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Weaving & Spinning Equipment

035-16: February 6, 2016 
42” Manning four shaft loom with sectional beam. Comes with four reeds 6,8,12,15 dpi, warping rack to hold 40+ bobbins and 40+ bobbins. Like new solid oak. Weaves beautifully. $500. Contact Connie by e-mail. Located in Kennewick, WA.

18” Dundas table loom with Ashford treadle stand. Comes with 4 reeds 6,8,10,12 dpi. Paid $700 asking $500. Contact Connie by e-mail. Located in Kennewick, WA.

034-16: February 6, 2016
40 inch AVL Folding Dobby Loom. Due to illness we have to sell my grandmother’s beautiful AVL mint-condition loom.  The details from the AVL database: 16 harnesses with 1600 polyester heddles, mechanical dobby, cloth storage system, 1- Box flyshuttle system, 2nd ½ -yard sectional beams, tension box, track & mount (40”). Original owner with batch date January  1986. Located in West Linn, Oregon- can be delivered in the greater Portland area.  Loom must be sold by February 25 or it will be dismantled and boxed up by non-loom understanding folk.  Asking $4,500, but will accept any reasonable offer and consider practically give it away to find it a loving home.  Pictures upon request. Contact by email.

033-16: February 6, 2016
SCHACHT MATCHLESS SPINNING WHEEL WITH WOOLEE WINDER FOR SALE. Excellent condition, 4 original bobbins, original flyer, original whorls plus slow speed whorl. 5 WooLee Winder bobbins and instructions for cleaning WooLee Winder.. $700.00.  Located in Gresham, Oregon. Contact Janet by e-mail.

STRAUCH FIBER EQUIPMENT CO. DRUM CARDER FOR SALE : Strauch “Finest”, std width. Comes with clamps, brush attachment, knuckle saving batt picker, doffer/cleaner brush, teasing tool. $450.00. Located in Gresham, Oregon. Contact  Janet by email.

031-16: February 4, 2016
Very well cared for Loom Craft 8 shaft 12 treadle loom with tilting bence and 12 dent reed.  45 inch weaving width. Loom and bench made of cherry.  Taking a different direction at this time so am parting with this very lovely loom that has been a joy to weave on.  Loom Craft looms are not only beautiful to the eye but also will weave a lace shawl to a rug.  Comes from a smoke free home. Price $1600.00.  Pick up only. Contact by Email  Located Colville. WA.

030-16: February 4, 2016
 2 looms for sale. Le Clerc 15 ¾” 4 – shaft table loom. $275. Loom can be folded, mix of Texsolv and original heddles on all 4 shafts. Includes Deborah Chandler’s “Learning to Weave” book, extra heddles, and lease sticks.

Schacht rigid heddle 25” $100. Includes an 8 dent, 2 – 10 dent, and 3 – 12 dent reeds, and 2 rigid heddle books. Both looms and books are in good cond. Located in Horseshoe Bend, Id. Contact me for questions and pictures.

 Quill wheel For sale: Single treadle Quill wheel $250. With 2 original quills and 1 new quill. Some professional restoration work done on the wood. In excellent cond. Fun wheel for spinning novelty yarns. Located in Horseshoe Bend, Id. Contact me for questions and pictures. Contact me by e-mail

028-16: February 2,2016 029-16: February 2, 2016
Two – 15 3/4 Leclerc Dorothy table looms.  Vintage but in great condition. Each complete with 2 reeds (15 and 6), 1 boat shuttle, 4 bobbins, 1 reed and 1 heddle hook, 2 beam sticks and cord, 2 metal lease sticks and instruction manual ” Warp and Weave. $550.00.  Chilliwack, B.C. contact Blanche via email .

Mira 8 shaft dobby loom it is upgrable to 12 shafts. 45 inch weaving width. Has 10 dent reed.  Currently is together and you can see it working. Comes apart easily for moving. Please contact for pics. In Vernon, BC. $800. Contact Manda by e-mail.

027-16: February 1, 2016
Loom – Leclerc comes with yarn, books and tools Canadian Made LeClerc. Compact 24″ Floor Loom. Well suited for rug weaving, rag rugs, table runners, sweaters, and most any weaving project. Folds nicely for travel. Folding design and smaller footprint makes it great for tight spaces with a 24 inch weaving width. Enjoy all the features of a floor loom in a compact design. Retails for $1495 Asking $600 OBO. Located in Veron BC. Contact Ian by e-mail.

026-16: January 27, 2016
Toika “Eeva” 60?Countermarch Floor Loom: 12 harness/14 treadles. Includes Toika bench with storage bin under it, loom side basket for tools, lease sticks, full width raddle and 3 reeds, Texsolv tie up and heddles, hanging beater and ratchet warp advance system from the bench. Approximate footprint: 72?x55.” It is in excellent condition, very sturdy, constructed in Finnish birch hardwood and weaves beautifully–straight and smooth.  $3500  Please email me for pictures. Located in McMinnville, Oregon.  Contact Patti by email.

025-16: January 27, 2016
LeClerc Nilus Jack Loom:  Maple,  60” weaving width, 8 harnesses (room for 12), 10 treddles, fly shuttle attachment with shuttles, 2” sectional warp beam.  It’s in good condition, well-used.  Will trade for 45” similar loom (no fly shuttle needed) or sell for $2500.  Includes several reeds, and other equipment upon request.  Located in Seattle.  Email Carol. 

024-16: January 25, 2016 
J-Made 4-shaft table loom: 4 shaft table loom with 22″ of weaving space. Includes two reeds: 12 dpi reed (old), 6dpi reed (in new condition). Includes: warming frame, umbrella swift, boat shuttle, shuttle sticks, spool, and two weaving books. Also includes a large box of assorted yarns/fibers. Asking $500. Contact Anne by email. Located in Portland, Oregon.

023-16: January 25, 2016
60”, 10 shaft Fireside Loom (Cherry Wood) – purchased in 1990, beautiful condition, joy to work on, I am downsizing.  It’s special features include:  worm drive tensioning, 2” sectional option, trelevators (makes lifting shafts easier), lamp holder and lamp, shuttle mobile (clamps onto loom to hold shuttles)  $4,000, was $8,000 new.  Commuter bench with back $500.  Photos available.  Located on Salt Spring Island, BC.  Contact Karen by email.

021-16: January 23, 2016
Double treadle Lendrum WALNUT spinning wheel. Works great, miles of yarn spun on this wheel! Just the basic wheel here, no plying head. $500 Located in SeaTac, WA. Contact Lynn by e-mail.

020-16: January 23, 2016
GILMORE horizontal warping reel, hard maple. $100 Perfect condition. Folds up. This is an older model, I bought it from Mr Gilmore in 1980. Complete with 2 movable cross peg assemblies. Works great, but I’m downsizing to a smaller house and a warping rack. Located in SeaTac, WA. Contact Lynn by e-mail.

019-16: January 21, 2016
40 ” Gilmore 4 Harness 6 Treadle Loom $600. This loom is in very good condition, made of Maple wood. The loom includes a warping board, stainless steel reed, a shuttle trap and a high castle. The high castle and shuttle trap are new. I have a few extras! Plus the Dixon book, older but still good. I don’t have the room for it, if it weren’t for that I  would love to keep it. I live in Montague Ca. About 25 mi south of the Oregon border. $600. Contact Yolanda by e-mail.

018-16: January 19, 2016
60 inch Leclerc Colonial, 4 shaft loom for sale $1500 CAN - can be both jack AND counterbalance with either overhang OR underslung beater – in great condition (extra tie cords, heddles, pins) Includes:  -double pocket Leclerc bench,  1″sectional beam WITH 1 yard extension (I’d never be without this!)–tons of large-eyed heddles for easy threading and also great for larger yarns since they aren’t twisted loops no yarns ever catch -lease sticks This is a wonderful loom which has served me well and made many beautiful items which have brought joy to many people. A larger loom like this allows you to make those blankets, table cloths, drapes, fabric and more! Strong enough for rugs – and light enough beat (and great heddles!) for lace. Smoke-free, must-free, climate controlled studio. Can include reeds though they will be priced separately. Shuttles also available. Contact Trish by e-mail. Located on Gabriola Island, BC Canada.

016-16: January 16, 2016
Schacht 4 shaft table loom & accessories–$325. The loom is about 15 years old, but well-cared for and in excellent condition! Comes with: 44” x 30” warping frame, two 20” reeds, one 5” reed, raddle, warp sticks, cross sticks, 12 stick shuttles  (various lengths), two spindle shuttles, threading hook, and a new copy of “The Ashford Book of Weaving for the Four Shaft Loom”. Located in Portland, OR. Contact Steve by email.

015-16: January 16,2016
Schacht Baby Wolf loom for sale: 8 shafts, 10 treadles, more than 800 inserted eye heddles, 2 stainless steel reeds (15 and 10), Schact BW raddle, 2 warp beams each with its own friction brake controllable from the front, Wolf trap (storage area in front). Excellent condition.
Price: $2000. Located on Whidbey Island, Washington. Local pick-up only. Email Joanne . 

013-16: January 14, 2016
Cranbrook Loom, 60” wide, 8 Harness. Great condition, $2000. Pictures available upon request. Contact Carol by e-mail. Located in Port Orchard, Washington. 

012-16: January 14, 2016
AVL 60″ Production Dobby Loom and accessories for sale by original owner. Solid maple, excellent condition.  16 Harnesses w/ lots of extra Texsolv heddles and 5 reeds. Comes with AVL manual.  This loom has a built-in bench, bottom- swing beater with double-box flyshuttle, 3 shuttles, extra bobbins and an electric bobbin wider.  It features a mechanical dobby head with extra dobby bars and pegs for long pattern repeats, two 1-yard sectional warp beams, plus standard warp beam, aprons and warp beam flanges. Includes tension box, yardage counter, track and mounting system for sectional warping as well as cone rack for 48 cones or spools.  Photo upon request.  $4200.00. Contact Candy Meacham by e-mail.  Location:  Bellingham, WA

011-16: January 14, 2016 
2 Harness 48″ Counter Balance Vintage Floor Loom with attached Bench in good condition $350. Max weaving bed is 48″, string heddles with reed DPI at 12″, metal rachet.  48″ wide x 88″ long (including bench) and height of 74″.  It is easy to take apart and reassemble. Located in Southwest Washington, contact email .

009-16: January 10, 2016
Two looms for sale:  Schacht Wolf Pup, 4 harness/4 treadle, direct tie-up.  18″ weaving width. 10-dent and 12-dent reeds, 600 heddles, includes wolf trap (tray).  Like new.  $800 or BO.
Mountain Looms table-top loom with stand, 8 harness, 10 dent reed, apx. 800 heddles.  22″ weaving width.  Loom is 27″ wide by 27″ deep.  Excellent condition.  $350.  Pictures of both looms available on request.  Please contact Jan by e-mail in Moscow, Idaho. 

008-16: January 10, 2016 
NORWOOD LOOM: 40 inch, four harness Norwood loom with Norwood bench located in Milwaukie, Oregon.  Also included: two warp boards, extra heddles, shuttles, bobbins, winder, books.  $1400.00.  Please contact Tracy by e-mail

007-16: January 8, 2016
46 inch Schacht eight harness loom with bench and 3 reeds (6, 8 and 12 inch).  It is in great condition.  I am asking $1800 for the loom and bench.  I may part with some of my longer shuttles.  I have a new table mountain loom with stand and am downsizing because of eyesight problems.  I love this loom. Please contact  Mary by e-mail in West Seattle, WA 98116. 

004-16: January 5, 2016        
Leclerc 24″ double warp beam for a floor loom.  Never been used – catalogue price $268, asking $100. Leclerc website:  http://www.leclerclooms.com/cat2014a.htm  Contact Joanne by e-mail. Located in Vancouver, B.C. 

268-15: December 28,2015 
Murphy 42″ CB Floor Loom This loom was built of good solid American oak in Seattle WA in the 50”s. It is in excellent working condition. Comes with a reed, lease sticks, asst. shuttles and threading hook. It has been a well taken care of weaving workhorse. Easy to tie up, big shed and quite straightforward to weave on. Folds for moving through doorways and comes with a great full length castle shelf, new canvas aprons made by Macomber, flat steel heddles, and texsolv treadle ties. Asking $400.00 with pick up outside Ashland Oregon. Contact Theresa by e-mail.

267-15: December 25, 2015
Tools of the Trade 8H jack loom with 12 treadles, bench, 12 dent reed; 45″ weaving width. $1200.
Loomcraft 8H jack loom with 10 treadles, bench, 12 dent reed; 40″ weaving width. $1000.
LeClerc 4H counterbalance loom, 60″ weaving width. $500.
Located in Portland, OR. Contact Sue by e-mail.

266-15: December 17, 2015
Schacht Standard Floor Loom 46″, 4 harness$700
Made in Colorado by Schacht Spindle Company these looms have been developed for both performance and appearance. They are carefully crafted from hardwoods known for their strength and durability. This 46″ loom is maple. It comes with 4 reeds, apron rods and lease sticks. I put it  in good condition because it is a bit dusty from not being used. New, this model is over $3,000. The price is $700 OBO. Please contact Anne by e-mail. Located in Stevensville, Montana.

265-15: December 14, 2015 
1992 AVL Production Loom, for sale in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  $3150, like new.  40″ full frame, 16 harness, polyester heddles, mechanical dobby, cloth storage system, bottom swing beater, 1/2 yard sectional beam, tool holder, possible other extras.  Local pickup.  Photos and additional details available via e-mail.  Contact Chuck or Nancy via email.

Fiber and Fiber Animals


Miscellaneous Fiber Arts Products 

 262-15: December 9, 2015
COLOR TRENDS Collection FOR SALE – in Friday Harbor, WA – Collection of COLOR TRENDS edited by Michele Wipplinger. Inspirational and complete reference, excellent condition. 7 issues in a COLOR TRENDS binder: Fall ’85, Spring & Fall ’86, Summer & Winter ’87, Fall ’88, Winter ’89, plus the COLOR TRENDS spiral bound book published in 1990. $175 includes US Mail flat rate shipping in USA. Contact Candy by e-mail

Wanted to Buy or Trade:
Fiber Arts-related Equipment or Service

032-16: February 4, 2016
An end feed shuttle, a 12 dent reed- 45 inchs ,and a Tensions box .I am in BC. Please contact Manda by e-mail 

022-16: January 23, 2016
Wanted: Drum carder in good condition!  Contact Norma by e-mail. Located in Comox Valley BC.

270-15: December 30,2015
I’m look to purchase 12/2 natural (unbleached) mercerized cotton on cones. I need about 5 pounds for a project. I live in the Greater Seattle area. Will pick up or pay for shipping. Please contact Gwen by e-mail.