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2013 Conference

2013logo_MedThe 2013 Conference of the Association of Northwest Weavers Guilds, “Crossing Borders, Crossing Threads”, was held in Bellingham, WA June 17-23 on the campus of Western Washington University.

A big THANK YOU! to the Seattle Weavers Guild and many others in the Puget Sound area who planned, organized and managed this conference! There were over 500 attendees. The conference included workshops, seminars, exhibits, vendors and special events. Congratulations to the list of award winners from the three exhibits.

Fashion Show Awards

Most Innovative Award (for unusual materials, structures and/or designs)

1st place        “Save me Mom” Polar Bear Headpiece by Carol Funnell

Best Use of Multiple Techniques including Mixed Media Award

1st place        Reversible Felted Coat, hat, printed dress by Fine Gelfand

2nd place        “Fall Enhancement” by Linda L. Davis

Best Use of Color and Design Award AKA (SWG  Virginia Harvey Award)

 Fish Print Rag Woven Jacket  by Sherry Rogers

2nd place        Woven Jacket, multi Twill design by Barbara Bitetto

Best Felted Fabrics Award

1st place        Blue & Green reversible Nuno felted coat by Heather Sinclair

2nd place        “Cloudy Mist” Grey Nuno felted vest by Patti Barker

Best Representation of Crossing Borders, Crossing Threads Theme Award

1st place        Woven “haspe” Guatmala Jacket by Linda LaMay

2nd place        Dyed Handspun woven vest by Martha Tottenham

People’s Choice Award

1st place  Felted vest   by Donna Hunter

2nd place “Moving Day”  a Needle felted poncho by Carol Funnell

Most Surprising Award

 1st place       Fish Print rag woven jacket  by Sherry Rogers

2nd place        Black felted vest  by Donna Hunter

Best Overall Construction Award

 1 st place      Fish Print rag woven jacket by Sherry Rogers

2nd place        Brown Fall woven Jacket by Pam Cox

Best Inspiration from Foreign Country/Culture Award

1st place  West African amulet top by Cheri Bridges

2nd place  Satin weave Vietnamese vest woven by Marjy Fiddler and sewn by Lois Gaylord

Conference Steering Committee Choice Award

“Aurora Borealis”  by Mimi Anderson

Complex Weavers Award (Excellence in Complex Weaving Featuring hand-woven items)

“Seismographic Vest”   – by Mimi Anderson

Juried Show Awards

Juror’s Choice Awards

 1st  place “Denim and Amethysts” by Katie Swanson

2nd  place  “My Dream Jacket” by Joan Rasken with Lois Gaylord

3rd place  “Steinway Shawl”   by Jane Hedberg

Honorable Mention  “Confetti” by Mary Burks

Best Interpretation of Theme Award, (sponsored by the Portland Handweavers Guild)

1st place  “On the Edge – Crossing Over” by Mary Burks

Honorable Mention  “The Work of the Heart” by Lois Gaylord

Best Craftsmanship Award

1st place  “Taking Steps”  by Patrice Riordan

Honorable Mention  “Twill” by Marjy Fiddler
Most Original Award

1st place  “Fukushima sunami” by Judy Zugish

Honorable Mention  “Cube Mood Lamp” by Jan Paul

Honorable Mention Award

1st  place   “Sand Cliffs on Spruce Sound” by Jolene Northup

2nd  place  “Coaster Whimsey”  by Cheri Bridges

Best Use of Color and Design Award AKA (SWG  Virginia Harvey Award)

 “Radiating Pacific Coast Sunset”  by Ruby Haner

Guild of Canadian Weavers Nell Steedsman Award for technical excellence

“Twill” by Marjy Fiddler

HGA Award which honors outstanding exhibited works of fiber art

“The Flapper” by Audrey Moore

Complex Weavers Award (for Excellence in Complex Weaving Featuring hand-woven items)

“Crossing Patterns, Crossing Colors” by Linda Lamay

Conference Steering Committee Choice Award

  “Poppies in the Spring” by Jennifer Verrall

People’s Choice Award

 “Mint Ginkgo Scarf”  by Cindie Kitchin

Open Show Awards

Peoples Choice: Best in Open Show Awards

Award for Wednesday’s votes: Set of 8 napkins by Betty Bell

Award for Thursday’s votes: “Tide Pool” by Sara Judith

Award for Friday’s votes: “Tailored Felted jacket” by Barbara Guilder

Award for Saturday’s votes : “Seaside Shawl” by Gail Layman

Peoples Choice: Honorable Mention Awards

1st  place  “Collapse Weave Scarf” by Elaine Plaisance

2nd  place  “Opal Shawl, a study in structure and colour” by Pat Collins

Best 1st Time Entry Award

“Una Cala Para Mama” by Mary Conti

 Conference Steering Committee Choice Award

 “Extra Innings”  by Patrice Riordan

Guild Booth Awards

Best Interpretation of Conference Theme Award (sponsored by the Whidbey Weavers Guild)

Tacoma Weavers Guild and The Hand Weavers, Spinners & Dyers of Alberta (joint)

Best Use of Color and Design for an individual item in a Guild Booth Award

Cheri Bridges, Seattle Weavers Guild

 Best Overall Craftsmanship Award (sponsored by ANWG Association donation)

Portland Handweavers Guild

Best of Show Award

 Whidbey Weavers Guild

Honorable Mention Best of Show Award

Peninsula Weavers Guild

 Best Booth by Guild of fewer than 30 members Award

Nanoose Weavers Guild

People’s Choice Award

Portland Handweavers Guild

Conference Steering Committee Choice Award

Portland Handweavers Guild