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Weaving & Spinning Equipment

258-15: November 24, 2015 
 Beautiful, barely used 4-harness Le Clerc Floor Loom.  The loom is located in Beaverton, OR and must be picked up.  Priced $850.00 to sell before Christmas.  E-mail me – this loom won’t last long! 

257-15: November 18, 2015
Wooden Floor Weaving Loom / FOR SALE – @ Jacksonville, OR – $600.  4 H, 6 T, custom made of Maple Wood. Has a Beater Fine Reed attached, with a second Wide Reed as well. Hand built in 1950 and still cared for with love, so still in great condition.  Additional items included: Hand made Spool Rack, Warping Reel and more. Includes a professional made Loom Bench with storage area under seat. Extra tools will be included as well. Lots of photos are available via email – Contact Tina by email

255-15: November 16, 2015 
I have a two harness Weavers Friend loom for sale. We would like $600.00 for everything Please contact Todd by email.  Located in Olympia,WA . Some accessories included. The loom was built by the REED MFG. Co. from 1800 on. Photos available on request.

253-15: November 14, 2015
Nilus Leclerc 4 harness floor loom, 37″ reed. Also included are bench with storage, warping board, 3 reeds and a spindle winder. $500. PLEASE help me clean out my garage. Located in Boise, ID. Contact Janet  by e-mail.

252-15: November 13, 2015 
Shaw Island Fleece Company 4H, 45″ Jack Floor Loom  in Lakewood, WA.  $400. Rare and beautifully handmade Shaw Island Fleece Company 4H, 6T, 45” jack loom.  Made about 1975 in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle at a time when there was a resurgence of appreciation and value for handmade products. 800 new Texsolv heddles  (The original string heddles have been carefully removed and saved for future use if needed) Three reeds 6, 12 and 15 dent. Raddle and 10 shuttles (4 stick, 3 poke and 3 rag). Lease sticks. Email Shirley  for pictures and questions. Loom for pickup only in Lakewood.

251-15: November 8, 2015
45 inch Tissart tapestry loom by Leclerc. Currently the loom is in pieces as I have no room for her and no room to store her. She is in need of a touch of cleaning  with the metal parts if desired (though not necessary) and the wood parts are in perfect shape. She is missing a crank which can easily be purchased from Leclerc or use a crank from one of your other Leclerc floor looms (or use a wrench for something really low-tech).Asking $250 and open to offers and partial trade (of items I need) Pick up only as I have no packing material for her. Located on Gabriola Island, BC. I may be able to meet you mid-Vancouver Island if the weather is nice and my work schedule allows though full payment would be needed prior to me packing her in the van. Contact Trish by e-mail . Photos of all the pieces on www.indigomooyarns.com/blog/

250-15: November 8, 2015 
I have a 40 ” Gilmore 4 Harness 6 Treadle Loom $600. This loom is in very good condition, made of Maple wood. The loom includes a warping board, stainless steel reed, a shuttle trap and a high castle. The high castle and shuttle trap are new. This loom is very nice and very comfortable to weave on. I don’t have the room for it, if it weren’t for that I  would love to keep it. I live in Montague Ca. 35 mi. from Ashland Or. $600 Contact Yolanda by e-mail

249-15: November 2, 2015 
Macomber B4 Add-A-Harness 48”  4H/6T  single beam loom for sale. Large floor loom. 5 reeds included, they are rusty but can be cleaned up with steel wool. Several shuttles come with it.  Typical Macomber construction:  Clear hard Maple. Very sturdy and heavy. Precisely made by Hand in a town in Maine.  Mfg. date: July 14, 1954. Used by my mother for about 25 years given to my daughter who needs to sell it.  No serious wear anywhere and no damage or repairs that I can see. In dry storage for several years.   In very good condition. Will be cleaned up before sale with Murphy’s oil soap.    Location: Vancouver, WA. Cannot ship due to high possibility of severe damage in transit.  Macomber provided the following: NEW cost of this loom at $3500 (current as of 10/06/2015);  marked value as is generally  $1500 to $2235.  Accepting fair and reasonable offers. We do not have a set price in mind. Pictures available and will take more for detail if you are interested. Contact:  MIKE via Email.

248-15: October 28, 2015 
I am selling a 40″ Gilmore 4 harness loom in like new condition. It has been used once! Ten dent reed, Gilmore bench and warping board included. Beautiful maple wood. $1300 for all. Too many looms and not enough room forcing me to sell. Located in Talent Oregon (between Ashland and Medford) Please contact Charlotte by e-mail.

247-15: October 22, 2015
Nilus Le Clerc Tissart Tapestry Loom Large Tapestry loom from the estate of an accomplished tapestry artist–it is used and very well cared-for and currently resides in Boise, Idaho.  The widest weaving width is 60″.  If you would like more details I am happy to provide photos of the loom and the tools that will go with it.  It is priced to sell at $450.00 plus shipping.  Please contact Melinda by email.

246-15: October 21, 2015
I have for sale a very nice wool picker.  Hand made in good condition.  Used almost not at all.  We bought an industrial picker.  I can furnish a photo. John Munroe – Bellingham, Washington. Contact John by e-mail.  Price is $300.  Quite a lot below what I see in the I-net. 

242-15: October 12, 2015
Glimakra Vavstalsfabriken 28” floor loom for sale.  $400 or best offer. New in 1973, made in Sweden, and only slightly used.  4 harnesses and 4 treadles.  All original and in working order. Along with the loom, I have a warping board, shuttles, other weaving spools  and bobbins which I will include in the sale, also a bench, if the buyer wants it. Located in Portland, Oregon.  Buyer must pick up or arrange for shipping. Contact Carolyn by e-mail.

241-15: October 12, 2015
Loom Craft Sabina for sale. $400 OBO. 4 shaft, 6 treadle, 44 inch weaving width. I have recently oiled all the wooden pieces. Replaced all the chains with Texsolv cord, and my husband 3d printed replacement pegs for the sectional beam that were missing. Loom comes with approximately 1300 flat metal heddles, 12 dent reed, height adjustable bench with storage, and a warping board that can measure a 10 yard warp. It’s in good working order (I have a project on it now that I am wrapping up). Will need to be picked up (measure 47 high, 50 wide and 21 inches deep). Please contact Kittie by email.

240-15: October 12, 2015
NORWOOD LOOM: 40 inch, four harness Norwood loom with Norwood bench located in Milwaukie, Oregon.  Also included: two warp boards, extra heddles, shuttles, bobbins, winder, books.  $1400.00.  Please contact Tracy by e-mail

237-15: October 8, 2015
Oregon Trail Loom – Portland OR – $600. Oregon Trail Loom with sectional warp beam, 45″ weaving width, 4 harness, 6 treadle. Stick shuttle, 3 reeds (6, 10, 12 dents), and some accessories included. Unfortunately, I don’t have the space for this beauty. $600. Contact: Dianne by e-mail.

233-15: October 4, 2015 
Custom Birch Weaving Loom Bench—47.75″ long bench w/storage, built 1980. 7 different heights w/7.5″ range (height #2 is 24″ off floor). 3/4″ tilted bench. 3 “flip” lids (w/piano hinge) reveal a 10″ W x 41.5″ L x 5.5″ H storage area, making it easy to retrieve tools while weaving. Very sturdy and heavy-duty. Real wood, not plywood. Wood pegs fasten on outside, screws fasten inside. Footprint: 47.75″ length, 32.75″ height, 15″ to 20″ depth. Several layers of varathane finishing. Great shape! $225.00. Contact Kay by email. Woodinville, WA. 

231-15: October 2, 2015
Weaving loom open ended bench. Location: Roseburg, OR. $ 125.00 OBO. Height: 23.5″. Length: 38.5″; Width: 18.75″. Lower shelf: 34″ long; 5.5″ wide. Contact Joan by e-mail.


Fiber and Fiber Animals


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Wanted to Buy or Trade:
Fiber Arts-related Equipment or Service

254-15: November 14, 2015
Wanted, used tapestry loom that can weave at least 3 feet by 5 feet . And be near Portland oregon, or near North Oregon Coast or in between . I am on the North Oregon Coast. Contact  Gaby by e-mail.

232-15: October 2, 2015
Want to buy Macomber Baby Mac  20” , 8 harness, Portable Loom.  Please contact Linda by e-mail.  Located in Sandpoint, Idaho.

230-15: September 30,2015
Wanted:  raddle board. I am new to weaving and would like to find a reasonably priced wood peg raddle board. Contact Ellen by e-mail.

228-15: September 23, 2015
Wanted a set of Benjamin Green combs in good condition. Please contact me by email. I am located in Enderby, British Columbia.

223-15: September 19, 2015
Wanted: warping board. Would prefer one which can measure lengths up to 3 meters or longer. Also wanted: triangle loom, 5 or 6 foot. Olympia, Washington. Contact Clara by e-mail.