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Weaving & Spinning Equipment

175-16: July 26, 2016
Saori fabric cutter and two cutter heads, original owner, less than a  year old and like new, cutter sizes are 5mm (.2 “) and 8mm (.3″). Cuts several strips with one pass through of fabric.  Local pick-up Whidbey Island, Washington. $200. email Joanne champsvert24@yahoo.com

174-16: July 26, 2016
Leicester dryad floor loom. Refurbished/Rebuilt, new frames. Small/portable but not collapsible. 4 harness, counterbalance. Upgraded with texsolv heddles and tie-up. 29-30in weaving width. Multiple reeds. 2 leash sticks and set of warp sticks. $500 OBO. Located in Seattle, WA. West Seattle area. Please email: meredithkriebel@gmail.com

173-16: July 24, 2016
43” Leclerc Nilus floor loom.   4 heddle, 6 treadle,  12 dent reed and foldable for storage, 14” thick (when folded), 43” high and 43” wide.  Sale price:  $350.00  Contact Jim at email kmrjwr@comcast.net  . Loom located in Olympia, WA.

172-16: July 22, 2016
65” Glimakra Countermarche: 65 inch, 8 harness, 10 treadles, overhead beater, second warp beam, texsolv heddles and tie ups, multiple reeds & extra tie bars, harness holders, lease sticks & warp separator sticks, front cloth protector, Glimakra bench, raddle, several temples, warping trapeze and a set of angel wings.  $3000.00 for complete package. or make offer. Located in Ferndale, WA 98248. photos on request.  Email mageez@comcast.net.

171-16: July 20, 2016
Drum carder. Leather cloth, wide tines – great for processing raw fleece or making art batts. Makes approximately 1 oz. batts. Will require a drive band, currently works with a bicycle tube. Located on Vancouver Island. $50. Email Andrea.

170-16: July 20, 2016
Antique Table Loom: 12 dent reed, metal heddles. Located on Vancouver Island. $100 obo. Email Andrea.

167-16: July 17, 2016
Brittany Loom: Heddle, shuttles and extras. $300. Located in North Bend, OR. Email rzeeski@yahoo.com.

166-16: July 15, 2016
Kessenich floor loom for sale: 8 shafts, 14 treadles, 42″ weaving width,
4 reeds-8, 10, 12, 15 dent, over 1500 metal heddles, made of beautiful red oak with matching red oak bench, 1 shelf on each side, Schacht raddle, Glimakra wooden temple, warping sticks, lease sticks, sturdy metal ratchet brake controlled from the front, texsolv tie ups. $2,000.
Located in Clinton, Washington on Whidbey Island. Pick up only. Email Joanne 

165-16: July 14, 2016
Nilus-LeClerc 4 Harness Jack, 6 Treadle, 36” Weaving Width. For Sale: Purchased in 1973, seldom used. Beautiful red maple. Includes 2 reeds, metal (at least 500) and thread heddles, three flat shuttles and 2 boat shuttles, a hand beater, several books and 4 skeins of  Swedish cow yarn from the 70’s. This model still manufactured for C$2755.00. Miscellaneous other items. Located in Enumclaw, WA. Asking $850, but price is negotiable. Email.

164-16: July 12, 2016 
2 year old Gilmore Gem II portable floor loom. 22″ weaving width, plain beam, 2 SS reeds (10 & 12 dent), Gilmore warping wedge, castle tray, front beam cloth tray, oak lease sticks, a generous 150+inserted eye heddles per shaft. All in excellent condition! This beautiful and sturdy loom is located outside of Ashland OR. With the additional equipment/heddles the loom prices out new at a tad over $2100. I’m asking $1600 or best reasonable offer. Shipping would be at buyers expense.Pick-up is free! If interested contact Theresa by e-mail.

163-16: July 10, 2016
Selling my LeClerc 15/34″ table loom.  4-shaft, wire heddles, 12-dent removable reed, collapsible for easy transport.  Price includes boat shuttle and stick shuttles, heddle hook, and an assortment of carpet warp.  Pick up only in Kirkland, Washington.  Asking $325. Contact Geri by e-mail.

162-16: July 10, 2016
For Sale Leclerc spool rack with thread guides.  Spools not included.  Condition Like new.   Pics available.  You can email me.    $75.00  Pick up in Forks, WA or will mail for a handling and shipping fee.  

161-16: July 8, 2016 
Home built table loom 36″ wide and 28″ deep with 4 sets of heddles using dowels, string and elastic bands for tension. Similar to this one. Includes warping board. Sale price is Cdn 50 to donate to Victoria Hospice Society. Please contact Julie by e-mail.  

159-16: July 7, 2016
Leclerc 4 harness table loom for sale, $400. Measures 27” wide x 25” long x 23” tall. Accessories include: 6 and 12 dent stainless steel reeds, heddles, warping sticks, shuttles (flat and boat), and warping board. Original owner. Local pick-up in Portland, OR. Contact Emily by email for more information, including photos.

152-16: July 3, 2016
AVL Warping Wheel: fully assembled, never got around to using it. Kept in my studio, in like-new condition. $300. Located in Port Ludlow, Washington. Contact Amelia by email .

150-16: June 28, 2016 
GILMORE 8-Harness Floor Loom for sale.  46” wide with 2 reeds, a 12 and a 15 dent.  New, loom would cost $4055, bench $365.  But offering  gently used loom with loom bench for $1800, without bench, $1600.  Cash only, pick up only in Astoria, OR.  Contact seller by e-mail.  

149-16: June 27, 2016
Schacht Spindle Company. 46 inch, 4-harness, 6 treadle,  Maple Floor Loom with matching bench. Accessories include two reeds (8&12), electric winder, 4 assorted shuttles, warping board and books. Asking $1500 or offer. Located in Greater Olympia, WA. Contact Amanda by e-mail. Photos available on request.

148-16: June 27, 2016 
LeClerc Nilus, 4 shaft, 6 treadle, jack-type floor loom with stainless steel heddles.  Has 36” reed, accommodates up to 40”. Folds to a compact 18” wide. Good condition, barely used, just needs some TLC. Includes miscellaneous accessories: shuttles, inserts, and 2 warping boards. Moving, so priced right at $500. Contact Tracy by email. Located in Portland, Oregon area (can arrange delivery within area).

147-16: June 27, 2016
 $7000 OBO AVL 24 Shaft Production Loom with Compu-Dobby 1 – second owner.  Compu-Dobby still going strong!  You will need a laptop of computer to do your own designing and tell the Compu-Dobby which shafts to raise.If you don’t like the computer option I have the original Conversion kit to peg system, which is brand new, never used. Comes with  Back bar with tensioner.   Double flying shuttle. (upper/lower- so you can use two shuttles at a time)  Excellent condition.  Have enjoyed this loom immensely, but taking up quilting now and need room for the 10 foot machine bed. If interested,  I have pictures.  It is dressed now for pinwheel scarves. Far Northern California in Burney, 100 miles from Oregon border.   Contact Mary Anne by e-mail 

145-16: June 21, 2016
Solid cherry Norwood jack floor loom for sale that is a four shaft, six treadle loom with a 51 inch weaving width. It has a carbon 15 dent reed, and a sectional back beam with removable pegs so that you can beam either way. It is in very good condition and located in Boise, Idaho. I’m asking $450 for it. Contact Judy by e-mail.

 Also a 30 inch, 4S 4T Rasmussen Table loom on a floor treadle stand, so it’ll work both ways.  Very efficient mechanism for treadling. This loom is perfect for a beginner or someone wanting a second loom.  This one is also exceptionally clean and in perfect condition.  $450  I just need more workshop room than I need looms.  
photos available or you can see on my website, and I’m happy to take calls if you’re interested. Contact Liz by e-mail

141-16: June 20, 2016 
Bergman Loom, 8-Harness, 36″ weaving width, with texsolve and string heddles,.   Included:  Schacht End-feed shuttle, bobbins, bobbin winder, 36″ warping board, lease sticks, sley hooks, fringe winder, 4 reeds, 2 boxes beautiful assorted yarns, 4 beautiful handmade Navajo weaving forks and weaving bobbin, yarn scale, Helene Bress Weaving Book, A Weaver’s Book of 8-Shaft Patterns, Marguerite Davison Handweaver’s Pattern Book (2).   Lovingly used.  $800.00  Located in Redmond, Oregon.   Everything you need!   Please contact Pat via email

140-16: June 20, 2016 
Brother Baby Drum Carder for sale by original owner: less than a year old, like new, 4″wide drum, 7″diameter drum, 72tpi, right hand crank, includes brush attachment, wood handle doffer, 2 flickers with wood handles, owners manual. Located in Clinton on Whidbey Island, Washington. Local pickup. $250 Email Joanne. 

137-16: June 15,  2016
10 harness 40″ Macomber Loom for sale. Model B-5, serial #1997.  Bought from original owner in 1973, used a lot but it’s in pretty good shape for its age.  $2000.  Located in Hoodsport, WA, on Hood Canal. Contact Helena via email.

136-16: June 15, 2016
Macomber AD-A-Harness Loom 48”:  Weaving width 40”, 10 harnesses, 14 treadles, extra heddles. Built 1984, one owner. $1400.00. Located in Bremerton, WA.  Contact Karen via email.

135-16: June 15, 2016 
Tapestry loom/pipe loom $250 CAN located on Gabriola Island, BC. This pipe loom is made of cast iron pipe and comes apart readily for easy transport and storage. It is 4 feet wide by 5 feet 10 inches high. I am asking $250 OBO and open to possible trades…though I can’t think of what I need at the moment. Could meet you in Nanaimo with full payment ahead of time. The loom will last forever and has no parts that will ever need fixing….thought a bit of WD40 once in a while. And paint it any colour you like to match your decor. Why am I selling it? I realize that I won’t be weaving any large tapestries. Contact Trish by e-mailsmile emoticon1 134-16: June 14, 2016

134-16: June 14, 2016
4 harness, 6 treadle counterbalanced Oregon loom
, Hand built.  Maximum project width 45 inches; 10 epi reed (45 inches) .  Back beam folds in for storage or moving. Comes with building instruction book, weaving books, 2 shuttles.  Loom has been stored in my garage for 20 years, has some nicks and scratches but is fully functional. (The brake is sheared on one end, it functions fine, but a new owner would want to replace it.) It was hand built for me by a friend, and I have the original building instructions. Downsizing, can’t take it with me.  Asking $375.00 but would entertain offers. Local pickup Hoodsport, WA. For pictures or more info please contact Pam by email.

133-16: June 14, 2016 
2 Bergman floor looms need new home quickly. One is a 40″ floor loom that can be folded up for storage. The loom is a 8 harness countermarche w/ string heddles for quiet weaving, and I have cleaned it up as much as I can, but It needs some tlc. The 2nd loom is also a Bergman, but needs restoration-  so basically a Bergman frame and pieces. My husband says must go soon; so I am asking the low price of $400. Less than I paid for them. Will include 2 reeds and 2 boat shuttles. I live in Shelton (delivery in western WA negotiable).  Email Jenna.                    `    

132-16: June 14, 2016
AVL 40in Folding Loom for sale. Bought new in 1999. Lightly used, but I no longer have studio space. 2 beams, sectional and plain. CompuDobby 2, with an old laptop running Fiberworks.Warping track and tension box. This is a wonderful, like new loom. Here’s AVL’s write up on a used loom, https://www.avlusa.com/catalog/pre-owned-looms/8/ $6000 CAD, $5000 USD. Available for pick up in Port Moody, BC. Contact Lisa by e-mail.

131-16: June 8, 2016 
A lovely Bigleaf Maple Jenkins “Finch” Turkish spindle for sale.  Was bought as part of supplies for a spindle spinning class at Madrona Fiber Arts in 2015 so has “MFA 15″ embossed on one wing.  The other wing has a hand-painted bird with flowers; weight is 14 grs.  $45.00 which includes mailing to the buyer.  Will accept check or money order. Contact Cheryl by e-mail. Located in Coupeville, WA. 

130-16: June 8, 2016 
8-Harness, 48″ Bergman Floor Loom, Spinning Wheel and Accessories for sale.  Accessories include bobbins, bobbin winder, shuttles, warping wheel, and bench. Loom, spinning wheel and accessories are all in excellent condition. Local pick-up in Tigard, OR. Total package: $1,500 OBO.  Email Katie. 

128-16: June 2, 2016 
Louet 8 harness  Kombo 40 4+4 Tabletop Loom For Sale,  This model is the precursor to the Jane.  The reeds are 17 inches wide and comes with a 10 and a 12 dent. The loom has Texsolv heddles.I live in Oak Harbor, WA so it can be picked up or possibly delivered depending on location.I’m asking $750.00 but would entertain offers. Payment can be made with a Credit Card or PayPal; for pictures please contact Melanie by e-mail

127-16: May 29, 2016
Schacht Mighty Wolf floor loom for sale: 36″ weaving width, four shafts, 10 treadles (with 40 easy Texsolv slip-in tie-ups), 2 back beams, over 900 flat and inserted eye heddles, folds up and has wheels for easy transport, wolf trap which provides a handy front shelf, shelf on top, 3 stainless steel reeds with dents of 10, 12 and 15, lease sticks, warping sticks, Schacht Mighty Wolf raddle with 1/2″ sections, friction brakes on both back beams and both brakes are releasable from the weaving position, all owner’s manuals included. Excellent condition, original owner. Local pick-up on Whidbey Island. $2500. E-mail Joanne.  

124-16: May 28, 2016 Various smaller items: Swift yarn winder, 1 large $30.00, .   Small table loom, probably came from Sears. Functional, but also decorative. $50.00. Antique Yarn Winder. Fully functional. $45.00. All located in Sequim, WA. Email  

122-16: May 28, 2016
Fricke Drum Carder w/brush. 8 inch drum. Perfect condition, photos available. $325.00. Located in Sequim, WA. E-mail

120-16: May 27, 2016 
Leclerc Nilus loom with 48” harness, 4 shafts, 6 pedals.  Located in Oregon City, Oregon.  Excellent condition. Many tools, accessories and 5 boxes of yarn (some wool) included.  $800 for loom and all of above. Email John for photos or more information.

119-16: May 26, 2016
Kromski Harp 32″ Rigid Heddle Loom located in Olympia, WA.  Excellent condition–barely used.  The loom folds up to save storage.  I also have several accessories that can be included if desired.  Contact Abigail by e-mail for more information, including pictures.  $250

118-16: May 21, 2016 
NORWOOD LOOM: 40 inch, four harness Norwood loom with Norwood bench located in Milwaukie, Oregon.  Also included: two warping boards, extra heddles, shuttles, bobbins, winder, books.  $1000.00.  Please contact Tracy by e-mail.

117-16: May 21, 2016
Nice Arthur Allen folding hand loom.  48″ width.  Has a few extra heddles, filling, cross rods, shuttle, etc.  Has a fluorescent light that was mounted above the loom on the storage tray.  Really good working condition for its age.  $750.00 or best reasonable offer. Located in Victor, MT. Contact Scott by e-mail. Pictures available upon request.

115-16: May 14,2016
I have a 8 harness Mountain table loom for sale. Great condition. 13 inch weaving width. Very sturdy. $300. Email if interested. Located in Portland, Oregon.

114-16: May 10, 2016
48″ 10 HARNESS MACOMBER LOOM for sale $1800 Serial #3348 Manufactured in 1963. Bought from original owner. Has many, many extras (including loads of imported yarns) too many to mention. Also, comes with beautiful hand made bench with storage. Includes shuttles, bobbin winder, heddles, steel reeds in original box, lease sticks….. Located in Republic, WA. I also have many books on weaving and spinning which I will include. Contact Susan by e-mail.

112-16: May 10, 2016
 60 inch Leclerc  Colonial   Solid Canadian maple, 8 harness, 10 treadle, Jack loom that converts to 4 shaft Counterbalance as well.  Beater can be attached either at the top or bottom.  Back beam folds up making the loom only 38 inches deep when not in use.  Good condition. 12 dent reed and bench with storage included. Asking $1500 for all or make an offer. Located in Helena, Montana.  Contact Annette via email.  

110-16: May 4, 2016
Leclerc Nilus 4 shaft, 6 harness jack-type floor loom. It has a 36″ reed in it currently but has room for a reed up to 40″. It is older but in very nice condition.  Includes miscellaneous accessories: shuttles (flat and boat), lease sticks, warping rods.  Also books: Warp and Weave by Robert Leclerc, NW Key to Weaving by Mary E. Black, Learning to Weave by Deborah Chandler, Navajo and Hopi Weaving Techniques by Mary Pendleton & Southwest Weaving by Marian Rodee.  Includes also makings for a warping board. Asking $400. Contact Karin by email. Located in Bend, Oregon.

Fiber and Fiber Animals


Miscellaneous Fiber Arts Products  

139-16: June 16, 2016
Small hand crank sewing machine for sale: Essex Miniature Sewing Machine Model MK1, powered by your hand with a crank wheel so it is perfect for use in RV or boat, uses regular sewing machine needles, chain stitch, maroon, mint condition, includes extension bed, carry case, clamp. Made in England after WWII when parts were scarce for full size sewing machines. Carry case is 12″ x 8″x 7.5″ and Essex fits inside with extra room for sewing supplies. Owners manual is included. Located in Clinton on Whidbey Island, Washington. $150. local pickup. Email Joanne.  


Wanted to Buy or Trade:
Fiber Arts-related Equipment or Service



174-16: July 24, 2016
Wanted: 8 or 12 harness jack style or countermarch loom, weaving width 40″-60″ preferred. Must be in good condition. Located in Yelm, WA. Email Jessica larson.jessica@gmail.com

168-16: July 19, 2016
Wanted: Louet Spring.I am looking for a Louet Spring loom in good shape. I need 8 shafts and a 43 inch weaving width.  A bench and reeds would be nice also.  My email is shecrag@shaw.ca.  I am located in B.C.  I can pick up at a reasonable distance…thank you.

162-16: July 8, 2016 
Wanted: I’m looking for a Harrisville 36″ 8 harness loom in good working order. Please email Margaret. I am located in Vancouver, Washington. 

144-16: June 20, 2016 
I am looking for a Weavebird 24 shaft at least 36″ wide.  I will drive to pick up loom.  Please contact me by e-mail

138-16: June 15, 2016
I am looking for a pair of wool combs. Please contact me by e-mail. I am located in Nelson BC.