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Board Members

President:  Anne Oglevie

Member:  Handweavers Guild of Boise Valley, Boise, ID

Anne Ogilivie-cropped

I started weaving in 1990’s after I found a 4-shaft Gilmore loom which I still have.  I joined the Handweavers Guild of Boise Valley not long after that.  I have learnt to weave through workshops and intensives, mostly with the Guild, although I did have the opportunity to attend The Weaving School with Madelyn van de Hoogt.  I still volunteer for the Boise Guild in various capacities.  Before i learnt to weave, I learnt to spin.  Spinning was something I had wanted to do since I watched many women spinning in Australia.  I learnt to knit from my grandmother at the age of 7.  I came to this country from Australia 20 years ago.  I retired as a registered nurse and hospital administrator two years ago.

Responsibility:  The president is the moderator of board meetings and the annual general meeting (AGM) each year and helps to coordinate the work of the various board members. Position held until 2017.  Contact

1st Vice-President: To be filled

Responsibilities: To assist the president in any way desired.

2nd Vice-President: Mary Anna Swinnerton

Member: Central Oregon Spinners and Weavers, Bend, ORMaryanna Swinnerton

Introduced to weaving and spinning in Washington, D.C. in the mid-1960’s, Mary Anna used those skills from 1977-1998 in her Seat Saver business (reweaving chair seats) while living in California. Mary Anna has been involved in leadership in her local guild since 1999, has attended five ANWG conferences and served as ANWG 1st Vice-President, President and 2nd Vice-President.  She served as 1st Vice President until the 2015 election. And as past president from 2011-2013 will server as 2nd Vice President until 2017 when she will retire from the board.

Responsibility: To find the Nominating Chair for the 2015-2017 board to be elected at the 2015 AGM. Position held until 2017. Contact

Secretary:  Melanie Smith

Member: Handweavers Guild of Boise ValleyMelanie Smith

Melanie has enjoyed fiber arts for over 28 years which has led her to explore all areas of fiber arts: knitting, spinning, and weaving. She has taught all forms of crochet, tatting, knitting, spinning, weaving and needle felting classes in the Idaho area. She has test knit for several yarn companies and worked as a head knit de- signer for an internet craft web site. Melanie has re- cently published several articles in Spin Off, Piecework, Ply, and Ashford’s Wheel magazines. In the Hand- weavers Guild of Boise Valley she has held positions as Vice President, Treasurer, several committee chairs and study group leader positions.

Responsibility:  To record and publish minutes of the board on-line meetings, and minutes of the Annual General Meetings. Position held until 2017. Contact

Treasurer:  Linda Gettmann

Member: Central Oregon Spinners and Weavers GuildLinda Gettmann

Linda is a veteran craftsperson who escaped from her corporate office in the financial services industry to have more time for her favorite hobbies: weaving, beading, and knitting. In the Sept./Oct. 2014 issue of Handwoven featuring handwovens for the home are Linda”s Bright Herringbone Twill Towels. She is always on the lookout for new ideas, and enjoys teaching others and experimenting in the realm of fiber arts.

Responsibility:  To deposit and disburse ANWG funds, provide financial reports to the board, develop an annual budget and work with a team for periodic audits. Position held until 2017. Contact

Membership Chair: Liz Moncrief

Member: Whatcom Weavers GuildLiz Moncrief

Liz Moncrief is a retiree from the US Forest Service in Colorado, and in 2014 made the move to Washington along with her husband Ross and Buddy the dog.  During her career she also maintained a small business of spinning, weaving, dyeing and fiber arts and had exhibited several pieces in Colorado and Wyoming art galleries, and now in Washington.  For the past 20 years she’s offered workshops and retreats in the Rocky Mountain area, including Estes Park Wool Fest in Colorado, and for the Northwest Regional Spinners Association in Tacoma.   Liz is new to the concept of a guild association but in 2015 and 2016 she presented weaving workshops through the Whatcom Weavers Guild annual conference with the benefit of ANWG grants. Liz’s Studio can be found on-line at www.aweaversway.com.

Responsibility: Keeps the list of Guild Representatives, Presidents and News Letter Editors up-to-date, communicates through the Yahoo website with the individual guild representatives, and reports to the board and the organization on the membership status. Position held until 2017.  Contact

Communications Chair/Newsletter Editor: Patty Huffer


Responsibility: Get information to the member guilds through the ANWG Newsletter; help to provide additional information to guilds about ANWG and its activities through special communications. Position held until 2017. Contact

Education Chair and Webmaster: Isabelle Fusey

Member: Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners Guild

Isabelle is an inveterate fabric fondler. She was raised around a loom and started weaving at the start of the millennium. Designing a fabric appeals to her as much as the rhythmic throwing of the shuttle. She weaves mostly utilitarian textiles.

Responsibility:  Selection of recipients of guild workshop and individual conference grants and oversees other educational opportunities and support of education in the local guilds. Manage the ANWG website. Position held until 2017. Contact

2017 Conference Chair: Christine PurseChristine Purse Headshot

Member: Victoria Handweavers’ and Spinners’ Guild

Christine is the chair for the 2017 ANWG NW Weaver’s Conference in Victoria, BC. She joined the VHWSG in 2002 on her return from living for 15 years in the Canadian Arctic. She is presently vice-president of her Guild. Christine learned to knit as a child and to weave and spin in high school. She has dabbled for years and is now spending a lot of time trying to develop a life as a fibre artist with an interest in clothing design.
Responsibility: As a non-voting member her responsibility is to chair the steering committee for the 2017 conference and report progress to the ANWG board. Contact.