got around to getting the needed parts. For another $100, I will throw in my yarn stash which includes a lot of chenille cones. I am willing to sell items seperately. Contact by e-mail. Located in Bend, Oregon.

226-15: September 21, 2015
Schacht Baby Wolf 26” weaving width, 8 shaft 10 treadle loom. Used for less than 1 year, in perfect condition. Comes with: 4 stainless steel reeds – 8,10,12,15 dents, raddle, bench, wolf trap, stroller, 1 shuttle, reed hook, 4 bobbins. Price for all $1,800 – this setup would be over $3,000 new. Location: Billings, MT. Will deliver or drop off at pre-arranged freight location in in the Billings, MT area.  Contact Lynne by e-mail.

225-15: September 20, 2015
 I have a Bergman loom  48 inch for sale. I do not think that it was ever used. I live on the border between Lewiston ID and Clarkston WA. Beautiful, antique loom 48″ Bergman weaving loom with accessories, some literature. also huge box of books that goes with it. Included with the loom are 10 treadles, a warping board, warping and sectional warp beam. All for $1,000. Location is Clarkston,Washington. This loom was my husbands grandmother’s.  I do not think she ever used it. She always bought high end then it sat unused. I just want it to  go to someone who will love it. Contact Crystal by e-mail

218-15: September 13, 2015 
 Free to good home a well loved LeClerc Colonial 6 harness loom.  We don’t have much information about it but have all the pieces and the instruction manual. Located in North Vancouver, BC. Contact Allison by e-mail.

217-15: September 9, 2015
Fireside loom, oak, 8 harness jack, 54-inch weaving width, two warp beams (one can be sectional or not), large-eye metal heddles, matching bench with storage, three reeds, leash sticks, Swedish bobbin winder. Double back beam folds to fit through doors. $2500. In Olympia WA. Contact by email

212-15: September 3, 2015
ASHFORD 32” RIGID HEDDLE LOOM & ACCESSORIES - includes: Ashford Weaving Rigid Heddle Loom 32″, two 12.5 dpi reeds, one 7.5 dpi reed, second heddle kit, 32” loom stand, stick shuttles, reed hook, heddle hook, manual.  $300 in Olympia, WA.  Pictures available.  Contact Susan by email 

211-15: September 2, 2015 
The price has come down on this Original, 8-h, 36″ BERGMAN COUNTERMARCH LOOM, FOLDING, WITH BENCH – Functional, Historical, Beautiful – Completely, lovingly refurbished; in very good working order; 2,100(!) Texslov heddles; 2 SS reeds; new heddle bars, apron, rods, tie-up Texslov cords, warping sticks, and many small parts; bench has storage under seat; c/w the Bergmans’ own guides to warping and tying up the loom, Bergman history, countermarch loom information; folds with warp on it to fit through doorways; gives beautifully balanced sheds in quiet, smooth action; only $950 Cdn or $750 U.S.! – in Saskatoon, SK (could deliver along route between Saskatoon and Minneapolis) Contact Jane by e-mail.

210-15: September 2, 2015
SCHACHT SPINDLE 14 YARD WARPING BOARD Solid wood – barely used.  New $130. It is yours for $60. In Ashland Oregon. Contact Judy by email

207-15: August 31, 2015 
Macomber Ad-A-Harness Loom, 8H/10T, 40″ weaving width. $900.  This beautiful loom was built in 1951 of strong, solid maple and has room for 2 more harnesses and accompanying treadles.  Loom is equipped with 2 warp beams, one plain and one 3/4 yard sectional, with new aprons on the cloth and plain warp beams and 2 ratchet-and-pawl brakes.  Loom comes with a 10-dent carbon-steel reed in so-so condition, as well as buyer’s choice of a new SS 8 or 12 dent reed if desired.  Other accessories include approximately 145 wire heddles on each shaft, 41 tie-up hooks for quick and easy tie-up changes, brake release lock, original floor-protecting pads, anti-kickback warp beam cord, and threading hook.  Macomber looms are among the highest-quality jack looms available, capable of weaving a wide range of textiles; support and parts are easily available directly through the company or one of their friendly reps.  The loom is located in my smoke-free home in Kent, WA and is in very good working condition.  Photos and more information available by e-mail.

206-15: August 31, 2015 

Gilmore 4 Harness 6 treadle 40″ floor loom $600. Nice loom in good condition. It comes with a raddle, warping board and 1 reed. I also had a high castle and shuttle trap made for it. The trap is very handy for keeping tools at hand, or when using more then 1 shuttle. 
Nice heavy loom. Please contact Yolanda  by e-mail. Located in Yreka, CA.

204-15: August 27, 2015 
Bergman 4 H/S table loom, 21″ weaving width, 1980s era. Footprint: 25.75″ wide, 26″ deep, 21″ high (counting levers). Comes with string heddles, string heddle “maker”, leash sticks, 6 dent reed (slight rust), 2 reed hooks, reed holder (handy for threading), flat shuttles, yarn, some Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot mags, 3 books. Loom in Woodinville, WA. $180.00. Pics. Contact Kay by email.

203-15: August 27, 2015
Bergman 4 H/S table loom, 26″ weaving width, 1980s era. Footprint: 30.5″ wide, 26″ deep, 21″ high (counting levers). Comes w/16.75′ warping board, string heddles, string heddle “maker”, leash sticks, 6 dent reed (slight rust), 2 reed hooks, reed holder (handy for threading), flat shuttles, yarn, some Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot mags, 3 books. Loom in Woodinville, WA. $250.00. Pics. Contact Kay by email.

202-15: August 27, 2015
45″ 6 Treadle Oregon Trail Floor Loom. 2 Reeds, Spool Rack, 2 Boat Shuttles, Electric Bobbin Winder, Yarn Length Counter, Heddles, Extra yarn spools, Tension Box, Yarn Hook and Bench. Price $900.  Contact Jerry by e-mail. Located in Forest Grove, Oregon.

201-15: August 25, 2015
 45 inch Tissart tapestry loom by Leclerc. Currently it is in pieces, the reed needs some cleaning (or use one you already have) and the crank is missing. (I may have an extra reed.) which is why the discounted price. Pick up only and cash is required.  Located on Gabriola Island, BC. I may be able to meet you mid-Vancouver Island with the loom though full payment would be needed prior. Why am I letting it go? I have no room for it in my studio space. $250 CAN OBO. Contact by Trish by e-mail.

200-15: August 25, 2015
Matchless Schacht Spinning Wheel for sale; lightly used in excellent condition. The wheel is about 12 years old, used only for our annual Sheep-to-Shawl event. It is located in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington State. $500 including extra bobbins. Please contact Carol by e-mail.

199-15: August 23, 2015
Macomber Ad-A-Harness 40” Loom for sale. $3,000. (2015 list price $4,600). Model B5-C was made in 1989. Loom has 8 harnesses; 8 dent stainless in place of plain;  12 dent stainless reed. Second plain beam; friction break;  12 extra peddle hooks; repair heddles; Westsorb pads;  casters; extra rod; 1 double back beam; AD 40 Bench and custom made bench for dressing the loom. In excellent  condition. Grandmother is retiring from weaving.  Warping board, shuttles, yarn winder, several boxes of  wool, weaving magazines from 80’s and 90’s, and other  accessories included. Located in Monroe, WA, contact  Lewie by email

198-15: August 23, 2015
60″ , 4 shaft, Leclerc jack loom with reed for sale in Victoria, B. C.  Asking $300.00.  Loom works well and has woven a number of lovely blankets for me.  If needed, we can discuss delivery up island or to Vancouver.  Contact Brenda by e-mail.

197-15: August 19, 2015 
AVL – 60” Production Dobby Loom, 16 harness, 4 Box flyshuttle w/shuttles, 1 yard sectional warp beam, tension box, automatic cloth storage system, warp counter, and instruction manual. Located in Lakewood, WA. Loom has been kept in very good working condition. I am no longer going to be using it for production purposes and would like to free up the space in my workroom. Photos available.  $4,000 OBO. Crating or transportation not included. Contact Ann by e-mail

195-15: August 18, 2015
Ashford 24” weaving width tapestry loom. Outside dimensions are 57.5 h x 32.25”w x 21.5”d. Warping is done with a continuous loop, made easy as the loom rotates within the floor stand. It has tensioners, is set up for optional leashes and has a movable/removable tray. The loom has only been used a few times. Current price new is over $600. I am asking $300. Comes with a manual. Located near Olympia WA. Contact by e-mail.

  Fiber and Fiber Animals


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Wanted to Buy or Trade:
Fiber Arts-related Equipment or Service

232-15: October 2, 2015
Want to buy Macomber Baby Mac  20” , 8 harness, Portable Loom.  Please contact Linda by e-mail.  Located in Sandpoint, Idaho.

230-15: September 30,2015
Wanted:  raddle board. I am new to weaving and would like to find a reasonably priced wood peg raddle board. Contact Ellen by e-mail.

228-15: September 23, 2015
Wanted a set of Benjamin Green combs in good condition. Please contact me by email. I am located in Enderby, British Columbia.

223-15: September 19, 2015
Wanted: warping board. Would prefer one which can measure lengths up to 3 meters or longer. Also wanted: triangle loom, 5 or 6 foot. Olympia, Washington. Contact Clara by e-mail.